How to Use the Versatility of Fashion to Your Advantage

A very special power that lies within fashion is that it gives people the power to be whoever they want. You can decide to be a bohemian, punk chick one day and a hip hop, vintage Barbie the next. Many people have a certain category of style they fit under, but fashion gives you the potential to be versatile and rock any and every style. I encourage everyone to dive into a fashion trend or category they aren’t familiar with; so of course I had to take my own advice. Lately, I’ve been bored with clothes so I decided to try out a style I’ve been neglecting.

I’ve been wanting to go for an edgy, sophisticated, girlboss look. So when I stumbled across this faded, black denim overall dress in Forever 21, I knew it was fate. It gives off an edgy, summer street style vibe. The patches and straps of the dress give it a hint of color, allowing you to match accessories or makeup. Patches are a popular trend that has been taking over in the fashion world. They instantly can take a piece of clothing from drab to fab, and they come in all different shapes, designs, objects, and colors. The dress is comfortable and loose, allowing you to take advantage of the summer breeze and beat the heat. This dress is definitely retro ’90s and reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger denim carpenter overalls.

To keep the edgy look, I traded in my usual style of Old Skool Vans for a pair of clear strap, lace-up heels from Fashion Nova. Nothing says girlboss like your favorite pair of little black heels. I paired this outfit with gold accessories to add a little street flare. I added gold accents to my ears, neck, and wrist to complete this outfit. I’m wearing giant gold hoops to match my giant Afrocentric hair, a gold star choker from Forever 21, and a dainty, feminine gold Casio watch.

Of course, your outfit isn’t complete without hair and makeup. These are your two most noticeable accessories. I fluffed out my curls with a pick to add volume to my hair. The bigger the hair the harder they stare! For makeup, I went with light coverage on the face and dramatic eyes. I used the Take Me To Brazil palette from BHcosmetics to add the pop of red on my eyelids and I used NYX Electric Blue liner for my waterline.

I absolutely love this look I created. I inspired myself to use the versatility of fashion and beauty to my advantage. Always try new things and find new ways to express yourself through fashion. You have a whole platform in front of you and you are the canvas. Ready. Set. Create!

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A Trip to the Ringling Museum of Art

Being that I am an art major and that one of my best friends lives in Sarasota, I pretty much started geeking out when I realized how close she lives to the Ringling Museum of Art. This museum has a total of 21 exhibits, ranging from interchanging galleries of contemporary art, to displays of portrait photography. Due to the permanent collections being the only galleries I could take pictures of, I dedicated most of the time I had at the 14th-18th century European art, and the Circus Museum.

The gallery of 14th-18th century European art mostly captured art from the Renaissance era. The combination of beauty and elegant, flourishing creativity during this period is why I’ve always found the “rebirth” period to be one of the most influential movements in history. One piece that really stuck out to me features this snazzy lady right here. Her gown is hands down one of the prettiest articles of clothing I’ve ever seen and she’s holding the tiniest dog to walk the planet.

The circus museum was full of interactive pieces such walking on tightropes and sitting in a clown car, but what really stuck out to me what the fashion. The Ringling Circus was at its peak in the mid-1920s, so obviously the costumes were amazing. Female performers always had the most intricate beading and details on their costumes and this woman’s warm-toned gown matched perfectly with her partner, the elephant’s, costume. The piece definitely gives me Water for Elephants vibes.

How to Conquer the Ringling Museum of Art

1—Bring your student ID. If you’re enrolled at the University of South Florida, Florida State University, State College of Flordia, New College of Florida, Ringling College of Art and Design, or Eckerd College, this is essential. If you are a college student but not enrolled at any of these schools, bring your ID because you will still get a discount! Your ticket will cost only $5 rather than the typical adult ticket which costs $25.

2—Keep track of time and make the exhibits you know you want to see a priority.

3—Bring a bag that can fit everything, including your camera. Walking around a museum, or anywhere in general, with a camera in my hand can be very irritating, and I find that it draws attention to me. I found that just bringing a bigger purse can easily solve the problem. I usually find myself gravitating toward smaller purses, but in situations like these. A shopper or tote is the perfect solution.

