The Guide to Summer Intern Wear

For most college students, summer months are not just filled with beach resorts, pool parties, and barbecues. Rather, there is an added stress to obtain a top-notch internship—one that will provide us with work experience and pave the way towards our future careers. Once given this opportunity, there is always a concern about what to wear. Not knowing your future coworkers or the way they dress may pose to be a problem for some, but don’t fret! This Fashionista has come up with three easy and trendy outfit choices that will allow you to dress to impress on your first day, no matter where you end up working.

1—The DIY jumpsuit. Anyone can agree that wearing a jumpsuit to work will leave you looking chic and sophisticated. However, jumpsuits are sometimes expensive and hard to find. This Fashionista pulls off her own DIY jumpsuit by choosing to wear a simple black spaghetti-strap blouse, tucked into her black slacks. The key to this inventive look is to make sure the colors of your top and bottom are the same shade so that the outfit is uniform for the “jumpsuit-like” look. To make an impression, she has also added a long tasseled silver statement necklace and complemented the outfit with a pair of black chunky sandals.

2—The blazer. Opting for a more “smart-casual” look? This Fashionista pairs her go-to black pants and chunky sandals with a crisp white spaghetti-strap blouse, adding a gray cotton blazer on top. To add a pop of color to the outfit, she decides to wear a turquoise rectangular-shaped statement necklace. Picking out the perfect necklace is central to emulating this look; the addition of this single accessory will immediately transform your ensemble from basic to elegant.

3—The floral dress. Floral prints are always a summer staple, so why not integrate the pattern into your internship attire? This Fashionista chooses to wear a red, black, and white rose printed dress, a cold shoulder style that is accented with delicate black lace along the collarbone. The secret to pulling off any dress at work is in the length; always make sure it is not too short and you will be good to go!

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The Risqué Trend Every It Girl is Loving

This summer our favorite starlets are stepping out in something most of us would never dream of. From Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, wearing lingerie as outwear is the latest It Girl trend. Toned down with jeans, simple with a sports bra, or unapologetically sexy and bearing it all, this trend can be showcased in a multitude of ways. Not only does this trend offer plenty of variety to match every girl’s style, it is the perfect way to elevate your go-to Friday night outfit. No doubt, this trend will have you updating your end of summer wardrobe with something you likely already have.

For my version of the trend, I drew from a more modest version of Bella Hadid’s sheer lace bodysuit and black jeans. I chose a thicker black lace bodysuit, making the look more wearable for something simple like dinner or girls night. I found mine at Forever 21 for less than $30, putting this It Girl look in a typical Fashionista’s budget!

While I have seen the lingerie trend often paired with heavily destroyed denim, I wanted to keep my look subtle with slight rips in the knee. To spice your outfit up a bit, either add a pair of heavily distressed high rise black jeans or a leather skirt. Finally, due to the nature of the outfit, I chose to keep accessories to a minimum with just a long, layered necklace.

While this look is often styled for a night out, it can just as easily be dressed down. Wear it Kylie Jenner style with a sports bra or flirty in baby pink. With the sheer versatility of this trend, it is perfect for every summer occasion (even brunch!).

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This Crisscross Design is the Perfect Way to Keep Cool This Summer

July has always been my favorite month. Between beach days, barbecues, and bonfires, it seems as though the entire world is at ease and enjoying each moment. With that being said, there’s one downside to July: the heat. With temperatures soaring, it can be difficult to keep cool, and even more, to keep your outfit cool. During heat waves, it’s hard enough to leave your air-conditioned house let alone pick out a trendy outfit.

This Fashionista does both when she combines simple silhouettes and comfortable pieces with fun, flirty details. If you refuse to give up your jeans while the sun sizzles (we all know that one person), opt for cropped distressed jeans. Those few centimeters of free skin truly make all the difference. Also, as a pro tip, it’s good to remember that light wash denim absorbs less heat than dark wash does. Science does work its way into fashion! If jeans aren’t your cup of iced tea in the summer, don’t forget you can always choose a comfy pair of distressed cut-offs.

