Internship Diary—New York Men’s Day

For the past couple of years, my dream job has been to work for a magazine, specifically a fashion publication like Vogue or Elle. After what seemed like endless applications with no response, I was starting to lose hope for the summer, seeing as that it was already mid-June. Conveniently enough, I happened to get an e-mail and land the summer internship of my dreams working for Kate Moodie, previous fashion and beauty editor of Vogue, Elle, Self, and Women’s Health. In 2014, she decided to start up her own digital lifestyle magazine called Mood of Living, which is focused on conscious living and high-quality lifestyle for men and women.

Unlike any other internship, I was immediately thrown into the culture and world of fashion. I was given the opportunity to attend press showrooms, collection previews, industry events, and New York Men’s Week, specifically New York Men’s Day.

New York Men’s Day

New York Men’s Day was an experience like no other. Upon entering, tons of fashion bloggers walked in and were being photographed by street style Vogue experts. Being a small town girl from New Jersey, I was in complete awe that I was in the presence of so many amazing and established people.

The event itself was split into several rooms—each room representing a different brand and showcasing either a presentation or a runway show. I attended the first half of New York Men’s Day and was able to see Body of Wild, Head of State, Bristol, Kramer & Stoudt, Daniel Hechter, David Hart, and Woodhouse. The images I’ve featured are from the latter four.

Although each room and each brand had a different theme, a common one I noticed was the return of the 1960s, each collection having culture embedded into every piece. Woodhouse had an airy and lighthearted approach by incorporating bright colors and inventive materials such as in the men’s’ rainbow, plastic overcoat. 

Other collections such as Daniel Hechter featured classic blazers and button-downs, highlighting the epitome of preppy boy meets the working man. Bright colors were also incorporated into this collection as well as David Hart’s collection such as reds, blues, and greens. These collections emphasized the ability of the modern man to gain traction in the fashion realm, adding vibrancy and a spin to the classic work attire.

Overall, New York Men’s Day was definitely one for the books. I learned a lot about not only fashion, but about the industry and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating a collection. I am beyond blessed to have gotten the opportunity to attend this year’s New York Men’s Fashion Week and I’m so excited to share my experience with all of you!

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You, Me, the World, and Fashion’s Carbon Footprint

After doing much research on sustainable fashion, I have come to the conclusion that I myself am not a sustainable person. Looking at my closet, it is filled with items that I may never wear again but hope that I might. With the new school year coming up and fall clothing stocking onto the shelves, I needed to find other options. Rather than spending my money and piling more items into that closet, I needed to make a change.

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, I found that about 25 billion pounds of textiles are created each year. 85% of it goes into our landfills while only 15% are donated or recycled. A reason as to why this is happening is that not many people know that textiles can be recycled. That is why many people would rather buy new and trendy items instead of dealing with finding a way to recycle them. I for one am guilty of this.

So, here are some things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint!


For the items that are still functional, you can send them to your local thrift store and get a tax reduction. Plus, you can shop for vintage items that can cost less than $5. Now that’s a steal!

Be Creative

See that old dress that you forgot in the back of your closet? Take it out and cut it up! By doing so, you’re giving them a second life and you’re making it unique to your style.

Look for the Green Tag

If you’re a shopaholic like I am, there are lots of companies that are on the fast track to sustainable fashion. Some of these companies are H&M, Nike, and Adidas, only to name a few. There are also many other brands who are 100 percent eco-friendly or are converting their practices to become eco-friendly. All you have to do is look for the green tag and there you go! You have an item that is made out of recycled materials or can be made into one after your life cycle with it.

In the end, the one who makes the decisions will be me and you. So, let’s celebrate the earth and help it rather than creating more damage. It is the one and only earth we have!

What do you think about sustainable fashion? Let me know in the comments below and show us how you’re helping the earth! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

These Summer Boots Were Made for Walkin’

Things are starting to heat up in Florida—this means it’s time to bring out the shorts, comfortable tops, and… boots? This month’s Fashionista decided to bring out some thigh-high boots this summer and totally rock them!

Since I had been studying abroad in Spain for five months, I kind of lost a feel for what Florida style was like. I was getting used to very eccentric outfits, lots of fur, and black. As soon as I got back, I remembered how nice it was to be able to wear shorts and sandals with some loose, breezy tops due to the extreme heat that we have. But fashion is always about taking risks, and to me, thigh-high boots in summer would seem like a risk, but not to this Fashionista.

