STYLE ADVICE: Spring Pastels

Pink is one of the biggest project colors of the spring/summer fashion season and it is for everyone (not just girls!). I was super excited to see how this Fashionisto boldly mixed these two bright colors on his way to class and I especially love his pink shirt. This Fashionisto told me that pink has always been his favorite color, but that a faded pink is really the way to go. He has always dressed differently that others, even in middle school, and he still does to this day.

I have been looking for a new backpack and I might have to steal this one! The pop of color draws the right kind of attention and it matches well with most outfits. I also love that he rolled the leg of his jeans. They may be a simple piece but he makes them his own. Mixing black shoes with white socks and vice versa are one of this Fashionisto’s staples. He gets a lot of his inspiration from Instagram bloggers and models.

The school year is coming to a close faster than we can even imagine. It is so easy to lose our sense of fashion and slip into the boring everyday look that many of our peers have been wearing all semester. I personally believe that continuing to dress fashionably even during the lowest points in the semester makes it easier to be successful academically. This Fashionisto said about this outfit, “If the outfit makes you happy, if it brings you joy, if it brings you comfort, then you should wear it.” Dress well, test well!

WHAT TO WEAR: A Guy’s Guide to Flawless Fashion

How could someone not take fashion advice from this stylish Fashionisto? This Fashionisto is an optometry major at Ferris State and a true style expert. He gets a lot of his inspiration from his favorite pop punk bands and his biggest idol, Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer, Brendon Urie. He most appreciates summer fashion, and therefore takes interest in west coast fashion. It’s clear that his mixed passions for California fashion and the punk scene make for the perfect sense of style.

This Fashionisto started his outfit with a pair of slim fit black jeans. Black denim is a great choice because it looks more sophisticated than everyday blue denim. Black is classy, but the style is still quite relaxed. Like this Fashionisto, you can dress up a pair of more formal looking black skinny jeans with the right shirt. You can do anything with them and they’ll never go out of style.

The most eye-catching piece of this outfit was the fitted floral button-down. Being the only colored article, the eye is naturally drawn to the tiny white flowers against the solid navy blue background. The pattern sticks out more than the solid black statements: his hair, pants, and shoes. This Fashionisto says his shirt was his favorite part of his outfit because it was comfortable and perfect for the sunny weather that day.

The black and white trend flows from his black hair all the way down to a true punk piece, his black and white pair of Vans Sk8-His. Vans is based out of southern California and highly appeals to the punk scene. The brand sponsors the Vans Warped Tour every summer, a nation wide music tour featuring pop punk, punk, and screamo bands. “Summer is my favorite season so I’m excited for everything it entails, including Vans Warped Tour!” This Fashionisto said. “It’ll be interesting seeing a lot of bands I’m not too familiar with, but that’s the fun part.” He is looking forward to picking his outfit for the tour and gaining new inspiration and fashion ideas from other creative punk styles at the show.

Accessories are essential to completing an outfit. One of his favorite accessories is his silver wrist watch. The watch was a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Accessorizing with a wristwatch adds a sense of class to any outfit. In addition to being convenient, it implies simplicity and signifies style. Guys must be careful about over accessorizing. However, adding the most versatile of all accessories, sunglasses, is a great way to turn a tool for shading your eyes into a trendy fashion statement. This Fashionisto wore his black and gold framed sunglasses to match the colors throughout the rest of his outfit. When they’re not covering his eyes they can sit on his head or dangle from his neckline and still look just as fashionable.

To find style like this Fashionisto check out your local Zumiez, Express, Tilly’s, American Eagle, and Journey’s. for some inspiration!


STYLE ADVICE: An Ivy Classic

The month of may only means one thing for college students: finals. It’s a bittersweet time of year; school is coming to a close, seniors are graduating, and summer is coming. To end my semester I decided to have a “stay-cation.” I’ve always wondered what other universities are like on a daily basis, especially when it comes to their style. So I took a trip up the 1 train to Columbia University.

Jumping around from party schools, to art schools, to fashion schools, I didn’t know what to  to expect from an Ivy League school. I arrived on one of the first few warm days in New York and the lawn was filled with students laying on the grass studying, socializing, or napping. While exploring the beautiful campus, I came across a Fashionisto whose classic and minimalist look reminded me that some things never go out of style.

This Fashionisto wore his confidence just as well as his outfit. His clean and sophisticated look shows he likes to be put together as well as comfortable. Every man should invest in a well fitted polo shirt. They can easily be dressed up or down and come in all types of fabrics. He chose a jersey knit, which is perfect for the summer heat as well as being comfortable enough to study in. The brown leather loafers are a statement item as well as a classic one. Pairing what is usually a dressy shoe with a casual outfit makes for a versatile campus look, whether its going to class or grabbing dinner on the weekends. Time management is a must for college students, so having a watch serves dual purposes in completing this Fashionisto’s look.

Investing in timeless pieces for you closet are essential for building a wardrobe and filling it with things you’ll actually want to wear. You can never go wrong with a simple outfit, but don’t be afraid to your own personal style.


