Painting Los Angeles Red

Living in the harsh winter conditions of Madison, Wisconsin, nine out of 12 months of the year, it’s not often that you catch me in a pair of shorts. Usually seen scurrying to class, clad in a puffy stadium length parka and heavy snow boots, you could imagine how thrilled I was to be able to be back in California soaking up the sun.

I took a trip downtown with a good friend of mine to the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. An up and coming spot filled with delicious eats, cute stores, and pretty painted walls (this one is located next to Cafe Gratitude). I gave her little instruction as for what to wear, simply requesting that she channel her favorite summer look.

She decided on a flowy white blouse, paired with distressed dark denim shorts. The contrast of light and dark worked effortlessly in this look. She paired her mid calf biker booties with a dark toned floppy hat.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the look, however, was the painted red lip. I love the contrast seen between the white blouse and sultry red lipstick color. To finish off the look, she accessorized with a few dainty necklaces as well as a some beaded bracelets and small rings. She also carried a large forest green shoulder bag.

Whether you’re out hitting the town for a brunch with the girls or checking out a new coffee spot, this look is effortlessly casual yet classy. A definite go-to look for summer 2017!

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7 Products You Need For The Perfect Summer Glow

After a long winter, there’s nothing like the first 80-degree day and a sunburnt nose to welcome the season change and a new skincare regimen. Summer skincare is all about shining bright like a diamond and as little makeup as possible. Us girls have a lot going on any given day, so we need products that won’t melt off our face like ice cream. And there’s a difference of glowy summer skin (cute) and just a hot, sweaty mess (not cute). With all that in mind, I’ve found some of my favorite go-to skincare products that create the perfect base and still leave you fresh and clean without taking out more student loans.

Speaking of fresh and clean, of course we’re going to start off straight from the shower with bare skin and damp hair. For summer, I reach for Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. It’s perfect for all skin types and super lightweight on the skin. I can sometimes have bumpy skin so it keeps my skin baby soft and hydrated for an all-day glow.

Moisturizer shouldn’t just stop at your face; I slather coconut oil all over or I just spray on some sunscreen before I’m hot and sticky at the beach. However, if you’re a busy Fashionista like most and have no time for the beach my next go-to is from Ulta. Their very own Bronze Glow Self-Tanning Tinted Mist in medium/deep is my best kept secret during the summer. It won’t have you looking like an Ompa Loompa.

As tired as I am some nights, cleansing my face every night after wearing foundation and glitter for hours is an essential skincare habit to stick with. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser, amongst a host of Burt’s Bees products, is one of my favorites. Two pumps of foam and a rinse later, all the bronzer from the day is washed away. However, if you have more oily skin that’s easily prone to breakouts, use Dr.Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap. Their tea tree soap contains pure tea tree oil, which is great for acne-prone skin.

After I deep clean with a cleanser, I always reach for a toner. Mario Badescu has a facial spray with aloe and rosewater. It has been a favorite of mine for months. It smells amazing, tightens my skin, and gives me a dewy glow. I spray in onto my face after I apply makeup as well to set my look and lasts the entire day.

Now whenever I’m on the go or just need a refresher at the beach, I carry a package of cleansing cloths in my bag. In the summer, I turn to vitamin C enriched wipes like Ole Henricksen’s Truth On The Glow Cloths. The citrus smell wakes me up and the convenience of a wipe cleans off the buildup of makeup after a long day.

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5 Outfit Ideas to Beat the Heat This Music Festival Season

Music festival season has finally hit and we could not be more excited. Music festivals are full of music, dancing, and fun, but of course, you need to look cute while attending. We all know being outside in the sun is hot and tiring, so here are five tips to beat the heat this festival season.

1—Comfortable Shoes. 

Music festivals call for long days on your feet while dancing and walking. The most important part of your outfit is your shoes. I opted for some cute sneakers that, in fact, have holes in them, which allowed my feet to breath while still being comfortable and still stylish.2—Sunglasses.

With the hot sun, sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses can make an outfit; therefore, I chose a trendier pair to add some color.


It is a given that a lot of dancing happens at music festivals. That is why I love carrying a backpack instead of a purse. This backpack is lightweight, which helps with the heat and allows for hands-free dancing.4—Put Your Hair Up.

