More Color, More Life

Ever since the summer of 2017 began, I’ve set various goals for myself. An important one was to get more serious about my career goals and be more productive. Until recently, I’ve been shy with everything from dealing with new people to my sense of fashion. I’ve considered the fields that I’m passionate about—fashion and photography—and I’ve realized that networking is crucial both in the way you present yourself and intellectually. So, my first step was to add more color and statement pieces to my wardrobe.

My inspirations for my lifestyle, especially on the style spectrum, has always been God as well as various celebrities I admire. My religion plays a big role in my style because I don’t wear pants. So, one word that innately describes my style has always been modest. I’ve realized that modesty has always been “in” over the past decades, which has helped me be more confident with it. People rarely ask me why I don’t wear pants especially because of the unique culture we have today.

I decided to be more daring with my wardrobe while sticking to my roots. I’ve always loved the vintage, chic look and timeless pieces. My inspirations for fashion are Solange Knowles-Ferguson and various industry bloggers such as Shiona Turini and Aimee Song. They each have very different styles but inspire a piece of mine. Solange has always been free in her ever surprising style, serving major looks that express her free personality. She incorporates the right colors with the statement elements of her look that agree perfectly. Aimee and Shiona are prime examples of how you can incorporate your personal style with high-end fashion. They all share the perfect combinations with subtle, daring patterns and vibrant colors.

My uniform look is the nude palette. However, I have added pops of color that have really elevated not only my style but my lifestyle. Adding color really adds more to your life. I realized that I could freely make statements with my style while dressing modestly as well as be comfortable with who I am. As you can see, I did a red, monochromatic look with a hint of black. I paired a red ruffle dress with my mini suede, red clutch and lace-up sandals. This look allows me to be comfy and cool in the hot season. The lace-up sandals have been a staple for me this summer, adding the perfect neoclassical edge to my bold reds.

Do you think adding color to your wardrobe enhances your life? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket in the Summer

Everyone has heard of the little black dress or a simple article of clothing that every woman has in her closet that is suitable for most occasions. This summer’s versatile piece is an oversize denim jacket. Perfect for breezy days or cool summer nights, the denim jacket allows you to be comfortable while not compromising your entire outfit. Whether it’s straight off a Forever 21 mannequin or from the depths of your dad’s closet, this one piece can be worn multiple ways for multiple occasions. Here are three different looks Fashionistas everywhere will be rocking this summer with a denim jacket.

1—Statement piece. Adding a statement piece can help transform this otherwise simple outfit into something suitable for day or night. The statement piece doesn’t have to be something large or colorful, just bold enough to dress up the plain white T-shirt and compliment the denim. Each accent ties the whole look together and makes you stand out in a crowd.

2—Midi dress. For those days that the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, a midi dress is a perfect pick. To complete the look, this Fashionista wears an oversize denim jacket over her shoulders to keep warm without overheating. The light denim also allows her to pull off brown accessories without clashing with the black dress. This look gives off a simple yet sophisticated vibe.

3—Matching set. Matching sets are definitely a trend you will see this summer, whether the pieces are worn separately or together. This Fashionista’s matching set consists of gray, white, and black striped shorts with a matching asymmetrical crop top. In this look, the denim jacket is used to make the outfit more casual and ready for everyday wear without distracting from the details of the set.

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5 Ways to Look Model Chic Without Really Trying

In today’s world, it’s hard to remember that the likes of Hailey Baldwin, the Hadids, and the Jenners always look good because it’s their job. Their makeup and hair always look flawless because they have professional teams doing it every day, and they use stylists often. But just because you don’t have access to these resources doesn’t mean you can’t look just as good! Here are some tips that can have you feeling model chic without really trying.

1—Middle parts and slicked back locks. There’s something about middle parts and slicking your hair back that screams confidence. Maybe it’s the bold nature of the look, or perhaps middle parts act like curtains that frame your face and leave the attention on your features. Either way, it’s instantly chic! To achieve a slicked back look that won’t budge, grab a strong-hold hair gel.

