Everything You Need for a Great Yoga Session

Yoga is the ultimate workout that every college student should learn and practice. It is an exercise that has been around for thousands of years. Over the past few years, yoga has been trending among college students as it comes with a lot of benefits. Just like any other type of exercises, yoga can burn calories and tone muscles. This is why it is common for college students who want to stay in shape and sculpt their bodies. Furthermore, it is also a mind-body workout that acts as a form of meditation and relaxation through deep breathing and stretching.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

Perfect for college students, yoga can be done anywhere, indoor or out. Whether you are at home, in your dorm room, out in the fields, or even at the beach, all you need is enough space for your yoga mat. Additionally, yoga is the perfect exercise for beginners who want to try basic poses and stretches. It is also stress-relieving to combat your intense school work and beneficial for your mental health.

Sound interesting? Here are a few things you should bring to yoga to get you started.

1—Athletic workout clothes

Always opt for Spandex activewear or breathable sweat-proof material to keep you in style and flexible.

2—Water bottle 

A stylish water bottle can motivate you to drink more water and to keep you hydrated. Research has shown that most people don’t drink enough water daily.

3—Yoga mat 

 A yoga mat is optional, but it can keep you from sliding around in standing poses, and it helps cushion your body while in seated and lying positions.

4—Running shoes 

If you choose to wear shoes, opt for running shoes with good grip and arch support.

5—Your trusty hair tie

Last but not least, a hair tie is also an essential to keep your hair tidy and in place.

What is your favorite workout routine in college? Comment below!

How I Fell in Love With Working Out

To be honest, I’ve always been one of those people who would rather take a nice long nap instead of going to the gym; in fact, the thought of physical activity made me cringe. But, like everyone else, I still wanted that perfect beach bod but without the hard work. That was until my roommate introduced me to this magical powder, also known as pre-workout.

One of the biggest reasons I couldn’t get my butt over to the gym was because of my lack of energy. Pre-workout solved this problem for me and let me tell you, I don’t know what I would do without it. You can buy it online or at a supplement store. You mix one scoop of this powder with about six to eight ounces of water and voilà! You have a cup of energy, the type of energy that makes you want to move. So, your only option is to go to the gym. It’s truly been a miracle for me.

The next thing, and quite possibly my favorite thing about going to the gym, is picking out my outfit. The best part about workout clothes is that they can be worn all day every day, or at least that’s my excuse for buying a ridiculous amount of leggings and tennis shoes. My favorite outfit to wear to the gym is high-waisted leggings, an athletic tank that I tie in the front or cropped shirt, and sometimes a sweatshirt I’ll tie around my waist. I’ve always believed that feeling good helps you to perform better and when I feel good in my clothes I’m already more motivated.

The third thing that gets me in the gym is weight lifting. Recently, I fell in love with weight lifting. At first, I thought weight lifting was just for guys but I learned that’s completely wrong. Weight lifting is the best way I know how to burn fat and build muscle that tones, and sculpts my body. If I need help figuring out what exercises are best for the female body and examples of how to do them correctly, I go straight to Instagram. Instagram is full of fitness bloggers who share their own fitness journeys. Just seeing their results gives me motivation and reminds me exactly what I’m working towards. A few of my favorites include Cristina Capron, Jill Christine, and Katy Hearn.

Now my advice to you is to find the thing that makes you fall in love with working out. Figure out what it is that’s holding you back and think about how you can fix it. One of the biggest things I learned is that fitness really is a journey. You have to be patient and remember that the times you want to give up the most are the times that it’s most important to keep going; it doesn’t just happen over night.

 So, what motivates you to get your sweat on? Tag @Cfashionista on social media and let me know!

Let’s Be Honest—Here’s What You’ll Really Be Wearing To Class This Fall

Back-to-school season is upon us. Besides reuniting with your besties and trying to get out of the 8 a.m. lecture, the thing you are most looking forward to is wearing the perfect fall wardrobe you have been curating all summer. In your head you decided that this was going to be the year you would “get dressed” for class. So you’ve been buying as many blazers, feminine blouses, and vintage Levi’s your summer paycheck would allow for.

While applaud your ambition, let’s get real. Once the first few weeks of class have settled in and your alarm goes off after four hours of sleep, the thought of sitting in class all day in tight high-waisted denim will make you want to crawl back under the covers more than you already do. So you’ll scour your closet, which is beautifully curated with chic pieces that are not practical. See the problem?

Photo: @sarahdewald

The good news is there is a way to be both stylish and practical In an effort to smoothly and stylishly transition you to the realities of college life. Leggings have solidified their status as actual pants and a staple of any athleisure/model off-duty/college student wardrobe.

I know what your thinking: Does this mean I have to give up on my dreams of having a fashionable school year? Check out the best leggings on the market right now, and trust us, you won’t have to give up anything. 