She used these boots as the statement piece of the outfit with a chambray top and some white shorts, which scream summer. The balance between the basic clothing items and the boots mixes chic with edgy. It’s interesting to see how just one clothing item or accessory can completely change the feel of an outfit, but it’s never too late to try something new out!

If you would like to recreate this outfit for a girl’s day out or brunch with your friends, here’s how to recreate it:

1—Pick out your favorite pair of thigh-high or knee-high boots. This Fashionista is rocking a pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots.

2—Look through your closet and find a cute chambray top. Everyone should own at least one because it’s the easiest item to style for the spring and summer time.

3—Finish the look with white shorts. This is another item that everyone should have for spring and summer. It matches with everything. You can dress it up or down and you’ll be ready to go!

Now that you know how to rock this look, what are your opinions about it? Would you rock thigh-high boots in summer? Let me know in the comments below. If you decide to recreate this look, show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

Bubbly Spaces for a Balanced Mind at Your Internship

Being at university, or working for the first time, can be the best and worst experience of your life. Anxiety is a major contributor to the worst side of things, so anything that can be done to increase positive energy in a stress-inducing environment is very important. Here are a few simple ways I’ve learned to up my work spaces in order to up my mellowness.

1—Potted plants. Real or artificial, a good potted plant adds a natural, thriving vibe to any space.

2—Baskets. Woven storage baskets are a great example of a necessity that adds ambiance, and the brown tones add a year-round warmth and liveliness.

3—Paintings and framed photos. These are a perfect way to introduce soothing sights—from nature to architecture, or abstract pieces to familiar faces.

4—Warm light. Fluorescent lights belong in a hospital or office cubicles. Warm light is softer on the eyes and better emulates the serenity of sunlight.

5—Simple, earthy materials. I’m not just encouraging minimalism here; stone, brick and glass ornaments can add dimension to an otherwise lackluster environment.

6—Comforting textures. Grab a grainy cushion or drape a soft throw blanket over your chair. Stroking comforting materials while breathing deeply is a quick way to calm an uneasy mind.

Nature and creative beauty are often rare sights for those of us who find ourselves in a man-made box of screens, machines, and routines. Work is work and it’s understandable that these environments are kept distraction-free, so why not make changes where you can? If you can’t afford to do things outside of work that you love, create a mood at your work station at home that fills you with the same delight and tranquility.

Students who especially spend long hours doing logical, analytical courses may find that they have less time to be as adventurous and creative as they would like to be. While it would be awesome to go and do whatever activities your heart desires, a balanced lifestyle is much easier imagined than achieved. This is an all-too-simple solution: incorporate things that excite you into spaces that are typically a bore.

What other ways would you use to create a bubbly work space? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Summer Outfit

Rome is such a breathtaking city where every corner has a long history. Since I am studying abroad here, I decided to put on some vintage clothes and dive into this wonderful summer journey in Rome.

Wearing something light in such hot weather is always a good choice. In this outfit, I chose one of my favorite pink dresses paired with white loafers and a pair of round sunglasses. This pink dress is very special and unique in terms of its design. You can also choose other little, light-colored dresses that can add a touch of femininity and sexiness. The loafer is one of the recently popular must-haves. This white loafer is very simple, so it just complements the outfit perfectly. A pair of simple white or black heeled sandals is also a great choice.

For the accessories, I choose a round, vintage-looking earring. This type of big, round metal earring will look even better on you if you have short hair. It’s summer, so a pair of sunglasses is a necessity. I bought these sunglasses the minute I saw the. Their retro, round shape with the gold metal material makes the look more classic and elegant.

This look suits a lot of occasions, from a regular school day to even a special occasion. The colors pink and white keep the look clean and fresh. So, when you don’t know what to wear during the summer, just pick a little pink dress with white heels or sandals!

If you love the look, don’t forget to leave a comment below!

What I Learned From My First Editorial Fashion Shoot

Hey everyone, and happy (official) summer! I am so excited to be returning for my FOURTH semester as a Style Guru and to celebrate one year of interning with this incredible company. As we usher in June, spring colors start to fade along with the blooming flowers and the April showers (thank goodness!). I believe that summer can be a time for reinvention, for a fresh start. A time to try something new, to create an entire new look. So for my June article, I have chosen to do just that!

