Kitsch: It’s Ugly, But It’s Fashion

According to famous dictionaries, Kitsch is defined as “art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.”

I think the best way to describe it is with the word “eccentric.” Kitsch is often considered as ugly, but is actually fashionable. Taking the risk to dress as a rainbow is part of becoming a Fashionista. Wearing backpacks, shoes or coats as part of your outfit can become you a lover of this trend.

The Kitsch party is listed with many designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Alexander McQueen. Recognized for their colors, extravagance, and of course, the fun into their clothes.

Mixing plaid prints, flowers, and dots in a single outfit is scary, but with a good combination of colors can be achieved. The problem is that in this trend less is never more, even more is never more.

If we see how fashion worked in the past, we will realize that Kitsch has always existed. If you do not believe it, look at the sheets that your grandmother no longer uses, they are very colorful and full of flowers; Or the crockery you never understood why you couldn’t use it. It’s vintage, but a bit uglier.

Many artists dress up with this trend for red carpets and yes they look great, like Katy Perry. Even Baddie Winkle is super famous on Instagram for his quirky Kitsch style.

It is a challenge to dress in an eccentric way, but it is always good to amuse with the clothes. I love to see famous people who leave their comfort zone to walk in red carpets or along the streets of their city.

Personally, since I discovered Kitsch I can not stop thinking about colors, I can not even use black and white without adding at least color to my nails. Now this is part of my life.

Would you wear something Kitsch? Let me know in the comments below!

How To Have A Colorful Summer Wardrobe

Summer is right around the corner, which means you can finally pull out those brightly colored clothes that you’ve been dying to wear. Some people are finding that rocking bold and bright colors is too much for them, but in order to take risks and create a killer Insta-worthy outfit you might have to step out of your comfort zone.

I love color, which is why I try to incorporate as much as I can into everything I wear. In this outfit, I paired a bright orange pair of Alice and Olivia palazzo pants with an Alice and Olivia  rainbow bustier for an eye-catching daytime summer look. The pants are light and airy making them perfect on a humid day for an outing to brunch, lunch, or whatever you and your girlfriends love to do when school’s out for the summer.

If you are a little less daring than I am, an easy way to add some color into your summer wardrobe is by incorporating simple things like accessories. A classic all white outfit is always a go-to for me, but by throwing on a pair of metallic loafers, it makes your basic all-white outfit a statement.

Since summer is near approaching, I’m looking forward to more bright outfits to come thanks to the warm weather, and daily sunshine. I can’t wait to see everyone’s summer style.

What bright pieces you are loving this summer? Let us know in the comments below! Show us your favorite colorful trends on Instagram and tag @CFashionista!


WHAT TO WEAR: Bold in the Winter

Have you ever walked around campus and noticed that once it becomes cold and dreary, people start dressing the same exact way? The sidewalks are filled with people bundled up in black and gray, so it’s definitely more difficult to be a trendsetter during the colder seasons; which is why this Fashionista caught my attention.

This featured Fashionista wanted to bring some color to this chilling season to make a bold statement. She color-blocks with a neon orange fur hooded coat, which is both bold and trendy since the detail of faux fur is in style this season. In order to remain even warmer, she layers a brightly colored yellow windbreaker atop a graphic T-shirt, patterned in popsicles (which of course I thought was pretty contradictory considering it’s cold outside). The outfit is matched with a red toned beanie, to tackle the warm color palette she’s aiming for, and a pair of cat eye sunglasses that gleam with a subtle mosaic pattern. To finish off the warm (yet, cold) look, she carries along a Prada purse in the shade of a pumpkin.

I loved this look because it was fun even amidst a gloomy season. It’s definitely comfortable and adventurous to wear on the way to class because it couples the idea of staying warm and fashionable, without being boring. Personally, I always have to plan my outfits in the winter more accordingly because layering can be a little tough, especially when walking through campus outdoors. It isn’t always easy to show off a look when you’re hiding under three or four layers, solely to keep warm!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Neon Wonderland

It’s that time of the year again—the back-to-school season. A time when all of us Fashionistas rush to the nearest Staples or Michael’s to grab the cutest notepads and basic supplies. But if there is an item that is a MUST for all college girls across the nation, that is of course a bag. And not just any bag, but a backpack!

Recently I started noticing a trend of backpacks among college students. Usually, we transition out of them once high school is over. However Fashionistas all around have brought this trend back by finding super chic options that won’t necessarily kill your bank account. I was personally inspired at the Henri Bendel event that CollegeFashionista hosted in New York this past summer. Seeing all of the gorgeous options this designer has to offer, I decided to join in on the trend. And so, when I spotted this Fashionista wearing this colorful backpack I knew I had to feature her.

This particular Fashionista paired an all-black ensemble with her gorgeous black backpack from Venezuelan designer Gabriela Zapata. This gorgeous bag has a very colorful furry outside, ideal to catch everyone’s attention. She also wore a pair of sneakers, ideal for comfort and style. She finished her look with a fabulous pair of Illesteva sunglasses.