2—Less is more. Pick out a few types of accessories you want to rock, but don’t overdo it. If you’re going for a look with your hair down, go for chokers or bracelets. If you’re slicking your hair back or putting it up, go for some statement earrings! I’ll always be a sucker for a classic pair of hoops.

3—Vintage, vintage, vintage. One sure-fire way to nail a unique look is to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe. The majority of trends right now are pulling inspiration from the past. If you have the time and patience, finding original versions of trendy, retro pieces is super rewarding and ensures no one else will be rocking the same one! But if you don’t feel like thrifting through racks on racks at your local vintage digs, check out CRAP Eyewear ($54 and up) for vintage-inspired frames and Levi’s for OG timeless denim vibes.

4—Midi dresses. In the same vein as the “less is more” point, we often get overwhelmed when picking out outfits with lots of moving parts. In an effort to combat this, I’ve turned to midi dresses; their simplicity leaves plenty of room for styling without cluttering your outfit. Check out Reformation for classics like this.

5—Don’t be afraid to mix it up. One of my favorite ways to add effortless dimension to an otherwise monotonous look is by incorporating pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily think to pair with the rest of your look. Balancing between trendy and timeless, nicer items and fast-fashion help to channel the quintessential “so what, who cares?” vibes that Gigi, Bella, Kendall, and others emit when photographed in Beverly Hills or the West Village. As long as you look put together, you’re set!

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In Defense of Buying the Dress

You know the dress. The one you had to have. It holds a special place in your closet and in your heart. Unfortunately, college means trading mall trips for meals. In this constant state of frugality, justifying spending more money than you would like to on something that you don’t necessarily need is not easy. Though, I will forever defend my purchase because the feeling of slipping it on this morning was well worth the wait.

Everyone should stumble upon the dress. You will not be looking for it, but it will find you.

What qualifies a dress as the dress?

1—It will be your size, even better, when it is the only size left available.

2—It will be your color. Whatever is most flattering to your skin tone, and what you are most comfortable in.

3—It will be the perfect length for your height.

4—It doesn’t have to be a dress. A power suit or jumper can evoke the same feeling.

5—The feeling: you must feel like the best version of yourself. If you don’t feel it, don’t buy it.

6—Finding it might surprise you, and it is okay to step out of your norm. Note to self: it does not have to come in black.

The event has still yet to grace my calendar. This isn’t exactly the perfect moment I had envisioned for its debut, but it served well as a trial run. I opted to dress it down with sneakers instead of heels, and a velvet choker to match. The dress may speak for itself, but every Cinderella needs her shoes. Though, when the perfect occasion does arise, I’ll be ready—heels in tow.

To all my ladies waiting for the perfect time to wear the dress, you aren’t alone. To some, this may feel like a waste of money, but we know better. When all else fails, wear it anyway! I certainly didn’t mind. If the opportunity doesn’t arise, it is perfectly okay to make your own.

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How I Learned to Love My Security Blanket

“Don’t you ever think of cutting your hair?” “I love your hair but it’s so long, isn’t it time for a change?” These comments were ones I heard one too many times. Growing up I always had long locks. In fact, I remember the numerous dreaded trips to our hairstylist. While others would jump at the chance of a trip to the salon, I would shudder at the thought of my hair being an inch too short. However, it wasn’t until my close friend pointed out that maybe I was hiding behind my hair to truly second guess my locks.

Witnessing my friends chopping their hair in the summer to avoid the heat, I recall admiring their courage and commenting on how great it looked. It made me realize that maybe it was time for a change after all, but not in the way you would imagine. Call it an insecurity if you will or maybe even a security blanket, but what I didn’t realize at the time was how my hair would help me gain the much-needed confidence I lacked.

Now I know it appears silly to think how my hair could make up for something I thought was missing. But that’s the thing, it did. I realized that I loved my long locks and while others could rock the short hairstyle, I didn’t want to because my hair was a part of who I was. Now I know hair grows back and maybe in time I will chop it all off, but learning to love something I always had given me confidence. It allowed me to embrace myself and my uniqueness and respect the same quality in others.