Inspired by a modern fashion mood board that I’ve been working on, I decided to ditch the pastel sundresses that I usually choose for summer and bought a bright red jumpsuit instead. My goal was to attempt to bring my modern fashion magazine pictures to life. It was a little bit of a challenge, but it was so much fun! While I learned how extremely difficult it is to pose for editorial fashion, and how much work goes into it all, I had a complete blast! I felt confident, which is a rare feeling for me when it comes to being in front of a camera.

I have never tried anything like this before, but I am so unbelievably happy that I did. For the first time, I felt like I actually knew what I was doing, and that I would be able to continue working on my dream of someday having a career in the fashion world. My friend who was my photographer started scrolling through our photos and I was absolutely speechless! I couldn’t believe it was me in the photos.

As I said earlier, summer is time for a new look, and I think I definitely accomplished that this month. For this shoot, I chose to buy some bright blue, modern looking tassel earrings and a large pink ribbon choker. Both of these items have since become staple items in my wardrobe. I wear them so often and have had so much fun finding ways to incorporate them into my outfits. I feel so comfortable with this new sense of style, and I am excited to continue trying new looks.

I hope this post has inspired you to take a chance on a different look or style that you’ve always wanted to try. As our girl Hilary Duff once said, “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” If you had told me last year when I started this internship that one day I’d be taking photos wearing a bright red jumpsuit with my hair in a half top-knot, I would have laughed in your face, but yet here we are. Fashion is constantly growing and evolving, and so are we! Take a chance on your dreams and your style goals, and see where it takes you!

What new look have you tried recently? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

STYLE GURU STYLE: Who What Gingham

Change is as necessary as it is inevitable. Whether we seek change or it happens unexpectedly, we are always evolving. In the short time I’ve been a Style Guru (seriously, how is this semester over already?) I’ve already seen significant change in myself. Finally, I’ve managed to come into my own—especially when it comes to my style.

Although I’m still experimenting with what pieces work best on me, I’ve become more selective in what I purchase. I often find myself reaching for closet staple pieces or those same simple necessities with a little something extra, whether that’s a black T-shirt with ruffles on the front, an embroidered button-down, or anything with bell sleeves. So, naturally, I had to grab this bardot bell sleeve top from the Who What Wear collection at Target! Perfectly blending classic gingham with of-the-moment statement sleeves, this top has officially become one of my favorite pieces.

For an elevated day look, I paired my gingham with black denim and tossed on Gucci Princetown leather slippers, of which I received from a friend as an early birthday gift (how #Rad is that?). I have to say, these shoes are life changing. They’re extremely light and make you feel like a street style star during fashion week the second you slip them on. In keeping with my “less is more” life motto, I finished up my look with a few simple rings and a structured vintage shoulder bag. My favorite part about an outfit? The small, unexpected details.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past few months, it’s to embrace change and to face it head-on. Change is never easy and is almost always intimidating, but without it what would we have to daydream about? In those moments—those difficult, intimidating moments—is when we discover more about who we are and who we aspire to be. If you ever find yourself in one of those moments, remember yourself, your daydreams, and never, ever give up.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Modern Cool Accessories

Thank goodness it’s finally spring! I’ve been loving all the warmer weather looks that I’ve seen on my campus, and this Fashionista gives me incredible accessorizing inspiration. Style advice, credited to the infamous Coco Chanel suggests that, before leaving the house, one should always take at least one thing off. I don’t think this suggestion has to be followed literally, but it’s always good to keep in mind that you don’t want to over accessorize a good outfit. What I love about the look here is how this Fashionista has embraced pops of color while accessorizing her look just enough to look thoughtful, but not so much that it appears cluttered or distracting.

This Fashionista’s choice of a red outer layer makes an otherwise all black outfit visually striking. I love that she managed to break out a crop top and culottes as the temperatures have increased, but still managed to stay practical for Amsterdam’s ever-changing weather conditions with her outer layer. What really ties her outfit together, though, are her accessories.

