The Beginner’s Guide to Thrift Shopping like a Pro

Between textbooks, tuition, housing, and party funds, college is notorious for leaving students broke and brain dead. Luckily, I’ve found a fun, affordable way to spice up my wardrobe through the art of thrift shopping. All it really takes is patience and an open mind to find super cool pieces, and it gives you some major street cred in the process!

One of the most important things to remember when you first step foot in a thrift shop is that you won’t immediately love everything, or maybe even anything! It takes a lot of digging to get to the good stuff, so take your time and don’t get discouraged when nothing jumps out at you right away. This vintage Fashionista makes thrift shopping look easy, wearing a stylish, suede skirt paired with a silky lace tank found deep in the racks of Goodwill.

Both of these pieces are super versatile and can be paired with a variety of different clothes to create a fresh look every time! An important pro tip on thrift shopping is to buy a piece because you love it and you know you’ll wear it, not just because it’s only $3 and it looks cool. When I find something I think I really love, I ask myself if I would still buy it if I saw it on the rack at a normal retail store. If the answer is yes, then I know I’ve found myself a winner!

Besides the wallet-friendly prices, thrift shopping gives you the opportunity to pick out what you want to wear, instead of limiting yourself to current trends that everyone’s wearing. To amp up her own unique look, this Fashionista is rocking some vintage gold chains and a black bandana around her bun to create a classy street style vibe so you know she means business.

Accessories can make or break a look, but this Fashionista isn’t breaking anything but necks as she struts by with her vintage handbag. Her bag perfectly complements her skirt, adding an interesting pattern to contrast the solid colors in her outfit. Black converse and hipster shades are the perfect way to incorporate the new with the old, combining stylish accessories she already owns with her new thrift store finds!

In a world where fashion is constantly repeating itself, there’s always a good chance you’ll find some vintage pieces that are currently in style. And the best part is that behind each piece of clothing is an unknown story. I think it’s really cool to think about someone creating memories in a piece of clothing and passing it on to someone else who will wear and love it equally.

Now it’s your turn to make memories, so stop breaking the bank to fit in with the latest trends, and start digging for some gems of your own. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista to show us what you find.

Fun Statement Shorts for the Summer

Summer is the time for adventures, love, and the three S’s: shorts, sun, and swim. Now, the first one on the list is very vital, as the summer sun can be very brutal and unforgiving. However, shorts can get boring when sticking to the typical safe, plain denim. There are definitely fun ways to spice up the routine, whether it be embroidery, bright colors, or whimsical patterns. Statement shorts instantly spice up an outfit and keep you looking cool, both figuratively and literally.

The shorts I am wearing here are ones with little lemons dotting the material. My heart is fond of any article of clothing that involves food, especially cute embroidered fruit. Any statement shorts will suffice, including these dotted with lions. The fun thing about cool shorts is how you can accessorize them. Usually, a more plain top is necessary as to not take away from the funkiness of the bottoms.

Jewelry is always a good idea. Lately, I’ve been loving these dangly yellow earrings, as they add a little something special to every outfit. Large statement earrings are making a comeback and I’m fully living for it! Throwing on layered necklaces will add an unexpected and dainty look. They’re not too loud—just the perfect amount of chic and noticeable. It’s even more fun to throw on varying necklaces, as opposed to a set, to mix and match.

Let’s be real, almost everyone is wearing a pair of shorts at least every other day this summer. If your go-to is denim, consider some patches or embroidery. If you prefer cotton shorts, try rocking a bright color or a fun detail, such as tassels. Whatever your preference may be, turn this simple staple into a cool new piece for your wardrobe and you’ll have all heads turning this summer.

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5 Must-Have Accessories That Don’t Have an Expiration Date

When it comes to fashion, styles are constantly changing. It can be hard to know what to pair with your outfits to make them trendy and complete. Whether you are going to brunch in a nice dress, or running errands in a t-shirt and jeans, here are 5 must-have accessories that will fit your everyday wardrobe and not go out of style!

1—Versatile Earrings. Everyone has a go-to pair of earrings. These are a must have! Whether they are simple studs, or larger colorful ones, simple earrings make it easy to effortlessly dress up and tie together an outfit!

2—Trendy Necklaces. Different styles of necklaces can come and go, but having a currently hot one on hand is always a life saver! Chokers and chains—don’t be afraid to layer them!

3—Metallic Rings. Don’t have your nails done? No problem! Throw on a couple of rings to dress up your hands. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals—silver and gold go hand in hand.

4—Classic Handbag. Everyone loves a good, classic purse. Opt for a neutral color that looks nice against patterns, bright colors and other neutrals!

5—Statement Sunglasses. If you have cool glasses, you’re ready to take on anything. With so many different styles, metals, and colors to choose from, you’re destined to find the perfect statement pair.

With these five accessories, you’ll be set for whatever your day entails! They’ll always be in style, no matter how long you have them for.

What are your favorite go-to accessories? Let us know in the comments below! 

