The History of the Corset and How It’s Trending Today

Corsets have been around since before the Middle Ages. At the beginning of its history, corsets were made of fabric, stiffened by glue, and supported by boning made of whalebone or metal. Women were secured into the corset either by lacing or hooking up the back of the corset or up the front of the corset, sometimes both. The purpose of corsets at the time was to narrow the waist and support the breasts. This created the much desired, even to this day, S-curve or hourglass figure that represents femininity.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

However, these corsets caused a lot of health problems among women such as frequent fainting due to inability to breathe and displacement of organs as well as infertility as a result of the development of endometriosis.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that corsets began to loosen their form when straight silhouettes became more fashionable. No longer were corsets designed to create the tiniest waist possible. Instead, corsets were designed to flatten the curves on a woman’s chest and hips to create a more boy-like figure.

From there, traditional corsets appeared to slowly lose their following as Spandex shapewear grew in popularity with its promise to subtly mold the body without the discomfort and decreased mobility of previous styles. Corsets were no longer expected of women and began to only be a staple of runway shows and lingerie.

Until recently, only fashion icons such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian could be seen wearing a corset on the street, but with the new structure of corsets today, the trend is beginning to be seen more and more on everyday women.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

These new corsets no longer attempt to mold women’s bodies into unnatural shapes. Instead, they aim to highlight parts of the body that women feel proud of. The new style prefers looser fits and flowing fabrics over constrictive boning and stiff textiles. The lacing is often seen around the waist of T-shirts and dresses, which can be easily styled with some modern accessories to keep from looking like a historical actor on your way to class. The corset trend has also been popular in the form of belts, which can be added over any basic top or dress to add a little detail and highlight the waist.

Whether this new corset trend will stick around for more than a season or fizzle out when the next trend comes around is hard to tell. Nonetheless, it is definitely a trend to play with as the old fashion staple joins the modern era.

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All photos taken by Natalie Miller.

Fall Fashion Trends—How to Work Nudes

Well, summer is coming to a close and fall is steadily approaching. You know what that means? The reemergence of nude colors. Now nude colors are hot all year round, and even though they are a fall essential, you can make them work in the summer as well. Beige used to be considered such a plain and boring color but is now considered understated. Nude colors are always great for outfits because you can either dress them down creating a chill look or you can dress them up creating a sultry look.

This Fashionista chose to sport an all-nude outfit pairing a knee-length nude dress with matching lace-up heels. She finishes off the look with a pair of pearl earrings which add just a touch of elegance. This outfit is perfect for the last days of summer and can be worn on a night out with the girls or a simple lunch date. The figure-hugging dress contains a small slit making it effortless, but classy at the same time. This dress is perfect for showing off the natural curves of this Fashionista’s body. The shoes add flair to the outfit, elevating the look up 10 notches. When wearing nude colors, not too much has to be done to make the look a head turner. It’s all about letting your confidence and natural beauty shine through.

To complete this look, I would apply a layer of clear gloss to highlight your lips and give your skin that natural glow. To dress this look up even more I would add a pair of gold hoop earrings and add a nude pink or blush pink duster coat or kimono.

This look is fun and proves that nudes are a staple trend definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you have any tips or tricks for wearing nudes? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Be Comfortable at Work

We’ve all been there, when you want to look decent for work but also want to be comfortable. If you’re lucky enough to have a work setting where you don’t have to wear business professional or right on that border, it’s a little easier to get away with more comfortable apparel. If you have a work setting where you can wear business casual, you’re likely to get away with outfits as long as they aren’t jeans. But some work settings jeans are totally acceptable as long it’s not leggings. Each level has a limit. This mermaid vibe look is perfect for all levels up to business professional. Business professional is pretty straightforward; you’re wearing a suit.

This outfit is both comfy and trendy. You can wear it to work, to a bridal shower, or on the town. The lace-up front for a top is seen everywhere. On a black top it’s perfect for a night out, on this floral top it’s fine to wear to work. Mix it with a comfortable green maxi skirt, and you’ve got yourself a perfect boho outfit. The Fashionista wore black sandals with this outfits. Some employers will allow that, but others will not. Therefore, you can pair it with flats as well. The Fashionista also has an amazing Little Mermaid and a few other inspirational Alex and Ani bracelets which deserve recognition. Alex and Ani bracelets can be added to any outfit and look fabulous.

