5 Pieces Every College Student Needs to Make Going to Class Easier

It’s that time of the year again… the fun first few days on campus before classes start are officially over. Now, the harsh reality is beginning to set in that there are classes to go to and long hours of studying ahead. I’m the first to admit that despite my love for fashion, looking cute for class can be hard (especially for that boring 8 a.m. lecture). However, I’ve noticed that I am so much more productive and confident when I’m not dressed like a total slob. Here are five of my closet must-haves to make going to class a little easier on those days when you feel like you can’t get out of bed. (Spoiler alert: you still get to be comfy!)

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

1—A comfy and cool sweatshirt

The days when sweatshirts were seen as frumpy or lazy are gone. In fact, you can look to almost any of your favorite celebrity fashion icons for comfy street style inspiration (shout-out to Gigi Hadid). You can even layer your sweatshirt with a cool jacket for an even more fashionable yet laid-back look.

2—Fashionable sneakers

As a self-proclaimed sneaker addict, I’ve found that a cute pair of sneakers can elevate your entire outfit like no other accessory. I like to throw on a clean pair of classic white sneakers that automatically make me feel more put together.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Leather leggings

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Leather leggings for class? Trust me on this one. Once you try on a pair, you’ll realize that not only are they super comfy, but you’re also guaranteed endless compliments when you are wearing them. Leather leggings truly are the epitome of effortless cool girl style.

4—Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A chic bomber jacket is arguably my favorite piece to throw on over a simple white T-shirt or a comfy sweatshirt. It instantly adds an element of style to a simple outfit.

5—Denim jacket

Finally, this list would not be complete without every Fashionista’s go-to piece in her closet: a denim jacket. Personally, I’ve been obsessing over my oversize jean jacket, which always instantly makes me feel a little more fashionable. Pair your favorite denim jacket with a T-shirt dress or leggings for the perfect class outfit.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

What are your go-to outfits for class? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Style Pieces Are the Ones You Don’t Expect

Bomber jackets and blue leather skirts—two key items of clothing which are new to my personal wardrobe. Recently, however, I have felt compelled to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different trends. The blue, faux leather skirt is the perfect example, and a great story to share. I first found the piece at a Zara store in England, and since then I have been experimenting with different looks. Yet this one particular look I am sharing with you today was completely created by my sister. She is a sporty girl, but I now discovered she can create a truly killer outfit.

Leather, whether it be faux or real, is making its way back into the fashion scene and I could not be more excited. I have always been one to love finishing off a look with a leather jacket for both formal and informal functions. Now, with faux leather pants and skirts, there is so much more to experiment with.

What I love in particular about this leather skirt is the color. The baby blue is such a key color for summer, and the style of the skirt is very versatile. For a more sports-oriented girl like my sister, having the option to quickly pull on a leather skirt or pants for a more formal night out can help to decrease the stress of deciding what to wear. That’s a major plus in any girl’s life, don’t you agree?

Bomber jackets are a style which I have seen many guys rock, and have even been very popular among the female fashion crowd. A great alternative to a leather jacket, I have seen the bomber jacket come in all variations of styles from statement colors to the authentic military print. In this case, the tan colored bomber jacket pairs nicely with the crop top with the faux leather skirt. By finishing off the look with a small wedge sandal, the look is complete for a nice dinner out or even an all-day look if that is your style.

Bomber jackets and faux leather pieces make for great statement items! Let me know in the comments below or on social media your go-to look with similar pieces. Maybe you’ll help to inspire my next fashion look!

I Shopped the Nordstrom Sale at 3 A.M. To Make Your Life Easier

I’m somewhat of a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fanatic. After shopping it last year for the first time, I was counting down the days until it came back around. With a full credit limit and an excitement that woke me up at 3:30 in the morning, I went deep into the items available for early access shoppers. I came out on the other side with some rad fall pieces and these two trends you need to know about when shopping for your back to school wardrobes.

Velvet Revival

Just when you thought velvet was so last year, it’s back and better than ever for the sale. Slipdresses, T-shirts, and accessories are all being done in this fabric for fall. If you didn’t grab any velvet pieces last year, here’s your chance.

BP. Velvet Sport Tee ($35) ($22.90)

The perfect top to wear for that first tailgate back at school.

CRISTABELLE Crystal & Velvet Choker ($38) ($24.90)

The perfect on-trend accessory to add a small touch of velvet to all of your fall looks.

