Athletic and Boujee

Now that summer is finally here, it might be about time to break out that athletic wear and get in shape. Too late? Never.

I often find myself trudging to the gym in some baggy athletic shorts and an old T-shirt, like one from a summer camp I attended six or so years ago. Not a cute look, I must admit. But who says outings to the gym can’t be fabulous?

Personally, I have come to learn that when I am looking my best, I am also feeling my best. When I am wearing an outfit that I feel comfortable in and that I think I look amazing in, my confidence increases immensely. Due to this increased confidence at the gym, I tend to be more motivated and more driven.

When I’m rocking a new pair of Lululemon leggings or brand new sneakers, I feel unbeatable. Can I do 10 more burpees? Heck yeah, I can! That is why I am a strong believer in glamming up your athletic attire.

Working out has never looked as good and been as comfy as this look right here! This Fashionista is not only comfortable, but is also looking her best.

On top, this Fashionista is wearing a black, athletic cropped tank top from Urban Outfitters. She loves to work out in this top because it shows off her abs and arm muscles that she has been working so hard to achieve.

It might be June here in New England, but our weather never seems to cooperate. Therefore, this Fashionista threw on a white sweatshirt from Forever 21. This is ideal for those brisk, early morning runs or for when she is walking to and from the gym while the weather is still a little bit dodgy.

For her bottoms she is sporting a pair of high-waisted, maroon leggings from Lululemon. She said that these are her favorite pair of leggings because when she is squatting they don’t fall down. Thus, she doesn’t find herself yanking up he pants between each and every squat. She also loves these leggings because of the pocket on the side used to store her phone. This makes her workouts so much easier, hands-free, and gives her one less thing to have to worry about.

For shoes, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of black Nike Flex sneakers. She opted for a black pair of sneakers because she knew that they would match all of her outfits without a doubt. These are her go-to athletic sneakers.

For the final touch, and her favorite piece of her outfit, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of wireless headphones that she scored on Amazon for $20! She said that these are the best investment she has ever made, and recommends them 100 percent.

How do you combine fashion and exercise? Let us know in the comments below or share your pictures on social media with @Cfashionista!


I think it’s one of the best feelings when you hear the birds singing in the morning because that’s when you know spring is here. The spring weather is always great to look forward to because then it’ll be summer. Although, the weather is nice during the day, it can sometimes get cold during the night, and I always have to layer up.

I love how this Fashionista looked stylish and isn’t afraid of playing with bold colors and prints. Starting from the blazer, she is wearing a black and white strip printed blazer which really stands out to me. Then under the blazer she is wearing a nice tan tank top with cut-out detailing on the bottom of the tank top. For the bottoms, she is wearing a high-waisted skinny jeans to create an illusion of having longer legs. For shoes, she is wearing chunky, heeled, combat boots. I like how the chunky, heeled, combat boots give off an edgy look to the outfit. Also, I like that it’s a chunky heel so it gives you support, and it’s easier to walk around. Lastly, she kept it light for the accessories with a dainty necklace and bracelets. This outfit is a whole lot of boldness with dark colors and prints. It’s something I wouldn’t see myself wearing but I’m willing to add my personal style to it. This look is simply chic and edgy; perfect for a girls night out.

So if you find yourself being cold during spring nights, layer up so you don’t catch the spring flu. I know no one wants to catch the flu during this nice warm weather. Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as much as I do.

STYLE ADVICE: Color in Theory

How did this Fashionisto attain such a timeless yet distinct look? The key components are from his color and texture choices. Color-blocking is always a stylish way to compose an outfit, as perfectly exemplified by this chic Fashionisto. He chose to primarily combine a deep red, black, and grey, with a contrasting white accent in his shoes. One suggestion to amplify your look is to add depth to the ensemble through the mixing of textures. The Fashionisto I photographed did this by layering a velvet blazer over his red polo and pairing with grey printed jeans. He elevated the look even further by accessorizing with an intriguing set of metal jewelry. The gold collar necklace and silver chunky rings are focal points, texturizing the outfit even more. Lastly, the bowling-inspired, color-blocked shoes tie all of the garments together in a very unique and fun way. The whole combination is inventive and visually intriguing.

You could achieve a similar effect by also choosing a monochromatic color scheme with a pop of color. If you wanted to take more risks with color, you could always take a brighter approach and use a triadic or complementary color combo. This may sound complicated to some, but it is actually so easy! Just take a color wheel and look for colors across from each other that form a triangle. All of a sudden you have a triadic palette to use for inspiration. Complementary colors are even simpler, you just look for ones that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. These are just a couple more tips that can make color blocking with clothing more fun and spontaneous! With spring well underway, and summer fast approaching, try taking some chances with bolder hues when mixing your colorful outfits. These months can be the best for being risky with loud hues.

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired to glance inside your closet and infuse a little bit of color theory into your next look! And, of course, don’t forget your accessories!