The Cold Shoulder Trend for Hot Summer Days

Giving someone the cold shoulder is not always a negative thing. This spring and summer season, off-the-shoulder tops have been a huge trend, and I am absolutely in love with it. This trend is so versatile, adding a level of chicness and sophistication for a night out, or for pairing with dainty jewelry and some jeans for a day time look! Recently, I have set my sights on many off-the-shoulder tops, and I’m here to give you some outfit inspiration for this great trend.

This top mixes two spring trends this season: off-the-shoulder style and a floral pattern. This style of top is perfect for cool spring and summer evenings, flowy enough to keep you cool and comfortable while still looking chic. As basic as it sounds, incorporating florals for spring is a must for me, and I am slowly but surely warming up to having some more bright colors in my wardrobe! Not only are off-the-shoulder tops great for accentuating your collar bones, but they are also a great style for pairing with layered necklaces. Add a couple gold layered necklaces like I did and bam, your outfit is complete!

There are various types of off-the-shoulder tops, but my favorites are similar to the one that I’m wearing. Pro tip: find one that has separate arm holes; that way, the shirt doesn’t lift or bunch up when you’re moving around. This is a must for those hot summer days. I paired this outfit with some light wash, distressed jeans and some cute brown sandals and called it a day. If you haven’t hopped on the off-the-shoulder bandwagon, you better, because I think this style is here to stay.

What has been your favorite spring and summer trend? Let me know in the comments below, or show us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

Street Style for the Summertime in the City

To pound the pavement in the early summer months, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, a light off-the-shoulder top, and trendy block-heeled booties are a go-to combination. They offer the perfect balance between rugged and feminine and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, creating the ultimate summertime street style look.

The Top

This A.N.A. off-the-shoulder find is super affordable, on-trend, and the bell sleeves add just a bit of pizzazz. Recently, I’ve noticed so many crisp white tops for summer with unique details such as statement sleeves or interesting embroidery and had to jump on the bandwagon. This top hits all of the marks, especially because of the contrasting navy blue detailing, too!

off the shoulder, embroidery, navy blue, jc penney, summertime street style, street style

The Jeans

Boyfriend jeans with large rips, like this pair, are my favorite casual choice for summertime street style, especially on chilly nights. Worn low on the hips and cuffed at the ankles, boyfriend jeans are effortlessly chic and a perfect departure from classic skinny jeans. Plus, light wash denim is ideal for warmer weather, especially when coupled with fabrics that flow, like linen.

The Shoes

Because I chose to wear this look out during the evening, I opted for suede block-heeled booties in a creamy tan shade. Not only are these shoes super stylish, but they’re so comfortable and perfect for strolling the streets.

The Jewels

My favorite part of this look, though, is the delicate layered jewelry combination that I put together using three dainty necklaces. Picks from a local boutique, Tiffany & Co., and ALV jewels make up my it-girl-inspired jewelry stack. Taking a page from Kendall Jenner’s fashion book, I chose to combine both a choker and longer necklaces in varying shades of silver and gold.

summertime street style, street style, layering, necklaces

As the weather heats up, stay on the lookout for more cool summertime street style!

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STYLE GURU STYLE: C’mon Girl, Put Your Jumpsuit On

Weather plays a large role into what I choose to wear. With school ending and summer beginning, I start to wear outfits that still look trendy but are lighter and will keep me from overheating. My favorite trend for the summer and every summer is the bohemian theme that everyone adopts. The styles seen at Coachella and Lollapalooza and on stars such as Lana Del Rey. To go along with the bohemian trend, I love to wear a stack of bracelets on my wrists and layered necklaces. They make any outfit I wear feel complete if I put them on.

Jumpsuits are perfect for the summer. They come in all colors and sizes and make everyone look tall and slender. I chose to wear a black jumpsuit with an open back to show off my lace bralette. With the warm weather, this jumpsuit will be excellent for adventures and sightseeing. I accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, layered necklaces, and a wrist full of bracelets. All of which just add a touch of color to the outfit and are a great finishing touch to make the outfit feel complete. To dress up the look, I chose to wear heeled sandals. They dress up the outfit just enough without making it too formal.

If you are not sure how to wear your jumpsuit, add a heeled sandal. The heel doesn’t have to be three inches high or even two inches. With a heel, you will feel taller and more confident in yourself as you go about your day. Also, they will keep you cool with the summer heat.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty in Pastel

In my opinion, May is one of the best months of the year! The weather is warm, the semester has concluded, and college students are enjoying the time off before summer internships and jobs begin. Spring is alive with vibrant colors, and it is the perfect time to bring some of that color into our wardrobes. When I think of spring, I immediately think of pastel. Perhaps it is because I love pastel colors, lavender in particular, and spring provides me with a reason to wear an array of pastels day after day.

In this look, I chose to wear a lavender top, white pants, and nude wedges. The pastel colors and lightweight materials create the perfect springtime ensemble. When the temperatures are not quite warm enough to wear a dress, white pants are a classy alternative. I keep the accessories minimal by layering two gold necklaces, both of which are different lengths and nicely complement each other. They are thin and subtle but add just the right amount of detail.

