7 Products You Need For The Perfect Summer Glow

After a long winter, there’s nothing like the first 80-degree day and a sunburnt nose to welcome the season change and a new skincare regimen. Summer skincare is all about shining bright like a diamond and as little makeup as possible. Us girls have a lot going on any given day, so we need products that won’t melt off our face like ice cream. And there’s a difference of glowy summer skin (cute) and just a hot, sweaty mess (not cute). With all that in mind, I’ve found some of my favorite go-to skincare products that create the perfect base and still leave you fresh and clean without taking out more student loans.

Speaking of fresh and clean, of course we’re going to start off straight from the shower with bare skin and damp hair. For summer, I reach for Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. It’s perfect for all skin types and super lightweight on the skin. I can sometimes have bumpy skin so it keeps my skin baby soft and hydrated for an all-day glow.

Moisturizer shouldn’t just stop at your face; I slather coconut oil all over or I just spray on some sunscreen before I’m hot and sticky at the beach. However, if you’re a busy Fashionista like most and have no time for the beach my next go-to is from Ulta. Their very own Bronze Glow Self-Tanning Tinted Mist in medium/deep is my best kept secret during the summer. It won’t have you looking like an Ompa Loompa.

As tired as I am some nights, cleansing my face every night after wearing foundation and glitter for hours is an essential skincare habit to stick with. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser, amongst a host of Burt’s Bees products, is one of my favorites. Two pumps of foam and a rinse later, all the bronzer from the day is washed away. However, if you have more oily skin that’s easily prone to breakouts, use Dr.Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap. Their tea tree soap contains pure tea tree oil, which is great for acne-prone skin.

After I deep clean with a cleanser, I always reach for a toner. Mario Badescu has a facial spray with aloe and rosewater. It has been a favorite of mine for months. It smells amazing, tightens my skin, and gives me a dewy glow. I spray in onto my face after I apply makeup as well to set my look and lasts the entire day.

Now whenever I’m on the go or just need a refresher at the beach, I carry a package of cleansing cloths in my bag. In the summer, I turn to vitamin C enriched wipes like Ole Henricksen’s Truth On The Glow Cloths. The citrus smell wakes me up and the convenience of a wipe cleans off the buildup of makeup after a long day.

What are some of your favorite skincare products? If you enjoyed this article, give it a rad heart and leave a comment below!

STYLE ADVICE: Next Stop, Mexico

What better way to end the school year than with a vacation at a tropical resort in Mexico? I recently had the pleasure of photographing this Fashionista before she took off for her first summer trip.

Being in the hot sun, we want to wear things that are comfy and allow air while also being stylish and fun. This Fashionista is wearing a burnt orange off-the-shoulder shift dress from Forever 21. This dress is perfect for going out to a nice dinner or just exploring the area with your friends. Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are huge right now and are the perfect way to show off your tan in another country!

She paired her dress with a pair of comfy sandals from Target. It is important to have comfortable shoes when going on vacation so you can wander the resort or city and see everything without discomfort. This pair of strappy sandals are the perfect example of comfortable with a touch of style.

To pull the look together, this Fashionista wore her basic sunglasses with round frames. Sunglasses are the most important accessory for any trip! You can dress up any outfit with a cute pair of sunglasses while also protecting your eyes from the sun. She also touched up her look with a dainty gold necklace to match the gold on her glasses.

Whether you’re going to the city or the beach, these pieces can help you stay comfy and stylish while taking on the town, hit the beach, and having the time of your life!

STYLE ADVICE: Throwing Shade for the Sun

Like a ray of sunshine, burst through the weather with some confidence. That’ll make even the shadiest of them all spot you in a clear and perfect view. It’s summertime, and while others may be dipping and diving into swimming pools and getting ready for a summer vacation, we can’t forget the most important thing: staying hip and stylish. As Fashionistas, we must know that simplicity is key. Yes, go for a bold color and even go the extra mile with patterns. Even if it’s hard to admit, this breakout of weather will convince you that less is definitely more.

