Denim Outfits Inspired by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had one of the most iconic couple looks of the early 2000’s. Now that denim-on-denim is back in style, it’s easy to be inspired by TimberBrit’s double denim ensembles worn at the 2001 American Music Awards. Justin and Britney weren’t the only pop stars to pull off the look. In 2014, Katy Perry joined her then rapper boyfriend, Riff Raff, to wear similar yet even more extra outfits to the VMAs.

If you don’t want to wear denim from head to toe, there are many adaptations you and your partner can use. Create the look as extreme or subdued as each person’s styles reflect. My boyfriend and I created a very subtle look for our Sunday outings.

His Look

Travis decided to stay simple by wearing a gray-blue denim shirt. He dressed the look up by pairing light khakis and dark brown accessories.

Alternative look: Another way to pull off the trend could be to pair a denim shirt with black denim jeans. A light acid wash denim jacket with distressed jeans and a T-shirt would also be stylish.

Her Look

I threw on my favorite pair of distressed jeans to keep the overall look casual and paired it with a black bodysuit and tan trench coat. I pulled my hair back with a denim hair scrunchie. To finish off the look, I wore these adorable pair of denim heels.

Alternative look: To wear even more denim, you could pair the heels with a denim dress. If heels aren’t your thing, you could pair denim sandals and shirt with jean shorts.

What do you think of mix and matching denim shades? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into the School Year

With summer’s end being just around the corner, everyone is starting to think about how they want to strut their stuff this school year. Picking a style to rock around campus all year is something that’s on the forefront of every Fashionisto’s mind. Luckily, you always have neutrals to fall back on. Black, khaki, white, gray, and denim are all great neutrals to incorporate into your transitional wardrobe. Plus, it’s so easy to add pops of color to outfits instead of trying to tone down the bright colors of summer.

One of my favorite summer to fall looks for guys is a pair of khaki pants. They are light enough for the end of the warm season, and the pants allow for a smooth transition into the cooler weather. Not only are the pants themselves great, but the khaki color is a great fall tone that can be paired with almost anything! This Fashionisto is rocking the khaki pants look. Keeping with the summer trend, he continues to wear his boat shoes, but keeps the tone neutral and not overstated. As he’s transitioning into fall, he brings out that white and denim layering look we all love for the cooler months.

You can bring this Fashionisto’s style into your wardrobe by layering a button-down shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. Finish off the look with khaki pants and boat shoes for a great back to school look.

How do you plan on transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall? We want to see! Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

The Perfect Belt for Summer

Summer brings endless trips to our local ice cream shop and beach. But most importantly, it brings new fashion trends. Jeans and leggings are replaced by cutoff shorts and dresses for the melting heat of summer. Whether you just graduated and are starting a full-time job or have an undergraduate internship, summer is the best time to experiment with your fashion by trying something new. Looking good will give you a confidence boost to do the best job possible, no matter what you are doing. Dress for the career you want, not the one you have. There’s no better way to dress up than trying a new trend you always wanted to rock.

Regardless of what summer trend you are rocking, belts are a necessity. Leather belts are great during other seasons of the year, but they do not mix well with the summer heat. A trendy belt for the summer is a ribbon belt. Ribbon belts are lightweight and come in a variety of patterns and colors, making them able to match with any outfit you want to wear.

This Fashionisto is wearing a very patriotic red, white, and blue ribbon belt. Because this belt is very classic, this Fashionisto kept the rest of his look simple with a white button- down shirt and khaki shorts. The best part about this look is that the belt is unisex. The next time you don’t know what to wear to your summer job, consider trying out a ribbon belt.

What is your favorite way to wear a belt during the summer? Let us know in the comments below! 


Can you pinpoint the last time you stepped foot in a zoo? Any New York native will attest the Bronx zoo is a childhood staple. I recently found myself rewinding back old times, tripping here once again (and flooded among the crowds of “fieldtripees”). What lead me toward a brief trip down memory lane? A chance to bring my french friend for her first experiential trip (oh and free admission on Wednesdays doesn’t hurt).

A day filled with walking means lets-be-practical footwear. Personally, I know my go-to’s are unquestionably my leather high-top Vans that I unregretfully live in. At this point my Vans are practically a part of me, with how well-worn perfect fit they’ve morphed. Undoubtedly, I could, and without any trouble, write an ode in dedication to my love of Vans. Don’t think I could more highly recommend a shoe – that’s saying a lot since I’m not the type to just give compliments away.

Summer is slow to warm up our lovely NY this year (or more so weather challenged with an indecisive mother nature to back it) so light layers have been getting me through. I’m not quite ready to let go of my black jeans just yet. A transparent long sleeve also works as an in-between seasonal piece. It’s all paired with my hat, courteous of a Mexico trip a few months back, and a thin button-up coat to throw over when the sun goes into hiding.