Music festivals are the perfect place to try trendy hair styles because anything goes. I chose for two low buns to keep my hair out of my face and the heat away from my body while dancing.

5—Small Accessories.

Small, lightweight accessories will complete the perfect music festival outfit. I added a small belt to my look to bring the whole outfit together. This lightweight accessory adds style while not adding any additional heat. I love this double buckle belt, but you could also opt for a necklace, bandana, or some bracelets.

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Smell the Roses Because School Is Ending and Florals Are Trending

Hello fashion lovers of all walks of life! Whether you are strutting the runway, walking through the busy streets of New York, or strolling down your local farmer’s market, this summer’s latest fashion trends will surely accommodate you. I was on the lookout for what’s hot this summer (pun intended), and I found so many different trends! With that said, I was forced to narrow the list.

We can’t talk summer fashion trends without first going over beach attire. One-pieces are owning the poolsides and seashores of summer 2017! These stylish one-pieces I’m talking about are not like our childhood one-pieces we cringed to wear every summer as we yearned for the day that we could finally fill out our very own bikini. No, these one-pieces are surely not cringe worthy, but style worthy! They have a low cut on the side and a high hip cut to show off our bodies natural curves. All the while, it gives just the right amount of coverage; I call this the perfect balance.

Let’s talk colors! This season is about all things bright! I am talking pinks of every shade and yellows of every hue. This season’s colors are truly getting their summer vibes on!

Now onto my favorite part: patterns! This summer, patterns have taken center stage. There are stripes galore, polka dots for days, and florals forever! These looks are going to be the scene just about everywhere you go.

Not all of the fashion trends for summer 2017 are for everyday-wear, but if you are daring, I say go for it! After all, fashion is all about taking risks! One risky trend that stood out to me in particular were robes! Yes, robes are a summer 2017 fashion trend. I am serious guys; it’s all over the runways. Gone is the day that you have to spend hours getting ready just to buy your morning caramel macchiato with coconut milk. Now you can just roll out of bed, throw on your cute robe, and head over to Starbucks before the line gets too long. Now to truly pull this look off you need to dress it up with a statement piece necklace and a cute pair of heels. I did my own rendition of the robe look on my friend by incorporating a few of this season’s trends!

I want you all to give this daring look a shot and show me your rendition of the summer 2017 robe trend on social media! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Insta!

How to Wear an Off-the-Shoulder Top in Style

Lately, I’ve noticed that off-the-shoulder tops are starting to trend for the summer. With the hot weather arriving, these tops are essential because they will keep you cool from the heat. There are so many different colors and patterns for off-the-shoulder tops, and they pair perfectly with any style.

This Fashionista is wearing a light, blue and white striped off-the-shoulder top. She paired this top with frayed black shorts and a black belt with a unique silver buckle. Here, she tucked the front of her shirt into her shorts to accentuate her belt buckle. To make this look stand out, instead of wearing the typical sandals or wedges, she chose to wear white Adidas that have a hint of blue.

For the finishing touch to this outfit, she wore silver accessories: a silver choker, a silver bracelet, and silver rings. This Fashionista told me she loves to shop, but she tries to create her own style with different trends; whether it’s the shoes or a different color scheme, she’s always making herself stand out from the rest!

It’s always okay to follow the latest trends, but it’s even better to make these trends your own and add a little flair to it. Don’t be afraid to not follow trends, either—having your own style is awesome! However you decide to dress, trendy or not, don’t be afraid to be your own person and not follow the status quo.

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The Ultimate Look for Those Simple Summer Nights

Summer is quickly approaching and temperatures are rising. My favorite clothing season is fall and it is hard to wear fall clothes during the summer. Luckily, summer nights are on my side.

When the sun goes down, the temperature cools making it easy to pull out my fall fashion favorites. This nighttime summer outfit is simple, yet a bit edgy as well. At the top, I have a gray Calvin Klein T-shirt that I absolutely love. It is comfortable, high quality, and basic. It is very versatile and I can wear it with many different outfits. Any gray T-shirt would work, though. Over my T-shirt, I have a plain black Nike hoodie just in case I get chilly when I go out.

