How to Achieve a Simple Glowing Makeup Look

The glowing makeup look is in and here to stay. I’ve noticed a hype around shimmers and neutral colors in beauty looks recently. The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer; Glowing skin has become a key element in makeup, and it’s something that I have incorporated into my makeup routines. Here’s how I achieve it.

1—Prep your skin. Always moisturize your face to make sure your foundation does not come out looking caked and cracked. Add a primer to make sure the foundation application is smooth and to ensure your makeup lasts longer. Any primer will do, but in this case, I made use of the Gosh Foundation Velvet Skin Finish Primer.

2—Conceal. Once I prime my face, I conceal my dark marks with the MAC Concealer Palette. These concealers have a thick, creamy consistency, therefore the skin appears dewy and glowing. I then dab on my foundation with a foundation brush to ensure that the foundation does not mix with the concealer, but sits on top of the concealer to make sure that there is coverage. I then use a concealer that is two shades lighter than my skin tone and dab it under my eyes, the center of my forehead, and my chin.

3—Eye shadow. Use muted colors to keep the look neutral and simple. Make sure to prime your eyelids first with a concealer to make the eye shadow blend out smoother, bringing out the color and making the shadows last longer. I used an orange tone eye shadow from MAC as my transition color to keep the eye look simple. I created depth by adding a bit of pink eye shadow.

To make the eye look pop, I added a pop of shimmer in the center to emphasize the glowing concept of this look. To heighten the shimmer, spray a bit of setting spray onto a brush and dab the brush into the shimmer shade, then dab that straight onto the center of the eyelid (this intensifies the shimmer shade and makes it last longer).

Add a muted lip color and your favorite highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, center of your nose, and on your Cupid’s bow. This will intensify the appearance of your glowing makeup look. Finish this look with some setting spray to make the makeup last longer and keep the skin dewy and glowing.

Whether it’s winter or summer, glowing makeup looks are key! If you want to give this look a shot, don’t forget to take some pics for Instagram and make sure to tag @CFashionista.

Turn Heads by Going Neutral

Depending on your skin type, it can be tricky finding colors that will show off your best assets. People say that the color black goes with everything. This is true but I am here to extend that saying. Whatever your skin tone may be, the simple neutral palette is sure to make a statement. In this article, I will be discussing the ways that you will turn heads by looking pretty in pink and other neutral colors.

Personally, I have an ivory skin tone. Sometimes I will fall in love with clothing hanging on the rack but I will leave the dressing room disappointed because some colors just do not flatter me. Recently, there has been a serious interest in neutral colors. The spark of this neutral revolution was when I fell deeply in love with baby pink and beige. These colors are so simple yet elegant and can easily become accessorized by any daring piece. Neutrals are in and they are here to stay.

In the pictures throughout this article, you will see my baby pink romper accompanied by a tan colored tote with a gold monogrammed necklace. With the neutral color schemes, it is very easy to accessorize. You cannot go wrong with either gold and silver jewelry to make the outfit pop.

The neutral color scheme is a great clothing color but it also works perfectly for accessories such as handbags and necklaces. For instance, often times I will find myself running errands dressing in all-black. Adding a baby pink purse or perhaps my beige tote into the mix breaks up the dark vibes that you may be giving off without even noticing. Fashion celebrity icons such as the Kardashians have been setting the tone for neutrals. Neutral is no longer simplicity, it is something much more than that, a fashion statement.

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Feeling Nautical

With the summer season quickly approaching, there are various trends that have been standing out recently. It is evident that they will be making appearances all summer. Some of these trends include wearing bandanas as neckties, off-the-shoulder tops, wide-leg pants, and many more. In this article, I will explain how you can make stripes, another major trend for the summer, look high-fashion, laid-back, or sporty.

In the outfit that I am wearing above, I wanted to make the stripes the focal point of this ensemble. I paired a long sleeved, off-the-shoulder striped top with a classic pair of white jeans. I finished off the look with some nude, lace-up block heels. These are all items that are a must-have in your summer 2017 wardrobe. Any of these pieces are very versatile and can be used for whatever look you are trying to achieve or recreate. By incorporating the blue and white stripes with the white pants, this outfit screams Memorial Day BBQ.

