3 Must-Haves if You Work in Retail

Working in retail comes with a lot of perks. You get to meet people every day, you get a discount on clothes, and you can wear whatever you’d like to work. Wearing whatever you’d like to work is awesome, but can also be a serious downside to working in retail. It can be hard to find a new outfit to wear every day, especially if you work every day of the week. It can be hard to keep up financially and even harder to find enough closet space for a new outfit every single day. I’m not saying I never wear the same thing twice—I’m a proud outfit repeater at work—but it is nice to be able to wear a piece in more than one way so that it feels like a brand new outfit. Here are three things I think are absolutely necessary to have in your closet if you work in retail.

1—A kimono that can be worn as a dress. Kimonos are awesome. You can wear them with different tops underneath them to create a new outfit, but my favorite kimonos can be worn alone as a dress. This one came with a little belt, but also has buttons, so you could wear it as a shift dress untied. I love it layered over a black or nude tank with denim shorts or jeans. Even though it is the same piece, it feels like a brand new outfit whenever I wear it as a dress.

2—A super oversize shirt. This green top is from Free People’s beach collection, which means it is very oversize and breezy. How oversize this shirt is makes it the perfect piece to have in your closet if you work in retail because it can be worn so many ways. I love to wear this as a loose dress with platforms. It’s light and would even be cute with a cardigan. Another great way to wear this oversize top is to tie it in a knot with shorts or jeans. I originally tried to tuck the shirt in, but there’s so much material that I looked a little silly, so I went with a sassy little knot instead. This also feels like a whole new outfit when worn a different way.

3—A graphic pullover. My main reason for suggesting a cute pullover is because retail stores can be cold on the inside. Even in the summer when it’s 100 degrees in the shade, I find myself shivering inside at work. I think it’s a great idea to keep a cool pullover at work all the time for that reason, but also because it can change up your look as well. I layered it over the same black tank that I wore the kimono over. If for some reason you get tired of your look halfway through the day… boom, throw the pullover on and it’s a whole new look! This one came from Wildfox, and you can find a similar one here.

I love having the freedom to express myself and change up my look every single day for work, but I really love these multi-way pieces to save myself a little money and a little closet space.

What are your favorite multi-way pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

How I Take Professional Attire and Make It My Own

As internship season rolls around and spring comes to a close, finding a look that is professional, yet unique and expressive, can be a puzzle. Perhaps the warmer weather that you were expecting has yet to truly arrive, leaving you awkwardly caught in between temperatures—freezing as you head to the office for the day and uncomfortably warm as the day unfolds. This can leave you searching for the perfect look that will span both the unreliable temperatures, and the divide between student and future professional. But following the outline of this look might just help those searching for the ideal work uniform get closer to their own goal.

Drawing inspiration from the unconventional work of designers such as Comme des Garçons’s Rei Kawakubo, whose name is even more recognizable after the annual Met Ball and exhibition were held in her honor, I toyed with the epitome of conventional business attire—a monochromatic suit. But instead of a pantsuit, or even a pencil skirt and blazer, I combined a menswear aesthetic with an unconventionally oversized silhouette, putting my own spin on workwear attire.

Rather than a blazer, I chose a soft a fuzzy black sweater for my top.  Layered over a tighter-fitting basic white T-shirt, this option was a perfect solution to staying warm in the nippy morning air, and something that could easily be removed if the weather grew warmer throughout the day.  The sweater’s nubby texture also added a layer of visual interest by providing contrast with the smooth material of the pants. Instead of a structured trouser, I paired the sweater with a more flowing and slightly flared pair of navy pants—a subtle nod to the ongoing popularity of the ’70s era.  This option anchored the look in a level of formality, while being slightly oversize and individual.

With an outfit that was almost monochromatic in color, accessories were the final touch needed to add just a bit of spark to my workday look. Instead of a traditional shirt collar, I tied a paisley print scarf around my neck, adding a pop of vivid red that mimicked the heart doodle on my otherwise plain white sneakers.  To keep the focus on the scarf, I kept the jewelry minimal, solely a delicate pair of stud earrings, and an eclectic collection of rings. And for a day on the go, a sleek leather tote was the only choice—just the right size for carrying everything that I could need, plus a little extra.

How do you take professional attire and make it your own? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Strange Spring

This season has been nothing if not unpredictable. It can be within the high 60s or low 70s for a few days and then drop to 40s and rain the next. It’s almost impossible to plan looks each day because the weather can change in an instant. Like everyone always says, layers are key to being prepared for the changing weather and adding some extra interest to an outfit.