The great thing about these new trendy backpacks is that they allow us to carry all of our essentials (and then some) without losing our style and glamour. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, you still have time to join the club for this spring semester.


In this look, I am bringing it back to the time “mom jeans” were in; the ’80s and ’90s. I bet that was a fun time to be around; everything was so different. There was technically no technology except for phones and computers, although not like what it is today, where you see people everyday with cell phones or computers everywhere. Also, that time is known for the hipsters, which inspires trends such as “mom jeans” to make a come back.

In the beginning I thought this trend was kind of “baggy” so I decided to make the decision to try them on. At that point I didn’t care about how they looked because they are way too comfortable. There are also so many ways to make these jeans look stylish, such as adding a white button-down shirt, as I have here in this look from J.Crew. For a more sophisticated look, add a cute patterned blouse, if you want to have some fun with this trend. Then add some cute pumps or flats, depending on how you feel. For example, I added my bright yellow pumps, from Payless to give this outfit more of a vintage feel, or you can even wear simple black flats to make this outfit more classic.

All in all, you can pretty much do anything with these jeans; pair them up with a simple top or dress it up with some cute pumps. Overall, I really love this type of look. It adds flair but yet looks cool and casual.


As summer draws to a close and the new academic year looms around the corner, it can be hard to find the motivation to do just about anything, let alone work out. I know from personal experience that the idea of establishing a workout regimen once you’re back on campus can be less than desirable, but for us Fashionistas, we can use the motivation of stylish athletic wear to get ourselves back in the gym in no time!

The days of bland athletic wear are over (thank goodness!). Think of relatively any color, pattern, and style and there is probably a piece of athletic clothing that fits the description you are looking for. The look this Fashionista is wearing seems to take all of the above into consideration.

On top, her outfit consists of a galaxy print sports bra with a sleeveless, graphic tank top layered over it. Graphic tank tops are really versatile and are a great way to showcase your personality. Pick a phrase or image that you enjoy and sport that look just as you would with a graphic T-shirt in your everyday wardrobe.

The leggings this Fashionista is wearing is definitely my favorite part of the look. The print is eye-catching and bold, yet the cool colors within the pattern give the piece a nice balance of personality and functionality.

The pops of color didn’t end with the leggings either. For this look, our Fashionista also wore a statement berry lip color to accent the colors in the rest of the outfit. Of course, you don’t need to wear makeup to gym, but it’s another fun way to integrate your personality into your workout.

To accessorize her outfit, our Fashionista wore a purple Fitbit wristband. She explained to me that a Fitbit is a really great investment because it tracks your heart rate, counts your steps and all of your daily workout progress is synced up with a smartphone app.

And any workout outfit isn’t complete without a solid pair of sneakers. In her look, this Fashionista wore a pair of green and blue Asics. It’s important to do a bit of research before buying shoes for working out. Check to see which shoes are best for your workout regimen. Doing this will help you to maximize your workout and keep your feet comfortable.

One Simple Change: As with most college students, our busy schedules have us going from one place to another all day long, so it’s important to be conscientious of how to take your look from the gym to another event or occasion. One simple change I would make to take this workout look to a classroom setting would be to add a baseball cap. After a hard workout you may not have time to spruce up your hair before heading to class so a cap will maintain that sporty look, all while hiding your greasy roots.


Summer is all about bright colors, warm weather and having fun. So, why not incorporate these ideas into your wardrobe, especially when it comes to the gym. Similar to many people I know, the gym is sometimes a dreaded part of our day. It’s not that going to the gym is awful, it’s finding the motivation to go that is difficult. By adding some fun colors and prints into your workout wardrobe, a day at the gym or a neighborhood run will feel much more exciting. Who says you can’t look cute while working out?

This outfit is perfect for any summer sweat sessions. A light colored tank top wicks away sweat, while a thick headband keeps all those loose hairs out of the way. These awesome Nike tights come with a pocket, a serious help when you are notorious for loosing your keys or cards. A bright-colored gym bag is a must for carrying all of those after workout necessities. A lightweight pair of sneakers round out this sporty yet stylish outfit. Top off this look with your choice of fitness watch and you are ready to to sweat it out.

One Simple Change: Workout clothes are extremely versatile and can be transformed to suit many other occasions. With the start of school just around the corner, workout clothes can seriously become your best friend. Swap out your gym bag for a book bag and grab a light hoodie and you are ready to hit the library.  There is nothing like staying comfortable while pulling an all-night cram session.

BEAUTY BAR: Bright Blends

It is summer and you know what that means. Color, color and even more color. But sometimes it is a little scary to reach for those bright hues when applying your makeup. That’s where I come in to save the bright day.

