Ladies, Don’t Be Afraid to Lift Weights

When it comes to staying fit, many women shy away from hitting the weights and would prefer cardio equipment such as the treadmill or elliptical. Lifting is very intimidating to those unfamiliar with it. You may have done a few exercises using weights, but quickly become insecure or fearful. There are many stereotypes and horror stories passed around that cause women not to try weight training. The most famous stereotype is that if you lift weights you will become bulky and manly. This is completely false. Yes, some women may look bigger than others, but that has to be your goal and you have to work to get that big.

1. Fat loss is more effective—Yes, you heard me right. You will lose more fat from weight training than you will doing cardio. After a good strength workout your body consumes additional oxygen. When your body does this, it requires more caloric expenditure and an increased metabolic rate. Also, the more muscle and strength you create in your body, the more efficiently your body will use calories.

2. Curves—While building muscle, your body will change and give you more of an hourglass figure. Strength training turns that stubborn fat into lean muscle giving you those beautiful curves you’ve always wanted. Doing just cardio will not only burn fat but will burn muscle so you will not get those curves.

3. Sleep Quality—Strength training will greatly improve your quality of sleep by aiding you in falling asleep faster, deeper, and with less interruptions in the night.

4. Increased Energy and Stress Relief—Resistance training causes an increase in energy expenditure hours after you train. Not only will you increase energy, but you will feel less stressed. Researchers have found that those who exercise regularly manage stress better and do not react as bad to stressful situations. Memory and cognition also improve. So during school, weight training can be a great way to take a break and let out some of that stress!

All in all, lifting is great for women. Not only does it make you healthier physically, it makes you healthy mentally as well. You feel stronger and more confident as a person. Weight training will benefit you in all aspects in life. You cannot be judgmental of something until you try it, so go out there and lift, ladies! There are many great trainers, online coaches, apps, and websites that can guide you to the start of your new fitness journey. Don’t be afraid to step in that weight room, everyone has to start somewhere. Strong is beautiful.

Don’t forget to be a Fashionista inside the gym as well. Cute new gym clothes are a great way to motivate yourself! You look good, you feel good, and you work harder. The outfit pictured above consists of high-waisted leggings which are comfy and actually stay up while doing squats. Paired with the leggings is a basic crop tank and a printed sports bra. The black Adidas hat is added to finish off the outfit and give it a street style flare.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Keeping It Classy and Sassy

Here in Florida, the quickly approaching summer season brings blistering heat and sticky humidity. It is rare to have a cooler day during this time of the year when spring days and school semesters are both coming to a close. We have had a couple of cool evenings here in Tampa, and I made sure to take advantage in regards to my outfit choices. I had a special event to attend, and since I knew it would be on the cooler side this day, I chose to break out some of my fall/winter apparel while I had the chance.

For this particular outfit, I went with black leggings paired with a rose gold silk top. First off, black leggings have become a staple in my wardrobe—especially during this time of the year! They are thin enough to be worn during hot days that turn into cooler evenings and can be worn with just about anything. Leggings are always reliable and comfortable, and in my opinion, a girl can never have too many leggings. The best part is that they can be easily dressed up or dressed down according to each occasion.

I chose to go fancy and give the look a classy feel by layering a white, linen-blend jacket over the rose gold top. I ended up loving the look of these two colors together! Because I was headed to a school banquet later that evening, I wanted something that would look polished and professional, and I feel as though the jacket helped achieve that. I wanted to go bold so I added a dark gold statement necklace on top. However, my favorite part of this outfit is the black boots. They have just enough heel on them to be walkable, yet still very chic and fashionable. I thought they gave a sassy look to the ensemble and there is something about thigh-high boots that give a little confidence boost.

For makeup, I wore my signature amethyst eyeliner and red lipstick. On this day, I chose to focus on my lashes and add a couple coats of my favorite mascara to create a more dramatic look.