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Styling in the City

Sauntering the streets of South Philly is not an easy task—especially when you are bound to encounter a familiar face upon turning every street corner. “How is it possible to look presentable on the city streets when in a rush and facing the unbearable, August heat?” one might ask. With the assistance of my fab Fashionista, I’ll show you how!

1—Dress comfortably. There is no denying that overalls are a hot topic this summer. Luckily, they are comfortable, too. The featured model does an excellent job of pairing comfy with chic, as she shows off her loose fitted, cotton overalls. Underneath, she wears a black off-the-shoulder shirt, avoiding any noticeable sweat stains. Beat the heat and stay cool in cotton, rather than suffer from the sweltering sun in heavy material. Ditch the denim!

2—Throw on a hat. We can all relate to the days where we roll out of bed just minutes before having to be in work, class, etc. The key to getting rid of that terrible bed head is simply by masking it with a baseball cap. Why not kill two birds with one stone and hide the messy hair while also shielding your face from the inevitably hot summer sun? Turn a lame outfit into a trendy one and grab a hat on the go.

3—Accessorize. Have you ever put together an outfit but felt as though something was missing or it wasn’t bold enough? The key to making a boring outfit pop is to accessorize. This brown-eyed beauty completes her look by tying in a plain black choker and black backpack accompanied with a subtle lip color. The backpack is an excellent choice because it is light, not a burden, and not continuously falling off of your shoulder. By keeping it simple, she makes this combo look chic, yet so effortless.

4—Wear broken in shoes. Closed toes shoes in the summer? Yup, that’s right. Personally, I do not abide by the rule of wearing strictly closed toed shoes in the winter and open toed shoes in the summer. The H&M booties this Fashionista is wearing are perfect and affordable for tackling a long day in the city. However, it is important to note that leather is light opposed to suede. Let’s be real, trendy paired with comfortable is music to any Fashionista’s ears.

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3 Must-Have Denim Pieces for Summer

One of the most popular trends in fashion right now is denim. Everyone has that one staple piece of denim in their closet that they love to incorporate into their outfit. In the past, everyone’s staple piece was a pair of Levi’s jeans. Now, those trends are changing, a pair of jeans is no longer the only option. Closets are filling up with overalls, skirts, and of course, denim jackets.

1—Denim jacket. I don’t know about you, but my denim jacket is probably my favorite piece of denim in my closet. I love pairing my jacket particularly with dresses for the summer, but you can also throw it on with jeans, shorts, or anything you feel comfortable in! They are perfect for keeping you warm on a cool summer night in a stylish way. To make this outfit a little dressier, I styled my outfit with a pair of gladiator sandals.

2—Overalls. These have been making a comeback in the latest fashion trends. They are most known for their comfort and easy style. Here, I chose to wear a graphic T-shirt under my overalls to keep it simple and casual. I also wore a pair of Adidas Superstars to keep the look casual. Overalls are the perfect outfit to just throw on that you can dress up or down on a hot summer day.

3—Denim skirt. This is the perfect item to throw on during the heatwave we have been having! You can pair your skirt with a cute top and sandals or make your look more casual with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers. This month, I decided to make my look nicer with a plain black bodysuit and sandals.

Whether you want to dress your denim up with sandals or heels or down with sneakers, it’s the perfect versatile look to add to your outfit!

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3 Essential Denim Pieces for the Summer

One of the largest trends I’ve noticed recently is the uprising of denim. Thanks to James Dean, denim was a staple piece in every bad boy’s closet, and it soon evolved into the reliable fabric many of us wear today. As fashion trends changed, denim prevailed throughout the years and changed its form, thus opening the doors to its versatility; denim is not only seen as a bad boy’s go-to material, but as a form-fitting, trendy, and even laid-back look. For this month’s feature, this Fashionista styles three different pieces of denim that may be used when dressing up or down!

1—Overalls. These babies have been making a comeback in the last couple of months. They’re popular for their effortless, comfortable style. This Fashionista chose to wear a bold shirt to give the public eye an idea of what a feminist is! To keep it casual and old-school, she wore a pair of Stan Smith Sneakers. Whether they are snug or loose, overalls are a great piece to wear when you need to choose something in a rush.

