Back-to-School Style for Girls Who Are Always Running Late

School is starting up again, and we all know what that means: the dreaded 8 a.m. classes. For those of us Fashionistas who are always hitting snooze, putting together a stylish outfit while we’re rushing out the door can be a struggle. Luckily, there are a few ways you can still look rad in back to school style, even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing that every girl needs to incorporate into her back to school style is a cute, lightweight jacket. Jean and bomber jackets are some great go-to staples to start with and can be paired with pretty much any outfit, from a floral romper to a T-shirt and black jeans. Layering a trendy jacket over your ensemble instantly makes it seem like the outfit you put together in five minutes was carefully styled the night before, without costing you any extra time.

Another tip to keep in mind is that accessories can be your greatest asset. No time to deal with a bad case of bed head? A baseball cap paired with a low messy bun is a cute and effortless solution. Not satisfied with just throwing on a white T-shirt and jeans? Layer on a blanket scarf for a dynamic pop of texture and style. Even just grabbing a few bangles and slipping them on while on your way to class instantly adds a little personality to your outfit, taking your look from basic to chic in a snap.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

Now that you’ve nailed your back to school style with a killer outfit and you’re glancing at the clock wondering if you have enough time to grab your morning coffee before class, there’s only one thing you still need: shoes. When you’re already in a rush, the last thing you want to do is rummage through your shoe collection for a pair that complements your outfit and doesn’t have too many buckles and straps to wrangle with. If you’re someone who’s eternally late to class, having a pair of basic and easy to slip-on shoes is essential. Check out the Steve Madden Glenda Sneaker Mule in Black Suede ($80) for an easy-to-slip-on shoe that’s not only on-trend but also comfortable and versatile. Now that you’ve completed your ensemble, you can get to class on time and in style.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways

If you’re like me, you always feel like there aren’t enough clothes in your closet. Even though you may happen to be the “go-to stylist” of your friend group, when it comes to dressing yourself, you wish you had a whole new wardrobe. This summer, I have been interning in New York City. Because I am living in a dorm, I have had to learn how to make the most out of my wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here are some tips I have picked up to style one of my favorite articles of clothing three different ways.

One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a striped jumpsuit. The best thing about jumpsuits is that you don’t have to think about putting an outfit together, you just throw it on and automatically look stylish. Sometimes, it can take me an hour just to figure out what to wear without picking something I have worn 100 times before. So to me, jumpsuits are timely and trendy.

The first way I have styled this jumpsuit is by layering a ripped rocker T-shirt over it. The one-piece look changes into feeling like two separate articles of clothing. I also mixed the striped pants with patterned shoes from Kendall and Kylie. I think it adds a little bit of an edgier vibe. I added these mirrored sunnies and love how they match the metallic of the safety pins. The best part is, if one of my friends is having a wardrobe malfunction, I can always let them borrow a safety pin from my shirt.


The next way I like to style this jumpsuit is by wearing a white, cropped T-shirt under it. I normally wear it like this to work because it’s a little more formal, but also trendy and cute. I pair this look with lace-up espadrilles or Birkenstocks, but if you wanted to make it even dressier, you could wear block-heeled sandals or pumps.


You can amp up this jumpsuit for a night out in the city by taking off that white, cropped top, and adding a belt to cinch your waist. Throw a leather or jean jacket over your shoulders and slip on a pair of heels. Instantly, you have changed this jumpsuit from day to night without wasting any time.


For all of the Fashionistas or fellow shopaholics out there, don’t be afraid to re-wear the awesome pieces you have in your closet. It was such a fun experience coming up with new ways to wear this one staple piece.

Here is my challenge for you: find one article of clothing you love and come up with two more ways to rock it! You will thank me later for giving you an excuse to wear this piece of clothing even more.

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How to Dress for the Unpredictable British Summer

Contrary to the common British belief, you cannot beat warm weather by dressing for it. Even the slightest ray of light peeking through the clouds will have all the British bringing out the sandals, shortest shorts, and cutest tanks, becoming quickly disappointed when the daily rain shower hits. It is safe to say that British weather is a little unreliable. Therefore, it can be impossible to choose what to wear in the summer.

