How to Wear a Cape Coat This Fall

As autumn approaches and the blazing heat of summer starts to gently fade away, our wardrobes face a new trans-seasonal challenge. Dressing for fall is inherently difficult. It requires our clothing to work double duty as we start to think about appropriate back to school outfits as well as keep the season’s unpredictable weather in mind. One way to tackle this tricky style dilemma is to invest in a lightweight cover-up such as a duster jacket, wrap cardigan or in this case, the humble cape.

While it’s a classic piece, a cape comes with its share of pitfalls and isn’t always the easiest to style. So, if you are going to take the plunge, rebel against the sage advice of Edna Mode and invest in a cape. I would recommend choosing a design that will stand the test of time. Pick a muted monochromatic tone that will go with everything in your current wardrobe and stay away from bright clashing shades. The unique silhouette of the cape itself makes the garment a stand out piece all by itself, so there’s no need for loud colors on top of that as well. The cape I am wearing is from H&M.

Similarly, proportion plays a huge role in styling an outfit around a cape. A baggy cape tends to look better if the rest of the outfit is fitted and the bottom half of the outfit is kept minimal. In this example, I have worn a fitted T-shirt from H&M tucked into a slightly flared skirt from Forever 21 to highlight my waist and give my body shape. Considering that all of the attention is directed towards my top half, I decided to keep my shoes plain by wearing flats, also from Forever 21.

Another thing to keep in mind when styling a cape is accessories. Due to the unique way the sleeves are sewn into the main body of the fabric, it can be uncomfortable wearing a back pack with a cape. Switch this for a large handbag instead so the sleeves are free to drape correctly. Also when it comes to jewelry, less is more. Keep the attention on the top of the body and opt for a chunky statement necklace or earrings to add an unexpected edge to an otherwise minimalistic look.

Will you be adding a cape into your fall wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section below.

One Thing Australian Girls Do in the Cooler Months

Yes, for those of you asking, Australia does get cool. Particularly in Melbourne which is in the south. Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, is known for its “four seasons in one day.” This can sometimes make it a little difficult to get dressed in the morning. So what’s our solution? Smart, effortlessly cool (literally) layering.

In July, you could leave your house at 8 a.m. and be absolutely freezing, but by your lunch break, especially if the sun is out, it could be a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit). No one likes feeling the heat in all matters of the phrase, so layering is key!

The ironic thing is we don’t actually wear warm clothes. Unlike New Yorkers, we never whip out our big puffer coat, gloves, or snow boots. We decide to just layer it up instead, and it works for us!

Every girl on the go needs to be prepared for any sort of weather. Melbourne girls have learned the hard way and figured out the right way to dress in these unpredictable cooler months.

Let’s take a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, layer it with a jumper and then a coat. Just make sure everything underneath the outer layer goes with your whole outfit. No one likes taking off that jumper and finding an embarrassing old T-shirt you wore to bed underneath.

Put your outfit together as if every layer is going to be seen. Then you won’t be tempted to just throw on your old camping thermal. Trust me, when it heats up you will take that outer layer off and whatever is underneath will be seen!

You need to be prepared for the inevitable stripping of layers as the day goes on. My new favorite thing is “double jacketing.” You’re right! It is exactly as it sounds. Denim skirt, thigh-high boots, turtleneck, leather jacket, and then an overcoat. See, easy! Every layer is more exciting than the last.

I guess you would say that this is more transitional dressing given Melbourne doesn’t get that cold, but hey, this is how we survive the cooler months.

I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your mid-temperature weather or transitional outfit ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

4 Ways to Style a “Dad Shirt”

One of the biggest growing trends this year is the “dad shirt.” The “dad shirt” is a blanket term for almost any floral or zany-patterned, button-down T-shirt. It’s the type of shirt you see your father pack 10 of whenever he goes on vacation. These shirts are typically very comfy, wide in the sleeves, and boxy. And while they’re super easy to throw on, they might not flatter your figure like they flatter your dad’s. So, here are some tips to style a “dad shirt” to fit your body and look.

1—Layering. A “dad shirt” can be the perfect element to tie an outfit together. Usually, incorporating an additional piece to a basic outfit elevates the entire ensemble. So, there’s no issue in throwing one on over your tank top or T-shirt. However, try rolling up the sleeves to make the shirt seem more fitted and not like something out of Shia LaBeouf’s wardrobe in The Even Stevens Movie.

