Throwback Fashion for Fall

It’s no surprise that history tends to repeat itself. This statement can be seen through the repetition of trends throughout many decades. Styles never fully go away and are recycled for a new generation. Recently, we have seen the re-emergence of trends from the 1990s such as chokers, overalls, slip dresses, and athletic wear as fashion. The decade that’s now having a resurgence of popularity in the 1970s. There are so many iconic trends that came about during this decade. Many people draw inspiration from these trends that arose during the ‘70s to create a retro mood for a modern look. I am a big fan of many trends from this decade and I am excited to see how they are returning for this upcoming fall. Below, you can see my take on a look from the 1970s.

To begin my 1970s look, I wanted to mix hippie and rocker aspects that were popular in this decade. I chose a coral tube top with a textured, floral pattern. Although billowy tunics were popular in the 1970s, tube tops were also a favorite for many women. The bright coral is reminiscent of the early ‘70s as muted, earthy tones became popular later in the decade. I wanted to give my look a modern update with a more subdued floral pattern instead of using the big prints that were typical of the ’70s. Next, I wanted to draw inspiration from the punk-rock subculture that was so influential to ‘70s fashion. I chose a studded leather jacket to give my look an edgier feel. This jacket contrasts with the carefree and hippie aspects of my outfit.

Additionally, I added wide-leg, chambray pants to my look. I believe these pants are the most representative piece to the 1970s. The high waistline and flare of the pants create an image that will make anyone instantly think of the decade. Also, the billowy pants contrast perfectly with the slim-fitting tube top. I opted for chambray pants instead of denim to have a lighter feel for fall. Finally, I slipped on a pair of blush mules to complete my look. In the 1970s, backless shoes with a chunky heel were frequently sported. Incorporating the blush color makes the shoe a favorite for 2017.

The styles of the 1970s are coming back in a big way. I am so excited to rock more of these ’70s trends for the fall!

 What are your favorite trends from the ‘70s? Let me know in the comments below!

6 Ways to Incorporate Florals in Your Wardrobe

Florals are everywhere these days. Whether the flowers are embroidered or all over the fabric, you can’t go anywhere without seeing florals! Florals aren’t just for spring anymore. I’m going to show you a few different ways to wear floral as the main focus of your outfit or as an outfit detail. I’ve created six different looks that involve floral, and they are perfect for a day out with friends or a night out on the town!

1—Mesh floral bodysuitFor my first look, I styled a floral bodysuit with a pair of high-waisted jeans and embroidered floral sandals. This look is easy and fun and would be perfect for brunch or an afternoon out with friends. Pair this look with skirts or shorts to give it a more dressy or casual look.

2—Black floral bodysuit. This bodysuit is a great night look and is perfect for a party. I paired it with jeans, but the bottoms are interchangeable depending on the look you want to achieve.

3—Floral kimono. The floral kimono is another way to make florals the main focus of your outfit. It is perfect for a day at the beach or hanging out with your friends.

4—Embroidered dress. This dress is simple and the perfect outfit for date night or cocktails (or mocktails) after work.

5—Floral booties. Wear these booties with a monochromatic outfit that will make these eye-catching boots the statement piece of your outfit!

6Embroidered leather jacket. Summer isn’t the ideal jacket weather, but when the temperature drops, throw on an embroidered floral jacket that will make your outfit stand out!

If you want to get creative, hand-paint or add floral patches to a leather or denim jacket for your own unique DIY jacket!

Comment below your favorite way to wear florals! 

How to Style a Minimal yet Chic Summer Look

Hey guys! My name is Sammy Napolitano and I grew up in Livingston, NJ, which is a short thirty minutes from the greatest city in the world. As a child, I took frequent trips to New York City with my mom and sister.  As I got older, these trips evolved into day long adventures with my best friends. You can find us brunching at the cutest restaurants or shopping at just about every store in SoHo. Of course, we always take an obscene amount of Instagram pictures along the way.

Recently, I moved to a new and unexpectedly trendy city: Columbus, Ohio. I am a rising sophomore at The Ohio State University, studying business and minoring in fashion and retail merchandising.  I love my school (go Bucks!), exploring my new city, good food, online shopping, and of course fashion!

My love for fashion started off a little later in life as I spent my first 10 years as a die-hard tomboy. I refused to wear jeans, paint my nails, or wear my hair in anything besides a high ponytail. As my sports career fizzled out in high school, I traded in my sports jerseys for leather jackets, and my cleats for new shoes. However, my tomboy roots haven’t completely left me.  I still believe sneakers can be worn with any outfit, I avoid bright pink clothing at all costs, and comfort is definitely a number one priority in the way I dress. However, I have finally learned to embrace a good pair of jeans every now and then.