1—Layers. I tend to opt for layers in the summer. It’s always easier to take a few things off than to have your bare arms freeze or your cute outfit soaked by the rain in the ever-changing weather. Rethink how to wear some of the pieces you already have hanging in your closet. Mix and match lighter layers like shirts or cardigans. For instance, I like to unbutton a loose shirt to let a tank or bralette peek through. Be prepared to haul your jumper around when all of a sudden the weather warms up though.

 2—Shoes. Even though you probably want to bring out your strappy sandals, wear something slightly more covered like a pair of flats or sneakers. Not only will they keep your feet covered for whatever the British weather has to throw at you, but they’re also more comfortable, especially if you’re taking long summer walks. 

3—Accessories. A few other must haves would be a pair of sunglasses for those rare clear sky moments, an umbrella for those more common rain spells, and a bag to throw in all your accessories. Opting for a larger bag could come in handy, particularly when the weather warms up, and you want to take a few layers off. Accessories are also a great opportunity to add some pop of color. Just because the weather is dull doesn’t mean your outfit has to be as well. 

No matter where your summer plans may take you, the weather will always play a role in what you wear. So, beat the weather with these few tips! Let me know what your ideal summer weather is in the comments below.

Summer Adventures in Colorado

Right before the end of spring semester, I got bit by the travel bug and started perusing Expedia for ideas for exciting and scenic summer trips I could go on with my two best friends. As college students, we were admittedly too broke for Europe or Asia, so we all agreed upon planning a trip around a beautiful and eclectic state—Colorado. We compiled a list of activities that were on our bucket list and vowed to complete them at some point during our travels. Naturally, I was afraid yet thrilled to be stepping out of my comfort zone, and as the end of the semester approached, I bought plenty of new sports bras for hiking and sweaters for cooler nights and windy days.

And So it Began

After a day of settling in and acclimating to the high altitude in Colorado Springs, we drove to a whitewater rafting center near the Royal Gorge. Clad in Power Ranger looking red and purple wetsuits, we hopped in our raft. The exhilarating currents and the stunning mountain views both made our trip amazing. To top it off, our raft instructor allowed us to jump off a small cliff into the river as we all held hands and grinned for the GoPro.

Up next on our summer bucket list was skydiving, also known as jumping from a moving plane 12,000 feet in the air strapped to someone who your life literally depends on. I can assure you, however, that the most frightening part of the experience is the drive there, as thoughts of everything that could possibly go wrong flood your mind. What if the parachute doesn’t work? However, once you’re up in the air, the overwhelming euphoria and excitement mask the initial fear. Just, please, don’t look down, at least not until you’re already far out of the plane. When you’re out, there’s no turning back, just relax, look around, and fly. Skydiving? Check.

Finishing Up

Last on our itinerary was two nights of camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. We rolled up our sleeping bags and were en route to Ouray. The drive took about eight hours (stopping at every vista point for photo ops, of course), so we set up camp illuminated by the prominent Colorado stars.

In the morning, I packed my backpack and we settled on an intermediate trail, but I can say that I was definitely unprepared for what hiking meant in Colorado. It means trekking up a mountain on shale rock and narrow paths, which my Nike running sneakers were quite ill-equipped for. However, the striking views from the mountain made it all worth it, as we got to see the Rockies from a completely novel angle and take in the breathtaking largeness of nature from up above.

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Outdoor Concert Outfit Idea

Living in Denver has many perks, and having the ability to go to an outdoor concert year round is amazing. You can go to any venue that’s outside during any season of the year. It’s an amazing show either way you prefer it! With outdoor concerts comes outdoor weather, and you need to prepare for anything that could happen. I wanted to show you an outfit idea that will get you through the warm or cold outdoor concert!

I decided to pair my favorite band T-shirt from Brandy Melville with some classic jeans, a timeless outfit that can be customized to your music preference. This look is perfect for dancing at those outdoor events that are not too hot or too cold. To keep it festival ready I added my favorite cut out booties. I also added a knit cardigan just in case it gets chilly out. The great thing about this outfit is that it’s layered. This means that you can add the cardigan when it’s cold out, or take it off if you get too toasty.

In my case, layers are a must for any festival because you never really know what the weather will do. Since I live in Colorado, the weather is never truly set in stone and it could easily rain or be too windy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! I wanted this look to be functional as well as festival-ready.