See it doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair, or no hair. Who cares if your lip curls a little when you smile or your face is covered with freckles? If you love it, it’s all that matters. So if wearing a face full of makeup is your security blanket or wearing none at all, then do it. It took me a long time to learn that beauty trends change every day, but something you love about yourself, that sets you apart and makes you who you are, that’s something you shouldn’t change…even if the world has a billion comments to make about it.

So what’s your distinguishing feature? Your security blanket? Let us know in the comments below!

The Short Girl’s Guide to Breaking the Rules in Fashion

“You’re so small and cute! So fun sized!,” is a phrase I’ve pretty much conditioned my brain to tune out. The truth is that 5’2’’ has always felt like a curse to me. My mom swears I stunted my growth by going on a strict (three month) vegetarian diet at the developmentally vital age of 13. “Vegetarians don’t grow big and strong,” she would tell me as I rolled my eyes and munched on the cob salad I opted for in place of her chicken parmesan.

There are worse things that come with being below 5’5’’ on the growth chart than suffocating in concert crowds and not being able to reach that lone sock at the bottom of your washing machine. Being short meant that I was, for a majority of my life, horribly limited when it came to my style choices. In this brave new era of body positivity, I’ve decided to work with what I have and embrace the petite limbs I’ve been resenting for the better half of my adolescent years.

To do this, some age-old short girl style rules have to be broken. Midi skirts have historically been a no-no for the vertically challenged, as have jumpsuits and anything knee-high. Here, I styled the forbidden midi skirt in the hopes of not looking like I’m frolicking in the ball pit of a Chuck-E-Cheese.

Pairing a midi skirt with a two inch block heel makes for a light summer look without the hassle of mid-day blisters from taller heels. Bonus points if you style with dangly earrings to elongate your neck.

For a casual nighttime look, wear a jumpsuit with ankle boots to give you the height necessary to not have to cuff the bottoms more than two times. Tan or nude shoes will help elongate your legs and create balance between the pieces that make your legs look shorter and your actual legs.

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STYLE ADVICE: Midis and Mimosas

It’s no secret that Fashionistas love brunch; so much so that it has even morphed into a verb. Brunching is the perfect excuse to put together a stylish outfit, gather with friends or family, and raise a pinky with a mimosa in hand. Spring is the ideal time to get out and enjoy the beauty of your city, so why not trade pajamas for a sundress?

This Fashionista sported a classic Sunday brunch look. She looked stunning in an Ann Taylor Loft midi dress with a pattern that is both tasteful and eye-catching. The midi dress is a shorter version of the maxi dress, but works even better for those on the more petite end of the spectrum. These are a great spring and summer staple; they can give anybody a long, elegant silhouette. This is particularly fitting for a nice morning on the town. Try it with a cropped denim jacket for a layered look.

Since the dress is the centerpiece of the outfit, this Fashionista complemented the look with neutral shoes. The cream colored wedges by Cole Haan are a subtle way of bringing the outfit together, while letting most of the attention be drawn to the dress. A little heel is always favorable, especially to continue the length of the dress.

Finally, this Fashionista accessorized with a rose pink statement necklace and Kate Spade watch. A statement necklace is a classic piece that can enhance almost any outfit. This rose shade is subtle, while still adding another layer of elegance to the outfit. This Fashionista did a great job coordinating jewelry that complemented the rest of the outfit.

Next time you decide to dine out with friends or loved ones, try these tricks that will help you achieve the ultimate brunch style.

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Little Pink Dress

Pink is the springtime black. Spring fever means the fashion world is a pink world. With 50 plus shades of pink like blush, fuchsia, salmon, flamingo, rose, crimson, and classic hot pink, revamp that boring, basic black wardrobe. ‘Tis the pink season!

Just like seasonal fashion fads, my personal style is ever changing, eclectic, and yet still timelessly classic. When choosing my attire for the day or for the night, numerous factors go into consideration. The looks are inspired by the season, the day of the week, the time of day, the event, my personal mood, and of course, from all over the fashion industry. Find me reading Vogue with my morning coffee, procrastinating on homework and browsing Pinterest for new and improved street style ideas, or following the fabulous lives of the world’s notorious fashion icons on social media for the 411 on the trends. And so, post research and style soul-searching, pink is the word and the 2017 springtime rage. Pink is the star of the show.