STYLE GURU STYLE: All That Glitters

As spring covers Rome with a bask of warmth, it’s the perfect time to bring out dresses for the season. As with all of my outfits, I pick them out 10 minutes before class or while I am brushing my teeth, mentally sorting through everything that can possibly be rendered as “clean.” I usually opt for an all black ensemble, mostly because I own a ridiculous amount of black long sleeve shirts and three out of my four pairs of jeans are black. I saw one of my favorite shirts laying on my chair as I furiously finished a paper while drinking my Earl Grey tea. I snatched it up along with the tights laying under it (which were unusually freshly laundered, by the way) and the perfect bout of outfit inspiration came together in my mind.

With a nod to Jil Sander’s Spring 2017 runway show, this burgundy leather dress that had been neglected since the thaw of winter was begging to be taken out of my closet, and I had been waiting for the opportune day. It keeps me just warm enough to block the cool wind that breezes through the shade behind the tall concrete and marble buildings on the way to grab my morning cappuccino (I have successfully plotted all the bars that offer soy milk in Rome).

I always let nature do my hair, so today I just pinned the front pieces back, because the wind makes it hard to deal with, and opted for my Adidas Sambas because they’re super comfortable. Even if I wear a dressier piece, I prefer to keep it relaxed by keeping the other elements pretty casual. I threw the dress on over my favorite oxford shirt that says, “all that glitters” in gold embroidery on the back. I don’t wear a lot of statement jewelry, in fact I think this is the only piece I have. I gravitate towards daintier jewelry, but this face ring was handmade from a single piece of wire, which is very cool. Because of my inability to wake up with enough time for coffee before class (but since I prioritize well and usually decide to get coffee regardless), I have fine-tuned my ability to whip up an outfit quickly. I have found that sometimes the best bouts of last minute inspiration come from just a quick passing glance to the top of the clean clothes pile.

STYLE ADVICE: Keeping It Simple

I caught this Fashionista on the way to class and had to stop her and capture the look! She was just rocking this simple look from head to toe. She was definitely embracing the unpredictable Texas weather, but still incorporating those fall colors and making the whole outfit just look effortless.

Personally, I think simple is better. Finding a way to make your outfit look put together with basics, and maybe one or two staple pieces is my favorite trend lately. Sometimes, it can be so difficult being a college student and trying to find a balance with your outfits. You don’t want to be too dressed up for class, but you also don’t want to look like you’ve been running on coffee and no sleep either. Mastering this simple, but cute, look is key in college.

My favorite thing about this Fashionista’s look is her shoes. They really are the statement of the whole outfit. The colors all tie together with the neutral brown shoes. Another thing this Fashionista is rocking is the colors in her outfit. Although, she is just wear a plain tank top, the dark maroon color paired with the light wash jeans really made everything pop.

This Fashionista stuck with her simple theme by incorporating some dainty silver bracelets and rings. I’m a big fan of dainty jewelry. I think you can never go wrong with it. It keeps it simple, but also adds a little extra to the outfit. You’ll always catch me with some kind of jewelry on, no matter the outfit. I think that’s why this Fashionista captured my attention. The simplicity with a statement has been an upcoming trend lately. I can’t wait to see what other amazing Fashionistas this semester bring!

STYLE ADVICE: Dressed to the Nine(tie)s

Decade trends are making a comeback, and you can always take inspiration from the past like this Fashionista who is rocking those ’90s vibes! This outfit reminds me of something right out of Rachel Green’s closet in Friends. It is both cute and easygoing, and who doesn’t get serious style inspiration every time they watch Friends? As a ’90s kid, I remember rocking a pair of overalls, but how can you rock this trend and take it from farmer style to street style?

Icons like Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo, and Karlie Kloss have been spotted rocking the classic overalls, but if you’re not brave enough to rock the classic look, you can always opt for a more feminine spinoff like this denim overall dress that this Fashionista is wearing as the focal point of her look. It’s all about the details of the overall dress like the lighter denim wash, frayed bottom, smiley face patch, and the little pocket. The key is to blend classic ’90s pieces with items from your everyday wardrobe for a cool and carefree look. This Fashionista layers a maroon sweater under the dress and pulls the look together with a cozy faux fur coat, black Chelsea boots and tights, and a patterned wrap headband that compliments the color of her sweater perfectly. This look gives serious ’90s nostalgia while being both cool and comfortable—great for going to class or just hanging out with friends. Long live the ’90s!

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

Whether it’s staying in for a night of movies and snuggles or hitting the town, nothing is better than having quality bonding time with your gal pals. One of my favorite things to do with friends is getting a little dolled up and trying new restaurants. It’s like a date with all your best friends, what could be better?

In this Fashionista’s case, the perfect girl’s night out consists of dressy casual attire, meeting some girlfriends at a yummy food place, taking lots and lots of pictures, and seeing where the night takes her. What is great about the outfit she put together is how versatile it is, making it easy to go from a day to a night look by dressing it up or down.