STYLE ADVICE: Spring Style for Dudes

Spring has finally sprung, putting extra pep, or prep, into everyone’s step. My college campus is known for its iconic preppy style, and it’s finally warm enough to wear it! For girls it’s easy: throw on some chinos, Jack Roger sandals, and a cute tank, and you’re all set. It’s a little more complicated for guys so I was impressed when I saw this well dressed Fashionisto master the struggle of spring men’s wear.

This Fashionisto rocks the preppy style with his blue color coordinated patterned button down and shorts. Button downs are typically worn in winter, so he rolls his sleeves to give it a spring update. However, he didn’t take a winter button down and just roll it; his button down is specifically made for spring with it’s pretty blue pattern and light material. His shorts are a deep blue that match perfectly with his button down and are off set by the rich brown leather of his belt, keeping the outfit from being too matching. His shorts were longer than what most guys are wearing these days, and I found it refreshing (nobody wants to see pasty hairy thighs guys). The shorts were definitely not booty shorts, but also not too conservative.

As my marketing professors like to remind me all the time, technology is the future. Technology integrating with garments is not too far off as it has already meshed with accessories. The Fashionisto’s Apple watch is a prime example of technology and a traditional accessory pairing up. The watch added a sleekness to his outfit, and his black chain mesh watch strap paired perfectly with his black loafers.

WHAT TO WEAR: Coffee and Study

The semester is nearly over, and while in elementary school this meant a week of fun activities, in college it’s quite the opposite. The end of the semester means one thing: final exams (and if you’re lucky, graduation).

In the collegiate world, when April turns into May, it’s time to hit the books and recharge the coffee addiction you’ve been denying you have. What could be more classic and appropriate than studying at a coffee shop? It has free WiFi and an unlimited amount of caffeine, for a price, of course.

Finding an appropriate place is only half of it. Knowing what to wear when deciding to tackle the notes factors more into how studying goes than one may think. Wear an uncomfortable outfit and focusing becomes impossible, but if you go too casual, nothing will get done.

This Fashionisto is no stranger to hanging out in a cafe all day, with nothing but his laptop and books to accompany him. In fact, it’s one of his favorite places to frequent. However, just because he’s studying doesn’t mean he has to rock the sweatpants look, so he prefers the opposite.

For his coffee study session, this Fashionisto chose an outfit that can actually be worn for many different societal events. Not only does it work for midday note taking, but it is also appropriate for a casual work day, or for grabbing a drink with friends. He finds that wearing an outfit like this, he’s more likely to focus on the task at hand because it’s comfortable, and it looks good.

His favorite part of this outfit are his Steve Madden Sargeant boots. Their chocolate brown color is what makes this outfit best for work or for happy hour at the bar. Since dark pairs best with dark, this Fashionisto styles his boots with dark wash Levi’s. His shirt is a forest green color that matches his tortoise shell glasses as well as his boots.

Finally, since the weather is still confused about the season, he makes sure to wear his black jacket whenever he leaves the house. Given the jacket’s basic state, he’s able to pair it with almost everything and still stay dry from the elements.

What finalizes his look is his hairstyle. After experimenting with what’s currently trending, he’s found a style that suits him best, mainly because he’s added his own twist to it. He uses pomade to keep his ‘do in style all day long.

Before getting back to his books, this Fashionisto has three pieces of advice. Solid colors are best, look at what’s trending and then add your own unique twist, and finally, make sure your clothes match your skin tone. Earthy tones work best in his case.

This semester, when the books are hitting you harder than anticipated, fear not, the solution isn’t to stress about it. Instead, put on an outfit that makes you feel and look good.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep Calm and Finals on

As we approach the last few weeks of the semester, we will enter the most anticipated event of the year: finals season. The long study nights and early morning tests will make it hard to think about what to wear in such a short amount of time. Quick everyday looks are essential for this period. This month’s featured look is calm, comfortable, but still seasonally and fashionably appropriate.

Windbreakers are currently trending as an easy go-to for the day. This Fashionisto is rocking a three color windbreaker featuring an accent of pink. This adds a great flare to the contrasting shades of gray and promotes the new spring season. The beauty of windbreakers is the build. They are light, which is a great quality for an on-the-go piece allowing for total mobility in such a hectic time. The hood located on the back of this windbreaker also allows it to be more versatile. During the cooler times of the day, or the event of rain, this Fashionisto is able to pop his hood on and continue the day.

Distressed jeans are another timeless staple. In this look, it is worn very simply and is the perfect finish to this look. The pink Vans go perfectly with the mood of the outfit. Although it does not exactly match the shade of pink featured on the windbreaker, they complement each other. This look is an example of what I like to call functional fashion. It is not always necessary for a Fashionisto to dress for a red carpet event every day, however, he almost always meets the basic standard of style. Happy finals everyone!

STYLE ADVICE: Weekend Wear

Spring is here and weekends filled with sun rather than rain are putting a smile on all of our faces! Whether you are able to hit the beach, park, or walk around the flea market, we can all finally be outside without a heavy coat and umbrella.