With shutting the door to spring and allowing summer access to our killer wardrobes, the sun shouldn’t allow us to get out of hand either. Every individual has their go-to style, but everyone wants to look great too, right? The number one item for me is sunglasses that are in a nice color to bring out your face. Another element that is great is a hairdo of some spectacular style.

To accompany her bold sunglasses, this Fashionista opted for a fresh and clean look in a plain tan sweater and matching slacks. She is also not doing too much with her balanced tones in her color scheme, which allows you to take note of the colors of her wardrobe and accessories. Paired with a plain black handbag, Nike cortez sneakers are also worn to bring everything together. In the end, this Fashionista’s sunglasses were the focal point of this look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

I cannot believe this is my last article for CollegeFashionista! I have enjoyed writing these so much. It’s dead week here at OU, so writing this is a nice break from studying. Summer is creeping right around the corner, and I could not be more excited.

Shooting this article was so much fun. This Fashionista was so fun to work with, and obviously, she takes the cutest pictures ever. Her outfit is super versatile, and she told me loves it because it’s something you can either dress up or dress down. The top is thin enough to wear in the spring with jeans, but you could also wear it in the summer with shorts. Orange can be such a flattering color, and you’re able to see that on this Fashionista. The shoes exhibit the perfect sandal for dressing up any outfit in the spring or summertime. Heeled sandals are becoming so popular this year and I think this pair is great because it is a neutral color, so you could wear them with almost anything. The ripped jeans help make the outfit more casual. If you wore black jeans with it, it would definitely help transition the outfit from day to night.

The accessories add a nice flare to the outfit without being over the top. Belts always add the perfect touch to a seemingly simple outfit. People definitely underestimate belts, but I think it’s important to own one nice belt like this one. The earrings are subtle but trendy. Geometric hoops present a nice spin to a somewhat common style. If you added some more jewelry to this outfit, it would help the transition from day to night.

Transitional outfits need to be emphasized more. You want something you could wear to brunch with your family, but then you can add some more accessories and wear it out with friends at night. I love outfits that have versatility like this one.

I hope this outfit gives you some inspiration during the hallowed times of finals. We are so close to being finished for the year; let’s make it the best!

BEAUTY BAR: Pink, Red, and Orange Blossoms on Your Face

It’s already February and wind seems to simmer down a notch everyday. Waiting for spring to come, I seem to look out for more colorful clothes and makeup. While wearing a black coat and boots, add a pink scarf to show my excitement for spring season. Also, when doing makeup, add orange or pink on brown base eyeshadows. This Fashionista’s makeup perfectly describes the “almost-spring-look.”

First of all, she wears blue jeans in both her jacket and her jeans, but with slightly different tones. To add a emphasis, she is wearing her bright red bucket bag to add a lively vibe. The main focus is her beautiful makeup. In the winter, she said that she usually wears both brown and burgundy eyeshadows with deep red burgundy lips. But these days, she still puts on brown eyeshadow and layers both orange and pink eyeshadows on top of the base to create flowery colors. Also, on her lips, she mixes two different colors: magenta pink and coral lipsticks. These mix of colors create a color of cherry blossom petals. This Fashionista finishes her makeup with natural-look highlights with moisturizing face balm. In this way she can have a chic and natural finish with moisturizing skin.

Once spring actually approaches soon, you can mix and match more bright color combinations. You can use beige or nude base for your eyeshadow instead of using deep brown color. Also, when the weather gets warmer, you can use more powdery form of highlighters instead of moisturizing balm. Whatever product you use, try to create a spring color palette so that your look can create a fresh, spring-like vibe.

