How to Survive Summer Heat in Style

With school out of session and road trips planned, it’s time to kick off summer in style. Whether you’re spending your days at the beach working on that summer glow or exploring beautiful neighborhoods in your favorite city with your best friends, it’s important to make the most of your summer without letting the weather stop you.

This past week in Chicago has been blazing, a heat wave unique to the Midwest for the middle of July. Many spent their days lounging around rooftops or binge-watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black in the comfort of their air-conditioned apartments. The summer heat can often make it challenging to dress stylish, especially when you’re trying to avoid looking like a hot, sweaty mess, but Kenjeà—photographed above—made summer style look so effortless.

This Fashionista didn’t let the summer heat stop her from wearing this gorgeous, rose-colored maxi dress while exploring the West Loop in Chicago. This ethereal maxi is great for summer because it allows for a lot of movement with the slits on both sides, it’s perfect for a day in the city or even a trip to the beach, and that rose quartz color—how can you not be obsessed? I love that she paired it with lace-up sandals and a beautiful statement necklace, creating a look that’s simple yet chic.

Don’t let the heat intimidate your style this summer. Instead of throwing on your favorite pair of shorts and that Rolling Stones T-shirt you’ve had since high school, try a colorful maxi with these three must-have accessories for summer: a layered necklace, a radiant highlighter, and as always, a gorgeous smile. 

What is your go-to outfit for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Playing With Pops of Color

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to bland and hello to interesting. This season is for spicing up your wardrobe and testing out new outfits before you head back to campus to show them off this fall. One way to change it up is to add some bright pops of color to your look, whether it’s with a bold accessory or a bright statement piece.

This first look features a bright red maxi skirt paired with a simple cropped halter top. The key to rocking a bold color is balancing it out with a neutral. To keep a look like this casual, accessorize minimally and throw on some simple sandals. Trade out the maxi skirt for a funky pair of palazzo pants on cooler summer nights, or add some simple wedges to dress it up for a night out.

Half-up hairstyles are ideal ways to stay cool and show off every inch of your ensemble. Summer is also a good time to go minimal with your makeup to combat the heat. Sit back and let your brightly colored threads do the talking.

This second look is for the neutral lovers out there. If your closet is full of simple staples and you can’t bring yourself to spend your ice cream money on a new wardrobe, don’t sweat it. Try adding a pop of color through your accessories. Some bold bracelets or a sunshine-colored bag can bring a surprising twist to your everyday looks. Try out the fruit trend with some pineapple-shaped bling, or throw it back to the ’80s and rock a psychedelic fanny pack. The possibilities are endless!

Summer won’t last forever so take advantage of the freedom of summer fashion while you can! Venture out of your fashion comfort zone and test the waters of bold style. Let me know how it goes and comment below!

How to Wear a Maxi Dress In the Summer Heat

The maxi dress is still going strong this summer with various versions available at almost every store. However, as we make our way into the heat of summer they can sometimes become a little too much fabric wrapped around your body, insulating the heat inside of you. The perfect solution? A sheer maxi.

For this outfit, I paired the sheer maxi over a black, velvet tank top and high waisted denim shorts. I often see sheer maxis paired over bralettes and high-waisted shorts during Coachella season so this look will be sure to give you those festival vibes in your daily wardrobe. Whether you opt for a tank top or a bralette on top, the sheer maxi will be sure to keep you cool while making you look cool. I finished off my look with open-toed heels to help elongate the dress, but you could easily opt for a pair of sneakers to make the look more casual.

Having a sheer maxi dress in your closet is a great staple piece because it can easily transition from season to season. In the fall, just swap the shorts for your favorite skinny or mom jeans and the heels for booties. As winter sets in, pair the sheer maxi over a thin sweater and jeans to help add the warmth you will need. However you decide to style it, the sheer maxi is the ultimate versatile piece for your wardrobe that can be worn all year long.

How do you style your maxi dresses in the summer? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How I Style Feminine Florals

New fall 2017 trends are on the rise and fear not, floral print is staying for good this year. From vintage to modern floral patterns, there is a style for everyone. Now summer does not have to end! Dresses, pants, tops, and even shoes have been popping up everywhere with new floral patterns. I would love to share with you all how I find my favorite floral pieces for all year round.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided my wardrobe needed a major makeover for the upcoming summer months. I wanted to find trendy pieces though that would work all year round so I began my research. My first pro tip would be to look up the fall 2017 trends on the internet and pull inspiration from runway shows. Such trends for the upcoming season include the color red, vintage inspired fur, glitter boots, and most importantly floral. Because floral is so prominent in the summer, that was the first trend on my to do list.

Let me tell you, shopping for floral pieces can be super overwhelming with all of the choices and where to start. Some of my favorite stores include American Threads, Forever 21, Romwe, and Faithfull the Brand. Forever 21 and Romwe definitely have a lot of cheaper alternatives so that your budget does not break the bank! If you are looking to spend a bit more, I recommend checking out American Threads which has comparable prices to Urban Outfitters. Faithfull the Brand has been absolutely blowing up lately with their chic, adorable dresses. One can expect to find this brand at Lulus or Revolve Clothing.

