Here’s How to Transition Everyone’s Favorite Summer Shoe Into Fall

With every summer comes new trends, making the greatest season of the year even more exciting. As everyone’s in a scurry to hop on that trend that’s seen all over our top clothing stores and on our favorite Instagram influencers, credit cards are usually swiped before thinking about how these pieces can transition into new seasons. Many pieces, like denim jackets and vintage Levi 501’s, will last a lifetime, making it a smooth process to transition into many seasons and even many years. Most trends are called trends for a reason—but they only last a certain amount of time. When thinking of this concept in relation to this past summer, mules, or more generally, slides, first come to mind. They have to be the summer staple of last season, at least for me, as I wore my favorite black mules every day this summer.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

But how can we wear these shoes during the fall season to get the bang for our buck? It can get tricky when it starts to actually get cold outside, as the only way to work these into low temps are to pair them with socks or tights. However, fall trends start way before temperatures actually drop. All that’s required is a little extra styling, and voilà—your favorite summer shoe just became your favorite fall shoe. Here are three different ways to work those shoes into September, October, and even November.

Denim will always be the easiest way to transition from summer into fall, as denim is practically a year-long staple. Instead of opting for a simple pair of cropped jeans, go for ones with cool embroidery or a unique hem, like the cropped fringe jeans above. Because most of us are still in summer mode, complete the look with a simple T-shirt to make things easy—that mule plus statement jean combo already speaks a thousand words.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

Instead of working with the mules you already have, try fixing the fashion dilemma at the root of its problems. If you’re still into mules but don’t feel like showing off your toes, opt for slides that do the opposite. These loafer mules are just as easy to slide into as the typical open-toed mule, which is something we all wish to do when we’re still stuck in summer—tying laces or pulling on shoes is far too much work. If you’re feeling risky, add fur for when the fall weather actually hits. Your feet will thank you!

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

While pairing mules with jeans and calling it a day sounds like the easiest route, it can get more interesting (and fun!) by adding something extra, especially if it fits into fall trends. Adding a vintage blazer or a jean jacket instantly makes the shoes seem as if they’ll last far longer than the summer months.

How do you style your mules into the fall? Let us know in the comments below, or share your look by tagging @CFashionista!

Subtle ’90s Revival

Every millennial knows that the ’90s had some of the greatest fashion moments in history, so it’s no surprise that so many trends from the decade are already making a quick comeback. For the look pictured, I wanted to channel the era of Clueless and Tamagotchi without looking like a wannabe Spice Girl (pun absolutely intended). Here are some other ways to look fresh out of the ’90s without looking like you’re fresh off the set of Full House (unless that’s what you want, in which case, feel free to go full DJ Tanner).

1—Add a choker. But please don’t let it be a tattoo choker from Claire’s. The things have their charm but they’re neither chic nor modern. You can still channel the ’90s with a gold charm choker or a simple black velvet one.

2—Pop on a mini-skirt. The ’90s were all about ’60s revival fashion, which meant a lot of leg was being shown. When in doubt, a high-waisted denim mini like this one will make you look as amazing as Fran Fine. Try pairing it with a fitted turtleneck for the perfect fall-transition look.

3—Tinted lens sunglasses. Not everybody can be blessed with the face shape to pull off the classic ’90s oval sunnies, but grabbing a pair with colorful lenses in a more modern shape can still give you that vibe without being awkward looking.

4—Tube tops. Tube tops are such a cute ’90s trend that fit into every style. Rocking a metallic pink one with low-rise pants may be a bit much, though (sorry, Britney). Pairing them with high-waisted jeans or flowy pants is a super cute and on-trend way to wear the style in 2017.

5—Mules. Mules are no doubt the shoes of summer 2017, and I would like to give full credit to Carrie Bradshaw for that. They elevate any look while still being totally relaxed. This makes them the perfect vessel to infuse the ’90s into your wardrobe.

If you want to look like a Fresh Prince of Bel Air extra, I absolutely encourage it! But if you’re more interested in just taking some subtle inspiration from the ’90s without being asked if you’re going to a costume party, these items are some great staple pieces.

Do you love ’90s fashion? Who is your ’90s style icon? Let us know in the comments!

