The Impact of Accessories: From Casual to Glamorous

During the summer time, I always find myself wanting to look like I put a lot of effort into my outfit. Even when I wear casual clothes, I try to elevate it by using accessories which results in a totally different take on a normal outfit. A striped T-shirt is an item that everyone should have in their closet. Today, I paired my basic striped T-shirt with ripped jeans. Rather than keeping the outfit looking just like this, I decided to make it look more dressy.

By adding accessories like a statement necklace, wallet, watch, and sunglasses, this look has transformed from looking casual to sophisticated. In addition to all of these accessories, I rolled up the jeans to show off my ankles! Rolling the jeans up elevated the whole look and created more emphasis on the sandals. If you wanted to glam the outfit even more, I suggest wearing heels instead of sandals. Also, it looks like I put so much effort into the outfit but in reality, I just rolled up my jeans and added some cute accessories.

Let’s take a closer look at the accessories. In order to dress up the simple shirt, I wore a statement necklace. Not only does it make the outfit look glamorous, it also immediately captures people’s attention. In addition, I added a watch and a wallet. The solid forest green wallet contrasts with the striped pattern of my shirt. Also, the wallet and watch further dress up the entire outfit since they add a classy feeling overall.

Both comfortable and stylish, this look offers a polished and put together vibe. I hope my tips help all of you Fashionistas!

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This ’90s Trend is Making a Comeback

This ’90s trend is making a comeback this year.

In this generation, the ’90s were our glory days. Pop punk music, Nickelodeon, and all things Disney are what shaped these years. The fashion during this time period was like no other. A distinct article of clothing that makes up the ’90s is the infamous choker.

Moreover, celebrities during this time period were seen all over Hollywood wearing different types of chokers. On the red carpet, in music videos, or at award shows, these pieces of jewelry were staple pieces. Celebrities like Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears are just a few of the ’90s stars that rocked this trend.

This trend has come full circle in the year 2017. Teenagers and even young women are pulling off this look everywhere. Most importantly, they have evolved from the ’90s. Now this simple piece of jewelry can pull a whole look together. From the plastic black choker, the trend has turned into something much more fashionable. They can be worn from everyday wear to evening wear. By adding a simple choker to a look, it changes it drastically depending on the type.

Chokers now come in different shapes and sizes such as ribbons which can be related to the Victorian era, velvet, more intricate chokers such as charms or chains. Celebrities in 2017 are one of the main reasons for the popularity of this piece of jewelry. A few examples of popular celebrities who inspire others are the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. If they continue to evolve in the way they are doing, they will no doubt stay in style.

Price is, of course, a huge concern on everyone’s mind and one of the main things we think about as consumers. Chokers in 2017 can range from $5 to $500. Designers such as Dior are making high fashion chokers. You can also get these products at low end stores such as Forever 21or H&M. Because they can be inexpensive, it makes it easy for anyone of all ages to buy them and start creating outfits with them.

This simple ’90s trend revolutionized chokers in 2017. Tell us how you wear your chokers in the comments below!

Denim Days

Denim on denim—love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Once the uniform of cattle ranchers and gold miners, denim has become a staple piece for Fashionistas around the world. Recently, denim has popped up on runways and the street in the form of button-up skirts, undone hems, and jean jackets. It has become the go-to “model off duty” look for the newest generation of models—think Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid—and it’s no wonder why; it requires little thought and guarantees to wow.

This Fashionista proves that more is more when it comes to denim with her trendy denim miniskirt and light wash denim jacket. To keep the outfit feeling street rather than classic, she focuses on two distinct washes of denim. Everyone styles their denim a little differently, but perfectly matching denim makes a very different statement as compared to mix-and-match styles. She keeps the rest of her outfit neutral and understated, but adds a touch of glam with her vintage gold chain.

To top, or rather, bottom off the outfit, this Fashionista slips into a pair of peep toe mules. All the pieces this Fashionista chose are maintenance-free and ready to go. This outfit is perfect for a day when you might be short on time but still want to look at the top of your game—think dinner with friends after a summer job. Whether it’s frayed out, dark wash, or patchwork, denim is an easy choice for the ultimate cool girl.

How do you rock your denim? Are you a fan of denim on denim, or do you like sticking to one piece per outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Trade All-Black for Summer Colors

As the seasons finally change from spring to summer, one trend I always look forward to is the amount of color in everyone’s wardrobe. Here in the midwest, everyone crawls out of their hibernation den and soaks in as much vitamin D as possible. We trade in our puffy winter coats, Ugg boots, and leggings for rompers, crop tops, and sandals. Personally, I’d like to retire the winter attire forever, but unfortunately I can’t do that until I graduate and get a big girl job! The one thing I will say about the midwest is that the frigid winters really do make you appreciate the warm sun when it finally comes out to play.