Florals can be worn for just about any occasion and can be dressed up or down. You can take it to the gym or a night out with the girls! For my outfit in particular, I decided to keep it semi-casual with this two-piece floral set from American Threads. I wore this look to go shopping with my girlfriends and had a fun shoot later that day at a botanical garden. Keeping things simple, I paired the set with some black sandals with silver detailing from Forever 21. As for jewelry, simple layering looks are key. This gold two-piece necklace is the perfect way to add to an outfit without taking away from the floral pattern.

To recap, do your research, ladies! It’s all about finding out what trends are right for you and exploring your feminine side through the floral prints. Do not be afraid to mix patterns either to add some funk to your outfit. You are sure to be a showstopper!

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The Magical City You Need to Visit This Summer

It’s that time of the year again: I open Instagram and see everyone traveling and doing amazing things in amazing places. Every picture posted looks like it’s from a travel brochure and almost too good to be true. The water is almost as blue as the sky and the villas are vibrant and right on the water. But, where is this magical place?

All I had to do was travel eight hours across the pond to a small city in Italy called Positano. Positano is in the heart of the Amalfi Coast surrounded by gorgeous views of the sea and villas on the hills. Positano is a typical small Italian village where the roads are too small for any regular sized American car to fit, so the only appropriate way to travel through the Coast is by Vespa or an extremely small car.

Once I reached the heart of the village, I was greeted by a stone beach leading up to bright, blue water. This is a beach I’ve seen so many times on Instagram posted by style and lifestyle bloggers and even seen in a recent issue of Vogue Magazine. Smelling the fresh air and the sea, it was just as beautiful as I imagined!

As I walked up and down the narrow walkways, carrying the tail end of my maxi dress, I saw small pastry shops and cute boutiques. Walking past the restaurants, hearing everyone speaking different dialects, and smelling the delicious foods was a very calming feeling and I felt at home. Walking through the side streets, I was greeted with the sounds of live music and was able to watch local artists paint in front of my eyes. I eventually bought a watercolor painting to bring a piece of Positano home with me.

For my day in Positano, I decided to wear a maxi dress. I made sure it had an open back so I had maximum air and didn’t over heat on the Amalfi Coast. Knowing my dress was open back, I took advantage of this to wear a cute and fun bralette. When it came to shoes, I invested in sandals that were beyond comfortable, but also super cute. When it comes to traveling in Italy, comfortable shoes are essential, especially when it comes to walking on the cobblestones!

I was very jealous logging into my Instagram feed and seeing all of these other girls traveling to all of these exotic places. Visiting Positano and living like a local for a day exceeded my expectations. I can now see why Positano was the talk of the summer season!

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Maxi Dresses Are Life

It’s finally summer and I couldn’t be happier. Florida is extremely hot and humid during the summer. I tried wearing an Adidas jacket the other day and almost died of a heat stroke, but with the right outfit, you’ll be fine throughout the day. This Fashionista wore a perfect outfit for a summer day.

This Fashionista is wearing a blue and white maxi dress from Earthbound, a little store in St. Augustine, Florida. The side cut outs and the self-tying straps really accentuate her curves. The slit made the dress even cuter. My favorite thing about this dress is the buttoned placket. She then wore a pair of platform sandals with gold straps. Before I met this Fashionista, I didn’t really like platform sandals but seeing how cute they looked on her, I just may go buy a pair. Plus, they add a couple of inches to your height, to whoever likes to appear taller.

For her accessories, she wore a gold choker, a layered necklace, and a pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings have always been in, but I’ve seen a lot more girls wearing them lately. Definitely something you should buy if you haven’t yet. As for her makeup, she did a burnt orange eyeshadow and a nude lip. Her outfit is very bohemian, so you should always keep your makeup neutral.

No one wants to be all sweaty during a summer day, and that’s why maxi dresses are the perfect way to go. Are you a fan of maxi dresses? Let us know in the comments below!

Pretty in Patterns—How to Style the Color of the Year

From floral to paisley, patterns are a summer staple, but styling them can be a bit challenging. This article will show you how to style your patterned outfit for a perfect and flirty daytime outfit. While pastels are in fashion for the summer, Pantone declared the color of the year for 2017, as “Greenery” which the Pantone Color Institute describes as a “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.”

This dress is one that fits all that is in style for the summer! The zesty green plus the pattern that is to die for. What is great about these kinds of patterns is that they are wearable for both daytime and nighttime events. All you have to do is dress them for that event with the proper shoes, handbag, and jewelry.

If you are the kind of person who loves to stay active but wants to stay on trend, you can achieve a daytime and a more active-friendly look with a patterned sundress. You can wear that outfit for daytime activities like day dates to the zoo, brunch with your girlfriends, or a day in the city. Just pair it with black Vans sneakers to make it easier for you to walk and get around.

