Internship Diary—New York Men’s Day

For the past couple of years, my dream job has been to work for a magazine, specifically a fashion publication like Vogue or Elle. After what seemed like endless applications with no response, I was starting to lose hope for the summer, seeing as that it was already mid-June. Conveniently enough, I happened to get an e-mail and land the summer internship of my dreams working for Kate Moodie, previous fashion and beauty editor of Vogue, Elle, Self, and Women’s Health. In 2014, she decided to start up her own digital lifestyle magazine called Mood of Living, which is focused on conscious living and high-quality lifestyle for men and women.

Unlike any other internship, I was immediately thrown into the culture and world of fashion. I was given the opportunity to attend press showrooms, collection previews, industry events, and New York Men’s Week, specifically New York Men’s Day.

New York Men’s Day

New York Men’s Day was an experience like no other. Upon entering, tons of fashion bloggers walked in and were being photographed by street style Vogue experts. Being a small town girl from New Jersey, I was in complete awe that I was in the presence of so many amazing and established people.

The event itself was split into several rooms—each room representing a different brand and showcasing either a presentation or a runway show. I attended the first half of New York Men’s Day and was able to see Body of Wild, Head of State, Bristol, Kramer & Stoudt, Daniel Hechter, David Hart, and Woodhouse. The images I’ve featured are from the latter four.

Although each room and each brand had a different theme, a common one I noticed was the return of the 1960s, each collection having culture embedded into every piece. Woodhouse had an airy and lighthearted approach by incorporating bright colors and inventive materials such as in the men’s’ rainbow, plastic overcoat. 

Other collections such as Daniel Hechter featured classic blazers and button-downs, highlighting the epitome of preppy boy meets the working man. Bright colors were also incorporated into this collection as well as David Hart’s collection such as reds, blues, and greens. These collections emphasized the ability of the modern man to gain traction in the fashion realm, adding vibrancy and a spin to the classic work attire.

Overall, New York Men’s Day was definitely one for the books. I learned a lot about not only fashion, but about the industry and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating a collection. I am beyond blessed to have gotten the opportunity to attend this year’s New York Men’s Fashion Week and I’m so excited to share my experience with all of you!

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Summer Beach Wedding Styling Tips

There are several exciting things you can do at the beach this summer. You can catch a wave, get a sun-kissed glow, or even lounge on a beach towel while reading endless amounts of books. But how’s this sound for exciting—attending a beautiful sunset wedding on the beach? Dressing for the beach is usually casual, so one might ask, “How do you mix men’s formal and casual wear for a beach wedding?” Let’s be honest, the beach does have its downsides, such as being too hot, windy, and sometimes even humid, yikes! Dress to impress and defy these obstacles by learning tips for what to wear to a beach wedding.

This Fashionisto is not only styling cool, but he is also staying cool.


Whether the wedding takes place during the summer or any other time of the year, I recommend layering a light suit jacket over a button-down collared shirt. The island breeze may make the setting a little chilly, so it’s always best to be prepared and have a suit jacket in hand. If it starts to get too hot at the wedding, set it aside and cool off.


All aboard! It may seem a little cliché to dress nautical to a beach wedding, but if you choose your pieces wisely and not go overboard by wearing too many nautical pieces, then you can totally pull off this look. This Fashionisto’s light gray suit jacket complemented the cool colors of his striped button-down collared shirt. He added another bit of nautical flair by including a pair of ship-inspired cufflinks. Now he’s smooth sailing for a beach wedding!

Comfort is Key

Try to steer clear from fitted jeans and wear chino pants instead. If it’s an extremely hot day at the beach, fitted jeans will stick to you, trapping in heat, and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the entire ceremony. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your slacks.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Complete your look by adding the final touches. Stay on track of time by incorporating a classic watch to your outfit. Stainless steel thumb rings are another great trendy accessory that will add a little touch of alternative sophistication.

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Men’s Business Casual Must-Haves

What does business casual mean to you? You would assume it would be a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt, considering the word “casual” is thrown in there, right? Well, it is not so in this case. But have no worries, I am here to help!

First thing first, ditch the tie. A suit jacket and a tie is not the business casual I mean. Perhaps consider a blazer, or go without a blazer and just wear a pressed button down shirt, leaving the top button undone, as in this look (below). Along with a navy blue undershirt to go underneath, but be cautious and don’t wear a white undershirt, that displays more of a raggedy look rather than an office-ready look. So always stick with darker shades underneath.