For accessories I decided to keep it simple with a wide-brim hat because I didn’t want to overwhelm the layering. What I love about hats is that it offers my head shade and it protects my face from UV rays. This is perfect for festivals in deserts, cities, or even mountains because the sun is always beating down on you in these places. Your hat will be there to protect you.

You can find all of these pieces in your closet and you can cater your style to this layering look. No matter what, you will look festival-ready! Show us your festival outfits by tagging @CFashionista! 

How to Stay Cosy and Chic on a Long Flight

It’s official! We’ve survived exams, and summer is finally here! This newfound freedom provides the perfect opportunity to relax, go on adventures or even build up your resume—whatever your heart desires. Traveling can be one of the greatest ways to spend your free time during these summer months. Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, partying in Ibiza or off on a family vacation, you’re sure to have an amazing trip.

As exciting as traveling is, it isn’t always smooth sailing. Booking flights and finding the right accommodation can be stressful, not to mention figuring out what you’re going to pack. (Find out which 10 items fashion girls are packing this summer here). Worrying about what to wear to the airport is something you don’t have time for.

Mastering the art of airport style is no easy feat. Comfort is always key, but no one really wants to step off the plane looking like they’ve been travelling for ten hours – no matter how true it is! If you’re like me, your Instagram feed is full of stylish bloggers and celebs, whose airport style looks impossibly chic. I’ve come up with a fool-proof way to stay comfy and stylish on your travels. If you follow these rules, you’ll look like a seasoned traveller in no time.

  1. Layering. This is the most important rule when dressing for a long journey. Pairing a jacket with a jumper and tee is the best way to stay cosy while travelling. Airplanes can get particularly chilly, so a stylish sweater is essential for staying warm. If it does get a bit stuffy, you can always remove a layer and show off your cute T-shirt. A leather jacket, like this one, will keep you chic and prepped for whatever weather hits when you land.
  2. Shoes. Airport security is one of the worst parts of flying. You don’t want to be that person who keeps everyone waiting while they untie their boots. Slip-ons are my go-to airport shoe. They’re cute and comfortable, and a lifesaver if you get distracted in duty free and have to sprint to your gate!
  3. Scarf. Limited space in your suitcase can be a total pain to work around, so anything multipurpose is always welcome. Scarves are the ultimate travel necessity, no matter the season. They can be worn as a sarong at the beach, as a shawl on cooler nights and even double up as a blanket while you try to catch some Z’s on the flight.
  4. No belt. Aside from the obvious use of holding up your trousers (for those of you whose bikini body workouts were actually successful), a belt can totally transform your outfit. However, belts are a complete no-go when travelling through an airport. Not only do they make airport security that bit more difficult, but they’re not particularly comfortable when sitting in a stiff seat for a few hours.

Have I missed out on any of your airport essentials? Sound off in the comments below. Show us your favorite outfits to travel in by tagging @CFashionista on social media!

A College Girl’s Guide to Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad and being immersed in a completely different culture while visiting breath-taking sites is an amazing opportunity. From beautiful landscapes to impeccable castles, Europe has it all (not to mention the incredible food). Traveling to a new country can be intimidating, though, so be sure to remember these tips when traveling abroad.


1. Layers—Pack layers. The temperature in most places in Europe can change quickly. One day it can be sunny and 75 degrees and the next cold and rainy. Layers become your best friend. The other perk of layers is that by adding a different scarf over your jacket, or a different sweater underneath, your outfit will completely change from the day before.

2. Booties—When the weather is ever-changing, what better shoes to bring than versatile booties? Booties will go with your outfit whether you have on jeans and a sweater or a cute sundress.


3. Jet lag is a real thing—After an eight-hour flight and a five-hour time change, don’t discount jet lag. Whether you sleep on the plane or not, the first day abroad is likely to be a struggle. Don’t sleep the day away, though! There’s only a limited time to be spent abroad and you don’t want to waste any time.