Topshop Crushed Velvet Midi Slipdress ($55) ($35.90)

Your new go-to dress for everything from class to parties this season.

Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Velvet Backpack ($245) ($163.90)

Rebecca Minkoff comes out with an exclusive iteration of her Julian backpack every sale. Trust me when I say that this pink velvet version will sell out fast.

(Faux) Leather Lover

Leather is always an essential for fall. The sale is chock full of leather pieces at every price point to add to your wardrobe. Grab a piece or two to add some edge to all of your looks.

Trouvé Faux Leather Leggings ($79) ($52.90)

Ditch those basic black leggings in favor of this faux leather pair. They will make every swear and T-shirt you own look that much cooler.

Leith Faux Leather Longline Bralette ($59) ($38.90)

One of the most versatile pieces you can pick up for fall. Layer over a T-shirt for class or pair with high-waisted jeans for a night out. Everyone will want to copy your look.

Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($150) ($89.90)

Do you really need another faux leather moto jacket? Of couse you do, especially at that price.

Rosanna Girl Boss Leather Card Holder ($30) ($19.90)

Because you’re a girlboss and everyone should know it.

The sale opens up for everyone on July 21 and runs until August 6, so be sure to grab some brand new fall pieces before they all sell out.

What do you think of these trends? Will you be picking them up during the sale? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Keep Winter Clothes Cool for the Summer

Most winter clothes are made with thicker materials: wool, leather, fur, fleece, down, etc. Of course, these only come in handy during the winter months. In the heat of the summer, people try and wear lighter materials so they stay cool. But why not try and make winter materials cool for the summer?

First off, who actually likes switching their wardrobe from winter clothes to summer clothes every spring? No one. Living somewhere where you experience a range of temperatures and weather patterns throughout all four seasons can make it a bit tricky when it comes to clothes. With that being said, I’ve learned that some winter clothes and accessories can come in handy in the summer.

Play around with winter materials. You would think you’d have to hide a thick wool winter hat in your dark closet all summer, but heck no. Keep it out, and rock it with some high-waisted shorts and a graphic T-shirt. The same goes for rocking leather in the summer! I paired this edgy-chic outfit with some plain and simple black leather booties. These “winter” materials can add more texture and mood to your outfits.

As far as jewelry goes, I’m always choosing wisely no matter what season it is. Too much can seem to create separations in an outfit, instead of it coming together as a whole. Adding small, dainty jewelry pieces to this outfit helps it pop a little more with the limited use of color. A plain black choker paired with a simple necklace works, as well as a statement ring.

So instead of putting away all of your winter clothes during the summer months, find ways to pair them with different, lighter materials. I mean you probably shouldn’t wear a faux fur coat during the summer, so let’s just make sure we’re being realistic when mixing and matching seasonal clothing.

Do you rock winter clothes in the summer? Let us know on social media, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

How to Look Celeb Status Streetwear Savvy

This year is the year of streetwear. Our favorite celebrities, from the Kardashian clan to Rihanna to Cara Delevingne, are all rocking some seriously cool streetwear styles. Despite what your parents may think, the more holes and rips in your clothes, the better. Who would have ever thought the time would come when wearing an oversize sweatshirt and some thigh-high boots could be stylish? Well, it has, and it is chicer than ever! We have our favorite high-end brands to thank for this. Gucci and Louis Vuitton pairing with Supreme and even Adidas have all inspired us to become streetwear savvy this summer.

The best part about this style is it can be extremely versatile. This look can pass as a day-to-day outfit as well as a going out look. The streetwear style has become extremely popular, and finding pieces to achieve similar looks can be found almost everywhere. One of the key aspects to this look is the oversize top. As shown in this look, I am wearing an oversize graphic T-shirt dress. I have paired this oversize shirt with red velvet thigh-high boots to add a pop of color. A thigh-high boot or a sneaker is a great footwear option to pair with streetwear.

When it comes to streetwear, don’t be afraid to play with fabrics. Denim, leather, satin, velvet, sheer, and lace can take your look to the next level. Your favorite celebs have utilized any and all fabrics to take their look to the next level. That being said, I have also added a leather jacket to my look.

As far as accessories go, streetwear should make a statement. I paired this look with a black leather backpack to match with the jacket. The patches placed all over this backpack make it super unique. Patches and embroidery have been extremely popular lately and add flair to any outfit. To finish the look, I added red flash oversize sunglasses to match the boots and a simple black and gold choker.