In conclusion, you can be both comfortable and work appropriate. For the Fashionista it’s a comfortable, yet trendy top matched with a maxi skirt. My work place allows for jeans, so I wear them all the time. If you need comfortable slacks, Ann Taylor Loft has my personal favorite in the Marisa fit. Gap has super comfortable girlfriend chinos in multiple colors that could be worn in a business casual setting as well. Just remember, just because the dress code maybe more than your average “walk around campus with a baggy sweatshirt and leggings” look, it doesn’t have to be the most uncomfortable outfit in the world.

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Why I Look to Marilyn Monroe for Style Inspiration

With the arrival of every season comes the subsequent arrival of a new must-have or it item. And every season, I somehow convince myself that it is necessary for me to try out each and every one I see. This summer, I discovered how exhausting that can be. So, here’s what happened when I looked for fashion inspiration from past style icons instead of social media.

At the beginning of the summer, I fell in love with the full-sleeved, off-the-shoulder tops donned by celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. You know the ones: sleeves with tiers or ruffles or bows that would impress Queen Victoria herself.  Excited to be a part of this new trend, I eagerly filled my shopping cart with my own assortment of over the top silhouettes. But as I tried on each garment that came in the mail, I became increasingly disappointed. The tops were wearing me—not the other way around. In retrospect, I loved the idea of these tops turning me into a 21st-century Victorian princess, but they just weren’t my style.

That realization left me slightly panicky. “What will I wear? I said to myself as I peered apprehensively into my closet. “I’m a fashion major. I’m kind of required to be on-trend.”

As I pondered the what-should-I-wear-today dilemma, I found myself drawn to images of classic style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I admired the simplicity, elegance, and timelessness of their outfits. I admired their ability to look put-together and polished, even in the heat of summer. But mostly, I admired how these women dared to wear what they wanted in an era of poodle skirts and strict expectations for women.

Out of all the pictures I went through, the one of Marilyn Monroe by the water, legs crossed, laughing at the camera, immediately grabbed my attention. Her outfit—an off-the-shoulder-top and high-waisted shorts—was simple, yet modern. And there was just something about her expression that lit up the whole photo. I knew I wanted to do my own interpretation of that moment.

Filled with inspiration, I paired my red high-waisted shorts (a treasured thrift store find) with a simple black off-the-shoulder top. For interest, I added a red, patterned handkerchief scarf and light green lace-up sandals to keep the outfit modern. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome: a simple, chic outfit that felt very me, not like a costume.

I will always love trying new things and pushing myself to wear the unexpected. But I’m learning that it’s okay to not buy into every trend that comes down the runway or pops up on a fashion blog. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. And it is far greater to wear something you love and is 100 percent you than to sacrifice your point of view for a temporary trend.

Has anyone inspired you recently? Let me know in the comments below! 


DIY Tailgate Tops to Try

Growing up down the street from the largest football stadium in the country, my fellow Fashionistas and I love a good tailgate. Over the years, we have seen many tailgate outfits so we thought we should share two of our favorite DIY styles that anyone at any college can try.

All you need for each style is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a marker, fabric glue, and any extras you may want to personalize your T-shirt. I’m going to use a pair of shoelaces, lace, and bleach to spice up my shirts.

Stay tuned below to find out ways to turn a basic college T-shirt from drab to fab!

Each of these shirts can be paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

1—Lace-Up Sides. This shirt is a classic cutie. You will need a pair of scissors and shoelaces. First I trimmed the hem of my shirt to turn the T-shirt into a crop style shirt. Next, I cut the sides of the shirt to my desired length for the lace up sides. After you have cut the sides you will make holes along the length that you will lace the shoelaces up in. For my style, five sets of holes worked perfectly. Lastly, you will lace up the shoelaces in the holes and tie them at the bottom.

2—Lace Trim. This style turned out to be one of my ultimate favorites. Start by taking a marker to indicate a horizontal line where you would like to place the lace. Once you mark the spot, measure out enough lace for the length of the shirt, front and back. Using fabric glue, apply it along half the length of the lace. Once the glue is applied gently place it on the front half of the shirt. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Once the front has dried, repeat gluing and applying the lace onto the back of the shirt. After the back has dried you are left with a super rad top!