Need a place to carry your laptop and folders? I recommend instead of using a colossal briefcase, expand your options and go for a leather backpack. It is very sleek, out of the way and comfortable.
Jeans are a sticky topic when it comes to business casual, so I would stick to buying a pair of slacks or khakis. To add more of an aesthetic look, I would go for a pant that is a different color to that of your shirt. Here we have navy blue slacks, with a classy leather belt (it is always nice to have that extra hold on your waist—no one wants to see your boxers!).
Since you are already dressing down your whole outfit, make sure your shoes pop. Shoes tie together the whole outfit, so they are very important to your ensemble. Shoes with hues of brown or navy are often a great match to any outfit. Dark brown leather Oxford shoes offer the perfect balance in this case.
Business casual is meant to reflect a professional, yet relaxed setting. It is the 21st century’s new way of saying “Life is less formal.” So remember that quote when you’re standing in front of your closet that Monday morning before work.
Now that you have more of an idea of what business casual really means—Are you a fan of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Menswear Is for the Girls

Summer—the season of weddings, graduation celebrations, and internships. Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for these events. No matter the occasion, a button-down shirt, sleek pair of pants and a matching belt can always keep the men in our lives looking sharp. So this had me thinking, should we be taking more fashion tips from our fathers? The answer is yes!

One of my favorite pieces of menswear for the summer season is a crisp white button-down shirt. This is a staple summer item for any man’s wardrobe as it can be casually styled or dressed up with a tie for a formal occasion. Wearing a clean, white shirt leaves room to explore fun and interesting colors for pants and accessories, such as this striped ribbon belt.

To put my own spin on this classic summer look for men, I used an oversize dress shirt from my father’s closet and turned it into a dress. To make the look more interesting I kept the top buttons unbuttoned and created an off-the-shoulder silhouette, which is popular in women’s fashion this season. I added a pop of color with some high-waisted purple shorts underneath and cinched my waist with a ribbon belt from F.H. Wadsworth. The kitten heels and floral necklace added the perfect dose of femininity to the outfit.

What I loved most about this outfit was not only the power and confidence it gave me but also how the feminine aspects perfectly coincided with the masculinity of the look. It is fun to find creative ways to wear/transform simple garments into something else. This was a great outfit for that challenge. You could wear this look out to lunch with friends, to your internship, or even out on a date! The possibilities are endless with such a classic outfit.

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How Dressing Casual Can Make a Statement

Happy summer everyone! It is sunny and 75 degrees, in my opinion, it is the perfect time to grab a pair of sunglasses and walk around your hometown city.  Whether it is having lunch at your favorite downtown spot or just taking in the sites for the afternoon, your hometown city will always be your favorite. As any Fashionista/Fashionisto would say, wearing a trendy yet comfortable outfit for days on the town is a must.  I spotted this Fashionisto in downtown Pittsburgh supporting the casual meets hipster look. For days while walking around downtown, it is best to keep casual yet still show off your best look, and he was the perfect example!

Denim jackets are a huge trend and can be tied together with almost any outfit. You see everyone wearing one these days, but the way each person wears it is completely different. Denim jackets come in all sorts of different washes, but this medium-washed one was perfect. It is great for cool days but can be tied around the waist or thrown over the shoulder when the sun comes out. The most casual part of his outfit is his shorts. They are comfortable and casual but really complete the outfit. They are fun to relax in but also very easy to be out and about in.

Plain white T-shirts are a staple. Every Fashionisto will have a couple of these in his closet for sure. They are beyond comfortable but when collided with the jean jacket it creates a whole new look. T-shirts provide many different uses; whether you are wearing them to relax in or trying to layer it with a jean jacket like he did. When layered they do not seem so plain after all. This downtowner is also spot on with his accessories. He is showing off his gold watch, gold chain, and studded earrings. Since he was pulling off a more casual look it was best to go the simple route and not go over the top.

Wearing comfortable shoes while walking around downtown is key. He is showing off his black Vans, which are stylish but also doing the trick and not killing his feet. Of course, they have a lot of wear on them because of how much traveling he does in them but whose Vans do not? These sneakers really collaborate well with his black Pittsburgh Pirate hat. Hats are the best, they are stylish but also keep the sun off of your face which was perfect since he was walking all over downtown! Pittsburgh is well-known for sports, so showing them off is a must, especially when you are walking around town.