2—Distressed jeans. It was probably Kim Kardashian who brought back the look of highly-distressed denim into the market. All of a sudden it has become socially acceptable to walk around with large holes in your jeans, and even fashionably cute! This Fashionista keeps it dressed down by pairing her distressed denim with a loose-fitting, pastel, color block shirt. These shirts are comfortable and will definitely help keep you cool during those hot summer days. Slide sandals are also in high demand this summer, causing this particular Fashionista to let her skin breathe through these metallic, open-toe slide sandals. To top off the dressed-down look, she threw on a white cap.

3—Denim skirt, If you’re like me, pants can be a little constricting sometimes, especially when it’s hot out. Denim skirts have recycled themselves through the fashion world and are now coming back into play! Pair them with a cute pair of heels or even with your favorite pair of sneakers. This Fashionista decided to go for the casual look again, sporting a brightly-colored graphic T-shirt to remain unique in a crowd. The denim skirt itself is patterned with silver buttons down the center just to give it extra character. She ties the casual look together with her favorite pair of white Vans.

Whether you dress it up or down by choosing between stilettos and sneakers, denim is a go-to for everybody. It can be used as a top or bottom, causing it to be one of the most versatile pieces in a closet!

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The Overall Revival

At this point in the summer, I’m sure everyone knows that overalls are taking off as one of the biggest trends yet. They have become a staple in a lot of summer wardrobes (including my own) and are a piece of clothing that is so versatile. They have the ability to be dressed up or down, which is something every Fashionista wants this summer.

So Why Overalls? Let Me Tell You: 

Pairing overalls with a casual T-shirt and trendy sneakers is the perfect outfit for getting coffee with friends, going shopping, or attending summer classes. The main thing about overalls that most trendsetters love is the comfort level. Something great about overalls is that they can also be dressed up with heels, which can be the perfect day to night outfit. They are perfect to wear over a bathing suit for all summer beach vacations. You can also pair them with fun jewelry.

Ever since overalls have made a comeback, they have made so many appearances on the most fashionable people in the entertainment and fashion industry. They are giving so many of us inspiration for planning all of our fabulous summer outfits and also future seasonal outfits to come. If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of overalls; you most definitely won’t regret it. Wearing them might seem risky if you have not worn them since you were a child, but they are coming back in full force and are the perfect summer piece.

Long or short, overalls are a piece of clothing you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP. They are a trend that is definitely going to prevail for a very long time. No matter what your style is, overalls work for everyone.

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Beat the Heat

It’s everyone’s favorite season, and the heat has definitely arrived. So let’s talk summer style. Three trends that have been dominating the summer fashion market are overalls, tassel earrings, and bandanas. all three which this Fashionista tackles effortlessly. By sticking to the same color scheme, she can add several accessories to this look without overdoing it. I love how the usage of darker colors still looks summer fresh on this blonde beauty.

Overalls have been trending for a while, and how refreshing is it to have something in style that is insanely comfortable? I’m particularly fond of overalls that are not made of jean material, which makes them even softer. Pair them with a cute bra or a colorful crop top and you’re good to go. Keeping your summer looks as light as possible is crucial during this heat wave, especially to avoid those dreaded sweat marks. It’s the perfect look to travel in as well, whether it’s a road trip or a plane ride.

I personally adore the bandana trend, especially since it can be tied in so many different ways. Around your neck, on your head, wrapped around your bun or pony tail, on your bag. and so on. This Fashionista has a custom embroidered bandana in black, which ties together nicely with her black mules. Mules have definitely been on everyone’s radar lately, and I’m not surprised. They are simple, easy to slip on, and give an effortless look. Mules have a thicker and higher heel, which makes this a great day-to-night outfit. If your forte is a killer day outfit, switch out the mules with some simple white sneakers and you are all set for your next festival. Another perfect scenario for this outfit would be a day of exploring and shopping. The overalls are easy to slip on and off, and the light fabric keeps you cool for all day activities.

Any more tricks up your sleeve for an effortless yet stylish look to drool over this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Black and Pink and Cute All Over

Lighter colors are typically associated with the summertime because they keep you feeling light, fresh, and cool during the hot summer months. Although I love my black attire, I have to ditch the all black outfits during hot summer days. Now is the time to incorporate dark and light colors that complement each other into a look that will bring the lighter color out more and make it the focal point of your outfit!