The Must-Have Shoe for Back to School

With summer winding down, there comes the exciting time of picking our back-to-school wardrobe! In addition to some new clothes, I like to pick out a pair of shoes that will be my back-to-school staple. More often than not it is a boot, but this year I have been drawn to a different style of shoe: the flat mule.

From high-end designers to more budget-friendly brands, mules are everywhere. Moreover, they come in all sorts of styles, prints, and colors. Additionally, they are available at a variety of prices, so it is easy to find the perfect pair. When I saw these Sam Edelman Studded Mules, it was love at first sight; I knew they were going to be my fall staple. I went for this black pair with a subtle stud detail for multiple reasons.

1—They can go with pretty much everythingThe flat mule is an incredibly versatile style of shoe. You can wear it casually to class with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a graphic T-shirt, or maybe on a date with a midi skirt and an off-the-shoulder top. You can even wear them in a professional setting with a slim-leg trouser and a blazer!

2—I love a black shoe with a pointed tipWhile my pair is understated, another more detailed style of mules I love look like loafers but in mule form, like this pair. Moreover, the loafer detailing, which often includes tassels, can add more flair to the outfit and make more of a statement. Therefore, mules are a wonderful addition to a fashionable return to your campus.

What are some your must-haves for back to school? Let me know in the comments below!

How You Can Easily Wear Black Clothes in the Summer

Black is an essential color in fashion. It’s elegant, it’s simple, and it’s slimming. I can pair black with anything, which is why a large portion of my wardrobe is made up of it. I have accumulated tons of black clothes without even realizing it. My passion for black clothes runs deep, and just because we’re in summer doesn’t mean I’m going to let that love fade away.

One way to wear black in the summer is to get pieces that are on-trend in black. Here I am wearing an off-the-shoulder top, which seems to come into trend every single summer. The shirt is a little cropped as well, though you can’t tell because I am also wearing high-waisted pants. Because it is off-the-shoulder and cropped, it is a perfect piece for summer. On hotter days, you can pair the top with a denim skirt or black shorts. In the summer, you don’t want to spend a long time thinking about what to wear, you just want to get out the door. Having an easy top like this makes finding something to pair it with simple and saves you time in the morning.

Speaking of trends again, another way to make black summer clothing appropriate is pairing your outfit with trendy summer shoes. Currently, I am obsessed with mules. I wish I could have a pair in every color. Something about the mix of a sandal and a chunky heel makes me want to wear them every day. I paired my black outfit with beige mules so I could stay neutral without wearing head-to-toe black. You could also wear colorful mules, such as pink or red mules, to add a pop of color.

To complete the look, I added some dainty jewelry. I can’t be bothered to wear statement jewelry in the summer. I just want something simple that won’t get in my way. Here I wore a small gold necklace. The dainty necklace matches the simplicity of the look. I tend to wear gold with black more because I like the contrast.

Though many believe black is a color that should stay in the winter, I think otherwise. The simplicity that black offers makes me constantly reach for it, no matter the season.

Do you feel the same way about black? Let me know in the comments below.

Beat the Heat

It’s everyone’s favorite season, and the heat has definitely arrived. So let’s talk summer style. Three trends that have been dominating the summer fashion market are overalls, tassel earrings, and bandanas. all three which this Fashionista tackles effortlessly. By sticking to the same color scheme, she can add several accessories to this look without overdoing it. I love how the usage of darker colors still looks summer fresh on this blonde beauty.

Overalls have been trending for a while, and how refreshing is it to have something in style that is insanely comfortable? I’m particularly fond of overalls that are not made of jean material, which makes them even softer. Pair them with a cute bra or a colorful crop top and you’re good to go. Keeping your summer looks as light as possible is crucial during this heat wave, especially to avoid those dreaded sweat marks. It’s the perfect look to travel in as well, whether it’s a road trip or a plane ride.

I personally adore the bandana trend, especially since it can be tied in so many different ways. Around your neck, on your head, wrapped around your bun or pony tail, on your bag. and so on. This Fashionista has a custom embroidered bandana in black, which ties together nicely with her black mules. Mules have definitely been on everyone’s radar lately, and I’m not surprised. They are simple, easy to slip on, and give an effortless look. Mules have a thicker and higher heel, which makes this a great day-to-night outfit. If your forte is a killer day outfit, switch out the mules with some simple white sneakers and you are all set for your next festival. Another perfect scenario for this outfit would be a day of exploring and shopping. The overalls are easy to slip on and off, and the light fabric keeps you cool for all day activities.