At the bottom, I have one of my favorite pair of jeans. These light blue denim jeans have a nice stretch to them and the wash is perfect. They aren’t too heavy so they stay cool on my body and are comfortable throughout the night. On my feet are an essential pair of shoes I feel everyone should have. They are the “Sk8 High” Vans in “Black Suede”. I find myself reaching for these shoes day after day and they match with almost any outfit. Any black high-top shoe works, but these are just my favorites.

Last, but not least, the accessories. First, I have a simple camouflage bandana to add a little edginess to the outfit. On my wrist is a rose gold Michael Kors watch. It’s a small detail, but I think it works well with my skin tone and the colors in the outfit. A gold or silver watch would work as well. It just depends on personal preference and skin tone. Lastly, a simple shoestring I’ve used as a belt. This is becoming a huge trend in streetwear and I love it.

This is a great outfit for those cool summer nights. It is simple, versatile, and very customizable to what you already have. These are some of my favorite and essential pieces for going out at night during the summer.

What are some of your summer night essentials? Comment below!

Summer Florals

The warm weather has finally arrived, and it’s time to pack away all the jackets, and bring out the bright florals. The sun is out longer, the days are warmer, and it’s time to start working on that tan. Florals are definitely my go-to piece in the summer because they reflect that it’s a bright, happy time of year.

This Fashionista really went for that floral look by wearing a matching two piece set. The floral top can be worn two different ways. It can be worn how this Fashionista styled it, or it can be worn off the shoulder. This Fashionista could have chosen a different pair of bottoms to wear, but I love how she paired it with the matching bottoms. I think matching sets are the perfect summer look because they’re very effortless, but still show that you tried. I also enjoy two piece sets because they are very versatile and can be mixed and matched.

Chokers are very in this season. I love how she paired this look with a very simple choker so it wouldn’t take away from the outfit. This Fashionista purchased her choker from Charlotte Russe, but different styles of chokers can be purchased at almost any retail store. I personally think chokers are a great styling piece because they’re so versatile. Chokers can go from being bold and elegant to small and simple, which is why they can be worn with almost any outfit. 

She finished off this look with a cute pair of open toed chunky heels. This was a perfect way to dress up the outfit, while also still keeping it simple and effortless. The chunky heel makes the shoes a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in. This is the perfect outfit for going out to brunch with friends or a day trip into the city.

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What to Wear for 6 Weeks in Europe

Packing for a big trip can be really stressful, it feels like you need to bring everything in your closet, including that cardigan you haven’t worn for two years but keep around for the “just in case” times. Here’s a list of how to pack smart, comfy, and cute (yes, this can be done!) for six weeks of travel in Europe.

1—Cardigans. Layering is essential when traveling, especially in Europe, where there are  style goals left and right. Cardigans (or jean jackets, button-downs, etc.) are great because they double as blankets/pillows for traveling days, a cute way to mix up your limited wardrobe, and keep you warm when the nights get chilly.


2—Comfortable Shoes. Seriously, don’t choose cute if it comes between the two. In Europe, there is a ton of walking to be done. If you aren’t wearing the right shoes, your feet will kill and you’ll be the miserable tourist with blisters all over her feet.

3—Basic Shirts. Leave the neon and funky prints at home! You’re going to need to be rewearing these items a lot, and it’s easier to have that go unnoticed when you’re wearing neutral colors and basic (enough) cuts. I would recommend bringing two cute blouses, two tanks, three short sleeves, and one long sleeve. Yes, this only totals to eight but when you’re traveling all over Europe, you’re not going to want to have to carry too much, trust me!

4—Jeans. You always need a solid pair of jeans, no matter what. Bring a dark wash, so if you spill gelato on them, it won’t be as noticeable!

5—Leggings. I am obsessed with my leggings, I always need a pair with. I recommend bringing a black pair with to stay versatile.

6—Shorts. Definitely going to want to bring at least three pair of cute shorts and one pair of athletic shorts. Europe in the summer gets hot so you’ll be thankful for those shorts.

7—Dresses. I love dresses, because of a few reasons. One, you can dress them up or dress them down; two, they’re pretty comfortable; three, you can put shirts on top of them and make it look like a skirt. Total game changer.