By using an entirely black base and adding an oversize olive green jacket on top, this Fashionista is ready to face the colder weather we’ve been experiencing on North Central College’s campus lately. This duster style has been really popular lately, and it’s perfect for spring because it’s lightweight and made for that in between weather we’re having right now. For an even more spring-ready style, try out a denim duster on top of your look.

In terms of the base in her outfit, she kept it simple with an all-black look: a long sleeve top, basic jeans, and classic booties. As the weather continues to warm up, the top can be replaced with a short sleeve or sleeveless blouse. Keep the jacket, though, for those chilly mornings and then lose it in the afternoon when the sun is out and it’s actually warm. The jacket will also come in handy for those cold classrooms.

The jeans can also be replaced with shorts or cropped pants, whatever you’re feeling that day and whatever the weather will allow you to wear. Swap out the booties for sandals and swipe some bright nail polish on your toes to officially welcome the warm weather season.

Weird weather can have you scratching your head trying to figure out what to wear, but by sticking with basics and switching them out based on the temperature, you’re sure to have a look that works for whatever surprise Mother Nature decides to send us.


One of my favorite pastimes is thrifting. I love searching unique and vintage pieces and mixing them into my everyday wardrobe. My style generally is a mix of minimalist and vintage styles in neutral colors. I like my outfits to stand out while still following the current trends. Thrifting is the perfect balance of different yet trendy and is an important part of my style.

In this look, I wanted to challenge myself to style an oversize blazer I thrifted. This piece is not one I would normally wear, but I worked it into an outfit that I love. I start my outfit with some basics. I pair a black and white striped T-shirt with black denim. The hem of my jeans are raw, giving them extra detail and a more trendy feel. Next I add some vintage-style sandals. These are perfect for spring weather and are a refreshing change from the average sandal. Though this look could stand on its own, it is a bit simple. To add detail, I paired the look with an oversize, suede blazer that I found at a local secondhand store. The blazer has a casual yet classy fit and is the focus of the outfit. It is lightweight and is perfect for the changing spring weather. To finish off the look, I wore a layered gold necklace and two vintage rings that I also thrifted. Both the necklace and rings add detail and complement the rest of the outfit, giving it a more put together look while still emphasizing the vintage undertones.

With fast fashion overtaking the industry, shopping at a local thrift store is the perfect way to find unique pieces and shop sustainably. When thrifting, I like to challenge myself to find pieces I would not normally wear. It is a cheap and easy way to experiment with style and make the outfit stand out.

STYLE ADVICE: Oversize and Unique

Oversize clothing has become a trend that both men and women have indulged themselves in. From oversize T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets, to culottes and vintage jeans. This Fashionista, with her distinct sense of  style and detail, has made this current trend her signature look of choice. The outfit suits her well with the pieces that she put together for her overall ensemble. This look has a lot of cool and unique pieces that are both functional and fashionable.

Chambray is the main theme of this particular outfit, and the Fashionista also incorporated a blue cross-body bag and blue embellished accessories and jewelry. Chambray has become a favored and popular trend in the spring paired with different denim pieces. The details of the oversize ensemble are very simple, yet very distinguished. This Fashionista is wearing a stripped chambray off-the-shoulder top. She has paired this top with some oversize denim cut-off culottes. She then added white wrap-around platform sneakers and white fishnets to add to the white and blue color scheme that is shown. Platform sneakers and sandals are also a trend that many Fashionistas have added to their wardrobe for the spring and upcoming summer months.

This oversize outfit is perfect inspiration to wear for the spring weather that has come this month and is a great trend to incorporate into your everyday style. Oversize clothing can be very breezy and cooling on the warmer days of the season. Also, many designers and celebrities have made this trend a part of their fashion lines and looks of the day, like Kylie and Kim on their casual days out. My style advice for this season is to definitely add platforms, chambray, and oversize and off-the-shoulder pieces to your wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE: Statement Jewelry Says A Lot

Do you ever get stuck trying to pick the right accessories to go with your outfit? Nothing seems to be working and everything is looking drab, right? Before you know it, you’re running late to get to where you are going. Trust me, I have been in that situation many of times and each time I would wish there was an easier and faster way to decide what accessories look the best. I love dressing up an outfit, but sometimes I hate all the extra jewelry pieces that weigh me down especially when I’m on the go.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of her single statement necklace that stands out against her oversize, turtleneck poncho. This glamorous necklace is the perfect accessory to dress up an outfit yet isn’t too complicated. Also, the necklace is a smart choice with a sweater like this one because any small accessory would get lost in the thick stitches of the poncho or would not be seen under the turtleneck. After seeing this Fashionista’s outfit I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe a statement necklace should be my go-to accessory when I can’t decide on a piece of jewelry!” This Fashionista is also wearing some dark blue skinny jeans and cute tan booties with a low heel. Not only is this Fashionista ready for class in this dressy yet casual outfit, but also ready for a lunch date with friends or even for running errands.