This outfit is perfect for those of you who enjoy looking put together, but also require that comfort at all times, no matter what you’re wearing. To dress up this outfit, try adding some silver jewelry with a choker to top it off. Another piece of advice is to try wearing your hair up when wearing off-the-shoulder tops—doing so will keep the focus on the outfit, will minimize the potential distractions from your hair, and will keep the whole look simple.

If you want to take another approach on the stripes trend, try wearing a striped T-shirt with a pair of medium wash jeans and a classic pair of Adidas or Converse sneakers. Otherwise, if you choose to keep the look really comfortable and casual, switch off the jeans for some black leggings and call it a day. Striped clothing is a trend that is consistently evolving, allowing you to always look polished and nautical.

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How to Master the Art of Fast Fashion

We have all been to stores like Zara and Forever 21…the bosses of the fast fashion industry. They provide us with off the runway looks for a fraction of the cost, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love cute clothe for cheap prices? That being said, we all know setting foot in these stores can be a call for overwhelming stress. With racks filled with different colors, materials and accessories you often find yourself leaving your shopping experience with a little retail anxiety and the desire to take a long, hot bath. But don’t you worry because I am here to teach you all about mastering the art of fast fashion with four simple tips!

Welcome to Fast Fashion 101! The following are helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when taking a stroll to the mall for some retail therapy:

Know What You Want

Knowing what you want before walking into Forever 21 is key! In stores so big and filled with merchandise it’s easy to forget what you came to shop for. Plan outfits for events, trips or everyday looks prior to your shopping spree. Are you looking for cute booties for a party next weekend? Or a plain white T-shirt? Jot everything down in a cute little notebook. This way you use your time efficiently and take a ton of pressure off your shoulders.

Read the Reviews

If you followed the first step and know what you want, you should be able to log onto any store’s online site and read the reviews of the pieces you are looking for. Customer reviews are helpful and honest; use this to your advantage the next time you go shop till you drop!

Pick the Nudes

Go for the neutrals! They are easier to wear and style from season to season. Bright colored clothing may often look cheap when being bought from fast fashion stores. Unless you are completely confident in your bright yellow and orange Forever 21 jacket, skip it and keep on looking for something bigger and better!

Care and Caution

This step is simple but very often forgotten. Be delicate when it comes from pieces bought from fast fashion brands. When getting ready to wash your clothing, read the labels found within them to know how to handle what you are about to wash. Treating your pieces with care can expand their lifespan, allowing you to get the best for your buck!

What tips do you have for fast fashion shopping? Let me know in the comments below!

Through the Looking Glasses

Glasses were known for being nerdy and unpleasant, but times have changed, seems like glasses are now the new fashion trend. Therefore, to all my friends with astigmatism or 20/50 vision, we’re the cool kids. There are many unique styles of glasses that are currently in trend, let’s take a look through the looking glasses:


These clear frames are the latest frame in 2017! They easily go with any complexion and outfit due to the absence of color. As a result, it is important to wear light make up to not draw away from the frames when wearing this style of glasses. The glasses featured above are called Morning from EyeBuyDirect. They come in a size small with a fitted nose bridge and rounded lens.


Our next trend is well-known as the Harry Potter glasses. These spectacles are called “Small Chillax”. Black, rounded frames give a vintage and hipster look to outfits. These rounded lenses suit smaller faces and are a great accessory to professional clothes or that cute coffee date outfit. It has an adjustable metal nose bridge, which adds more comfort and uniqueness. Rounded lenses are an all-time favorite.

The final style are brow-line glasses. This style is the most famous style of glasses known for the square lenses and brow-line frame. Most noteworthy, these square frames are perfect for round faces to provide contrast to the face. This is a bold and retro look due to its frames and nostalgic look from the 50’s and 60’s. These glasses serve for an everyday look which is why many can say these are the iconic hipster glasses of 2017.

What style of glasses are you rocking? Share your favorites in the comments below!



Summer Color Alert

Color has played a vital role throughout history. It has influenced countless cultures throughout the world and is viewed in diverse lights by society. The color red may be viewed as passionate love, however others may view red as a symbol of violence or danger.