This outfit was all about making a statement. I don’t typically choose to pair as many statement clothing pieces with dramatic makeup, but on this day, I wanted to enjoy wearing some of my fall apparel while the weather permitted. To me, that is the most important rule about fashion—have fun with it and never be afraid to go outside your comfort zone!

STYLE GURU STYLE: All About Athleisure

It’s no surprise that as a college student, I am always running. No, I’m not talking about jogging around campus or hitting the university gym for a treadmill workout. I mean I’m always running errands, running to make it on time to class, and running from one place to another. I’m always on-the-go, snacking when I can, and making sure I use every minute of the day. Sounds exhausting, right? Want to know what makes it better? An outfit that can keep up with a schedule as busy as mine.

The athleisure trend is more popular now than ever because it features outfits that are stylish yet functional. What’s better than combining the comfortability of leggings and sneakers with  other chic pieces? My day to day style includes many different variations of athleisure. I enjoy accenting my active wear staples with different pieces depending on what season it is. In the fall, it might be a light vest. In the winter, layering a sweatshirt with a long coat is my first choice, in the spring I start to shed the extra clothing, and by summer I’m on the crop top train.

The look pictured in this article is the epitome of my spring style. My bold, blue leggings from Lululemon are perfect for a long day of classes, meetings, and errands. The detail on these leggings are to die for, and play off of the subtle stripes in my athletic top. To accessorize, I chose to swap the band on my Apple Watch for a rubber one to create a more athletic look, and added a Louis Vuitton tote bag to hold all my necessities. This look is easy to create and something anyone would want to put on in the morning. So, lose the sweatpants, keep the messy bun, and revolutionize comfort and style with this trend.

WHAT TO WEAR: Athletic Meets Academic

Merging the worlds of sportswear, street style, and high-fashion cultures, athleisure is so much more than a temporary trend: it’s lifestyle and attitude that’s redefining the industry. From brightly colored mesh, to boldly color blocked tracksuits, to ultra-comfy graphic sweatshirts, athletic-inspired clothing continues to dominate prominent fashion trends for 2017. But this year’s athleisure designs aren’t your usual activewear, mind you. This spring, we’re seeing a surge of exciting modern updates featuring streamlined and sexy designs that call for more time going out and less time frequenting the gym.

This Fashionista captures the perfect style for completing her routine workout, while looking dressed to impress for her class-packed schedule. She pairs a fitted black legging with a floral print, sporty cropped top. She elevates the look with a white boyfriend blazer, featuring an edgy zipper detail. To complete the ensemble, she adds a bold fuchsia pump heel and statement earrings.

Let’s be honest, every college fashion aficionado could use go-to pieces that are both stylish and stress-free.The subtle texture contrasts she creates with the soft and stretchy, alongside the polished and tailored, makes for an undeniably relaxed, yet ultimately refined, look perfect for conquering a hectic day on campus. So take a few notes from this trendsetter who gets an A+ in mixing chic workout wear with an air of downtown cool.

But be sure to put your own spin on this here-to-stay athletic-luxury fashion movement. Opt for the classic white sneaker, a pair of effortless platform slides, or elegant lace-up sandals for an unbelievably easy look that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident, sporty and studious, functional and fashionable. Or select sophisticated and elevated pieces, such as your favorite bomber jacket or a playful statement bag to ensure your active outfit will have you always looking fabulous and never frumpy.

STYLE ADVICE: All Black Athleisure

When it comes to day-to-day style, comfort is always key. I could put together what I think is the cutest outfit ever, but I won’t make it until noon without changing if it’s uncomfortable. That is why I love the athleisure trend so much. Style stars, like Gigi Hadid, have made it trendy to wear leggings and a crop top to places other than the gym, and I’m here for it. Plus, if you do want to go to the gym at the end of the day, there is no need to go home and change!