Splits59 Tempo 7/8 Leggings, $88, Available at Shopbop

Outdoor Voices 3/4 Warmup Leggings in Oatmeal, $80, Available at Outdoor Voices

Alala Captain Ankle Leggings, $110, Available at Shopbop

Old Navy Go-Dry High-Rise Leggings, $35, Available at Old Navy

Live the Process Geometric Leggings, $148, Available at Shopbop.

The Upside Yoga Stretch Leggings, $95, Available at Net-A-Porter.

Lululemon Wunder-Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight in Night Tide, $98, Available at Lululemon

Calvin Klein Performance Logo Cropped Leggings, $40, Available at Calvin Klein

Athleta High Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga Tight, $79, Available at Athleta.

Victoria Sport Anytime Cotton High-RIse Leggings, $45, Available at Victoria Sport

What are your trusty go-to leggings? Share your picks in the comments below!

5 Healthy Habits to Swear By

It seems the trend of walking around in exercise gear on a day-to-day basis is yet to fade away. Some say it’s a look women uphold to pretend they are doing exercise when they’re really not. But if this means ladies are feeling comfortable in their skin, then bring on the Lululemon leggings! Keeping fit and feeling good is hard because everyone has different healthy habits that work for them. This Fashionista not only rocks her matching workout clothing, but she also shows off five of her favorite ways to keep in shape.

1—Regular exerciseBoxing, yoga, running, or weights—any form of exercise is good exercise. Factoring in at least 30 minutes of some sort of physical exercise a day will not only make you look better and feel better, but you’ll find yourself in a happier mindset. Mixing up your workouts each day is always a great way to keep you interested.

2—“Me” timeEat, sleep, workout, repeat—the cycle is never-ending. With busy schedules at college, we can often forget to do things for ourselves. This Fashionista’s favorite thing to do is to take a few minutes each day to meditate, allowing her to clear her head from the load of work she has to complete and any other stresses in her life. Find what works best for you to clear the waters. Even just a few minutes each day can make all the difference to your overall well-being and happiness.

3—A balanced dietThe constant fads and diets that people come up with can be thrown out the window, according to this Fashionista. Listening to your body is the key. If you feel like a little sugar, this probably means your body needs some to keep you going, but this doesn’t mean go and eat a whole packet of lollipops. It’s all about balance, and a green smoothie is a great way to get those natural sugars, vitamins, and sources of vegetables and fruits blended together.

4—Comfortable and stylish workout gearThis Fashionista finds that when you wear a cute matching set or comfortable sports gear, she finds herself feeling confident in her natural, beautiful skin. Like any outfit, if it looks good you will feel good. Her patterned, fun leggings and crop top from Lulemon go hand in hand and are partnered with her Adidas Sneakers and Nike Hoodie for when she is going for a walk in the park.

5—Stay hydratedThe recommended daily water intake is about two liters—this isn’t as much as you think! If you carry a water bottle with you, you will find yourself drinking more without even realizing you are. You will never see this Fashionista without a bottle in hand.

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Fashionably Fit—What to Wear When You Exercise This Summer

Look good, feel good.” I thought of this popular saying while exercising at the gym a few months ago. I realized that similar to how I prefer to put effort into my everyday appearance so that I feel ready to take on the day, I needed to revamp my workout attire. Since then, I’ve decided to purchase pieces that make me feel comfortable and confident while I exercise, and, of course, with a touch of style!

Exercise Outfit

This outfit is one of my personal favorites to exercise in, in addition to the gray and white combo. Especially now that it’s summer, wearing solely a sports bra complements mid-rise or high-rise leggings!

1—Sports bras. Lately, I’ve seen that sports bras, fitted tops, and crop tops are in style for both exercise and leisurewear. They allow you to move with ease, whereas long sleeve, baggy T-shirts or hoodies can be somewhat restrictive, depending on what movements you’re doing. Also, wearing white will definitely highlight your sun-kissed skin!


2—Leggings. Regardless of the season, leggings are my preferred type of bottoms for exercise. Not only do they fit so seamlessly, but they accentuate your curves and allow you to show off your amazing legs! I really appreciate gray tones because they’re less typical than your everyday black leggings, yet still match with most colors. I’m wearing the Women’s Best Inspire Leggings in gray/white!

Women's Best Inspire Leggings

3—White Sneakers. The Nike Huarache sneakers are my go-to pair of athletic shoes. They’re unbelievably comfortable and cushioned, and look good both in the gym and on the streets! White sneakers are a great addition to an outfit.

Nike Huarache Sneakers

4—Apple Watch. To finish off this look, I’m sporting an Apple Watch so that I can keep track of my activity! I absolutely adore the rose gold finish with the light pink sports band. It’s a great touch of color!