8—Swimsuit. If you’re planning on going anywhere near the Mediterranean, you’ll want to pack a couple extra swimsuits! Bring two tops and two bottoms, unless you have the extra room to bring more. I would say bring tops that match both bottoms, so you can get a more versatile swim wardrobe.

9—Sunglasses. Sun. So much sun, need I say more?

What were some things you wish you had known before you traveled? Comment below!

A Mid-Chilly Summer Night’s Dream

With the summer upon us, don’t put away your jackets just yet! This Fashionista shows you how to ride the cloudy days with her street chic style.

My Zara jacket fends off a cold hour but is thin enough to keep on when the sun comes out. Most of my summery jackets are loosely fit, enabling me to layer underneath but stay breezy. Throughout the classic camouflage design are triangular studs on burgundy patchwork, giving it a modern taste.

Statement necklaces are my favorite fashion accessory. They can transform any look and are a wardrobe must-have. A trend is to contrast them with toned-down or business shirts. Here, I paired my Bebe choker-esque piece with a relaxed white V-neck for a touch of glam. Since I have a jacket on, I wear a short-sleeved oversize top.

Another piece you may be tempted to shy from are jeans in favor of miniskirts or dolphin shorts. With the right type, the popular style are perfect year-round. Pick low-rise jeans with distressed tears to let your skin breathe. Closed floral Nike sneakers celebrate the summer but keep the rain out. Pair thin ankle socks with running shoes for lightweight flexibility. Absorbent fabrics are crucial to keep in mind. Therefore, when shopping consider chambray, linen, and cotton.

Any fellow bag lady knows the importance of a multi-use piece! Carrying all my must haves requires a medium-sized bag. To alleviate weight and keep it off my body, I hold the satchel with my hands or activate its thick shoulder straps. Furthermore, faux leather paired with a draped style give it a slick feel and ode to harsher winter months. Also, on the bottom there are metal studs to protect the exterior from wear and tear. More purses need to have these for the sake of financial value and avoiding dreaded puddles.

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5 Wardrobe Essentials for Young Professionals

As young professionals, we endure interviews, colleges, presentations, projects, and many other factors that involve building a career. Picture this: you finally got your dream position after winning over the company with your fabulous personality, dedication to your work, and ability to collaborate well with others. Now what? Well, you are going to need a few essentials in your closet to help maintain your professionalism. Here is a breakdown of my top five items a young professional should have in their wardrobe.

red statement necklace, white button-down, blazer

1-The Blazer. Let’s start with the blazer. It’s an absolute essential in a career-driven individual’s closet. Every Fashionista loves a versatile piece that can be worn for multiple occasions. It can be dressed up or dressed down. The key to successfully wearing a blazer is to make sure the fit is clean and tailored for your body.

2-The Classic Button-Down. The next piece on the list is the classic button-down. This is another versatile piece. When you put it on, it looks as though you are a professional at whatever you’re doing (even if you aren’t quite yet). You can tuck this into a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt, or go casual and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans. You can take this piece out of the workplace as well by pairing it with printed shorts and some gladiator sandals.

3-The Pantsuit. Along with the blazer and button-down, we have the pantsuit. This is a piece that makes a bold statement when worn in the right setting. Whether you are making a speech, presenting information to an important group of people, or attending corporate meetings, the pantsuit will save you time when figuring out what to wear for these events. Depending on the color of the suit, you can pair it with heels or a frilly tank.

4-The Watch. Every professional needs to have one of these. A watch shows that you are timely, traditional, and stylish. Watches complete a look by adding that little touch of simplicity and elegance.

5-The Statement Piece. This is by far my favorite aspect of every look. The statement piece is not one particular item, but can be many different things. It can be a chunky statement necklace on top of a button-down with slacks and heels. It can simply be a pop of color like a pair of heels, a bracelet, big earrings, a bag, or pants. The statement piece could potentially be what someone remembers you by if they forget your name. My favorite statement piece in my closet are these bright red pants paired with a matching bold lip.

What are your favorite looks for the workplace? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to share your look by tagging @Cfashionista on social media!