Now that temperatures are getting warmer, it is finally time to replace those winter garments with your summer pieces. Don’t throw all your jackets in a plastic bin just yet! A light leather jacket, like the one this Fashionista is wearing, works with any outfit for days when it is sunny out, but the temperature just does not match up. It’s one of those pieces than can be worn with any top or bottom, and it still looks cool. What is even cooler is the way this Fashionista matched her leather jacket to her leather sneakers. The sneakers are a cool update from your normal slip-ons and take her leggings and graphic T-shirt up a notch. And yes, you can still wear an athletic department T-shirt, even if the most athletic thing you do is watch from the sidelines with a bag of roasted peanuts.

Of course, no spring or summer outfit is complete without a pair of statement sunglasses. I’ve started wearing mine on cloudy days just because they make any outfit look 10 times more put together. Plus, they eliminate the need for under eye concealer and cover up the bags I’ve gotten from weeknight Netflix marathons.

Athlesiure is something that can be adapted to fit any season–shorts and a crop top in the summer and leggings and beanies in the winter. It shows that being high fashion doesn’t have to be high maintenance all pf the time. Maybe this year we can hope to see pajama pants, old T-shirts, and bedhead coming down the runway?

WHAT TO WEAR: Eye on the Prize

It is that time of year again, oh yes, when Mother Nature rips us a new rainstorm everyday. Although this winter/spring, or whatever you would like to call it, is giving us all the seasons in a week’s time, we have to be prepared for any type of weather. In spite of the fact that the rain makes you want to go cuddle up in your bed and watch Netflix, we still have stuff to do. I know your midterms, final papers, and projects are beginning to rack up, but don’t forget what is important… you and your spring break/summer body.

This Fashionista is determined to look great in a bikini, and even while working out. The countdown is on until she needs to be swimsuit ready, and she will save the Netflix for another day. She is sporting nylon black leggings (because who doesn’t love to wear leggings?), that easily hug her legs. This allows her to move freely and easily while she does her morning jog. New York is a concrete jungle, so she wears nice and supportive shoes that will ease her legs on the hard pavement. Running next to the river can get a bit windy. Her hat contains her hair for any gust of wind that comes her way. She chose a neutral color for her shoes, hat, and leggings in order for her windbreaker to pop. This super cute light pink windbreaker keeps her warm on her jog and ties her whole outfit together.

Even though this yucky weather makes you want to stay inside and warm up under a blanket, keep your eyes on the prize.


For this article, I wanted to shed a little light on me and my style! I grew up with three brothers, so for a lot of my life, I was a serious tomboy who had absolutely no fashion sense! As you can see in the pictures, that tomboy style sort of stuck with me. I am now extremely close to my brothers so it’s no surprise really that the tomboy in me still remains, but now she has some fashion sense. So this article is a dedication to all those tomboys who want to be comfortable, sensible, and still be fun, cute, and fashionable!

In this, I am wearing fishnet leggings and ripped jeans, honestly one of my favorite trends for this year, and quite possibly on my top 10 list of favorite trends of all time! I honestly cannot even help how much I have fallen in love with fishnets and ripped jeans! My shoes actually belong to my younger brother! A real tomboy look would not be complete without the touch of an actual guy’s item! A guy’s time is the secret key ingredient for this Style Guru’s tomboy look! These sneakers are called huaraches and I tend to implement sneakers into my tomboy styles. My shirt has a touch of maroon lining at the bottom as a way to add some color into the look. I would not be me if a touch of color wasn’t splashed onto my outfit here and there.

Well loves, I hope you enjoyed this little look into my style and I cannot wait to share more with you! If once a month is not a frequent enough dosage of your fave Style Guru (me) then just make sure to check out and follow all of my social media!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rain, Rain Go Away

April showers bring May flowers! It is that time of year where one day you will be wearing a sweater and the next day you could be wearing a tank top. With that being said, spring has arrived. For us here in Illinois it rains a lot in the spring. Just because it is raining out, it doesn’t mean you still can’t look fashionable while going to class!