Though admittedly, I was shaky in support for the whole sad caged animal dilemma, I was happy to hear the Bronx zoo is paired with a wildlife refugee, WCS. All in all, I’d safely call it a successful trip and a cheap one at that (though I’d hardly discourage donations for the wildlife rescue). Get out to a zoo with a cause and be a kid again.

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During Easter weekend, I saw so many beautiful Fashionista’s rocking their dresses, skirts, long socks, and cute heels. But once I saw this Fashionisto—I just could not resist. I’ve never written an article about a Fashionisto, and this one in particular looked absolutely awesome in his Easter outfit.

The first thing I noticed about his outfit was how well all of his colors ended up tying together: the colors in the belt, the anchors on his button-down, and the deep blue of his shirt. This Fashionisto definitely knew what he was doing when picking out his outfit Easter morning. When explaining his outfit choice, he explained he didn’t want to under-do his shirt while trying to match with his belt, so he picked a top with the blue and white to match with his belt. Naturally, not to overdo the blue, he went with something dressy yet simple for his bottoms—khakis. And to complete his outfit, he went with a more casual shoe choice of these light blue Sperrys.

My main focus that totally drew me to this outfit, in particular, was his belt. I had never heard of FH Wadsworth until he informed of where he purchased his belt, and all I can say is what a hot staple! I cannot get over how patriotic of a clothing item it is, and it stands out in such a perfect way. He explained how it doesn’t need to be worn just as formal wear, either. He’ll wear it with a jean jacket on a casual day, or even a sweater in the fall. Once I ventured to the FH Wadsworth website, I couldn’t help but search one out for myself!

Altogether, the outfit was so inviting and interesting and I fell in love with how great this Fashionisto rocked this look! He was a natural born model for the photos as well, so it was a fashion win all around this Easter!

BEAUTY BAR: Congrats, Grads!

It’s that time of year again! For many college students, the end of the year means finals. But for others, it’s time for graduation and time to move into the adult world. Although everyone wears the same cap and gown, there is still an opportunity to shine with your outfit and hair. This Fashionisto shared his hair and skincare tips that he uses to look his best for one of the most important times of a college student’s life.

This Fashionisto decided to keep his look simple and preppy for graduation day. A lightweight button-down shirt and khaki chinos are classic and won’t be too warm underneath a graduation cap and gown. His striped belt is both functional and fashionable and adds a preppy pop of color to his otherwise simple outfit. A subtle roll at the hem of his pants keeps the outfit casual. Finally, his medium brown oxford dress shoes add a spring vibe.

Skincare and hair care have the biggest opportunity to shine through during graduation, and it’s important to keep them healthy and safe from the sun. Although this Fashionisto doesn’t wear makeup, he always wears a light SPF sunscreen and lip balm to protect from the sun and prevent premature aging. This step is especially important if your graduation ceremony is outside.

To prevent acne flare-ups for the hundreds of pictures that will be taken, this Fashionisto washes his face every night with water and a gentle cleanser and then moisturizes before bed. Depending on your skin, you might need something stronger with salicylic acid. Consult your dermatologist for your skin’s specific needs to prevent acne without drying out your skin.

Finally, Fashionistas/os need to be conscious of their graduation cap when choosing a hairstyle. This Fashionisto has short hair, so he doesn’t have to worry too much. He just slicks it back with some lightweight gel to prevent flyaway hairs. Fashionistos with longer hair can choose a more intricate style, or simply pull it back in a low bun so that it is out of their face.

If you wear glasses like this Fashionisto does, opt for a lens that offers SPF protection, especially if your graduation ceremony will be outdoors. Otherwise, wear your contact lenses with sunglasses.

Healthy skin, hair, and eyes are just as important as your outfit for graduation. Remember to pay attention to your routine and make sure you are hitting all the necessary steps for your best health. Congratulations to the class of 2017, and have a great summer!

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Blues

For this month’s post we have some fresh fashion coming at you from your favorite frat boy (try saying that 10 times fast! Dare I even call him a ‘Fratshionisto’).

Now that the weather in the mid-Atlantic is sunny and has reached the mid to upper 70s, it’s time to break out the khaki shorts and spring blue button-down short sleeved shirts.

This Fashionisto rocks a chambray blue, collared button-down with white polka dots, sunglasses, a blue and silver time piece, and he looks ready to set sail in tan boat shoes (which are a must for fashionable frat men and non-frat men alike). The combination is the epitome of cool and is perfect for a ‘fratty casual’ look for day-to-day wear (and likely to get you a spot on the best dressed list) or can be donned at a more dressed up occasion like Sunday brunch or Easter with the family (as opposed to the cliche pastels).

The outfit can also be paired with tennis shoes or sneakers to make it perfect for an outside gaunt or catching a few innings on a Saturday. Some things you need to avoid to pull off a perfect frat casual look include socks with boat shoes and crazy patterns. You want people to notice you. When it comes to subtle patterns like stripes and polka dots, it’s still best to limit them to one article of clothing per outfit: be it a vest, shirt, pants, etc. The tiny polka dots on this button-down adds the perfect little detail to this outfit!