Any more tricks up your sleeve for an effortless yet stylish look to drool over this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Embroidered Fashion in Florence

Ciao from Italy! I am so excited to be sharing with you guys all the way from overseas. I am currently studying abroad with my school in Florence, Italy, and so far it has been an amazing experience. Apart from all of the cultural experiences and inspiration, I have been learning a ton about Italian fashion and what it means to be made in Italy.

Since being in Italy the past two weeks, Europe has had quite the heat wave! I found a Fashionista who was dressed so fun and weather-oriented. The standout piece that got my attention the most was her super retro, vintage, embroidered jean jacket. She mentioned that she purchased it at a vintage fair in the uber-famous Pitti Filati Vintage Trade Show—how cool is that!

She paired this killer piece with a denim-on-denim look, which is one of my personal favorites. Her distressed jean shorts were also a cool vintage Levis find from a renewal shop in Florence. The fringed, distressed hem and pinned sides revealed just a little more leg while keeping her covered. They give the best coverage while also maintaining a cool, easy, and effortless appearance.

To keep it pulled together, she added a white criss-cross bandeau top and comfortable nude mules. I love that this shoe trend has stuck around for a while now; mules are the perfect throw-on piece that can really make an outfit. I know I’ll be keeping mine around for the next few months. To bring a few pops of intrigue to her outfit, she added a bright red lipstick, gold detailed jewelry, and retro tortoise shell round sunglasses.

What is your favorite trend going on this season? Comment below and let me know what you’ll be wearing all summer long

Put It Together Simply: A Girl’s Summer Outfit Survival Guide

Being a Seattle person, I often find myself trying to figure out how to best layer during the colder winter months. A lot of people often think that I spent a lot of time putting my outfit together for the day. In reality, I only had to put on one really cute piece that makes the overall look stand out.

Summer is definitely my favorite season because it is the perfect time to throw on some really simple, easy, and breezy pieces and call it a day. Here is the first of my summer outfit survival guide.

I am a huge fan of rompers because all you have to do is slip it on and you are totally dressed from top to bottom. Today was no exception. Because this romper has a floral print, I did not want to go too crazy on the accessories.

To keep it simple, I chose to wear my favorite white mules that will complement the white floral print on my romper, really simple silver earrings, and a choker. These shoes are great because they are flat and comfortable enough for walking all day long. I think these will be my summer staple since they are so easy to slip in and out of, and they basically go with every outfit.

Lastly, to protect my eyes from the sun, I picked up my favorite classic black sunglasses to complete the look.

This outfit is perfect for a summer day out for brunch, lunch, or even for a warm night out. I chose to wear this to a mall with my friend on this warm day and got a lot of compliments.

I look forward to showing more different sides of myself through my style and sharing how easy it is to put together a really cute outfit using minimalistic pieces.

What are your summer staples this year? Comment down below and share with @Cfashionista on social media.

How to Style Summer’s Favorite Shoe

One thing’s for sure: mules are the shoe of the summer. They’re the most versatile, the trendiest, and most chic type of sandal in the realm of fashion this season. On top of versatility, they’re so comfortable, which is all you can hope for in a summer shoe. Mules are easily the staple of my summer wardrobe, and I love pairing them with virtually anything I can find in my closet!

My go-to look with my mules is the jean skirt and graphic T-shirt combo. This look is casual with a hint of chic and is perfect for a day out in the summer sun with friends. I love incorporating graphic T-shirts into looks like this because of the character and fun pops of color they have. The skirt I’m wearing is from Forever 21, the graphic T-shirt is from the Yeezus tour, and my mules are from Topshop.

Another casual look I put together with my mules is the beloved denim-on-denim. When executed correctly, denim-on-denim is an amazing street style look. This is great to wear on a slightly cooler summer day or evening out. I think the mules really dress this look up more than pairing the denim-on-denim with sneakers, which makes it perfect for a late night dinner with friends or date night! I’m also wearing oversize hoop earrings—another aspect to this look that makes it a little less casual and a little more chic. The jacket I’m wearing is from ASOS, the boyfriend jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters, and my top and earrings are from Forever 21.