One of my favorite summer pieces to wear is overalls. Overalls are so versatile and allow you to wear a crazy colored or patterned top while keeping it pulled together with solid color overalls. Overalls come in various shades and shapes and are quick to take off and on; unclip the hooks, and you’re good to go! I chose to wear black overalls with a “millennial pink” T-shirt. The contrast of the colors is really different and looks summery without being too far out of my comfort zone.

Being a makeup enthusiast, I love matching my makeup with my attire. For this look, I incorporated lots of pink and peachy colors to tie in with my shirt. The Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadows are essential for a bold going out look or if you’re just trying to make a statement with your eyes. They are pretty and sparkly, and they add a pop of color to any summer look. They also last for hours and can be used as an eyeliner.

I also can’t pass up the Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced. First of all, the smell is delicious! But more than that, this palette has some awesome peach and warm-toned colors to create a girly look on your eyes. As for highlighter, Anastasia’s collaboration with Nicole Guerriero is a staple makeup item you need in your bag. The sparkly pop of highlighter is a perfect touch to your look in the summer!

Pinks are perfect for summer because they’re bright, fun, and match with so much. I’m sure you’ve heard that “millennial pink” is trending, so why not try it for yourself? Throw on this peachy pink look with your favorite pink shirt and overalls and hit the street for some major retail therapy.

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Bananas For Bandanas

I’m sure most people would agree that it’s always great to have an accessory in their wardrobe that is versatile. As someone whose personal aesthetic changes so frivolously, I love having clothes that can work for various different styles. One of my go-to accessories that I can change the style of quickly is a bandana.

Bandanas are one of my favorite things in my closet because they come in so many different styles and can totally enhance an outfit. One of my favorite style trends right now is overalls. They’re such a quirky fashion piece, and I love to pair them with bandanas. It’s a great way to take simple articles of clothing and make yourself stand out in a stylish way.

The outfit I put together is simple. I wore a basic black V-neck T-shirt, acid-washed denim overalls, a pair of Converse, and a blue paisley bandana. I chose blue because I wanted to highlight the blue in the denim, but any color or design would work well and still complement each other.

One of my favorite ways to wear bandanas is simply tying it around my neck like an ascot. It reminds me of the neck choker trend, but with more boy scout vibes. It’s a simple way to enhance the look of the overalls, much like all of the looks I tried.

Another way I like to wear bandanas is sort of in a faux-collar style. I take the bandana and tie it around my neck and tuck it under the color of my shirt. I like this style because it makes the look so classic.

Another look with bandanas that I like to sport is wearing it wrapped around my head. This is one that I typically wear when I don’t know what to do with my hair or if I’m having a bad hair day. It keeps your hair together and serves modern pirate realness.

Bandanas and overalls are super retro and are one of my favorite throwbacks, ’90s-esque looks to serve. Bandanas are such a fun accessory to experiment with to create different looks for different aesthetics. There are so many different ways to wear them.

What are some of your favorite ways to style bandanas? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Ways to Style Overalls

Overalls are a must-have in any Fashionista’s closet. You can get them in practically any color and any length. With the SoCal heat blazing, overalls are perfect to throw on and not feel like you are going to die of heatstroke.

However, styling overalls can be tricky. So, if you don’t want to be mistaken for being 12 years old, here are some tips on how to style one of the summer’s biggest trend.

1—Rock a double buckle belt with your overalls. If your overalls are just a little too baggy for your taste, this stylish belt can solve your problem. Combining these two trends will definitely make you stand out.

2—Wear a mesh shirt underneath. No one will be mistaking you for being in middle school with this cute top. It’s also perfect for summer because you will definitely be getting some air flow through the shirt. If mesh isn’t your thing, try a body suit or off the shoulder top.

3—Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessories are crucial parts to an outfit. Throw on a couple of bangles on your wrist and instead of sticking to your regular choker, try something different and put on a necktie to help polish your outfit.

4—Throw on some mules. I am quite obsessed with mules because they’re comfortable and still very fashionable. They are the perfect shoe to rock during the day with your overalls to create an effortless look. Trade them in for a pair of ankle-strap heels at night.

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