2—Tucking. For an overall polished look, try tucking the shirt in completely. Don’t forget to have fun with it and don’t play it safe when there are so many tucks to try. There’s the half-tuck, which is half tucked in and half untucked. There’s the frat tuck, which means the front is tucked in and the back is not. You can even try buttoning it up unevenly and just tucking whatever part of the shirt you grab first to achieve a truly effortless look.

3—Knotting. Tying a knot with the ends of the shirt in the front is a subtle way to define your waist, taking your dad’s shirt and making it much more feminine. Now that your figure is visible, you can worry about whether you want to button the shirt, layer it, and other details.

4—Two-In-One. This is a bonus style tip for the brave or the bored. Take two “dad shirts” and button them up together. Then, tuck the back or tie them together in the back to form a knot. Contrasting colors or patterns work best for this look because it really shouts, “I’m wearing two shirts right now!” If it’s done right then this look will be the conversation piece from now until the end of the year. If you’re lacking even the slightest amount of confidence, try wearing it around your room to see if you’d ever rock it out in public.

The “dad shirt” is available at retailers, thrift stores, and your dad’s closet, so don’t miss out. The trend is still in its early stages with mainly celebrities and dads wearing them, but this summer is a great time to experiment with it. Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media and below!

Would you ever hop on the “dad shirt” bandwagon? Let us know on social media by tagging @Cfashionista or leave a comment below!

Mean Business in Summer-Friendly Layering

How many times have you had to come out of your comfy and convenient “haven’t slept in days” college comfort zone look, to go the ever intimidating and competitive universe of job/internship interviews?

I feel like it’s important to realize we’re not putting on a costume; it does not mean it´s time to wear your mother’s improperly fitted pencil skirt or her kitten heels from the ’90s. The key is to make an impression, to find the perfect balance between your personal style and your professional persona. You have to stand out for only the right reasons, and you also have to look like you’re ready to own the place.

We often lose ourselves and what we want to represent to fit into what we think is appropriate attire, but, in truth, if we manage to be stylish, appropriate, and original, chances are you will be remembered and instantly respected. Be confident! If your goal is to be the CEO, dress the part, even if you’re in a cubicle.

It’s about mixing the most unheard of combinations and actually making them look cohesive. On this look, inspired by the Alexander Wang F/W 2017 catwalk, we’ve mixed a leather burgundy short dress, and layered it with a black double buttoned dress, to make it look like a coat. It’s important that the lengths of your skirts are long enough that it does not look vulgar, but short enough so that it looks proportionate and age appropriate (please just stick to below the knee or short, anywhere in the middle looks awkward). Note that these are two dresses, not an actually lined coat, which means this type of look is actually summer-friendly, at least when it comes to temperature.

In these settings, clothes are a canvas, and accessories are really what elevate the look. We paired the outfit with these statement black oxfords, and the always faithful Carey sunglasses.

Be mindful, but be clever, don’t try to just blend; act like you own every situation, demand respect, and don’t sacrifice your self-expression for the sake of the workplace. Chances are, if you do it right you’ll be majorly boosted!

Do you think it’s important to always represent yourself creatively? Comment below!

4 Simple Ways to Amp Up Your Summer Style

When summer comes around, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out ways to elevate your style for the heat. With new trends on the horizon and the new season in full swing, I’ve thought of some easy and simple ways to take your style to the next level. Fashionistas are always aiming to have the coolest, freshest look, and these ideas will achieve just that. The key to achieving an awesome summer outfit is all in the accessories, so check out the ways I’ve incorporated this summer’s hottest accessories into my outfit!

1—Fishnets. I was aiming for a grungy look, so I accessorized with a few bold items. The most eye-catching piece in this outfit is my fishnet tights. Layering these under any outfit can give your look an edgy vibe—not to mention they are extremely breathable, making them great for the summer sun. Yes, these were a huge trend in the winter, but I’m loving incorporating the fishnet look into summer looks as well. Stores are even selling cropped versions of these tights that come in a range of colors.

2—Hats. I utilized a reoccurring summer trend and paired my outfit with a black floppy hat. Hats make for an amazing summer accessory as they block out the sun, hide any frizzy hair from the humidity, and best of all, look fashionable! Hats are certainly on the come up and almost all stores offer a sizable selection to choose from.

3—Belts. Another trendy accessory I chose is a western belt. Many celebrities have been pictured wearing these, and they’re sure to add an extra touch to any look. Since they’re offered in many neutral colors, different sized loops, and a range of prices, you can be sure to find one that best suits your style.

