STYLE ADVICE: Distressed Neutrals

As the end of the semester is quickly approaching, we are starting to get ready for the transition from spring into summer. This is one of my favorite times of the year because nature starts to come alive, and everyone’s attitudes match this brand new liveliness. This time of year makes people generally think of bright, saturated colors. However, I have always liked to focus more on neutral tones, which happen to be super trendy right now.

I chose to pull some inspiration for my own style from this Fashionisto’s look because his style is pretty similar to my own. I always lean towards neutral colors and androgynous shapes, which is exactly what is portrayed in this look. Because of the androgynous silhouettes, this look can easily be worn by both men and women. Starting with the basics, he is sporting some black skinny jeans, a classic piece you can’t go wrong with. Paired with that he has chosen an oversize, distressed T-shirt. Something that has been really trendy lately besides neutral colors is the distressed style. Ripped up T-shirts and jeans are all the rage and can be found at many different stores. This T-shirt from ASOS has similar distressed details but offers a more feminine fit.

Layered on top he is wearing a military style button-down shirt. The muted green of this shirt acts as a neutral color and matches everything. For accessories, he went with simple pieces that pull the look together. The white sneakers and white cap match perfectly and don’t distract from the outfit. As a statement, he is wearing a leather watch and bracelet that are simple and earthy. I can see this Fashionisto sporting this look anywhere from just hanging out with friends, to class, to going to parties. Also, with the versatility of this outfit, it is easily adaptable into a women’s look. I love it so much that I might even throw it on and go join him!

STYLE ADVICE: Chic Encounter

Opting for a clean and comfortable look is sometimes all you’re in the mood for. Pairing an expressive top with a tomboy-esque military jacket allows you to harmonize traditional ends of the fashion spectrum like a well-fitted piece or a more structured coat. Anyone who really knows me knows that I love jackets: I’m always on the lookout for the next best outerwear piece. What I love about this particular jacket is the fact that it can actually be worn for more than a few days of the year in sunny Florida. It is light enough to not feel overbearing, while still allowing this Fashionista to express her personal style without being limited to the confines of tank tops and rompers. The sleeves are rolled up for a more laid-back feel, which her light accessories express as well.

Although her accessories are understated, I love the contrast of a dainty necklace and large sunglasses. The tortoiseshell print is one of my personal favorites, so I’m slightly biased in that department. However, they preserve her tendency to seek out classic, timeless additions to her wardrobe.

Makeup, as we all know, can drastically change someone’s look. For this Fashionista, it’s all about keeping it natural on the face with a bold pink lip. Outfits that are not as busy or cluttered with patterns and prints present you with the opportunity to adventure in other fields. The bright pink adds a personalized touch of sass and personality. The black peep toe heels are the perfect way to retain femininity in her look and prove that good shoes take you good places. Wherever this Fashionista is headed, she’s going in style.

My advice? Seek out and incorporate light layers that can be dressed up or down, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your make up while staying true to classier silhouettes and styles. Trendy but subtle accessories don’t go unnoticed, and they make all the difference in presentation.


Spring is here and ready to stay. Well actually, not really in Oklahoma. The weather here has ranged from hot to pretty chilly, but we have been having a few days with the perfect spring weather. I need to take advantage of these days though because soon it will be super hot and humid to the point where I won’t want to step outside!

During this transition into warmer weather, one of my favorite things to do is pair a dress with a light jacket on top. This Fashionista executed this style so well. The black A-line dress fits like a dream and adds a fun mod vibe to the outfit. It’s suede, which makes it interesting, but you can still breathe in the dress. The zipper adds a flirty flare to the outfit too. Both the jacket and dress contrast quite a bit, but I think they compliment each other. The green utility jacket is yet another closet essential I think everyone should own. This jacket works great for the fickle weather because it’s light, but it is great to throw on if you get cold.

Okay, these shoes scream fun. They add to the mod style of the outfit, but they do so with a more current fashion. Platforms are huge right now, and I feel like these shoes could add the perfect pizzaz to a simple outfit. The earrings add some fun to the outfit without overpowering the whole ensemble. Statement earrings are some of my favorites, and this pair is awesome because it adds a subtle statement.

This outfit fits perfect for the transition into warmer weather. Mod styles make a unique statement because it tends not to be the trendiest style at the moment. This outfit is one of my favorites I’ve shot so far, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

STYLE ADVICE: Fashion at Ease

Welcome back style lovers. It is safe to say that Pantone’s forecast for the color of the year being Greenery, the many women fighting for basic human rights, and the reemerging of the boomer jacket that there is a military influence in fashion. On campus, I spotted a style soldier on the frontline making this trend her own.