WHAT TO WEAR: Class Weather Confusion

Orange is the new black and no, I am not talking about the hit Netflix show or our recent change in president. Nope, here I am talking about this Fashionista’s eye-catching coat. Walking down campus walk in the morning, I am usually greeted by a busy sea of black coats and solemn faces on their way to class. Not this Fashionista though. She stood out like an orange flame in a dark hallway.

Her orange pea coat is bright and clearly the focus of her outfit. To make sure her look did not become a busy eyesore, she kept her outfit underneath the coat simple and neutral. She paired a black cable knit sweater over a taupe dress along with black, knee-high socks and a pair of taupe, heeled combat boots. She also decided to keep her accessories simple by merely adding a slouchy, knit beanie to her head. The hat was added more for the look than for the warmth as the warmth of clothing has not really been a necessity this season.

The weather in Virginia has been unusually warm this year so the dress and coat combination work perfectly for class. Typically, students are seen bundled up for their 8 a.m. classes but shed those layers by late afternoon. This outfit balances the weather change out so that this Fashionista can look cute without becoming too hot or too cold all day long. Plus, this look is a little more elevated than the typical jeans and a sweater combo that many people wear to class in the winter.

WHAT TO WEAR: New Year New Gear

It is that time of year again, when all you seem to here is “New year, new me.” After all the yummy holiday desserts, I was ready to get back into the gym. I made the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. If you made any resolutions this year to be healthier, exercise more, or get in to shape, then you’re probably hitting up the closest store with athletic wear. I love buying new workout gear, but getting me to the gym is a whole other story. I love wearing the comfortable workout clothes without ever actually working out. This is where the wonderful world of athleisure comes in handy. Looking good while feeling good after a sweaty workout is a great feeling. Half of my motivation to go to the gym is knowing that my workout gear is too cute for only my roommate to see.

This Fashionista knows how to stay comfortable and warm while breaking a sweat. She loves to run, so light clothing is her go-to. She paired black Nike running leggings with a bright orange quarter-zip top. The bright orange color can be a life-saver, if you are an evening runner! The tighter fitted workout gear is going to keep you warm during your workout. For shoes, this Fashionista chose to match her top with her shoes. She wore bright orange and yellow Nike running shoes. She kept her hair back in a simple braid to keep it out of her face during her run.

So if you made a resolution involving health, put together a cute and comfortable athletic outfit and get ready to conquer your workout.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The winter season seems to drag on forever here in Minnesota, which in turn brings everyone’s mood down to a dull, bland, and “blah” feeling. Creating cold weather looks in this season can often prove to be quite the challenge. It leaves everyone thinking,”How can I bundle up and stay warm, but also model a trendy outfit?” It wasn’t until I was walking to my noon mass media class that I spotted a Fashionista sporting a breath of fresh air in this dreary weather. I, without a doubt, had to cover her ensemble and share it with the CollegeFashionista community.

This Fashionista was leaving the local campus coffee shop when I pulled her aside to chat about her breathtaking and simplistic look. What really drew me to her outfit was how nicely the burnt orange color of her frayed-edge poncho looked against her hair and skin color. It was obvious that this poncho was the focal point of her look, as she opted for darker colors underneath. She modeled a solid black long sleeve tucked inside a classic blue jean, with a small cuff to flatter her legs and show off those gorgeous booties. This Fashionista paired the look with black, pointed-toe booties that displayed an edgy V-cut along the sides to show some much-needed skin. In a campus where the only skin exposed in the chilly months is our rosy cheeks, it was so inspiring to see how this Fashionista found a way to let her legs breathe while also keeping the toes warm. The more I talked to this Fashionista, the more I began to notice the little details of her look. She paired the outfit with simplistic, gold jewelry to break apart all the solid colors by adding bling. Her pearl necklace, ring set, and watch are all from Charlotte Russe. Her final touches included adding a darling, brown, elastic ribbon hair tie for class.