This GNO ensemble brings her coastal, boho style into a simple and contemporary look. Her Billabong dress is the key focal point of the look, comprised of a mix of a subtle paisley pattern and a bolder, darker pattern around the bust and midriff. She decided to pair a maroon bralette with the dress for extra coverage and to add a bit of lace to the look.

For accessories, she kept it simple with a beautiful gold necklace from Chan Lu. This is a great piece that completes the look and complements the V-neck dress very fittingly. For shoes, she chose some brown suede chunky heels with gold detailing from Alter’d State. These dress up the look enough to go out, but are casual enough to keep the look relaxed.

This Fashionista looks like she’s ready to take on the night!

STYLE ADVICE: Cozy ‘n’ Coordinated

I’ve sought out the perfect outfit for this month’s topic: style advice. Depending where you go to school, the winter may be brutal. Walking anywhere is almost painful enough without the amount of layers worn that make me feel like a walking marshmallow on campus. Nonetheless, this Fashionista’s outfit inspired my style advice on how to stay warm and stylish while we wait for spring!

As the short winter days dread on, I can’t help but have no motivation to look or feel cute when leaving my dorm. The winter is always tricky style wise because it seems like you have to chose between staying warm or looking cute. Thus, my style advice for the month is to coordinate layers, like this Fashionista happened to do.

The reclaimed vintage ASOS beanie and Smartwool crew socks gave the outfit something to base itself on. Even the burgundy lipstick makes the look essential. Props to her since bold lips are so in right now! The American Eagle Outfitters sweater that absolutely screams “winter,” gives this Fashionista so many opportunities to work with. The colors, fabric texture, and shape (turtleneck) reflects the outfit’s purse, coat selection, and of course, the boots.

As by a winter tradition, these dark L.L. Bean boots are becoming the 2015’s version of the UGG craze. Providing dryness, warmth, and a slick rugged style, the boots show that this Fashionista doesn’t let a little snow get in her way. Not to mention they work perfectly with the patterned sweater that gives off a northeastern U.S. vibe. 

Lastly, for that extra needed layer of warmth, this olive puffer jacket from Urban Outfitters doesn’t distract from the outfit, nor is it too puffy to be uncomfortable either! What I love about this outfit is its simplicity to look cute and be warm. My style advice for anyone suffering in the cold winter months is to coordinate your layers! Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutrals and tones to find the perfect aesthetic when covering up!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Following the Trends

Welcome back, Fashionista/os!

The major trend that has come back in to play this fall and winter season is definitely velvet. Velvet is one of the trends that can be found in any store and is found in every type of clothing. It has found its way to take over any other trend that you saw this year and took over every fast fashion store in sight.

This Fashionista is ready to walk around campus in her new off-the-shoulder velvet top that will have everyone asking her where she got it (the answer, by the way, is Target!). She paired it with her favorite distressed jeans to make this outfit casual, but still very trendy and cute. Another trend that she was following is the return of the chokers, with her lace choker that fits perfectly with her outfit. This outfit was all about the trends and how to mix and match to make them work together.

Now, all she needs to do is to throw on a jacket so that she can face the bitterness here in Jersey for the winter! Even without a coat, this Fashionista perfectly put together an outfit that fits the trends but also keeps it subtle. She picked pieces for her outfit that did not make it too overpowering and kept it super cute!

Picking her favorite trends is a perfect way to add confidence to an outfit and make it your own! Following the trends can be fun when you add more than one together and also make it your own.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sorority Recruitment

When most people hear the word sorority, they think of the stereotypical, rah rah, snotty girls portrayed in adolescent movies. However, I am proud to say that Greek Life at Tulane consists of poised, intelligent, and strong young women. We just went through four days of recruitment, each of which called for a different outfit. My favorite of the four days was “jewel tones” because our only requirement was a color scheme. Each girl was dressed in emerald, plum, navy, or burgundy, with the opportunity to showcase their personal style and individuality.

This outfit really stood out to me with its unique textures and sophisticated appearance. There’s no better way to add some spunk than with a little texture. The intricate detail in the burgundy sweater perfectly complements the suede black skirt. Mixing textures is also a great way to add some edge to an outfit.

This Fashionista did an awesome job accessorizing as well. Something I have been really into lately is jewelry with meaning, such as a city skyline or a lucky charm on a necklace. As somebody who is always looking for different ways to show off her New Orleans pride, I am super jealous of the “nola” ring that is pictured. She is also wearing a roman numeral ring that holds a special place in her heart. Consistent with her silver arm candy, is a timeless silver snake chain necklace that can be worn with just about anything.

Sorority recruitment is all about getting to know each other, and what better way to express yourself than through the perfect outfit. I think we could all use a little style advice form this Fashionista!