Apple Watch

I hope you all enjoyed this athletic look! How do the rest of you Fashionistas like to dress when you exercise? Let me know in the comments below, or show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

Leggings, On Leggings, On Leggings… Oh My!

From the gym to the streets, leggings are always and will always be every girl’s holy grail. They are cute, convenient, and, of course, comfortable. However, finding the perfect pair is not as easy as it looks or sounds. There is an entire checklist of things to look for in the perfect/sustainable pair of leggings. Are they see-through? Do they make my butt look good? Are they cute? The list goes on. As a bodybuilder, I myself take leggings very seriously. It has been years of trial and error looking for leggings that pass all the tests and fit in my college budget but, I managed to compile three of my favorite brands that pass my tests and are 100 percent worth the buy.

For the past five years of my life, I have been a loyal Target customer. Recently,  I picked up a pair from their new C9 champion line, and needless to say, I was wearing them at the gym an hour later. Not only have they passed the squat test, but they also receive a 10/10 for cuteness overload. They do not stretch out or become too loose around the waist and have a price point that can’t be beaten. Although they are not as well known or considered a popular brand, they are by far one of the best legging purchases I have made in a while.

Another brand I need to shed some light on is Zella, a line from Nordstrom. I had gone against my better judgment, not knowing much about the brand and knowing how picky I was with leggings, and bought two pairs online. When they came in the mail, I have to say I was extremely nervous. To my pleasant surprise, the fit of these leggings was remarkable. Extremely well made, high-waisted, fit snug on my body, and showed off all the right curves. I thought to myself, is this too good to be true? Leggings that are flawless for under $60? All in all, the Zella leggings are worth the buy in terms of quality and sustainability.

My last and final leggings recommendation and must-have if you are a gym rat like me is none other than Gymshark. I purchased my first pair of their mesh leggings after discovering them on Instagram and I wore them almost every other day. A year later and this company is the most raved about activewear on social media. Placing first in my favorite leggings brand, Gymshark has it all: quality, functional, fashionable, and shockingly affordable. I am extremely impressed by the quality of their products and would be lying if I told you I wasn’t shopping for a new pair as I write this post! As a girl in love with leggings and who spends most of her time at the gym, these three brands will always hold a spot in my closet.

What are your must-have legging brands in your closet? Tag us on social media to show them off!

Easy and Fun Ways You Can Get Outside and Get Active

Are you looking to get active this summer but don’t belong to a gym? Well, you are in luck because it is the perfect time to change up your workout routine! Outside activities are fun and a great way to break a sweat this summer. With these four outdoor exercises, you will be getting into shape, enjoying the beautiful weather, and creating memories at the same time!

1—Bike. Remember how much fun biking was when you were little? Well, it’s still fun and it’s also a great form of exercise to work your leg muscles and get your heart rate up. Plan a day trip and take a visit to one of the many great parks in the New York City area. One of my favorites is Liberty State Park in Jersey City. With beautiful views of the NYC skyline and several different paths to ride on, you will be sure to have a fun and active day. A pair of cropped leggings with a fun pattern for a touch of style is the best choice of attire to keep you comfortable on your ride. Don’t forget to pack water, protein bars, and a camera for any stops that you take throughout your ride.

2—Run. The great part of running is that you can do it pretty much anywhere. Create a course around your neighborhood or town, or if you prefer a quieter area, head to a local park or running trail. No worries if you haven’t run before; work your way into this effective exercise by alternating between walking and jogging every few minutes. Invest in a pair of good running sneakers in order to maximize comfort and prevent any injuries.

3—Yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga before, summer is the perfect time to start the practice. Channel your inner zen and head outside to connect with nature and enjoy some sun salutations. Grab a towel or purchase a brightly colored yoga mat. If you are new to yoga, check out a yoga website for a list of great beginner yoga poses to build a strong foundation for the practice.

4—Tennis. Whether you are looking to improve your strokes or just want to change up your workout with a fun game, head over to the courts this summer. Get together a group of three friends to play a doubles match; this will be sure to spark some friendly competition among your squad. Fitting in a good workout and laughing with your besties at the same time? Yes, please!

If you are looking for some fun ways to get your body moving this summer, be sure to try some of these options. What outdoor sports and activities are you doing this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Turning your workout outfit into your summer casual

This summer have you been running at the gym, or running from the gym? I love a good summer run, but sometimes it’s hard to fit my fitness into my busy schedule. With these tips, you’ll be able to go straight from running errands to running to your summer body.

This summer I’ve found myself grabbing for more of my leggings than my sundresses. Maybe this has something to do with surviving my first year of college. But nonetheless, I can’t keep my hands off my overflowing drawers of leggings. College trained my mind to think leggings are only for no makeup, messy bun, straight-out-of-bed kind of days, but recently I’ve discovered the art of rocking comfy leggings and still looking put together.