It’s hard to categorize my personal style in one way, but I would consider myself to be pretty minimalist. I like simple prints, neutral colors, dainty jewelry, and classic white sneakers. I enjoy dressing up simple pieces by adding a cool statement jacket, trendy sunglasses, or my favorite pair of shoes. Currently, I have been obsessing over vintage inspired pieces to add some fun to my outfits.

The jacket I am wearing here is my absolute favorite piece in my closet at the moment.  I finally found a BlankNYC leather jacket that I can justify wearing all summer long because of its cute floral print. True to my minimalist self, I opted for wearing a simple black top and white shorts. I loved the distressed detailing on the shorts and the straight neckline of the tank top. Both details add an element of style to an otherwise simple outfit. Finally, I wore my round Ray-Bans, my favorite Free People leather mules, and a pair of dainty gold chokers for the perfect city chic look.

What do think of this look? Let us know in the comments below!

The No-Leather Leather Look

As summer finally kicks off, a new season means a new statement piece. Wanting to find something a little different, I looked across the globe to London street style for some fashion inspiration. Despite the wide range of looks that I found, one piece seemed to be the same in everyone’s closet: the leather jacket. From day to night, this is an essential that can complete any look. Because my personal style is geared more towards lighter colors and softer fabrics, I was hesitant to buy your classic heavy black jacket, so I opted for something that fit my style a bit better.

I came across this cream colored silky alternative to a leather jacket that is the perfect way to get a similar look but with a much more lightweight and comfortable feel. The quilted detailing on the zipper guard adds a subtle texture to elevate the look, while the buttons and pockets keep it elegant yet minimalist. The neutral tone makes this is an easy piece to pair with a variety of different prints, colors, and fabrics. I opted for white jeans, a plain beige top and a pair of sunglasses for a classic summer look.

This jacket also acts as a great transition piece. If you live in the Northeast like me, you know that the shift from season to season can bring some unpredictable weather. This is a great garment to have on hand when that anticipated sunny day turns cold and cloudy almost instantly.

What I love about this jacket is its versatility. A piece like this really lets you express your personal style because it can be worn in so many different ways. Dress it up with a bold necklace and heels and you’re ready for a night out. Pair it over a cotton tank and jean shorts for a casual afternoon lunch. Whatever the occasion, a jacket like this is a must-have this Summer.

How would you wear this jacket? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Internship Outfits for the Laid-Back Office

It’s officially summer, or for those of us in college, internship season. Scoring a great summer internship can lead to countless opportunities, and possibly even help secure you a job straight out of school! That being said, for an internship it’s important to make sure you dress to impress.

A growing number of companies have begun incorporating more “lax” looks around the office, and I’m all for the change. There are lots of ways to keep dress casual while still making a statement. Here are three on-trend outfits that will be the perfect addition to your work wardrobe!

1. Sleek in Stripes

For this outfit, I took a simple black cropped tee and paired it with a black-and-white striped pair of wide-legged pants. I then tied the look together with a black leather purse, sandals, and jacket draped over my shoulders. This look practically screams sophistication while still leaning more towards the casual side.

2. Parisian Chic

In this next outfit, I decided to stick with the black-and-white theme. For my top, I chose a long-sleeved, black-and-white striped top featuring a high neckline. I worked it with a simple pair of distressed denim jeans. I (again) tied the look together with my trusty leather jacket and handbag, finishing it off with my favorite pair of white sneakers (…which make long treks around the city all the more bearable).

3. Radiant Ruffles

My final (and favorite!) outfit features a simple-yet-beautiful white button-up blouse with an off-the-shoulder ruffle around the chest. Although it can be worn loose, I decided to tuck it into my distressed jeans. I played up the casual jeans by wearing a rose pink kitten-toed heel and finished the look off with an oversize tan bag and black aviator sunnies.

There are plenty of other ways you could dress casually while still making statements in the office. Show us your favorite internship looks on social media and make sure to tag @CFashionista.


What I Learned About Fashion in the Fashion Capital of the World

I recently studied abroad in Milan, Italy with a focus on fashion business and supply chains. As you probably already know, Milan is world renowned for its role in setting trends and being home to infamous luxury brands (ever heard of Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Versace?). I couldn’t wait to compare American trends and style to Italian fashion, and I’m excited to report my findings today! Luckily, I also did some shopping in Milan so I could bring some Italian inspiration to the US!