4—Statement shoes. Statement shoes are all the rage this summer and can really complete a look. To finish off my outfit, I paired it with my favorite faux snakeskin booties. Although these were a staple in my winter closet, they look stunning paired with my summer wardrobe as well. Shoes that will catch everyone’s attention, from sandals to boots to sneakers, are sure to amp up your summer style.

This accessorized outfit is sure to attract some attention and show the world your inner Fashionista. Using these guidelines to incorporate more accessories into your outfits will certainly spice up your summer style!

What’s your go-to accessory? Show us on social media and be sure to tag @CFashionista.

3 Easy Ways to Style Your Favorite Shirt

I think we are all guilty of having that one favorite shirt that we basically wear every single day. As much as we love that shirt, it gets a little boring when you keep wearing it with the same pair of shorts. But don’t worry; with a little creativity, you can wear it all the time and people may not even notice it’s the same shirt! My favorite shirt is a simple off-the-shoulder crop top. Check out three ways I thought of to take your basic shirt to the next level.

During the summertime, your first thought may be to just pair your shirt with a pair of shorts. This look is super cute, but why not change it up? Going with one of this summer’s hottest trends, I chose to wear a jean skirt. I paired it with a simple pair of sandals. Skirts open up a whole new realm of possibilities. You could also dress it up and wear a more formal skirt with some heels for a whole new look!

Layering can completely change the look of a specific piece. I recently purchased a romper that has an open back and I wasn’t totally sure how to wear it. I realized that my favorite shirt fits right under it and even had the same colors as the romper! There are so many creative ways to layer a shirt. Whether it be under a romper like I did, under your favorite dress, or with a sweater, they will all give a whole new look to your shirt.

When the weather cools down a little, it may be time to put on some pants and a jacket. This doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your favorite shirt! I chose to wear some white pants to brighten up the outfit, then I layered a jean jacket over top. You could also layer your favorite cardigan or even a leather jacket to enhance the look. This is another outfit that you can wear multiple ways with clothes you already have in your closet.

Show me how you use these tips to rock your own look by tagging @CFashionista on social media!

Tips for the Summer Fashionista On-the-Go

After crying in the library at two in the morning, crying while departing friends that were strangers nine months ago but you can’t imagine your life without now, and (hopefully not) crying when you check your final grades, summer is here. The perfect way to de-stress is with a full summer day, so roll out the squad.

Can’t pick just one place to go on the perfect summer day? It’s summer, so go everywhere! This Fashionista found herself with a full day of summer adventures ahead of her, so layering is key. Starting the day at brunch with the besties, the floral dress with platform sandals and initial necklace gives a girly yet chic impression. No ideal summer days come without being breezy and ending up wherever the wind takes you. After spontaneously deciding to go to the beach, this Fashionista was ready. The back of the dress has an opening that would typically be styled with a bralette. However, knowing there was a chance for a beach trip, she styled it with a bathing suit that mimics a bralette.

When it came time to go to the city, this Fashionista was ready! The dress gave her mobility to dance the night away and the platform sandals mixed comfort with an edge.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of layering! One outfit can serve many purposes, so grab your squad and hit the town (or many towns).

How are you spending your ideal summer day with the squad? Show us by tagging @Cfashionista on Instagram!

Follow These Tips to Jazz Up Any Outfit

Ever thrown on an outfit that just seemed too plain? Well, I have, countless times. The way I tackle my morning funk problems is through layering my accessories! Accessories are an important part of one’s wardrobe. I find that the jewelry, bags, or shoes you choose, truly define a person’s personality or style. The more simplistic your accessories are, the more minimalist your style is. The more statement-like your accessories are, the more high class your style is. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

I always try to shoot for a pair of earrings a day along with a bag to complement the outfit, a belt if I feel the outfit needs more, shoes to elevate the outfit, and about one to two necklaces. Layering necklaces is one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit. I typically opt for a choker for the first layer then a mid length necklace depending on the cut of my top or dress.

For my earrings, I’m generally a stud kind of person so I can make it simple the majority of the time, but if I’m feeling up for it I’ll pull out the hoop earrings! You can always add bracelets and rings, but I find those uncomfortable to wear so I opt out. Now my favorite part is probably choosing my bag. It usually defines the style of the outfit I’m wearing that day. If I’m feeling boho, I’ll throw on my tan bag with fringe. If I’m feeling classy on my way to class I’ll use my 15″ Madison West bag that actually fits my laptop!

I don’t know about you, but I love to switch up my style on the daily and the accessories I use help me achieve that goal. So let your accessories speak for themselves!