Often, I don’t have the time to change my outfit after going to lunch with a friend, getting coffee, or even after work before going to the gym. It’s a hassle I prefer to avoid, and let’s be honest, once I actually get home I’m not leaving again for the gym (oops). This look is seriously so versatile for your summer adventures and plans!

Basically, all that’s required are a cute pair of leggings, a chic athletic/flowy top, and your favorite staple tennis shoes. The fun part about this dashing sporty look is that you can completely make it your own fit and style! While I prefer black leggings (only because I own 50 pairs and they match everything), feel free to spice up this look with some printed, colorful leggings of your choice. My go-to leggings are Lululemon 7/8 cut. I suggest a flowy top because I usually don’t enjoy wearing tight-fitted tops on my day-to-day outings. I think it’s just a comfort thing, but you can totally slip in a tight workout tank if you’re comfortable with that. The shoes I’m wearing are my favorite for casual days. They are so cute and so comfortable! Gray Nikes steal my heart every time. Any athletic shoe of your choice will work!

Now for the details. Throw your hair in a quick pony or braid, makeup is optional (of course), pop on your favorite matching sports bra, your simple jewelry pieces of choice (mine will always be pearls) and watch your gym getup be transformed into your sporty Saturday style.

Headed to the gym or out for coffee, leggings always look good on you! What is your favorite gym look? We’d love to see the dual style of your fitness casual outfit on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

Fit and Fash

When it comes to working out, there seems to be a stigma against looking fashionable. Some of the more intense gym-goers tend to disqualify people who decide to work out with a full face of makeup and extra trendy yoga pants. However, the saying is “look good, feel good,” am I right? Fitness and fashion are both outlets that are meant to help people feel good, so it only makes sense to use them together!

This Fashionista put together a simple, yet detailed-oriented piece that is perfect for any quick workout session. She paired a simple, solid gray sports bra with versatile solid black leggings, which can serve as a base for any gym look. Though it may seem like a simple top at first, the back of the sports bra has several crossover straps, which makes it all the more fun.

Gym shoes are a whole new category of fashion I have recently indulged in. This Fashionista not only chose a bold, bright peach and black shoe but also even found the nail polish to match! Detail is everything when it comes to the best gym styles. Finally, as an optional piece to this look, she added a simple yet trendy Nike fitness pullover. Pullover crop tops are a must-have, whether they be used as cover ups for the gym or cover ups for the Chipotle run you make after the gym.

Whether you chose to glam it up or dull it down for a workout, the gym is just one more fun place to bring out your inner Fashionista/o.

Let me know what your favorite fitness fashion trends are in the comments below!

Athletic and Boujee

Now that summer is finally here, it might be about time to break out that athletic wear and get in shape. Too late? Never.

I often find myself trudging to the gym in some baggy athletic shorts and an old T-shirt, like one from a summer camp I attended six or so years ago. Not a cute look, I must admit. But who says outings to the gym can’t be fabulous?

Personally, I have come to learn that when I am looking my best, I am also feeling my best. When I am wearing an outfit that I feel comfortable in and that I think I look amazing in, my confidence increases immensely. Due to this increased confidence at the gym, I tend to be more motivated and more driven.

When I’m rocking a new pair of Lululemon leggings or brand new sneakers, I feel unbeatable. Can I do 10 more burpees? Heck yeah, I can! That is why I am a strong believer in glamming up your athletic attire.

Working out has never looked as good and been as comfy as this look right here! This Fashionista is not only comfortable, but is also looking her best.

On top, this Fashionista is wearing a black, athletic cropped tank top from Urban Outfitters. She loves to work out in this top because it shows off her abs and arm muscles that she has been working so hard to achieve.

It might be June here in New England, but our weather never seems to cooperate. Therefore, this Fashionista threw on a white sweatshirt from Forever 21. This is ideal for those brisk, early morning runs or for when she is walking to and from the gym while the weather is still a little bit dodgy.

For her bottoms she is sporting a pair of high-waisted, maroon leggings from Lululemon. She said that these are her favorite pair of leggings because when she is squatting they don’t fall down. Thus, she doesn’t find herself yanking up he pants between each and every squat. She also loves these leggings because of the pocket on the side used to store her phone. This makes her workouts so much easier, hands-free, and gives her one less thing to have to worry about.

For shoes, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of black Nike Flex sneakers. She opted for a black pair of sneakers because she knew that they would match all of her outfits without a doubt. These are her go-to athletic sneakers.

For the final touch, and her favorite piece of her outfit, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of wireless headphones that she scored on Amazon for $20! She said that these are the best investment she has ever made, and recommends them 100 percent.

How do you combine fashion and exercise? Let us know in the comments below or share your pictures on social media with @Cfashionista!