Spring also means casual, daytime looks for those warm summer days of shopping around and running errands. I am loving the minimalistic look this Fashionisto is pulling off. His outfit can easily go from day to night in just a split second.

His outfit starts with a pair of cropped pants, which are very on trend for men’s fashion for spring, especially this muted gray color. He is also wearing a Palace T-shirt, which is a skateboarding company from the UK, as he told me and very hard to find in the U.S., which I thought was very interesting. My favorite part of his look was his light wash denim jacket, which I am loving on men lately. Shoes are a very important part of any outfit, as this Fashionisto told me, and he tied his whole look together with his all white Nike Air Max’s with a pop of orange.

Try this look out! Similar items to shop his look are cropped slim fit corduroy pants, as well as a dark denim jacket that is so versatile, you could wear it with anything! Of course, the Nike Air Max shoe to bring everything together on a warm spring day, and they come in a multitude of colors!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Man’s Best Friend

Men’s fashion is often seen as tricky and less exciting to many fashion lovers because, through no fault of their own, their options seem to be much more limited than for us ladies. We even have the option to incorporate menswear into our everyday outfits! While men totally can, and do, wear clothing designed for women, it is less common and a little more difficult to find a good fit. So what’s a fashion-loving guy to do?

When it comes to fashion, a man’s best friend is not a furry friend but instead a garment endowed with detail. Though the detail could be a faux fur collar or cuff, here we see this Fashionisto finding ways to incorporate a mix of detailed pieces to create a full look. The detail could be a texture, a pattern, or even a patch. Anything that can add that touch of personality and help show off one’s personal style.

Thankfully, there has been a resurgence of trendy, more experimental menswear in the last couple years. Designers have begun to manipulate silhouettes and play with details. This Fashionisto finds ways to incorporate these new styles by wearing on-trend pieces that each have a different texture or, dare I say it again, detail. This helps create a dimensional look, and allows the Fashionisto to express himself through his personal style.

The otherwise simple combination of a bomber, a pair of jeans, and sneakers is quickly elevated by choosing a quilted navy bomber which adds textured patchwork denim for a unique detail and a colorful headpiece to showcase his unique style and personality.

WHAT TO WEAR: Orthodox Streetwear

“Streetwear,” as this Fashionisto describes it, is an often under-looked genre of style, yet one that is very popular here in Santa Barbara. I have not only warmed up to it but have actually grown to love and recognize certain brands that fall under the category of streetwear. The thing that makes streetwear and streetwear-inspired outfits so unique is that it takes generally classic pieces, such as the white shirt this Fashionisto is wearing, and adds unconventional twists like the quirky dinosaur design on the pocket.

Versatile shoes are a key component of a well-balanced closet, but versatility can sometimes mean boring. This Fashionisto nailed this very fine balance with these Comme des Garçons  x Converse collaboration shoes; they are just versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit but the red heart design on the side adds just enough detail to get people to do a double take. Also, if you look closely, the shoes are actually a very light shade of pink, which is yet another cool reason to do a double take. Because streetwear and streetwear-inspired clothing is very unique and artsy, it’s important to not overdo it by wearing too much streetwear in any given outfit.

This Fashionisto perfected it by pairing just enough artsy detailed pieces with more subdued pieces like this bomber jacket and zip-up hoodie. Orthodox streetwear, as I call it, is perfect for going to class. Waking up for classes can be really difficult and it’s so much easier to just slap on some leggings and flip flops and call it good (I know from experience). With the orthodox streetwear style, it’s easy to look stylish while still being comfy and casual.

WHAT TO WEAR: In Between Seasons

This year’s weather is one for the books. One week it can be sunny and 60, and then the following week can be a snow storm. Because of this unpredictable change, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Is it still necessary to layer up or can we start breaking out some lighter pieces of clothing? One way to balance this imbalance is to incorporate both. Don’t completely get rid of all your winter clothes just yet, but trade a few items off with a few light spring items instead. During one of the warmer days on campus, I spotted this Fashionisto who perfectly incorporated this in between seasons look.

One article of clothing that I find versatile in all seasons are flannels. This Fashionisto is wearing a warm-colored flannel which ties in the coziness of winter but is also light and appropriate for the warmer weather. Another staple item that most guys wear are khakis. He is rocking a pair of light wash khakis which again are versatile in all seasons. Now for the most important part of an outfit for guys, their shoes. A recent trend in men’s shoe fashion is wearing leather boots. They give off a sense of style while also looking professional. This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of light brown leather boots. As for accessories, guys don’t go too overboard like us girls, but a simple watch can really pull a whole outfit together.

Dressing during the transition between seasons can be difficult but is still manageable. It is important to stay warm during the colder days by wearing a sweater or a jacket, but be sure to have a lighter layer on underneath, just in case the sun decides to come out. I find wearing the cozy colors of winter but in clothing articles that are lighter perfectly balances the in between seasons look.