As for a top, my Fashionista friend chose a lightweight, flowing tank top with thin straps. Whether it’s a tank top or any other top, an open back and thin material give way for a breeze that you desperately need in rising temperatures. Plus, the lace trim adds a delicate, girly touch. Under the tank, she chose to add a bralette. Bralettes are the perfect alternative to a standard bra in summer months.

The back of this outfit serves as the focal point, with the crisscross design forming an intricate, symmetrical pattern. Once again, not only are the details appealing to the eye, but they help keep this Fashionista cool. Another way to cop this style is to pair an open-back T-shirt with a bralette that offers lace paneling. For the final finishing touches, add a pair of pastel sunglasses to protect your eyes, a pair metallic sandals to add some shine, and a few dainty rings to tie the outfit all together.

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Boho Beautiful

As the weather rapidly changes, choosing an outfit becomes a process of finding the overlap of practical meets flattering. Gorgeous ensembles with useful qualities like these have been taking over the runways lately, and are beginning to pop up on the street as well. This Fashionista pictured fully achieved that combination with her feminine, summery outfit.

Her white lace top added a hint of romanticism and bohemian aesthete with its front panel and bell sleeves. It’s all-around lace detail and flowing material gives it an edge over more solid tops, making it both breathable and beautiful. Her blue skinny jeans complement the top with their tighter fit, making it more noticeable than if they had a looser structure, and create a nice color palette for her accessories.

The jewelry this Fashionista chose is bold but simple and add to the outfit’s bohemian effect. Her collar necklace adds a pop of color with it’s turquoise and orange stones. It’s gold base perfectly matches the beaded double-layered necklace she chose, as well as her earrings, which are reminiscent of wildflowers with their fanning spikes. These all correspond with the gold detailing on her cross body bag, which has a half-moon shape that adds a softer element to her outfit and a pale blue tone that complements her jeans and shoes.

These black open-toed ankle boots are perfect for this outfit and the summer season. Their wooden heel and tassel-ended ties enhance this outfit’s indie, boho quality and add unique details to this look. The open-toe aspect makes them breathable, so her feet aren’t restricted, and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk and pose in than shoes with a thinner heel. The plain material provides a clean base to draw attention to these details and serves as a foundation for the look. Overall the black, blue, and white color combination serves as a natural gradient and, with the right accessories, can be the perfect inspiration for your next summer outfit.

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How to Find Your Staple Summer Piece

During the summertime, no one wants to go unnoticed, but comfort is also a priority. Everyone wants to find the perfect summer outfit. Let’s enjoy summer without outfit planning taking over! This is where a staple piece comes in handy. Having an outfit that revolves around one piece makes for easy and quick assembly.

The camera fades into a bright colorful day with a gorgeous blonde on a rooftop, stunned by the vivid spots of blue. Blue skies, blue lake, and blue romper! This dancing Fashionista is pulling out all the stunts in a blue lace romper that shows off some shoulder. This romper allows her some flexibility and gives her room to breath. The black booties show off the perfect amount of leg for the summer sun. The thin necklace and clutch-sized black purse are simple, yet noticeable.

As this Fashionista student-dancer says: “What you wear in class says a lot about you as a dancer. It is always important to look your best and present yourself in a unique way. You want to stand out.” This quote identifies this look perfectly! The blue romper is a unique staple of this outfit.

This Fashionista is inspired by models like Gigi Hadid who can successfully pull of looks that are labeled as “sporty chic.” Models like Gigi know how to blend a relaxed, yet city-appropriate look. The flexibility of being comfortable and socializing determines what your staple piece will be. For this look, she chose something that gave her ease when slipping it on. Luckily, there are many staple piece options this summer to create outstanding looks!

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How To Style Off-The-Shoulder Tops With Tulle Skirts

Off-the-shoulder tops are super hot this year! There are several different ways to style this type of top, but this article will focus on how to style them with tulle skirts and cute accessories.

First you will need to choose a top that is not a baby doll, extra boxy, or one that has ruffles at the bottom of the shirt. This is very important if you want to tuck your top into your skirt! Here is a cute off-the-shoulder top that will wear well tucked in.
Secondly, choose a skirt that has a wide waistband. This allows the wearer’s waist to look slim and cinched in. Here is a black tulle skirt with a wide waistband.