It is very easy to dress causal, but showing off your personality is how you make a statement. Next time you are in your hometown city, let us know how you make your casual outfit a statement by tagging us @Cfashionista!

Pop, Drop, and Crop It—Taking Men’s Fashion Week Trends to the Street

This one goes out to the Fashionistos. From to Gucci to Thom Browne, it’s been refreshingly rad to see a surge of variance and vivacity in the pretty mono-style world of menswear. The entire idea of menswear is based on uniformity (like, literally. Look it up), so seeing agender runway show styles is such a breakthrough for men’s fashion and society—and I for one am all for it.

Feeling inspired by S/S 18 London Men’s themes from Topshop Man to Vivienne Westwood, but not quite sure how to take these fashion week looks to the street? Here are some styling tips from a Fashionisto who makes the term “menswear” his own.

1—Shopping outside the men’s section. There are so many garment styles, yet most menswear is so limited! (Seriously, if I were a dude I would be so frustrated with my choices). Sometimes, you have to think outside the box… or at least the men’s section. Maybe the buttons go the other way, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out some high-waisted bell-bottoms! If there’s a style you dig but can’t find it the men’s section, don’t be afraid to cross your comfort zone and the store. This Fashionisto got the majority of his garb from the women’s section and received nothing but compliments on his ensemble.

2—Beyond the “Romphim.” The man romper is not the most flattering look for all male body types. I’m pretty sure one either slays in it or looks like a potato sack with armholes. However, a more universally flattering trend which, in my opinion, should totally get used more in menswear is the crop top. Whether a cropped pullover, tank, or T-shirt, both this Fashionisto and I are in agreement crop tops for men should totally be the next big thing. A subtle yet statement piece could be a mesh crop top similar to this Fashionisto’s—a style and gender-neutral piece that can be layered for the day or be a statement for a night out.

3—Baggage claim. Bags for men. Sure, men’s clothes might have superior pocket space, but whether you’re rocking garments from the men or women section, a bag is always a useful accessory. It’s not just European, either. A lot of backpacks or bags will give you an air of someone well-traveled or scholarly-hipster-chic and will save your pockets from “phone prints.” And, if the Alex Mullins show was any hint at soon to be trends, this is something all you Fashionistos should jump on!

Taking it beyond Thom Browne’s skirt and knee-highs, can we talk about crops? Actually flattering not-your-dad’s-shorts? Expressive, brightly colored garments? For men? Groundbreaking? Maybe. But, let’s be honest, when those pro-positivity posts go around online reading “crop tops are for everyone,” do they also mean those Fashionistos out there? Boy(s), if you can rock it, wear it!

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The Art of Streetwear

On the surface, streetwear may be a style that solely consists of plain graphic T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and baseball caps. However, with every simple design comes an underlying piece of complexity. To designers, their work is a piece of programmatic art that is much more than a trend; their style stems from the street culture that they have grown up in and ultimately created for themselves. As a fashion choice, street-wear has won over many hearts as a preferred style, ranging from a casual look worn to class, to being worn on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Their clothing items are often hard to purchase, with most brands choosing specific days to drop their “exclusive” items.

This Fashionisto has chosen to show his go-to everyday look, one that he would wear to class or hang out with his friends. He chooses to wear his pink Anti-Social Social Club hoodie, a staple option for many hype street-wear aficionados. He had “copped” this hoodie during one of their first drops when the designer was just releasing his first few pieces to the public. The hoodie is one that can be worn in addition to any outfit, as seen on top of his over-sized, long-line, light gray T-shirt from H&M that he wears underneath.

Although he owns several different variations of the hoodie, he chooses to wear this pink option, as an ode to the millennial pink color that is trending now. To create a stark contrast to his outfit, he paired his statement hoodie and light gray T-shirt with dark black skinny jeans and pirate black Yeezys, another popular purchase of street style. To complete his look, he added on a vintage, Philadelphia Union trucker cap from Adidas.

Each of these clothing items can be interchanged to be worn with other pieces, emphasizing the versatile nature of the street-wear culture. The key to perfecting the street style look is to create a personalized outfit based on your own pairings of the simple, yet edgy options that designers are producing.