My best piece of advice to achieve street-style cred is to try on something you normally wouldn’t. You never know how much you may fall in love with it, so dare to be different. Remember some key elements: rips, oversize elements, boots, fabrics, and accessories! Soon enough, you too will be strutting the streets looking like a Kardashian.

What does your favorite streetwear outfit look like? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

The Summer Essentials

Hey fellow fashion lovers! Summer, the best fashion season, is upon us, though some days tend to be cooler than others. Nonetheless, this following chic outfit includes the summer essentials every Fashionista/o should have in her or his wardrobe, regardless of the temperature outside.

Besides the beloved home-cooked meals, the best part about being home from college is being able to raid your mother’s closet, as long as she allows you to. Luckily, my mom and I are the same size in clothes and shoes which surely saves me time and money.

This particular outfit is a personal favorite of mine. Where do I even begin?! When I first laid eyes on these statement pants at Zara, I almost cried (#FashionistaProblems); it was love at first sight. Ripped everything is in, although these aren’t your basic ripped light wash boyfriend jeans—the embellished pearls accessorize the jeans and make them something to talk about. Pearl anything screams classy; however, when you contrast the pearls with edgy ripped jeans, you create a unique component to the outfit which will enable you to stand out and strut with flair.

If you asked me to name the most iconic duo, my answer would be leather and denim. You can rock leather during any season. I like this leather jacket because it’s light and nearly looks like a cardigan. To complement the black and white fringe messenger purse, I wore a fun white shirt with see-through stripes.

I’ll reveal a fashion secret with all of you. My choker is a piece of black satin fabric that I found laying around in my arts and crafts box. I simply wrapped it around my neck and tied it into a bow! Chokers have made quite the comeback, and thank the fashion gods that they did because they’re all the rage.

My mom lives for high designer items. Thankfully she shares her expensive habits and purchases with me. This Hermès black belt perfectly matches with the leather jacket. For any of you high designer enthusiasts, we can revel over that Hermès link together.

Last but not least: the shoes. No outfit is complete without a pair of sensational shoes, and these shoes certainly do the job. These light brown suede dress up shoes are from Anthropologie. The detail of these shoes is absolutely fabulous.

This outfit covers all my summer essentials, but remember, just like a lot of other things, fashion depends on the eyes of the beholder; that is the beauty of the broad and dynamic realm of fashion. Within this realm, we can collaborate on upcoming trends for various styles based on a wide range of eyes.

I’m so excited to see what this summer has in store and I’m even more excited to share my summer with all of you!

What are some of your rad summer essentials? Comment below or show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista. Here’s to a stylish, healthy, happy, and confident summer!


Exploring new cities and new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I got to college, I have made it my priority to find the coolest spots that my friends and I can enjoy and have fun finding. Being that we are right outside of Boston, there are so many neighboring towns and places that you can discover very easily. Some are just a short walk, while others are a quick drive. Nonetheless, it is a way for me and my friends to learn more about the new home we have while at college.

This day in particular, I was trying out a new salad place in Newton Highlands called Sweet Green. It was healthy and delicious, if you were wondering. But this Fashionista across the parking lot caught my eye. She was wearing something completely unexpected and so edgy-chic, I couldn’t help myself from stopping her. She is wearing leather pants from American Eagle Outfitters that create a rocker image. Her other major statement piece was the pale pink ripped sweater. It is such a comfy look, yet the sweater has so much personality. Her accessories include the beige clutch and cat-eye sunglasses. These add to her look and create feminine details. She seriously looks like a model strutting her stuff in those little black booties down the outlet strip.

I love how she took such unique pieces and created a showstopping look for a simple shopping spree day. I asked this Fashionista what fashion advice she lives by and her response was incredible. She said, “I try to step outside my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to break your norm, and always wear only what you want and not what people expect you to wear.” I couldn’t have said it any better than this super edgy-chic Fashionista.

BEAUTY BAR: For the Edgy Minimalist

First things first, it’s time to break some fashion rules Fashionistas. Black is back for the summer and here to stay. Want to know the best way to rock your favorite edgy look this season? Keep your makeup to a minimum. This will keep the focus off that darker color scheme and on your natural glow.

This bare-faced beauty loves trend hunting at a bargain. She opts for minimalism in her look, which she reflects through the simplicity in her makeup routine to accompany her often more edgy and sporty attire.