This translates directly into fashion. Color is a dominate force in design, trends, and season transitions. This season’s colors embody neutrals intermixed with hues of peach, mauve, blush, and light blue. Tints, tones, and shades of these colors appear throughout many retail stores.

This Fashionista illustrates this color trend in three versatile looks. In her first look, she wears a Free People button-up, a classic wardrobe essential. Tinges of peach and light blue flow throughout the blouse, presenting a light, airy tone. The oversize blouse and pinwheel design on the back gives this staple an upgrade. The use of simple silhouettes combined with unique patterns and designs enhance any look for the summer. She couples the blouse with a pair of light wash jeans and finishes the look with a beige bag and oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses.

A monochrome ensemble is a simple and clean style approach for the summer. This Fashionista sports a plain gray flowy t-shirt over a heather gray wrap skirt. The use of neutrals in different tints and shades helps the garments offset each other. The Madewell tortoiseshell sunglasses and beige crossbody bag balances the consistency of the monochrome style.

Spotted wearing another wardrobe necessity, this Fashionista matches a light wash jean jacket with a plain white-ribbed tank top. However, the Aritzia mauve-colored cotton shorts with oversize pockets provides this look with a casual yet summer ready vibe. Completing the look with a rustic looking beige backpack and coordinating sandals, the outfit is polished. 

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How to Wear Neutrals Without Looking Basic

As a lover of classic, effortless style, I’ve been asked many a time how I manage to find inspiration from such a limited color palette. Now, neutrals (think: beige, ivory, black, and white) may not translate on the runway as glamorous, but they can be your best friend when mastering the art of street style.

My latest look, dubbed simple with a twist, is fun to look at and easy to follow. See what inspiration and advice you can gather from my step-by-step neutral-wearing rules!

1. Choose contrasting pieces.

Nothing says boring more than matching colors without a purpose. For this reason, you’ll have to put a little more thought into your dress-up time—think about what fabrics would photograph together nicely and which ones clash.

In my case, I paired structured Ink Denim jeans with a loose-fitting top while accentuating a textured Adrienne Vittadini handbag with synthetic fibers and felt from the shoes and accessories. Though the colors stayed plain, the look was anything but.

At the same time, don’t forget to edit your outfit. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Follow Mademoiselle’s minimalist style rule to hit that sweet spot between humdrum and noisy!

2. Mix it up.

You don’t have to take this as literally as mixing silver accessories with gold, but don’t forget to have fun with your clothes. Fashion is nothing if not experimental!

One thing I did to transform my look from cliché to slay was to roll-up my long sleeve Olive & Oak button down and tie it at the waist. High enough to raise interest but low enough that your 70-year-old grandmother wouldn’t judge, this refitted top now looked casually undone. I also wore a wool cloche hat from Target (pronounced Tar-jay by the cool kids) because I’m clearly still not over Downton Abbey.

3. Add a statement shoe.

Repeat this after me: Statement shoes are fun. Statement shoes never hurt anyone.

As for the shoes themselves, I highly recommend that you scour out pack-a-bag sales at your local thrift store before you even think about going near a Nordstrom or, heaven forbid, an actual designer store. These sold out Steve Madden leopard print wedges were originally priced at $119; I got them for roughly $2! (Granted, I had to squeeze them in a bag shared with two friends, but it was totally worth it.)

3. Go for gorgeous.

Whether you choose to go barefaced or bronzer-conscious, make sure that you step out of the house feeling confident, sexy, and proud of what you’re wearing! While you are always beautiful, a classy, neutral look can help to bring out that natural grace.

That said, I used Essence Cosmetics’ All About Chocolates eye shadow palette. Ranging from matte to shimmery tones, it was just what I needed to take my look to the next level.

Are you rocking the neutral look today? Snap a picture, and don’t forget to tag us @CFashionista on social media!