The first thing I noticed in Milan is that trend and style are extremely important. Everyone (and I mean everyone) follows the trend once it’s established there. In contrast, in the U.S., we have many different variations of what we consider stylish. Think about style types such as preppy, hipster, grunge, girly, athleisure, etc.—all of these are considered fashionable in their own way. In fact, you could walk down the street and see an example of each one of these styles in a short time. This is not the case in Milan. Each person I saw there followed the basic uniform of dress as set by Italian trends.

So what is this uniform exactly?

Let’s go from bottom to top. First, all Italians wore sneakers! I saw all different types of brands, but I noticed the classic Adidas were the most popular. Also, I loved how many people added fun socks to enhance their look!

Next is the pants, my personal favorite. There is no shortage of jeans in Milan, and as an avid wearer of the boyfriend cut, I was in heaven when I saw that it’s super popular there. I also spotted mom jeans, wide legged pants, and even some dressier style pants. No matter what type of bottoms though, they all had something in common: they were all ankle cut. I think this is so appropriate and necessary to the trend, because it lets the sneaker and sock combo shine!

Lastly, you’re probably wondering how they finished the look with their tops, and it’s quite simple actually. The basic recipe is a plain T-shirt or tank paired with a cute jacket, which lets the look remain casual while being simultaneously trendy. I observed tons of different types of jackets, including jean jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets, you name it! This is definitely the part of the outfit that the Italians were able to be most creative with.

Overall, the trends I learned about while studying abroad in Milan are so cute, and I’m glad I brought back some pieces that’ll let me style my outfits this way at home in the US! The sneakers, casual fit pants, and plain shirt with a jacket basic uniform are what all Italians wore; it’s a casual look that allows for tons of mix-and-matching for a comfortable and trendy look!

What elements of Italian fashion will you incorporate in your next outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Non-Touristy Locations You Must Visit When in New York City

New York City is truly the city of dreams, it’s one of the most magical places. Tourists are always awestruck with Times Square, which leaves me so confused. The city is filled with so many extraordinary places besides Times Square. Quite frankly, if you are a New Yorker, you despise Times Square and try to avoid it at all costs. There are just way too many people, too many dressed up characters trying to get you to take a picture and it makes your anxiety skyrocket. There are so many non-touristy locations in the city that are most definitely Instagram-worthy, won’t have you in full panic attack mode, and will leave your heart filled with so much joy!

1—DUMBO. Okay fashion lovers, bloggers, and Gossip Girl addicts, this is your place, and I say that with no hesitation. This area is a fashion blogger’s paradise. DUMBO is filled with cobblestone streets, the perfect view of the Manhattan Bridge as a backdrop, and the most delicious food. Every time I step foot in this area, I immediately feel like I am in an episode of Gossip Girl. Grab your favorite pair of shoes, and don’t forget your camera to capture an Instagram-worthy picture!

2—Tribeca: Want to feel like a million dollars? Go to Tribeca. First of all, Tribeca has the cutest boutiques, greatest brunch places and perfect alleys for photo shoots. I swear, every time I walk to Tribeca with my camera in tote, I come back with enough content for two weeks. You will see the chicest Fashionista here with the cutest button-down shirts or edgy leather jackets! Finally, Tribeca is one of those places with constant avocado toast on deck and the cutest puppies!

3—Flatiron: The Flatiron District is the best when the weather is warm. The little park area right in front of the Flatiron building is often times filled with the best food trucks. They have everything, from tacos to burgers to mojitos and pizza! In other words, when I am there I eat about ten pounds of food with absolutely no regrets!

4—Central Park: First and foremost, Central Park is somewhat magical. No matter what, Central Park will always have a huge place in my heart. It’s so nice to “escape” the city for a bit and be surrounded by trees. Take a ride on a canoe, lay in the grass, or unexpectedly run into a rollerblading dance party. (Yes, this actually happened to me.) Go visit and I promise it will fill your heart with joy.

Seaport: Seaport is way downtown, right near the Brooklyn Bridge and it is such a cute area! There are cobblestone streets, a huge deck that overlooks Brooklyn, and delicious food, which if you can’t tell by now, I love food. At Seaport there is Smorgasburg, which is an outdoor food market. They often times showcase some amazing food vendors and have great music. It’s like a big party in the city with an extraordinary view!