For cold weather students who might be in the same pickle as this Fashionista and myself; where staying on trend but also keeping warm can be tough, I strongly encourage playing with ponchos, coats, and jackets. These pieces can be thrown on top of a pair of jeans and plain shirt so quick, but yet add those bold pops of colors, prints, and edge you might be looking for. Don’t let the bitter weather scare you away from staying innovative and trendy with your looks!

WHAT TO WEAR: The Transition Weather Dilemma

The winter weather this year has been pretty weird—some days it’s hot, some days it’s cold, and some days you just can’t quite decide how you feel when stepping outside. For those days that mother nature isn’t on our side, it’s important to have a few go-to transition weather outfits for days out to lunch with the girls, in case the leggings and T-shirt look is not applicable for the occasion.

Mary Claire is a self-acclaimed Fashionista—she has her own blog and has so many standout pieces I wish I had in my closet.

On an unnaturally gloomy yet warm day, this Fashionista decided to wear a classic skirt-sweater combo. Thigh high boots are the newest trend, and they pair perfectly with her black sweater. They also add extra coverage to your legs for when the wind starts to pick up. These particular boots have a toggle on the back, which I think is a must for any pair of thigh highs; this way you’re able to adjust their fit perfectly to the size of your thigh.

Her skirt is my favorite orange, perfect for a fall-like day in December. The pattern across the bottom adds an intricate and delicate aspect to a more top-heavy combo.

Her necklace is a classic wrap necklace, which seems to be a never-ending trend on the UGA campus. I love the way that Mary Claire decided to wear hers; rather than wrapping the necklace in a choker-like fashion around her neck, she allows it to hang loose which keeps the outfit relaxed.

Don’t let this weird winter weather discourage you! There are still easy ways to be able to wear your favorite winter pieces in a less than wintery wonderland.

STYLE GURU BIO: Irysh Concepcion

Guess what? Today is a good day to be bold and be rare, because no one can duplicate the spunk in your step!

My name is Irysh Concepcion, and my current home is a little college town Pullman, which is located in “the middle of nowhere,” Washington. For those of you who have never heard about this tiny dot on the map, I can describe it using four words: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Now, if you’ve guessed correctly, I mentioned all four seasons because living in Pullman means that you should be prepared for an unexpected snowfall in June, and understand the norm of putting on two jackets over a crop-top before leaving the front door in order to survive your morning commute to campus, only to shed at least one layer of clothing by noon.

I am a junior at Washington State University majoring in journalism and media production, and minoring in film studies. I have plans to pursue a career as an anchor for entertainment news. I hope to roam the red carpet with a mic in my hand, scoping in on the latest fashion trends and celebrity whereabouts.

In regards to my spiel about my college town being a wonder of weather, Pullman stands out to me because having grown up on the opposite side of Washington State, the only climate I would always dress for was rainfall! Here in Pullman, I’m free to experiment a wider variety of looks, and rock my signature look consisting of a cropped top, choker and purple-gray pout.

By the end of my undergraduate career, I will have become an expert of dressing to accommodate to all four seasons in one day. More importantly, by the end of my undergraduate career, I will continue striving to stand out as the woman who glistens within the sea of many other ambitious individuals in pursuit of awesome careers! If making every ground I walk my catwalk, the changing colors of the sky my backdrop, and keep the words of inspiration from my loved ones and mentors as the theme song of my life is what it takes to give me that first push into standing out, I will.

As a new member of the Guru Gang, I am ready to glide through spring 2017! I have prospects to amp up my wardrobe by taking inspiration from Fashionistas I will meet along the way, and ultimately, discover my voice as a journalist. I find importance in grabbing any opportunity that allows being able to incorporate personal interests into professional practices.

No look is complete without the garnish of a smile! When you love what you wear, what you wear loves you back by paying you with confidence in the form of a body that is uniquely and beautifully shaped.

Featured in my outfit is my mother’s jean skirt from the ’90s. It’s a little something I had recently spotted resting in her closet! Incorporating throwback pieces is a definite way to be noticed on a regular day!