As a 20-something with an indescribable style, I am definitely part of the pro pink campaign. On a Monday to class, I might sport a pale pink graphic T-shirt, distressed boyfriend jeans, Steve Madden platform sneakers, and a baseball cap—AKA paying homage to Gigi Hadid’s effortlessly chic and sporty street style. Next, for a Wednesday at the office, perhaps I tuck my pearl white button-down blouse into a magenta pink plaid pencil skirt. Thank you, Cher from Clueless, for transforming plaid from geek to chic. And then, catch me Friday night on the town channeling my inner ’90s girl, rocking a leather mini skirt paired with an ultra neon pink tank, topped with a vintage denim jacket. On Wednesday’s, (well, and the other six days of the week), I wear pink. For any occasion, for all day and all night, and for the sake of staying on trend, say yes to pink.

Featured above is my wardrobe tribute to Carrie Bradshaw: an eternally classic rose pink a-line midi dress and two-tone wooden heel sandals. At Topshop, the minute my eyes met this timeless piece, it was a romantic moment of love at first sight. This look screams Sunday brunch or springtime soirée. But, that’s not all this little pink dress offers; the outfit possibilities are endless. Add white sneakers, an embroidered tote bag, plus cat-eye sunglasses, and set off to explore a new city with the perfect traveler ensemble. Even throw on a Moto leather jacket, fishnet stockings with chunky heel black booties, a vivid pink lipstick, and voilà: glamorous getup for a G.N.O. in Manhattan. All hail the little pink dress.

Live life colorfully and wear that little pink dress. Who’s to say pink is not a neutral, right? When in doubt, think pink!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don’t Fear the Sheer

Sheer, mesh, see-through overlays, oh my. This look is timeless and progressing each year. It is worn at NYFW as an elegant skirt over a floral brocade mini skirt by Delpozo, and as transparent layers over some risky briefs by Coach. It has a comfortable range that attracts many different types of women. The magic of the sheer is that you can layer it over, quite literally, anything you own in your closet. It is seen over T-shirts from Urban Outfitters, slip dresses, and if you are feeling confident over just some fashionable under garments.

Have you seen the wide leg pants under a long sheer gown topped with an open trench coat or army jacket? There is something to be said about the effortless looks of street wear layers with its baggy, yet tasteful aesthetic. Add a little spruce of textile with some sheer under your sweater or over your basics, and you will look trendy and elegant. A little see-through never hurt anybody.

My guru is rocking the sheer ruffle dress over a simple slip dress. She accessorizes with a choker and red lipstick to tie in her Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Hidden Heart’ high tops. There are so many places she can wear this look! Sheer brings out her natural skin tone through its translucent material. This distinctive textile is so current because it portrays natural beauty unique to the sitter. Also, the guru’s lack of makeup supports this notion. Don’t fear the sheer, Fashionista/os.

STYLE ADVICE: 74 Degrees in February?

Have you ever heard of 74-degree weather in February? Yeah, me neither. These past few weeks, the sun has been peeking out, giving us a little break from the winter weather. With the change in weather comes a change of style. Ever wondered how to dress for the change of weather without going out of season? Well, I’m here to show you how to switch up your style from winter on a hot day.

Walking around campus for some fashion inspiration, I found a very fashionable young lady dressed right for the weather. Her outfit stood out to me so much that I decided to use her outfit to give you all some style advice. She had on an on-trend, glitter V- neck dress, a black bomber, and a pair of black combat boots. The black bomber is on-trend as well, as that is always a color for winter. She had on minimal accessories, as the dress stood out on its own.  This Fashionista wore her natural hair with some blonde highlights that I am loving. I also appreciated how she did not have her toes out. It’s still winter, people.

If you want to wear an item of clothing that is interchangeable between seasons, you don’t want to look like you’re confused. Take the dress for example. If you wear a dress during the winter, wear a pair of cool sneakers or long boots to go with it, and a jacket or cardigan to keep you warm, especially if the dress does not have any sleeves.

And that is how you switch up your style for a change of weather day. Stay tuned for my next post!