4. Take pictures, but live in the moment—Take a lot of pictures, but don’t live behind a camera. Europe is amazing and almost every step is picture-worthy, but really spend your time focusing on the experiences that it has to offer. Get that amazing Insta-worthy post and then enjoy the day!

travel abroad

5. See as much as you can—There are endless activities and attractions in Europe. Plan strategically and fit in as much as you can, for it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Do you have more tips about traveling abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Little Black Dress and Glitter

In between all the exams and library dates, sometime a little night out is what you need to re-energize and come alive during exam season. Whether it’s just a little pub night, or a full on club night, this outfit is an awesome example of cute and casual.

On a night out, the key is to look cute but also be very comfortable in order to last all night. This Fashionista had the right idea with light layers and simple details to elevate this simple outfit.

This Fashionista pairs two trends in one with this outfit; layering with a dress and sheer tops. She layered the thin, glittery top underneath the simple little black dress rather than doing the traditional white t-shirt under the dress. This makes it a thinner layer, which is more comfortable, and the glitter adds a little energy and fun into the outfit.

Despite the fact that it’s May, it’s still quite chilly in Toronto so a light spring jacket it a must. However, carrying around a bulky jacket all night is an annoyance best avoided. This Fashionista solves this issue with this purple puffer jacket that can be folded into the size of you’re hand and neatly tucked into your purse. The foldable puffer is the ultimate night-out jacket.

In order to add a hint of color to break down the all-black outfit, this Fashionista chucks on this beautiful tan choker with silver ring. For shoes, the outfit is paired with a simple pair of black wedges to keep it comfortable.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to amp up a simple look by applying a few trends to the traditional little black dress. Simple and comfortable looks are the best choices for a night out where you want to look flawless all the way through.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sandwiches and Skyways

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers mean summer is around the corner. For most universities, students are finished by the first week of May. The only way to celebrate summer freedom? Treating yourself to lunch at an Instagram-perfect café in the city! While the University of St. Thomas still has one week to go, I headed back home for a quick family weekend. Near Loyola University of Chicago, this Fashionista was rocking the perfect spring to summer transition look of basic essentials.

She started off her look with a perfect pair of ripped black jeans. The fit on these jeans hugs her curves and elongates her legs. For a top, she opted for a wrap, white blouse with a peek-a-boo black bralette underneath. Oh si parfait! This Fashionista then layered the look with an oversize jean jacket—my favorite spring trend! Since it was still a bit on the chilly side, especially near Lake Michigan, this Fashionista opted for suede black booties to keep her feet warm and give her an extra boost of height.

Lastly, we can’t forget about accessories! With the sun shining down, these circular, tortoise sunglasses are the perfect eye-catching piece. She then stuck to gold with her Alex and Ani bracelets, Geneva watch, and c-z diamond earrings.

Overall, this look is perfect to throw on and grab lunch with the girls to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer! To create an edgier vibe, you can opt in for a leather jacket and leather booties.

This semester has been a blast. Thank you for checking in, and I hope to be writing for CollegeFashionista again very soon!


Since beginning college, Kent, Ohio has been my home away from home. After returning to Columbus, Ohio for the summer, however, I have once again been exposed me to the exciting fashion scene of the city. I explored the adorable little Old Worthington area on a Saturday afternoon just after the Farmer’s Market. In Old Worthington, brick is abundant and the streets are full of quaint restaurants and boutiques. There is an antique hotel that anchors the street corner and is full of character. It reflects many of the same colors that this Fashionista captures within her ensemble, too. The bustle from the Farmer’s Market fills brick sidewalks with sounds, smells, colors, and fashion (arguably the best part). I adore that this Fashionista’s outfit seems to represent what a Farmer’s Market encompasses, but through clothing.

Although this city is not new to me, I love sharing it to those unfamiliar and observing the various fashion that can be found. This Fashionista’s outfit reminds me of the warm colors found in Italy. Having not yet travelled there, I can only speak from photos. But, when I do finally get to see Florence, I can definitely envision myself styling an outfit inspired by this one. Layering two dresses is such an innovative and intriguing idea that this Fashionista chose. The floral dress provides a delightful contrast to the mustard sundress layered over top. Rain boots are perfected with the cutest detail of frilly socks that peek out above the shoes. Lastly, this Fashionista sports very chic, neutral glasses that complete the overall aesthetic of her look. For those without a need for prescription glasses, sunglasses with a similar beige rims would work as a perfect substitute. Hopefully this summery and stylish Fashionista inspires you as much as she did me!

Have a great summer!