Bright colors are fun and can be especially in the summer months. It is all about finding a wearable bright color that flatters your complexion. Mess around with different shades of eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeliner until you find the right color for you. The trick for the eyes is to blend your eyeshadow so the color looks more wearable. Start with a bright shade and blend it into your eyelid until the color is worked in. Then add a darker more neutral shade to the outer crease and blend that in. Finally add the lightest shade of that color into the inner corner of your eye. Voila! A wearable bright look that beats the heat. If you are still nervous about color, go for a bright golden shade or even a light pink.

This Fashionista paired this makeup look with her bright pink tousled waves, a bright printed dress, a jean vest and nude wedges. The perfect balance between grunge and girly.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To create this look you will need a natural lightweight foundation to ensure your makeup isn’t too thick and cakey for the summer heat. Next, contour your cheekbones to give off a sculpted appearance. Once you have finished your contour, highlight and eyebrows it is time for the eyes. Prime your eyelids and gently apply a bright shade, this Fashionista chose a bright yellow shade. Blend the color into your lid then add in a more neutral color that will give the look dimension. This Fashionista finished off her eye look by adding a black wing and a bright rosy lip. Being bright is more fun.

STYLE GURU STYLE: From Bows to Toes

Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have said it better when she stated: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” The perfect pair of shoes can totally spice up a traditional look or compliment the style theme, but regardless of your intention—shoes can make anyone feel absolutely fabulous. Two of my favorite style statements are bows and bold shoes; whether the bows are in my hair or on my belt buckle, they are a cute detail that jazz up any look to make it chic and stylish. An exceptional pair of shoes can make a statement all on their own, but paired with the perfect outfit, they can complete it!

For this look, I was inspired by the Givenchy fall 2016 couture show, in which the looks highlighted exquisite details, such as sequins and grommets to create beautiful vertical lines and pleats. Also, Givenchy featured outfits with a defined waistline, utilizing bold or shiny additions such as large, sequin bows! Additionally, the Hermès resort 2017 collection showcased gladiator or ankle wrap-around sandals, a popular, emerging trend in all types of shoes, including stilettoes, espadrilles and wedges.

These collections inspired my own outfit: I incorporated both a bow as well as gladiator heels that complement the overall look. For my outfit, I wore pleated J.Crew Factory navy chinos with a cinched waistline and tie belt, which I tied in a loose knot, paired with a neon pink racer-back tank. To accessorize, I wore a gold, half-moon shaped statement necklace, a beige cross-body bag, and lace-up stilettoes that I absolutely love because they draw attention to my legs and add an interesting twist to an otherwise classic, but simple ensemble! The top is a bold, bright color which pairs nicely with the more traditional, dark shorts and the bow accentuates and accents my waistline. The ankle-wrap stilettoes make the classy combination more unique and daring, creating a versatile look for a variety of occasions, and spicing up the timeless look!

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up heels 2. Cross-body bag 3. Neon tank


Sunglasses have the unique ability to completely change your look. Historically, sunglass trends have been all about the shapes of the frames. Consider the iconic cat-eye frame of the 1950s that instantly gives any modern look a classic yet retro feel. The 1990s started a trend in sporty frames that can still be used to create an athleisure look. Modern-day trendsetters encourage us to wear frames that best flatter our individual face shapes. Whether you rock the small square frames of the 1980s or a funky geometric frame from the 1960s today it is all about the lenses. Mirrored lenses have made a comeback this summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to run and find your 1980s aviators. To be on trend you would need to find yourself a pair of bright and boldly colored mirrored lens sunglasses.

Just Cavalli Resort 2016 runway show featured big and round mirrored lenses with the ombre color effect. This summer you’ll find Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike sporting mirrored lenses with bright ombres such as sunset yellows and oranges or even electric blues and pinks. These bright colors go with the retro 1970s trend on the rise this season when tinted lenses were all the rage. The UV electric colors bring a modern-day twist to this throwback style and can even give a look a more futuristic feel with the right frames. Chanel, for example, has the ’70s meets the ’80s meets modern-day with the Shield Runway Sunglasses that come in a variety of colors such as red, silver or purple.

This Fashionista is sporting mirrored lens aviators in a burnt orange and red tint. These sunglasses in particular came from a store in Europe. She found these after she had broken her original sunglasses while traveling, but they were certainly a trendy and lucky find. This Fashionista is using her sunglasses as a bold-colored statement piece by pairing them with a black and white ensemble. Her mixed-print cropped tank top and high-waisted black skater skirt keep her dark summer look stylish and allows the sunglasses to add a nice pop of color to brighten up her overall look without causing a distraction. I expect we will be seeking out our darkest black and richest brown sunglasses for the upcoming fall season, but for now let’s enjoy the fun-loving vibes of vibrant colored lenses for summer.

How To: This Fashionista has a simple and trendy style. Let your bright mirrored lenses be the focus of your look by wearing neutral colors. Pair a cropped black and white tank top with a skater skirt or change up the look with denim shorts. Add your bold-colored mirrored lenses and head out for the day.