I came across a Fashionista that embodied the Midwest summer vibe to a T. She is wearing a beautiful off-the-shoulder mossy green colored romper from Forever 21. She paired the romper with brown leather sandals from Steve Madden that completed the look. The simplicity of this outfit was a grab-and-go decision as she jetted out of the house to meet her mom for happy hour. Her romper brought out the bright green color in her eyes, and they stunned me as I stopped to talk to her. I would’ve never guessed that she only spent a total of 23 dollars on her gorgeous romper—thank you, Forever 21! To add a little flair to the ensemble, she decided to put on a small, dainty gold bar necklace. The necklace tied everything together perfectly.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good all-black outfit, but colors truly create a great energy for the summer. Don’t be shy. Throw some color into your wardrobe and you won’t be disappointed!

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All Choked Up—The Major ’90s Trend that Every Cool Girl is Rocking

The ’90s are back with a vengeance. However, as a ’90s kid myself, I know that not all the fashion from that decade is worth reliving. While I am a fan of overalls, tinted sunglasses, and an oversize flannel tied around the waist, I can definitely go without the embellished purses, weirdly layered T-shirts, and low-rise jeans. The ’90s definitely had some incredible fashion highs (Winona Ryder is one of my girl crushes) and laughable fashion lows (shoutout to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for rocking all-denim evening wear).

So what’s the right way to channel the ’90s? My favorite trend borrowed from the ’90s is the choker. Here are five things to keep in mind if you want to rock this ’90s trend:

1. The moment you fasten a choker around your neck, you will instantly feel 10 times cooler. A forewarning—wearing a choker may even have you reciting Clueless quotes all day. If a boy approaches you and makes an unwanted move, just say, “As if!”

2. Adding a choker to an outfit allows your look to hint at the ’90s without overdoing it. Just because the choker is from the ’90s doesn’t mean you have to pair it with a ’90s outfit. For instance, airing a choker with a sparkly tube top and low-rise flare jeans might be overkill. This Fashionista is wearing her choker with a modern asymmetrical skirt and knit top, which updates and elevates the trend.

3. Opt for a modern twist on the classic ’90s choker. Look for chokers that play off the ’90s, but aren’t a direct replication. Instead of re-wearing that black stretchy elastic choker every girl seemed to own in middle school, this Fashionista is wearing a modern version of the choker.

4. You can also use the choker to dress up your outfit. The sparkly silver and gold tassels at the end of this Fashionista’s choker add a sense of fanciness to the outfit.

5. Finally, let the choker be the statement piece of your outfit. The simplicity of this Fashionista’s top and skirt allows for the choker to stand out as the attention-grabbing aspect of the outfit. Additionally, this Fashionista matches the color of her top to the color of the choker’s gem to make the choker pop.

I’m hoping the choker trend is here to stay. What are your favorite trends from the ’90s? Let us know on social media and tag @CFashionista.

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Style

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—summer! The days are longer and the weather is warmer. It seems that everyone around campus is in a better mood. Another thing that comes with summer is the amazing fashion. Say goodbye to heavy coats and leggings and start breaking out the shorts and tank tops. Warm weather brings out everyone’s inner Fashionista.

One summer look that really caught my eye was this outfit. Jean skirts have made a big comeback this year and this Fashionista really knows how to style it. She pairs it with a simple green shirt which balances out the distressed look of the skirt. Adding a neutral colored sneaker to this outfit transforms it into a casual summer day look.

The simplicity of the basis of this outfit allows for her to add some bold detail pieces. The black beaded necklace adds structure to the top half of this look. The shine from the beads draws attention to this outfit. Adding a black belt with silver buckles pulls together the whole look.

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet fashionable outfit to wear this summer, take some advice from this Fashionista. Jean skirts are back, so don’t forget to get your hands on one before they’re sold out! A cute pair of shoes will complete any look you’re going for. And don’t forget—pairing simple articles of clothing with statement pieces will transform your everyday look into an outfit that every Fashionista will want to add to their wardrobe.


School is out Fashionistas! For three months we do not have to worry about homework, exams, or studying! We can spend time with our friends, get a tan, and have fun! One of the best parts about being home is being able to relax and not have to stress over school. Temperatures are warming up and we can put away our winter clothes. Fashionistas, this summer, experiment with your wardrobe and wear something that you would not normally wear but are still comfortable in.

My favorite trend this summer is the off the shoulder top. It can be dressed up or down and comes in so many different varieties! Our shoulders have been hidden all winter and its finally time to bring them out and get rid of the lingering tan lines from spring break.

I saw this Fashionista at a cute café in my town on a beautiful day. She told me that her favorite style is preppy and loves accessorizing simple outfits with colorful purses and her favorite bracelets.

She is wearing a black and white horizontal striped off the shoulder top with black jeans and black flats. This shirt is perfect to wear with skinny jeans on a chilly day or a pair of colored shorts. This Fashionista carried a baby pink Kate Spade purse to add a pop of color to her outfit.

One of my favorite parts of her outfit is her watch that has a world map as the face. It is such a simple accessory but still brings a lot of character to the outfit and it says a lot about this Fashionista and her love for traveling. She also accessorized with different gold bracelets and layered necklaces.

Take advantage of this summer to try some new styles and have fun! I love reading fashion magazines while getting my tan on the beach so I can catch up on the latest trends and think of how I can incorporate trends into my own wardrobe and personal style. Make sure to relax and not stress out about the upcoming semester. Happy summer, Fashionista!