Dress With an Outfit to Impress

Summer is a constantly busy time. The day is full of many other opportunities even though school is out. College women are working, interning, and trying to have fun all with a hectic schedule. Whether you are interviewing or you’ve already scored an internship, a cute outfit that isn’t too formal is necessary. It is difficult to find a perfect outfit when the weather is beautiful and the temperature is hot. However, this outfit could be a perfect fit for you and all of your summer needs!

Dresses and rompers are simple, easy, go-to outfit ideas. Sometimes, though, you want to show your style a bit more by pairing a cute top and bottoms. This Fashionista achieved exactly that with her chic look. Her simple but classy outfit has an endless amount of occasions it can be worn to.

While wearing patterns is sometimes frowned upon, this Fashionista used stripes to her advantage to give herself a more stylish look. Her shorts are high-waisted and hit in the middle of her thigh. She looks professional and achieves a goal of not being too warm. She paired a simple black tank with the shorts, tucking it in and drawing more attention to the bottoms.

Her outfit is complete with her long, gray cardigan. Modesty and class is achieved with her sweater, which is made out of lightweight material. I love the three buttons on the cuff of the sleeves—such a simple yet cute addition to her look. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her pink Michael Kors satchel. This purse is perfect for throwing in your phone, pens, or makeup for touchups throughout the day. The pink pops against the neutral colors for her chic outfit without overwhelming her fashion.

What are some of your go-to outfits for internships and jobs this summer? Tag @cfashionista on Instagram, or comment below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Senior Week

It’s the most emotional time of the year: graduation time! This is such a busy time of the year with so many lasts, goodbyes, and events going on. But one good thing about all of these things going on is that you can take lots of pictures to remember all these events. The first thing I always think about when I know I am going to get photographed is “what outfit am I going to wear?”

Senior week, there are a ton of events going on to hang out a few more times with your closest friends. This outfit is easy to wear to many senior week events. This Fashionisto is rocking the different color combos with his green dockers from Kohl’s and an off-white Pipeline waffle shirt also from Kohl’s. Layered over the long sleeve is a Somona blue button-down which can also be found at Kohl’s. To keep this outfit casual, it was smart to keep the shirt unbuttoned. If you want to dress this look up, just button up the shirt. To add to this casual look he chose to wear some simple black Vans. To pull this look together, add any sunglasses for those sunny days.

This outfit is comfortable and versatile for many fun activities. This outfit is perfect for spring transitioning into summer because of the fun colored pants and a colored shirt. Wearing colored pants instead of jeans is a creative way to dress up any outfit. This Fashionisto looks dressed up but still casual. Not many people would think to pair these two colors together, but he definitely pulled this great look off.

STYLE ADVICE: Keepin’ It Cool

As summer showers and sunny days become frequent happenings, Fashionistas everywhere prepare for these spontaneous months. “Spring cleaning” takes full effect, and this Fashionista shows us what spring staples you don’t want to throw out.

This Fashionista nails the cool-girl, laid back vibe with embroidery and neutral colored clothing. To start off the outfit, a neutral top—preferably tan—is the perfect base to build on. Since the weather in Florida is pretty unpredictable during these months, you want to get a T-shirt that is light and airy. Another year-round staple that works for day or night is denim. I’m the kind of girl that lives in her skinny jeans and denim shorts, and this Fashionista is after my own heart. When buying anything denim, make sure it’s not coarse and has a little stretch—you want to be able to move in them and be comfortable, not suffocating. I also love how this Fashionista rolled the bottom of her jeans to create a boyfriend, more relaxed, look.

Embroidery is something that makes any look complete, and this Fashionista’s jacket is calling my name! A statement jacket adds that bit of edge to any outfit and adds a personal flair that is all your own. This Fashionista’s jacket was purchased at Urban Outfitters, the brand known for providing “it” pieces for any Fashionista’s closet. If you’re too busy to hit the mall, get more bang for your buck by bedazzling or decorating your own jacket. To complete the outfit, this Fashionista wears nude heels. With a back strap, and a small heel, these shoes are perfect for day-wear and campus walking. And this Fashionista doesn’t leave anywhere without her clear frames—and you don’t need to have prescription eye-wear to wear these bad boys!

So before you toss and buy, search your wardrobe for these fashion forward pieces that are timeless and certain to make a statement for any season!