New York City is a world of its own. New York is a place full of dreams and there is so much more to it than Time Square. The places I mentioned will all have you feeling preternatural. Next time you’re in the city, step out of your comfort zone and venture to some of the areas I mentioned. I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Have you ever visited any of the places mentioned? If not, which one would you like to visit? Leave a comment below and let me know!


5 Ways to Style Raw Hem Denim

It seems quite easy for Fashionistas to catch on to new trends that may seem absurd to the majority of people who have not considered the style mainstream yet. It is often difficult for the ladies who want to follow trends, but have a hard time putting together an outfit with such wild pieces that are introduced on the runway. To bring runway fashion into everyday streetwear is not an easy task, but with a little help it is definitely achievable. Heavily distressed jeans with varying hemlines are one of the most trendy style items for spring/summer ‘17. If you need a little help figuring out how to wear your new pair of raw hem denim, you are in the right place.

1—Stick to the Basics – Sometimes, the best way to wear something new is to stick with the basics. Your favorite slouchy tee or tank is your best bet. It is something you are normally very comfortable in, so having an older piece to flaunt off a newer item is a great idea.

2—Distressed, but Sleek – There is something about pairing sleek, feminine heels with frayed jeans that pulls the look together. Distressing does not necessarily mean you cannot dress up a look. You can put together a sophisticated, but edgy outfit with a mix of pieces.

3—Opt for Sneakers. – Instead of dressing up, dress it down and see how you feel. Often times, you want to be comfortable walking around town and do not want the hassle of worrying about heels.

4—Heeled Mules – Pair something new with another new trend. If you want to be a little more daring, throw on a pair of mules. They are more comfortable than high heels, but dressier than a pair of sneakers. It’s the perfect in-between for any occasion.

5—Leather Jacket and Ankle Booties – Darken up the look with a classic, black leather jacket and ankle booties to make your jeans a statement piece.

How do you wear this denim trend? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag us @Cfashionista.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather and Stripes

Every outfit always has that one main piece that acts as your first building block to a great outfit. In this case, I am talking about my white and blue distressed beetlejuice-style jeans from PacSun.

I decided to completely break the whole “black and blue don’t go together” rule and paired my striped denim with some all-black pieces to pull the whole look together. Since these are high-waisted jeans, any style crop top can complement them perfectly. I chose to wear a black crop top that rocks two of my favorite trends—one being the off-the-shoulder trend and the second being the choker that comes attached to the top as well. Since I love layering and chokers, I decided to add a second stretchy choker that I was obsessed with back in elementary school and now am in love with all over again!

Being that this spring day was a bit on the chillier side, I decided to throw one of my closet staples into this outfit mix: a black moto jacket. This leather jacket has zippers, buttons, and quilted sleeves to add a bit more detail to the look. Depending on the temperature and occasion, this outfit works both with or without the jacket!

I am all about the pointed-toe shoes, whether it be pumps, boot heels, or flat boots. I wore these Kanye-inspired sock booties by Steve Madden (that were only a fraction of the price, of course) to make this outfit look a bit more mature. Last but definitely not least, I threw on these rose lens aviator sunglasses to finish off my look. I have been absolutely obsessed with these muted lens sunglasses, and I love to see the other way that people rock them too!

If you’re ever hesitant about sporting a bolder piece such as these striped jeans, just pair them with some simple colors to create the perfect outfit!

WHAT TO WEAR: When Dressing for Spring

As the weather patterns slowly start to change, we are caught in that awkward transitioning stage that takes place in between seasons. It can be a confusing time for us when we’re trying to dress for the wacky weather. It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your look.

This Fashionisto created the perfect outfit for a winter to spring look. Layering pieces is key for battling the unpredictable temperatures when the seasons are changing. A lightweight leather jacket is a great transitional item; it’s suitable for both warm and cold temperatures and gives your look some edge. Underneath he wears a flower-printed button-down shirt which helps to channel some hints of spring. Styling details are also a major way to highlight the changes in season as well. He cuffs his straight leg pants, which is actually something I find myself doing when styling my outfits for spring. The minor detailing is somewhat reminiscent of a capri pant which is a staple piece for this time of year. Keeping chilly weather in mind, he styles this look with some long socks that peek out slightly from his cuffed pants, which also adds a pop of warm color. He throws on a pair of slip-on Vans and rounded black shades, giving the look an effortless vibe.

So, when dressing during this time of the year, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Layering lightweight pieces is key for dealing with drastic changes in temperature from day to day. You can channel the changes in season with simple outfit detailing like floral patterns and styling fixes. Also, sunglasses are great for any season! You can never go wrong with a cool pair of shades.