Because there is a lot of detail going on with the black lace tulle skirt, I went with a simple black heel. Clean black heels are a staple piece that every woman should have in her closet.
You may add a printed scarf as shown to give your outfit an extra pop. By doing so, your look will be more fun and polished! For an off-the-shoulder top, you should tie the scarf on the side of your neck and drape it over your shoulder. It is perfectly acceptable to wear the scarf wherever you are going, then take it off and tie it around your purse handle. Here is the cutest polka dot scarf.

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Ring In the Bell Sleeve Trend This Summer 

We all know that trends come and go, but the bell sleeve is the hottest trend yet. Every time I step out or browse the web, the bell sleeve is incorporated on shirts, dresses, button-ups, crop tops—you name it! Whether it’s my favorite Instagram bloggers or a girl at school, if I see a bell sleeved top, I most likely want it right away. A continuing fashion from 2016, the bell sleeve this summer will effortlessly put your outfit together and give it character. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the bell sleeve incorporating some of the hottest new summer trends:

1—Off The Shoulder Banker’s Stripe Dress

This summer, the banker’s stripe dress is a must. It’s classy, yet casual. Not only have I seen the stripes on the runway, but a little shoulder action as well, giving it an all together feminine look. I decided to add a modest twist into this outfit, and add a white shirt under. On the bottom, I added white denim. You can never go wrong with layering, even if it is in the summer!

2—Statement Stripes And Lace 

If you’re afraid to wear sleeves in the summer, do not fear: lace is here. This light weight top from H&M is the perfect summer essential. I decided to pair it with denim, to give it an all blue summer vibe. The statement stripes on this blouse adds character and makes it perfect for brunch with the girls!

3—The Military Ruffle Bell Sleeves

If you thought bell sleeves couldn’t get any fancier, you thought wrong! This top from Zara puts a fun twist on bell sleeves by adding layers to give it a ruffle effect. Military is a returning trend for this summer, adding a feminine touch with the tiered bell sleeve. The mesh material on this top makes it lightweight, allowing you to layer as much as you want or not at all! I stuck with a black shirt underneath.

4—The Classic Bell Sleeve 

If you’d rather stick to a simpler and put together look, the classic silk white blouse is the one for you. Perfect for interviews or work during the day, you can transform this top by adding a small cross body for your night out dinner date.

So there you have it! The hottest bell sleeve trend of the year mixed in with the newest summer runway trends. With these essentials, your wardrobe will be set to go.

What’s your favorite trend for the summer? Let me know in the comments below. 

How I Learned to Style an Embroidered Look

This Fashionista was caught red-handed in the street for slaying my existence. Embroidery can add an understated beauty element to any garment or accessory. This trend came back in the fall and is still going strong. The mix of the rose embroidery with the textures of this outfit made it lively and striking, immediately catching my eye.

Light denim and white? Name a more iconic duo. The pairing of the white lace with the light wash denim skirt is impeccable. Her shirt is a sheer, lace long sleeve from Tobi. It has a beautiful pattern made from lace that can excite you without hiding the beauty underneath. To make it pop, she added a bralette with a rose appliqué on each side. The roses bring in color as well as more texture to the outfit. To complement the bralette, she chose a button-down skirt with more rose embroidery from PacSun.

This Fashionista decided to pair her lively outfit with block heels. Block heels are a spring and summer look that can go with any outfit. Buying a pair of these is well worth the cash because of the versatility of the shoe. They’re casual and cool but can also be a perfect addition to any day-to-night outfit. For this outfit, she is rocking a pair of velvet, dusty rose heels. The texture of the velvet is the cherry on top for this ensemble. The dusty rose also cools down the heat of the bright reds in the outfit, making it bold but not overbearing.

To accessorize, she added some metals with her silver and black western-inspired belt. This double buckle belt is a trend that has been growing since the fall. She is also wearing a few silver rings and a silver bracelet made by a local silversmith from her hometown. To add a bit of boldness, she added a velvet choker. This simple piece ties in the black from the bralette and belt and gives an edgier vibe to the look.