Our style cadet is wearing an Altar’d State hoodie with patches showing her rank in fashion with messages from a simple “P” to a rose on the sleeve. Our cadet also is wearing a brown suede mini skirt from Forever 21 with a mod-influenced design having fun in the sun and taking advantage of the heat. Our cadet also decided to add a pop of color with her pink peep toe booties from Cap Robbins and gray Forever 21 thigh high socks. Along the way, we find a nice lace choker, charm theme bracelet, bar necklace from The Limited and the ultimate military staple fashion item—the aviator glasses.

Style is all about adding a twist to looks you see on the runway and making it your own, that’s what we saw today in a very cost effective way. This is a very cute way to go to class and turn around meet up with friends throughout the day. Another great thing about this look is that with one change this outfit can be used in a different arena and climates. Stylish, cost efficient, and multi-functional, a cadet’s style uniform is definitely a great look to follow.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Weekend Downtown

It’s that time of the semester where work is really starting to pile up, and it just seems like we can never catch a break from the constant stress. When this happens, it is important to budget your time wisely so you can engage in some self-love activities, such as shopping downtown with your friends on the weekends. Kent, Ohio is a great college town with tons of fun restaurants, cafés, and shops so walking around and just hanging out offers a great break from campus life. This Fashionista had the right idea to style a casual and cozy look, perfect for a fun study break downtown.

She started off with a basic thermal T-shirt in a neutral color, similar to this oversize thermal top from Urban Outfitters. She paired that with plain black leggings, a staple piece for all seasons offering both comfort and warmth. She then added warmer layers on top of that for the windy winters we have here. A green military style jacket is one of my favorite go-to pieces for when I want to look like I’m trying, without really trying that hard. This Free People military jacket is similar, with an added tribal print trim. To accessorize she chose an oversize plaid scarf, and some cute duck booties by Sperry, which come in enough colorways to match any outfit. This casual look is perfect for hitting the town between homework binges, is easy to recreate from some staple pieces that you probably already own, and is going to be the inspiration for my outfits for the rest of the season!

STYLE ADVICE: Jump Into Jumpsuits

Coat, sweater, jeans, and ankle boots. Sound familiar? During the winter season, almost all of Fashionistas turn to this formula for survival. I often find myself turning to this formula at least 95 percent of the time, but, it can get a little repetitive.

It’s easy to get into a styling rut when it’s too cold to function outside, but there are so many stylish alternatives to just sweaters and jeans. Jumpsuits are known for their versatility and style. They’re the piece that everyone from bloggers to magazine editors to celebrities look to when they’re in need of a comfortable and stylish look. Think of them as a blank canvas: You can add on anything and everything to replicate your style and show the world who you are.

This Fashionista turned to an army green jumpsuit to break the mold and show off her true style. She accessorized with stacked bracelets to contrast from the boyish look of the jumpsuit, adding a feminine touch. Rather than pulling on some booties or flats, this Fashionista opted for a classic: Converse. These sneakers go with virtually everything and add a playful touch to her look, not to mention how cool it looks with a classic friendship bracelet around her ankle. But a bandana would also look super chic.

College Fashionista’s mood board for March mentions breaking out of your comfort zone, which can often lead to some pretty great things. If you’re stuck in a style rut but want to keep warm, try something new. Find a cool jumpsuit and style accordingly. Mix and match different accessories,  put on something unexpected and who knows! You could find yourself wearing a new and improved winter formula.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Military Inspired Look

Being that I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, I have to make sure that I am always on my A game. The days of arriving to class in a slouchy sweater and baggy sweatpants are long gone. Being around hundreds of fashion students, I am constantly inspired by diverse trends and cutting edge styles.

Recently, I’ve noticed that many fashion students are coveting suede thigh high boots, which are usually paired with a classic mini dress.  Instead, I’ve decided to go with a military inspired look that accentuates my body, which includes a grungy army jacket with detailing of brass embellishments. This jacket is versatile because it can be worn during multiple seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall, and is the perfect piece for layering during these crisp months. Wearing all black most of time can get boring, so I love to spice things up by adding a pop of color. My leggings are suede as well and are embroidered with a floral pattern, which ties together all of the pieces and creates a look that is more appealing to the eye. To complete this look, I added a funky pearl choker that looks dynamite with my ribbed boho bag. The bag has a worn out look with big buckles that slouch down. To top it off, my Smart Watch is encrusted with silver crystals, which is not only great for style, but for tracking my calories and exercise too.

Forget to wear makeup like I did? No problem! Slap on a pair of blue shades and you’re good to go.