With such a casual and daytime-friendly look, patterns are usually more difficult to style with handbags or purses. Personally, I love small backpacks. They are useful, small, and oh so cute! With a green and white pattern like the one shown above, you can add a black, white, brown, or really any solid-colored backpack to carry your stuff in while keeping your arms free!

For a nighttime look, either for going to a party or going on a date, just pair the dress with a solid-colored opened or closed-toe shoe, depending on the occasion and the situation. As you know, the makeup look makes the outfit, so don’t forget to get creative—or not—depending on what you like and what you want to get out of your entire look!

Tell us how you like to style your favorite patterned item for the summer in the comments below and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in your pictures on Instagram!

An Easy Way to Layer Maxi Dresses

When summer approaches, you don’t necessarily think of layering, correct? I am also pretty sure a maxi dress doesn’t pop up in your head either. I have a solution for you and  I’m pretty sure you have in your closet, bralettes! There are so many styles to choose from and it’s super easy to wear them under a nice, loose, and breezy maxi.

The perfect way to show off your cute bralette in your floral maxi is by buying one that has a deep neckline; either a deep U or V. It’s a very easy item to put on if you are running late to your job or internship, but you look amazing wearing it. I am all about comfort in fashion.

This Fashionista paired some cute and simple accessories to go with her dress that goes perfectly. You can never go wrong with lace-up sandals, they give the outfit an extra accessory because of the lace-up detail on the ankle. Feel free to get them in many colors as well!

The best thing about a maxi dress is that you can wear it anywhere, you can use it as a beach/pool cover-up, wear it to work, or even just a night out with your girls. Just pair a cute pendant or dainty layering necklace, a nice crossbody, your favorite lip color and you are set, girl!

So remember, layering isn’t just for the fall or winter, you can do it when it’s 90 degrees outside, look stunning, and, most importantly, not die in the heat (isn’t that always the summer goal?)

How do you style maxi dresses for summer? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

Boho Chic on a College Budget

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. While I am a huge fan of looking put together and runway ready, there are definitely days where it can be hard to pull it all together and feel my best. When I’m feeling a bit uninspired and not sure what to put together, my default look is boho chic. This look has been all the rage over the past few years, but some pieces come with a hefty price tag. Have no fear! Here is your guide to putting together the perfect bohemian chic look on your college budget!


  1. A simple maxi: Nothing gives off a boho vibe better than a maxi dress! These dresses can be found in any color, pattern, and silhouette one’s heart desires. The best thing about maxi dresses? They can be purchased from inexpensive brands and still look luxe!
  2. Cool sandals: I love summertime for a lot of reasons, but the ability to toss on sandals makes getting dressed so easy. There are no restrictions when it comes to what looks good with sandals, making our lives so much easier! As with maxi dresses, sandals come in endless color and style combinations. I’ve been loving slip ons and cool straps, but you can never go wrong.
  3. Delicate jewelry: There’s just something about the way that delicate jewelry looks. Layering dainty necklaces has been a trend recently, but I feel like I’ve been riding that bandwagon for years! While you can take the time to invest in staple jewelry pieces, places like Forever 21 and Lulus carry the simple chains you need to elevate your summer wardrobe.
  4. Oversize sunglasses: I’ve loved sporting big sunglasses since I discovered Rachel Zoe a few years back. Let’s face it: there really is not a better way to add some sass and the feel of luxury to your look than with a great pair of oversize sunglasses. While I’ve splurged on my share of designer frames, sunglasses can be a steal at lower end retailers. The pair I’m wearing are from Target.
  5. Lacy bralette: What a cute look, right? I really love the way that a lacy bralette looks underneath pieces with open backs or low sides. The boho chic look is all about effortless & easygoing style, making lacy bralettes the perfect layering pieces. You don’t have to break the bank to find these beauties either. Check Urban Outfitters or Target!

In the summer, what are your go-to outfit vibes? Spill in the comments below and tag @Cfashionista in your posts!


My Go-To Summer Outfit

As the weather gets warmer, we start breaking out our favorite summer styles. For some of us, our go-to look during these warmer months is shorts and a tank top. My favorite summertime look, however, is a maxi dress! The maxi dress keeps you comfortable, but still looks stylish and put together.

It’s an easy outfit that doesn’t require hours of sifting through your closet trying to find a top and pair of bottoms that match. What I love about maxi dresses is how versatile they are; they’re great for any summertime festivity. They can be dressed down and paired with sandals for a backyard barbecue or dressed up with jewelry and a pair of wedges for a summer wedding.

For a recent trip to Napa, California, I opted to keep my styling of the maxi dress casual. I styled mine with a brown leather belt to synch in the waist of the dress, a denim jacket, and my favorite flat lace-up sandals. I also styled it with a brown felt hat, just to give the look a little more bohemian flare.

One of my favorite aspects of this dress is the slit up the front of the dress. The slit helps the dress seem more youthful. The drawstring around the waist also makes the dress more flattering. Be sure to add a maxi dress into your summer staples to keep you looking chic all summer long!

What is your go-to summer look? Show us by sharing your photos and tagging @CFashionista!