This outfit is a fun melting pot of textures that instantly catches the eye. On top of that, she added embroidery to the plate really make it pop. Embroidery can make any outfit go from drab to fab!

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Inspiration from the Sea

School’s out for the summer, which means that every Fashionista’s fun in the sun has just begun. The best way to kick off your summer vacation on the east coast is to gear up for those long, sun-kissed days at the beach, and this Fashionista did just that with her classic outfit.

This Fashionista is a Jersey girl at heart and knows how to rock denim and lace on the shore like nobody’s business! She gears up to jump into the saltwater and sand by pulling out a pair of denim shorts lined with lace. Bralettes go perfectly with a lace T-shirt, which shows off some skin for sunbathing. The loose knit fabric has perfect movement, and can easily be worn as a cover-up over a bathing suit, while the thick fabric is great for cooler days. But, the most important aspect that completes this look is her makeup.

Our Fashionista uses the natural colors of the shore as inspiration for her makeup. She first uses concealer and foundation to create a clean base, which works perfectly under contouring from Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette and E.l.f’s baked highlighter. Next, she uses Covergirl’s Katy Kat Pearl Apricat Lipstick for a more natural pink. The most unique and fun aspect of the look is the eyeshadow from The Body Shop’s Shimmer Cubes, which starts as a beautiful light green shimmer and slowly blends into a deep sea green as it reaches the outer corner of the eye. With simple and casual eyeliner and long black lashes, this Fashionista was able to draw the most the attention to her eyeshadow, which matches the shimmering waves of the sea as much as it does her green and cream colored outfit.

She finishes the look by accessorizing according to color, including natural tones like cream, brown and green along with some blue to channel her inner beach-bug. She sports a crystal green necklace along with rings of pearls and other precious stones, her jewelry mimicking the glow of seaglass. Meanwhile, she tops the look with a pair of stunning leather strap sandals and an adorable white cheer bow. Here, we can see how her makeup blends perfectly with her outfit. The pearly shimmer of the light green eyeshadow matches the glow of her rings, while the darker green eyeshadow corresponds with the muted green bralette and plays into the outfit’s natural color scheme.

Whether you’re on your way to the beach or the boardwalk, this look helps prepare you for a day of movement and laughter in the sunlight. What else can a summer Fashionista ask for?

Make sure to let me know if you try this look in the comments below!

Seasons Come and Go, But Black Skinny Jeans Are Forever

Summer is rapidly approaching and you know what that means! Put those dark-colored clothes away and break out the bright-colored swim suits and sun dresses! Right? Not necessarily. Winter may be long gone, but that does not mean that one cannot still rock their favorite dark hues, especially their go-to black skinny jeans! For those who are skeptical about wearing black jeans in the summer, I am here to show you that they can be part of your summer style!Model Wearing Pacsun Black Skinny Jeans

Black Skinny Jeans For Your Summer Night Out

Many summer nights call for countless girls’ nights out. This outfit captures the night time feel while maintaining to keep the summer vibe! I matched these ripped, black skinny jeans with a rose-embroidered bodysuit. In addition, I combined it with a light pink lace choker and a simple heel. The best part is that anyone wearing a dark-colored jean can mix and match with any colored top or accessory that they desire! The lightness of the flower and lace accents balance with the dark pants; as a result, the perfect outfit for a beautiful summer night on the town.

Black Skinny Jeans For Your Casual Summer Day

The summer is filled with months full of spontaneity. What I love most about wearing black jeans is that they are extremely versatile! Therefore, they are perfect for any occasion; whether that be a day spent shopping or spent inside with friends. In opposition to the first outfit, this outfit shows off an easygoing, relaxed look. For this look, I chose a gray tied-up graphic T-shirt paired with ripped, black skinny jeans. In addition, I decided on an army green slip-on sneaker for the shoe. This outfit is super comfy and perfect for a more low-key day. With the black jeans, anyone can add their favorite band or graphic T-shirt to make for their own fun, personalized look.

Again, do not be afraid to rock dark colors throughout the summer! This is your chance to use your creativity to combine bold colors and unique accessories to turn your favorite pair of black skinny jeans into a summer staple!

Do you agree with the idea of wearing black, skinny jeans in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!