WHAT TO WEAR: Yeezy Season

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy. The rapper that has taken the world by storm in many ways throughout the decade. From dropping multiple number one albums to stopping his concerts midway through to getting checked into the hospital, Kayne West has been a very influential icon. Many people say his large ego has gotten the best of him and it’s negatively affecting his career. However, there is still one huge factor that has kept Kanye very successful: his clothing line. Kanye’s Yeezy Season has had four successful collections to date. It is crazy to think that a clothing line based on ripped sweatshirts and baggy joggers has brought an enormous amount of money to the Kanye empire.

In all of Kanye’s clothing collections, he has used a neutral color palette to create his military inspired looks. Kanye truly follows the fashion code of “less is more” in his Yeezy seasons. Motivated by West, this Fashionisto went with a more minimalistic, affordable style while still sporting neutral fall tones.

To recreate a look inspired by Kanye’s fashion line, this Fashionisto wore black, baggy Adidas joggers. Staying with the Adidas trend, he threw on a black and gray hoodie. Unfortunately, this college kid was unable to afford Yeezys so he decided to rock Nike Roshe Runs instead. Lastly, he threw on an Oakley baseball cap to bring the whole athleisure look together.

Kanye has brought both negative and positive attributes to the entertainment industry, but there is no doubt that Kanye West’s clothing line has inspired Fashionistas/os across the country. Yeezy Season has created waves on waves of iconic looks that have shaped many young people’s styles today.

STYLE ADVICE: Crushin’ on Camo

With so many different trends coming from all directions, it’s difficult to choose what direction to go in. How do you not feel defeated when walking into a store? Being strategic about combining the right trends is the most important part. This Fashionista nailed it by combining a camouflage jacket, a choker, and a dark lip for a killer look.

A bold and dramatic pattern such as camouflage may seem hard to work with, but by keeping it relatively simple, it lets the pattern stand out and be the one statement item of the outfit. The camouflage jacket is that statement item, and gives style and warmth, so it’s perfectly practical. This jacket is also versatile, because it’s appropriate to wear indoors or outdoors, which is the key to staying comfortable when running errands or going from building to building for classes.

Since the trendy camouflage jacket was the main piece of the outfit, this Fashionista kept the rest simple by pairing it with simple black leggings and a soft black long-sleeve T-shirt for the ultimate style and warmth combination.

To accessorize, she added a layered choker and a gold script necklace. The bow adds a touch of femininity to contrast the masculine and military feel of the jacket, and her delicate, horoscope sign necklace gives a personal touch. Her dark, vampy lip is the cherry on top, and makes her makeup stand out along with her outfit.

Overall, camo, chokers, and dark lips are some of the hottest trends, so why not combine them all into one amazing outfit all while keeping warm against the harsh Wisconsin winter? It may seem overwhelming, but combined, they harmonize beautifully. Taking risks is what makes fashion fun!

STYLE ADVICE: An Elegant Fight!

An elegant fight? What an oxymoron! Although it may sound out of the box, it’s true, you can have the cake and eat it too. This Fashionista is showing us a delicate play between her girly and edgier personalities, mixing into a territory of combat chic.

Military green is a staple in recreating combat styles. Often times people use this shade in signature pieces such as jackets to quickly construct an outfit, but this Fashionista here took a more discrete route. The same green is displayed in her outfit, however, she opted to center the outfit around her pants. This choice is not only a more unique method of alluding to a military style, but also a nice change from classic denims. Continuing her tough-girl look, this Fashionista is sporting a thick, black belt and combat inspired booties.

While the black and green compliment each other well, this Fashionista does not let her more feministic sense get overshadowed. Her combat boots are accented with stylish studs while she keeps the top more plain with a lavender hoodie. The essentials of this outfit are pretty simple, but the add-ons this Fashionista is wearing pulled the outfit together to be noteworthy. T-shirt and pants are typical go-to outfits. To elevate this ordinary combination, this Fashionista pulled on her favorite patterned cardigan to fight the winter chill and add a splash of color and texture. A quick pull over piece like a patterned cardigan is not only functional, but in this case, it is her statement article. Bright colors and altering shapes on the cardigan ties in an element of fun and excitement to her outfit. You can try using bold patterns to create a similar, eye-catching effect!

Finally, this Fashionista topped off her outfit by putting on an elegant black choker, matching her previous color scheme and also a minimalist, classy necklace. As seen through her outfit, this Fashionista knows exactly what she wants and have no plans on settling for less. Juxtaposing styles within one outfit is okay, just be sure to find subtle ways to tie the two together!