The leopard print backpack adds a fun touch to a modern and streamlined look, and yes, it’s very practical for on-the-go university students. Additionally, her choice of minimal creepers add a sleek and stylish touch to her outfit (and some extra height), while the black keeps her outfit tied nicely together. The choker trend is still going strong and here you can see how it can add interest to an outfit without being distracting to the look as a whole. Finally, I love how she brought out the sunglasses for such a beautiful sunny day! There are so many cool sunglasses styles this season and her classic looking, yet still modern pair, add the perfect finishing touch to her look.

I personally believe that accessories add a je ne sais quoi element to an outfit. Accessorizing shouldn’t be underestimated. Altogether, it can completely change the tone of an outfit. As you can see here, the thoughtful inclusion of certain elements can really tie the whole outfit together to make a big impact.

BEAUTY BAR: Black? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” I laughed the first time Meryl Streep said this line to an intern in The Devil Wears Prada (and the 100th time, since it’s one of my favorite movies). Now, it’s a viral Twitter meme that surfaces every year around this time, mocking the stereotypical bright, floral print clothing associated with this season. I’m the first all-black-all the time person to retweet.

If you’re anything like my featured Fashionista and me, you don’t want to switch the color of your aesthetic to the bright colors when the weather switches to bright and sunny. Luckily, you don’t have to. There’s no need to pack away your go-to black hoodie, when you can simply incorporate the spring colors into your look by wearing them on, of all places, your face.

The thought of wearing bold makeup colors scares some people, but when done the right way it can appear effortless. The complementary, shimmery gold eyeshadow is applied around the beauty’s blue eyes so perfectly, it seems as if they’re just naturally glowing. Sparkly shadow is the best replacement for eyeliner (although there’s nothing wrong with being a little extra and wearing both). Don’t be fooled, eyeshadow isn’t only to be used on eyes; it can also be used as a highlighter as it is here, creating a symmetrical glow. Okay, well that’s not all that went into this flawless glow; it’s enhanced by a shade from the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit. The glow kit is versatile, too, also used to add a shine to her gray-taupe lip. So, the point here, is not to stay within the confines of what a certain makeup product is “supposed to” be for. They often look even better in the places you would never think to apply them! To seal the look and keep it gleaming all day, add a spray of the iconic Mario Badescu facial spray.

Lots of people forget that your attire isn’t comprised of only clothing. You can make a statement through your face, too! And an even better one at that. Anyone could be wearing the same T-shirt as you that you got from the most recent spring collection. Your face is the only thing no one else can have, so have fun with it, and of course pull your hair back into a cute bun like this one so it can be seen.

Or, if you only want to be selectively seen, wear shades as cool as these, and see the whole world in color while still wearing all black.

Fellow owners of a dark wardrobe: avoid being that girl who won’t switch it up, and sport the spring colors by simply investing in a shimmery shadow, lightweight foundation, and setting spray. These investments will surely pay off—as they already have for this beauty—and keep you looking fresh and revived all spring despite the color of your clothing.

Black? For spring? Sure is groundbreaking.

WHAT TO WEAR: Orthodox Streetwear

“Streetwear,” as this Fashionisto describes it, is an often under-looked genre of style, yet one that is very popular here in Santa Barbara. I have not only warmed up to it but have actually grown to love and recognize certain brands that fall under the category of streetwear. The thing that makes streetwear and streetwear-inspired outfits so unique is that it takes generally classic pieces, such as the white shirt this Fashionisto is wearing, and adds unconventional twists like the quirky dinosaur design on the pocket.

Versatile shoes are a key component of a well-balanced closet, but versatility can sometimes mean boring. This Fashionisto nailed this very fine balance with these Comme des Garçons  x Converse collaboration shoes; they are just versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit but the red heart design on the side adds just enough detail to get people to do a double take. Also, if you look closely, the shoes are actually a very light shade of pink, which is yet another cool reason to do a double take. Because streetwear and streetwear-inspired clothing is very unique and artsy, it’s important to not overdo it by wearing too much streetwear in any given outfit.

This Fashionisto perfected it by pairing just enough artsy detailed pieces with more subdued pieces like this bomber jacket and zip-up hoodie. Orthodox streetwear, as I call it, is perfect for going to class. Waking up for classes can be really difficult and it’s so much easier to just slap on some leggings and flip flops and call it good (I know from experience). With the orthodox streetwear style, it’s easy to look stylish while still being comfy and casual.