BEAUTY BAR: Built-In Beauty Products

Warm weather is finally here, and the semester is finally over. For my final article, I decided to write about this Fashionista whose look is chic, effortless, and perfect for the summer.

Lately, I haven’t been wearing makeup, mostly because the end of the school year is always crazy, and I cherish every moment of sleep I can get in the mornings. Now that summer is here, I’m even less likely to get dolled up because nothing is worse than foundation and mascara,sliding down your face in the heat. For this reason, I’ve been inspired by girls on campus rocking cute outfits and little-to-no-makeup looks.

This Fashionista’s outfit is comprised of four simple pieces. Her shorts are flowy and light (perfect for summer) with a lively red floral print. In order to tone down and ground the outfit, she matched the shorts with a simple black top with thin straps and scalloped neck and hemlines. Both of these are ideal for comfort in the heat and when paired, create a cheery, but relaxed vibe.

The shoes this Fashionista selected are a shiny pair of flats, a few shades darker than the red of her shorts. This serves as a nice contrast in color and adds some boldness to the look. The outfit is topped off with a delicate gold chain with a small blue gemstone. Chunky jewelry is uncomfortable for the summer, but simple pieces are an effortless final touch.

This Fashionista chose not to wear makeup. She instead focused on skincare—washing her face well in the morning and using a lightweight moisturizer. This gave her a fresh, glowy face and protected her skin from the sun rays. She used an SPF balm on her lips as well to counter the sun’s rays. Her hair is styled in a chic pixie cut, a style that can be hard to pull off, but that this Fashionista easily rocks. She let her slight curls be free, knowing that hair products, too, can be a hassle, and lead to inevitably deteriorating messes in the summertime.

Makeup is tons of fun to experiment with and to perfect, but, for myself and many other girls, the heat of summer acts as too much of a deterrent. So, my plan is to follow the lead of this Fashionista and rock two great style pieces this summer: confidence and a smile.

STYLE ADVICE: The Thrills of Thrifting

Everyone wants to make heads turn when they walk out of the house every morning, but a majority of people cannot always afford the expenses of doing so while being in college. What better way to add a little vintage flair to your attire than checking out your local thrift shops for new finds and donations.

Thrifting is an easy way to add new pieces to your wardrobe and try out new styles without breaking the bank or your budget. The process of thrifting allows for one to use it as a platform for other fashion, there has to be a starting point somewhere, and what better way to jump out of the box than by jumping into racks of great deals.

From browsing for T-shirts as an excuse for an impromptu DIY night to grabbing the best fit of boyfriend jeans, thrift shops have a little bit of everything thrown into one giant mix. Break the barrier and cross over to the other side… of the store to be sure to get the best deal on those oversize men’s crewneck sweaters that everyone seems to love.

I, myself am a serious outfit repeater (Sorry Kate Sanders, I’m with Lizzie McGuire on this one) but with all of the clothes I have I am always looking for ways to make the outfit my own and give it my personal touch. Between classes, working and going out to maintain a social life, thrifting allows a grab and go approach to trying out new trends and styles. Want to try out a blazer but not sure how it will complement you? Head to your local thrift store and get one for $5 first.

Shown above is a forrest green snake pattern jacket found at my local thrift shop for only $5.50 which was used to pull together an entire outfit by adding a splash of color. Pairing something like this jacket with a bold statement chain makes for a simple but flashy look, which is sure to draw a little attention.

If you need any more of a reason to go thrift shopping think of all of the possibilities that you can mix and match for even just $20 and a little creative energy flowing.

Do not break the bank trying to break your boundaries, thrift instead.

WHAT TO WEAR: Follow Me to the Festival

For all the fellow music lovers out there, you know what time of the year it is. That’s right, it’s festival season. Since everyone is aware of the popular ‘Coachella Style’ or managed to get on Instagram during the week of this popular music festival, the trends began to catch on. So why not incorporate this music festival style into our everyday dress? The solution is easier than you think, and it won’t leave you trying to comb glitter out of your hair for the next two weeks.

I know that I am accustomed to seeing very colorful and wild festival outfits, but this year the festival attire seemed to take a turn in a more subtler direction. The trends have been very bohemian, which incorporate very flowy and simplistic attire. While incorporating this festival style into your everyday dress, it is important to keep flow in mind. The Fashionista above is wearing a flowy open back dress that is perfect for any summer day. What better way to make a statement than wearing a backless dress?

While the new style is keeping things simple, no one said the accessories had to be! Everything is about making a statement. While keeping the dress simple, this statement boho coin necklace can turn heads in an instant. Gold, silver, does it matter? Mixing the two is the new trend, and they are the perfect complements for each other. While trying to choose what rings to wear, simply wear them all. One can never go wrong with too many rings. Last but not least on the trends list is beading. Beads are great for accessorizing, but they are even better on the right pair of sandals. Beaded sandals give a great bohemian feel and are the perfect shoe for walking and dancing, which is pretty much all you do at a festival.

As I leave my fellow music lovers today, remember to keep things simple, but to never shy away from making a statement—the bigger the better! Always remember: Life was meant for good friends, great music, and even greater adventure.