I would love to see what kind of tailgate tops you and your friends come up with. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in all your posts! 

Dare to Step Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

When following fashion bloggers on social media, it is hard not to see posts of outfits you wish you had, but never thought you could actually wear. In reality, all it takes is some creativity, a little of your own personal flare and most importantly you have to remember to have fun with it!

Changing up your day-to-day fashion trends can often feel like a daunting task. You never know how other people will react to your clothing statements. That can be the most intimidating aspect, in my opinion, when choosing what to wear.

So, to take on the challenge of stepping out of my fashion comfort zone, I searched through my favorite Style Gurus to find some top 2017 trends. When taking on a new trend, I always try to dress for myself. The most important thing for me is to love my outfit which leads to a natural confidence while wearing it. If you keep this in mind, the following trends won’t seem as scary.

1—Denim on Denim. I paired my acid wash denim overall dress with a black tube top underneath to keep it simple. A distressed denim jacket is thrown on over it to tie the jean on jean look together. For accessories, one gold and one black choker are layered with round gold rimmed sunnies. For shoes, I wore my black cut-out booties. The black and blue provide a nice contrast for a chic denim look!

2—Lace-Up. These lace-up pants are quite the statement piece. An oversized band T-shirt pairs perfectly, making the pants a little more casual and classy. I finished the outfit off by adding a subtly layered gold necklace along with these simple black heels, making this the perfect G.N.O. outfit!

3—Culottes. These culottes are the perfect transition piece that can go from day to night. Here we styled these flattering high-rise wide-leg pants with a white graphic T-shirt and plain white canvas sneakers. For jewelry, a simple silver medallion necklace is added. The use of black and white makes this a very classic, casual outfit.

4—Mix and Match. Permission has been granted by the fashion gurus and mismatching is in style! By utilizing pastel colors above, we were able to create a trendy, Instagram-worthy outfit. Pictured above we have a forest green sparkle mesh ruffle top layered with a black silk camisole and a maroon bralette underneath. This is paired with a pastel pink corduroy skirt, a light blue suede baseball cap, faux leather black maroon oxfords, and a simple thin black choker!

What is your favorite 2017 statement trend? Show us your personal style and how you dare to step out of your fashion comfort zone!

These Fall Trends Are Taking on Summer

We all know the transition from fall to spring/summer can be a challenge. The warm weather is coming at us fast. You might be asking yourself questions like, “What am I going to wear?” or “OMG, do I need to go buy a whole new wardrobe?” The answer is no! So let’s transition some fall pieces into some summer pieces.

For instance, colors like burgundy and olive green are popular in the fall. I am sure we all have multiple clothing articles in these shades, so why not bring them into the summer as well? At one point in time, there were fashion rules such as, “We can only wear certain colors in certain seasons,” or the famous “You can’t wear white past Labor Day,” But it’s 2017 people, we can finally wear what we want when we want!

One piece of clothing that is an essential is a pair of black jeans. They go with everything and anything. They are perfect for chilly nights in summer, events like a bonfire or a late night out. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean there are not colder moments, so be prepared! These moments are the perfect time to pull out those black ripped jeans and pair them with a cute short sleeve or sleeveless shirt.

For those wanting to add some small pops of color throughout your dark colored outfit, there are a few ways to do this such as the color of your nail polish or your accessories. Yellow nail polish really stands out in this outfit (in a good way, of course), as well as some stacked Alex & Ani bracelets, paired with a Pandora bracelet and some rings. If you’re really feeling the whole jewelry vibe and want to go all out, throw in an ankle bracelet or a necklace, too! Lastly, a bright colored pair of sunglasses can really stand out in an outfit like this.

Don’t be afraid to throw in your own personal style traits to any outfit! It’s the little things that pull a whole look together. Cheers to bringing fall traits into summer with us! Here’s to saving money and looking fabulous while doing so, no matter what colors we are rocking.

What fall trends will you be rocking this summer? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Flirty in Fringe

Trends come and go just like the seasons do. We find ourselves latching onto them as quickly as we drop them. We’ve seen it all. From shirt dresses, to off-the-shoulder tops, and even mini denim skirts, fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities have been caught rocking these trends just like we have. Everyone has their favorites from year-to-year, but the recent return of the ‘70s-inspired attire has me putting this as my go-to look. This Fashionista hit the nail on the head with her groovy sense of style. I totally dig it!