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Boys, Belts, and Bright Colors for Summer

School is out and summer is in full swing. With the temperature heating up on these sizzling summer days, you will need the right outfit to keep you cool while looking hot. From barbecues to mini vacations to relaxing with friends, here is how your guy can add a little flare to his basic shorts and T-shirt look.

This Fashionisto wore a pair of white and navy blue pinstriped shorts from J. Crew. He paired them with a mint T-shirt, also from J. Crew, that is super lightweight to keep him from overheating. On his feet, he is sporting Nike Air Huarache Ultra sneakers in white.

As for accessories, he rocked a navy blue and green striped belt from F. H. Wadsworth. Ribbon belts couldn’t be any more perfect to wear for a day on a boat or dining on the water. Belts are an excellent way to take your outfit to the next level and these fun colors are perfect for summer. This season is all about bright colors and letting your personal style shine through.

For this look, he decided to keep it on the casual side by wearing sneakers and leaving his jewelry at home. However, feel free to add a blazer, a watch, a pair of Sperry shoes, or all three to dress up this outfit even more. Whether you fall into the category of laid back or preppy, these are easy pieces you can add to switch up your style.

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God Bless Ribbon Belts

Summer is upon us which means more outdoorsy activities! Who isn’t looking forward to the classic American summer: pools, BBQs, fireworks and that summer heat! Even though it can get pretty toasty in the Cincinnati area, it does not mean you have to sacrifice style. You can be both comfortable and stylish with the heat waves coming through. One piece you can use that’s stylish and classic is a standard ribbon belt. Ribbon belts would fall under the fashion category of preppy, but a good ribbon belt can make an outfit standout.

The summer is full of classic American holidays like the Fourth of July, in which case the use of flags as a prop was necessary (as you can tell). I’ve included both photos of a male Fashionisto as well as myself modeling ribbon belts. The reason being is because ribbon belts are not for one gender; they’re for all who choose to wear them! As you can see they’re colorful and fun, yet classic. You can wear them with casual looks (as the Fashionisto and myself are demonstrating), or you can wear them in a more business casual look with khakis or other slacks. The Fashionisto is showing a look that’s more suited for a relax business atmosphere, while mine is 100 percent casual.

The Fashionisto chose colors that highlight the belt. A blue button-down, blue jeans, and the brown leather dress shoes accentuates the purple and green in the belt by F. H. Wadsworth. On myself I decided to pair my belt with a classic white button up and mom jean-shorts, as well as brown faux leather sandals. I really wanted to stick with the red, white, and blue theme, seeing as my ribbon belt resembles the American flag. For ladies, it’s easiest to pair your makeup based off the color the belt. For this particular instant I chose red due to the fact that the main accent color was red.

There are so many different ways to make a ribbon belt work! Feel free to tag @CFashionista with your tips on styling a ribbon belt if you have one that you love as well!

How to Make a Statement With a Minimalistic Style Look

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement without being too extra, then the minimal route is the best way to go! You may think, “Minimal? That’s basic.” Whether it’s a birthday party or a chic day out in the city, any occasion is applicable for this classic way of dressing. You can still express your personal style through the minimalist look by incorporating neutral colors or vibrant hues.

In the spring and summer, the minimal look is a staple and truly demonstrates the saying, “Less is more.” If this approach is new to you, it is never too late to channel your inner minimalist using amazing pieces. When you have an open-mind towards fashion, it can really expand your style to new levels.

If you struggle with planning your look, this is a great example of what your creative thought process could be: go for the timeless monochrome look. First, start off with a simple, basic outfit, preferably the all-black uniform. Ask yourself, “How do I make this look pop?” To ensure your own twist, you can throw on a colored blazer. Now, what about footwear? Adding a pair of simple white kicks, with a hint of embroidered detail, can really elevate your look. Remember that it’s all about the details. Accessorize with statement rings that complement, not compete with one another. Don’t forget the shades to complete your full look!

This thought process is suitable for anyone’s preferred fashion sense. In this case, this Fashionisto wanted to create a statement, yet simple look for his birthday. He paired his typical all-black uniform with a wine-colored blazer and the ideal white kicks with subtle embroidery. This Fashionisto’s silver oversize shades, with mirrored lenses, add an edge to the classic ensemble.

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