Another great aspect of this outfit is that it is versatile and can easily be tailored to whatever your day has in store. Going out to brunch with friends? Wedges, as I chose in this look, effortlessly dress up your ensemble in a simple way. Or if you prefer shoes that are more suitable for walking longer distances, opt for a pair of flat sandals. This look can easily be taken from day to night with the addition of a denim jacket. I decide to carry this light wash jacket with me so that I am prepared for the evening when the temperature gets chilly. It also adds a nice contrast to the ensemble because it breaks up the lightweight pieces with a darker, heavier texture.

If you are in need of spring fashion inspiration, just take a look around. Outside is abundant with colors, so why not translate a portion of this colorful season into your fashion sense? There isn’t a better time to play around with our style than in May when our schedules are a little less hectic. For now, let’s enjoy the fact that the semester is over and take the upcoming three months as a time to relax, try new things, and set goals for the next semester.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dainty Jewels and Lace

As the semester is coming to an end, we may start having days where we want to stay in our pajamas, but as Fashionistas, we try to find ways to look put together while feeling like we’re still in our loungewear. This Fashionista shows us how to keep things super comfortable but cute to be able to go from Friday morning class to a brunch with friends!

This outfit is very simple with a neutral color palette, but incorporates small details such as dainty jewels and a top with cutouts that really make a difference! She has layered three gold necklaces of different lengths, which really reflect her effortless style and match her beachy, waved hair. The loose gray sweater she has paired with this look has a twist detail and an open cutout in the back, which shows some skin. She has decided to wear an adorable black lace bralette that peeks through this cutout and gives some contrast with its color and texture. To complete the look, she is wearing a baby blue crossbody bag with a small tassel detail.

Overall, this outfit has a great basic foundation that allows you to accessorize in any way you want! It is an easy go-to look if you find yourself in a rush, not knowing what to wear. The backless top and sandals are perfect for the breezy spring weather here in California and can be mixed and matched with other wardrobe staples like a denim skirt or pair of shorts during warmer weather.

BEAUTY BAR: Mystical Vibes

This year has been the birth of the rainbow craze. From hairstyles to frappuccinos, the trend is virtually everywhere. I am unable to casually scroll down my timeline without encountering a picture of the most vibrant bagel known to man. But to be honest, I never really understood the rainbow food hype. Is all that neon food coloring even good for you? Rainbow makeup though, that’s something I can definitely get behind. That’s why I absolutely loved this Fashionista’s mystical look and her attention to detail in creating it. The beautifully done messy side braid, layered accessories, and vivid makeup, encapsulated a whimsical vibe that won me over.

Let’s start with the eyes, which are a masterpiece by themselves. When I asked this Fashionista what inspired her to go full on Van Gogh for makeup that day, she told me that she saw a picture on the internet and decided to try recreating it. Now if you’re anything like me, the thought of putting blue eye shadow on brings back painful middle school memories. However, she most definitely proved that it can be tastefully done! The secret, she said, is to blend, blend, blend. On the lips, she wore Kylie Jenner’s metal lipstick, Heir, which is a sparkly rose gold that went perfectly with her Becca highlighter in Opal. Glow baby, glow!

The messy mermaid braid works super well with both the strapless dress and the glowy goddess makeup. It ties he whole outfit together into one whimsical masterpiece. She uses dry shampoo to add texture and body to achieve this effortless hairstyle. Layered necklaces are everywhere these days, and they’re a super easy way to add a some detail to any look. Whether it’s with a simple dress, like hers, or a white T-shirt and some jeans, they’re the perfect accessory. She also sported some assorted vintage rings, yet another detail that really made this look.

Though this isn’t exactly an everyday look, I love how fun and unique it really is. She looked like a fairy goddess from head to toe and worked it. By keeping her outfit simple and sweeping her hair to the side in the most put together, “messy” braid I’ve ever seen, she allowed her makeup and accessories to pop–and pop they did!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Elegance in Dainty Details

Denim has and always will be a favorite outfit staple. Having never really gone out of style, more and more unique designs are being incorporated onto denim jackets. This Fashionista’s rose-embroidered denim jacket adds color and detail to an outfit that is quick and easy to put together. Perfect for the days when you want to look nice but don’t want to put in too much effort, the oversize jacket allows you to be comfortable and chic at the same time. The use and elegance of dainty details was finely executed in her look with a simple silver ring and the layering of two different necklaces. The simplicity of the accessories kept the outfit calm, allowing the roses on the jacket to be the main focus. Her dark blue denim was contrasted with black booties, jeans, and a strapless top so that it did not overwhelm the watching eye.

Details, no matter how big or small, can significantly change an outfit. The casual feel of this look was taken a bit further with the booties and jewelry, stressing the classiness of it. Although this Fashionista was on her way to have a drink with a couple friends, the look can be worn anywhere. It’s perfect for those days when you want to look good for class but don’t want to wake up significantly earlier to do so, but it’s also wearable for a night out or to a lunch or dinner. The lightweight strapless top underneath allows the outfit to go with the weather, being able to take the jacket off, ultimately creating a new outfit when you do so. Denim is the quickest fix to an outfit that might not be doing it for you and just needs that extra something.