It can sometimes be a challenge to make an old trend up-to-date and fresh. Her use of the ‘70s tie-dye pattern in the top and fringe texture in the scarf add depth, while the cool tones in the white and blue shades make this look easy on the eyes. She decided to tuck in her top to accentuate her waist, add dimension, and break up her pieces. It’s important to remember that mixing colors, patterns, and textures can be fun and eye-catching in any look, especially when recreating an old trend.

While it would be an easy pick to grab a pair of flared jeans, she decided to modernize her look with white joggers. Her personal touch has this Fashionista on top of her style game. Her tan, suede lace-up flats add a fun twist and addition to her outfit. Instead of picking a chunky heel to match the ‘70s go-to shoe, she went with a current trend to complete her look. Mixing decades is another great way to give your ensemble character and a fresh appearance.

Trends change in a blink of an eye. It’s what makes fashion exciting! From decade to decade, we find iconic looks to recreate in the future. Fashionistas/os always know how to make it their own. They are the kings and queens of style personalization.

What trends are you recreating? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

“Out of the Box” Professional Fashion

Does any Fashionista even know how to dress professionally while still keeping their own personal style? I recently got a new job for the summer and found out I have to dress professional/business casual. The first thing that comes to mind is a woman working in an office. Which I thought was so not me. So I went through social media to find what exactly “business casual” meant. I was not okay with going out into public with absolutely none of my personal style on me at all. Fortunately, there is plenty of inspiration all over Pinterest, filled with outfit ideas that are both fashionable and professional!

My style is a mix of what is new, trendy, and my personal style (which changes pretty much all the time). So the night before my first day of work, I was scrambling through my closet to find the perfect outfit. While professional, trendy and comfortable, I was sporting an amazing style. Black “fun pants” as I call them, which had white and deep maroon stripes down the legs, a black blazer, and a loose white undershirt. I decided to tie the front of it and add a special pop to my style. To complete my look, I paired this outfit with my black lace up flats, and a black reversible tote!

Let’s keep in mind that not one piece of this outfit was part of my everyday wardrobe. I was taking a huge step out of my comfort zone to wear this in public. While away at school, I realized everything that I wear does not have to be “normal”. Fashion is forever changing leaving absolutely nothing a typical style or a normal one for that matter. I’m telling you this because even though this outfit was completely out of my comfort zone, I wore it. And guess what? I got complimented! A little bit goes a long way, giving me the confidence to show up at work the next day with another “out-of-the-box” outfit.

Needless to say that you absolutely do not have to go out of your box to find a business casual or professional outfit—whatever you have may work just great! However, this just happened to work for me, and I mean business when I say, “let’s find that perfect professional outfit” no matter how far or a reach it may be from your comfort zone!

What styles are you sporting that may be out of your box? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

Peruvian Fashion Meets New England

It’s not every day you see an alpaca sweater from Peru, but this Fashionista is able to embrace the Peruvian culture in her fashion. She has just returned from Peru in which she participated in medical clinics. In addition to helping people in need, she also got to experience and immerse herself in the culture. This Fashionista took home with her some of the most beautiful alpaca sweaters from the beautiful country of Peru.

Writing about this Fashionista’s alpaca sweaters was so unique and interesting for me. They are so intricate and special, just like her trip. They are so special because they remind this Fashionista of the beautiful experience she had in Peru. It is also interesting how different parts of the world have a special fashion piece that speaks to people in a different way. While being in Peru, This Fashionista noticed how much color and embroidery the people incorporated in their traditional wear. These sweaters are something you would see in Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. They are so unique, yet translate so well in terms of fashion.

For this Fashionista’s look she pairs her two sweaters with simple black leggings and black Toms. She also rocked some stunning lose waves and just the right amount of a bold lip. Her skin and makeup are flawless. Her look is timeless and beautiful. The sweaters are stunning, and so special in their own way. The sweaters remind this Fashionista of the vibrant colors of Peru and the vibrant people she encountered along the way.

Fashion truly is a language spoken around the world! What do think about these looks? Let us know in the comments below!