Transitioning to a more formal look is the off-the-shoulder dress and mules combo, which screams brunch to me. This light, airy dress is a gorgeous, effortless summer look to embrace this season. I also added the oversize hoop earrings to the look. I like to wear statement earrings like those in place of a necklace, once again adding a chic touch to the breathable dress along with the mules. I substituted a purse for a small backpack as well. I think the backpack in place of a purse makes the look more playful and adds a fun touch to your look. My dress, earrings, and backpack are all from Forever 21.

These are only a few of the possibilities when it comes to wearing mules! This shoe is such a flattering and practical purchase for anyone and is easily the most essential pair of shoes in my wardrobe this summer.

How will you style your mules this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Tips to Help You Get the Job You Want

This summer I don’t have to work at a fast food place, I am earning money doing something I really enjoy! I work at a retail store as a sales associate styling guests that come in. The perfect job for a young Fashionista! I got the job I wanted and I love what I do. Here are five tips that will help you get the job you want.

1—Go in.  When you want to apply, go in to the business rather than calling. Introduce yourself to the manager and remember to smile! Let them know you would like to apply, and if they give you an application, see if you can fill it out while you are there. If the application is online, now they know your name and face for when they receive your application. This is more personal and professional than calling and shows the employer you are serious about getting employed there. It also leaves a good impression so they will be more interested in reviewing your application.

2—Follow up. One week after applying, if you haven’t been called, go back in to the business and ask to follow up on the progress of your application. Also, ask to schedule an interview. If they weren’t considering you for the job before, they are now. This shows initiative and once again that you are serious and eager about being an employee there.

3—Prepare. Preparing yourself for the interview will help you tremendously so you do well. Think of what you will say about yourself and practice how you will reply to interview questions so you aren’t at a loss for words in your interview, or stutter out an answer that you aren’t proud of. Some common interview questions are: Why do you want to work here? What makes you the perfect candidate for the job? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

4—Be confident. If you don’t believe that you would be the best person they could hire, then they won’t believe it either. So show the employer you deserve the job by being confident. At the end of the interview, thank them for the opportunity and let them know you are looking forward to a call back about the job.

5— What to wear. If you are applying for a retail job at a clothing store like I did, dress professional but dress to the style and aesthetic of the store. If you have any pieces from the store try and incorporate those into your outfit! I wore a blazer, a high-neck top, a clean pair of jeans, and heeled mules.

Another outfit that is professional and stylish for any job interview.


What are some tips that helped you get the job you wanted? Comment below!

Movin’ In Mules: The Trend You Must Try

The only addiction I would ever endorse is a shoe addiction. Whenever I am out shopping I always happen to wander down to the shoe department and find myself at check out ten minutes later with a new pair of shoes that I probably don’t need. Typical. However, this hasn’t been me lately because I have found my go-to shoe for summer ’17—mules!

Remember when your mom used to rock mules on her way to work? Well, now you can sport them on your way to class. Mules have come and gone into fashion ever since Marilyn Monroe deemed their worth back in the 1950s. Their popularity rapidly grew throughout the ’60s, and they transformed from clogs to slides throughout the decades.

They’re back and better than ever. Mules have been the hottest topic lately as seen in Harper’s Baazar and InStyle magazine. With their easy to wear appeal and trendy nature, they are a staple in your Fashionista wardrobe for this summer. I styled my cream suede Anne Klein shoes with a simple outfit to make the mules the statement piece. Some classic skinny blue jeans from Topshop, black silk tank from True Religion, and a western style belt from Urban Outfitters—this combo can be thrown on for any casual outing. These pictures are from a mother-daughter day roaming the streets of Harvard Square popping in and out of small boutiques, stopping for a bite to eat at a local café, and admiring the old architecture on Brattle Street. P.S.: The yellow house with the garden was actually George Washington’s headquarters back in 1775!

Mules come in all styles perfect for any occasion. If you are in the market for a dressy pair I would recommend searching for a classic black leather pair with a high heel. If you are looking for a statement pair definitely be on the lookout for bold colors or patterns or even a funky heel like chrome or acrylic. They will definitely be a conversation starter. If you’re like me and are looking for a casual, everyday piece then be on the watch for a neutral color with a solid block heel and comfortable material such as a leather or soft suede. TIP: If you buy a neutral color they can be a great fall shoe as well! These shoes are the perfect addition to any shoe lover’s collection.

What style of mule would you buy? Let me know in the comments below!