This Fashionista pairs her Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation base with a rose pink blush. A brushed out brow with a clear gel will leave your eyes perfectly framed for any shadow. She finished her look with a basic liner and bare lips. This Fashionista is all about making her eyes pop.

When it comes to pairing an au naturale makeup look with an all-black outfit in the hot summer weather like this Fashionista, shiftable layers and versatility is key to staying rocker chic while remaining cool under the scorching sunshine. Who needs a smudged makeup faux pas while they’re catching their well deserved summer rays? No thanks.

This Fashionista styled a halter neck black spandex dress with a quilted faux leather jacket she found for a steal online. The addition of a chunky healed bootie leaves her comfortable even into the early hours of the morning. Feeling warm? Toss your jacket to the side and your left with an equally cute outfit with some added accessories: maybe a crossbody bag or layered necklaces.

This bare-faced beauty loves switching between funky hair colors, as she views it as an accessory in itself to be experimented with. For this season she decided to join the dark side, trying out a much warmer look to her naturally dirty blonde locks. She likes to let her hair air dry with some coconut oil for added moisture and shine.

It’s time to break some rules. Summer-ready doesn’t always mean color-ready, so find the fun in playing up your dark side even in the most flexible aspects of your style. You won’t regret it.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Embroidery, Leather, and Velvet

It’s the final month of the school year and you’re either beyond excited for summer break or to finally graduate. I am definitely of the latter, but I have to admit that I am devastated that after three years, my time with CollegeFashionista is coming to an end. Many of us seniors have big plans for after graduation, like moving to a new city, but students everywhere will have plans that include traveling for the summer.

Summer means exploring new places and adventure, and I kept this in mind when I styled today’s outfit. Lately, I’ve been really into embracing my Japanese side (I lived in Japan for 20 years), and I fell in love with this white T-shirt. Embroidery has been a major trend, and since we’re used to mainly seeing embroidered florals or words, I liked the uniqueness of the cranes. They give a very clean, mature vibe to the simple T-shirt. I tied the top and wore it as a crop top which is one of my favorite types of clothing to wear during the warmer months. The crop top transformation makes the outfit more casual and adds an effortless touch.

I channeled my inner #girlboss with a black leather skirt. This gives some edge to the look and is a great piece to have in your closet because it’s so versatile. The skirt is also a really good length for many different occasions and is comfortable enough to wear all day. I know I walk around a lot when I travel, so I paired it all with my Fenty x Puma creepers that I am still obsessing over. These are the ultimate street style shoe if you ask me, and the velvet adds another texture while the deep red adds a splash of bold color. For accessories, I’ve been really liking this mini backpack. It holds everything I need and is perfect for traveling because you’ll have both your arms free! Mini bags in general are also another trend. I used this backpack recently and it really made a difference, especially at the airport.

Style a T-shirt and skirt with a pair of killer shoes (flat of course!), ditch the oversize handbag for a trendy mini bag, and you’re set for a day’s worth of exploring a new city. Mix and match different textures to make things interesting and make your look unique while keeping the foundation of your outfit really simple.

Slay in your outfits, take lots of pictures, and have an amazing summer!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brown Leather is Key

It is safe to say that accessories and accents can either make or break an outfit. Putting together the perfect ensemble is truly an art form. The key is in adding the right accessories to fit your own personal style and to fit the look of your outfit. Unfortunately, it is easy to overdo it. Having too much going on can be overwhelming and might result in the opposite effect. You’ve got to have an eye for what additions will pull your outfit together and emphasize the right aspects. This Fashionista, fortunately, has got the eye for the art form of accessorizing! Her leather details bring the whole outfit together perfectly. She has mastered this fashion skill and as a result, looks simply amazing.

Let’s first focus on her two outfit bases: the top and bottom. I love off-the-shoulder anything, so the top immediately sparks my interest. The floral pattern in addition to being off-the-shoulder makes this top irresistible and perfect for the beginning of warmer seasons. The jeans are a perfect match. The large rips and cut-off length make the jeans stand out compared to a plain pair. Now let’s move on to the fun part: the details. This Fashionista has chosen a theme of brown leather. She pulls the whole outfit together using a simple choker, a brown leather belt with gold accents, a pair of open toe heels, and a brown leather satchel that also has gold accents. All of her additions work perfectly and transform this look from a plain, summer outfit to a stylish showstopper.