What is your favorite way to upscale your outfits? Let me know in the comments below! If you’ve used any of my tips make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Instagram for us to see your new outfit renditions!

Pop, Drop, and Crop It—Taking Men’s Fashion Week Trends to the Street

This one goes out to the Fashionistos. From to Gucci to Thom Browne, it’s been refreshingly rad to see a surge of variance and vivacity in the pretty mono-style world of menswear. The entire idea of menswear is based on uniformity (like, literally. Look it up), so seeing agender runway show styles is such a breakthrough for men’s fashion and society—and I for one am all for it.

Feeling inspired by S/S 18 London Men’s themes from Topshop Man to Vivienne Westwood, but not quite sure how to take these fashion week looks to the street? Here are some styling tips from a Fashionisto who makes the term “menswear” his own.

1—Shopping outside the men’s section. There are so many garment styles, yet most menswear is so limited! (Seriously, if I were a dude I would be so frustrated with my choices). Sometimes, you have to think outside the box… or at least the men’s section. Maybe the buttons go the other way, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out some high-waisted bell-bottoms! If there’s a style you dig but can’t find it the men’s section, don’t be afraid to cross your comfort zone and the store. This Fashionisto got the majority of his garb from the women’s section and received nothing but compliments on his ensemble.

2—Beyond the “Romphim.” The man romper is not the most flattering look for all male body types. I’m pretty sure one either slays in it or looks like a potato sack with armholes. However, a more universally flattering trend which, in my opinion, should totally get used more in menswear is the crop top. Whether a cropped pullover, tank, or T-shirt, both this Fashionisto and I are in agreement crop tops for men should totally be the next big thing. A subtle yet statement piece could be a mesh crop top similar to this Fashionisto’s—a style and gender-neutral piece that can be layered for the day or be a statement for a night out.

3—Baggage claim. Bags for men. Sure, men’s clothes might have superior pocket space, but whether you’re rocking garments from the men or women section, a bag is always a useful accessory. It’s not just European, either. A lot of backpacks or bags will give you an air of someone well-traveled or scholarly-hipster-chic and will save your pockets from “phone prints.” And, if the Alex Mullins show was any hint at soon to be trends, this is something all you Fashionistos should jump on!

Taking it beyond Thom Browne’s skirt and knee-highs, can we talk about crops? Actually flattering not-your-dad’s-shorts? Expressive, brightly colored garments? For men? Groundbreaking? Maybe. But, let’s be honest, when those pro-positivity posts go around online reading “crop tops are for everyone,” do they also mean those Fashionistos out there? Boy(s), if you can rock it, wear it!

Have you been inspired by the menswear style shift? Show us how you’ve been Insta-rocking some S/S 18 menswear trends and tag @CFashionista!

This Crisscross Design is the Perfect Way to Keep Cool This Summer

July has always been my favorite month. Between beach days, barbecues, and bonfires, it seems as though the entire world is at ease and enjoying each moment. With that being said, there’s one downside to July: the heat. With temperatures soaring, it can be difficult to keep cool, and even more, to keep your outfit cool. During heat waves, it’s hard enough to leave your air-conditioned house let alone pick out a trendy outfit.

This Fashionista does both when she combines simple silhouettes and comfortable pieces with fun, flirty details. If you refuse to give up your jeans while the sun sizzles (we all know that one person), opt for cropped distressed jeans. Those few centimeters of free skin truly make all the difference. Also, as a pro tip, it’s good to remember that light wash denim absorbs less heat than dark wash does. Science does work its way into fashion! If jeans aren’t your cup of iced tea in the summer, don’t forget you can always choose a comfy pair of distressed cut-offs.

As for a top, my Fashionista friend chose a lightweight, flowing tank top with thin straps. Whether it’s a tank top or any other top, an open back and thin material give way for a breeze that you desperately need in rising temperatures. Plus, the lace trim adds a delicate, girly touch. Under the tank, she chose to add a bralette. Bralettes are the perfect alternative to a standard bra in summer months.

The back of this outfit serves as the focal point, with the crisscross design forming an intricate, symmetrical pattern. Once again, not only are the details appealing to the eye, but they help keep this Fashionista cool. Another way to cop this style is to pair an open-back T-shirt with a bralette that offers lace paneling. For the final finishing touches, add a pair of pastel sunglasses to protect your eyes, a pair metallic sandals to add some shine, and a few dainty rings to tie the outfit all together.

What outfits keep you cool in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!