This Fashionista knew how to add a pop of color to her outfit for this gray day. She kept the look simple with black leggings and a simple black sweater. Adding accessories like these bracelets, big rings, and necklaces adds some character to the look. Accessories can pull the whole look together! The black Steve Madden shoes she added with the outfit pairs nicely with the rest of the look. She finished off the look with her blue Michael Kors rain jacket. This is a perfect touch of color. Without the jacket this outfit would just be a basic everyday look but just adding this one statement piece it makes the whole outfit! This jacket shows that you don’t have to sacrifice style on a rainy or damp day.

You should never let a rainy day come in the way of how you dress for class or wherever it is you are going! Gray days like these are a great opportunity to look cute and have the perfect outfit. Other options that would add some panache to an otherwise dreary outfit could be; a colorful pair of Hunter rain boots, a bright umbrella, or even a vibrant scarf on a cooler rainy day. Rainy days and bad weather are no excuse!

In Defense of Leggings

There are three topics that we are told not to bring up in conversation: politics, religion, and, of course, the most controversial of them all—leggings. People love to hate on them. I have gotten into enough battles over my beloved leggings that I have comebacks to pretty much every jab thrown my way.
-“Leggings are not pants.” Just to be clear, the definition of the word “pants” is a “garment for the lower part of the body, having individual leg portions.” So to all those haters I say get a dictionary.
-“They should only be worn at the gym.” Excuse me? Tell that to my sneaker collection or any trend made popular by Kylie Jenner for that matter.
-“Leggings are glorified sweatpants.” And the problem with that is…?
But let’s get real—leggings are the best thing to happen to your wardrobe since the white T-shirt. Try to survive a week without wearing the comfy, clean, classic, amazingness that are leggings. Impossible I tell you! They can be an actual lifesaver yet super fashionable all at the same time.

And they are not just for lazy days. If styled correctly, they can make a totally trendy outfit in no time. Plus who doesn’t enjoy being comfortable in your own clothes?

If you don’t, believe me, these eight Fashionistas took to Instagram to show their leggings in a fashionable light. From active wear to keeping cozy, these ladies know just how to style leggings.

Here’s how:
With your favorite graphic teePhoto by @n_agem

For an all black ensemble Photo by @sofinaa

To keep up with the trendsPhoto by @h_nos

With your favorite leather jacketPhoto by @alessagabrielle

For a early coffee runPhoto by @cecegiglio

With an oversized sweaterPhoto by @sarahgargano29

As the perfect layering piecePhoto by @kalynnelizabeth_

If April Weather is just not living up to it’s expectationsPhoto by @taylorknoxx

Do you believe me now?

How do you style your leggings? Let me know in the comments below.

WHAT TO WEAR: Best of Both Worlds

The majority of college students, myself included, try their best to be fashionable for class. However, waking up for an 8 a.m. usually calls for leggings, sneakers, and oversize sweatshirts. Athleisure looks offer comfort while looking like you work out every day. They give off a vibe that makes others think you have your life put together even if you had no time to grab your morning coffee.

The great thing about athleisure outfits is that anyone can rock them. All you need is a pair of sneakers, a sports bra, any type of sweatshirt or light jacket, and your favorite pair of leggings. It is the perfect look for those of us who are constantly running late to class because no one expects you to have a full makeup look when you are wearing workout clothes.

This Fashionista chose the perfect ensemble to look both athletic and fashionable. By choosing to wear black leggings, she gave herself room for creativity in the rest of her outfit. Her typically simple choice of a black sports bra and leggings was completely transformed and brightened by her bright pink jacket.

Athleisure is perfect for the busy schedule of a college student. If you are looking to be as cute and fashionable as this Fashionista, take your look to the next level by adding your own spin on the outfit. With the help of a unique pair of leggings, a bright jacket, or a statement shoe, your look has the potential to be the best of both worlds: comfortable and fashionable.