I believe statement jewelry says a lot about your fashion sense and how you want to put together an outfit. I feel daring and exciting when I wear a chunky necklace that I know everyone is looking at, or when I wear large bracelets that move around a lot when I do. It gives off an “Everybody look at me!” vibe and displays a feeling of confidence. You can find a similar necklace like this Fashionista is wearing, or you can choose to raid your mom’s collection of costume jewelry to find something even more unique!

STYLE ADVICE: Thrift Style

Everybody has heard songs about, seen, and maybe even experienced the craze of thrift shopping. Personally, it’s something that I have always wanted to do but personally I just don’t have the patience for it. I prefer to go online, find what I like, and then buy it in store. I talked to this Fashionista who I would consider to be an expert at thrift shopping to see how she does it.

She starts by picking out her outfits the same way the rest of us do, looking for cute and comfort while at the same time balancing the ever-changing weather. This Fashionista says this outfit, like the rest of her outfits, all comes from her favorite thrift store. I asked her how she thrift shops and she says her main thought process is to not look for anything specific. She told me,“Going into the shrift store with an open mind is the best thing you can do because you can’t look online and go pick it up, just walk around. Don’t just look at your size either because you are restricting yourself.”

Her style is eclectic consisting of ’90s, grunge, vintage, and sleek. The sweater she is wearing she found in the men’s section and thought it would be a good fit because she can layer it. She chose the suspenders because it shows her eccentric side. Her boots were picked for comfortability since she was headed to class, and the skirt is her everyday staple. After speaking with this Fashionista, I definitely learned a lot on how to thrift successfully and hope to find something great the next time I go thrift shopping

STYLE GURU STYLE: Style Guru in Distress

Spring has come a few weeks early for many of us this year. February came in like a lion and out like a lamb! Although this is the result of the climate shifting and our environment crying out for help (yes, global warming is actually real!), the students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania soaked up the sun and took full advantage of these 70-degree days.

As much as I adore clothing and going shopping for new items, I have really cut back on what I buy and what brands I purchase clothing from. The fast fashion industry takes a huge toll on our planet, coming only in second place to the oil industry. To do our part as Fashionistas, we must do more upcycling with clothes we already own or even with garments we can buy at the local thrift shop! Not only is it fun to get creative and change up your look, but you are also making Earth smile with every item you are not tossing in the trash.

The look I chose on this sunny day is completely made up of clothing from thrift stores! I purchased my T-shirt at the local Goodwill and made it my own by distressing it and adding playful cut outs. I have plans to later acid wash it, but for now I am pleased with its turnout. My shorts were once a pair of super high-waisted mom jeans that I made in high school and are still a staple part of my wardrobe. As for my boots, I purchased those at a Buffalo Exchange and have had them for years!

I hope my look inspires more people to go and create new looks while also helping out our beautiful planet. The Earth is our home, and we must take care of it before it gets too late. Do your part, Fashionistas, and happy thrifting!


Funky, rebellious, and fashionable are enough to describe a unique style of this Fashionisto. It’s such a pleasure for me to meet this guy. I was intensely inspired by his exotic taste of fashion and his great ambition to his future career as a film producer. Indeed, working with people like him motivate me to work harder and accumulate knowledge and experience of field studies in fashion and photography

Getting back to his unique style, I was totally impressed by his colorful unisex shirt. It looks chic, eye-catching, a little bit feminine but suitable to his body feature. Moreover, this oversize shirt works very well with his white shirt and skinny gray jeans that remind me of a very famous Korean singer, idol G-Dragon. If you had heard about Kpop boybands such as Big Bang or Super Junior, you probably would recognize the similar outlooks of them on this Fashionisto. Furthermore, the unusual thing about his outfit is the Nike basic pair of shoes which is also an emphasized point. Before the shooting, I had told him that his shoes would not be compatible with the rest of his outfit because it looked too casual compared to a high-end fashion look by intensely velvet pigments as well as the material of his shirt. Nonetheless, thanks to the white shirt, which seems to be strange, everything turned out surprisingly harmonized that express his characteristics at the same time: youthful, adventurous, and creative.

It’s been two months since the time I transferred from Austin College to Texas Christian University. I have never regretted this decision that opens many opportunities to meet wonderful people, who share the same interest with me in fashion and photography and together enjoy the creative works of arts.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Signature Stripes and Struts

We are rapidly approaching springtime now that the end of February and beginning of March is here.  It’s a time for renewal and fresh starts. The birds begin to chirp once more as the sun begins peeking through trees. With all this beauty going on around, it’s important to reflect that in what you wear and how you wear it. Not as bad as before, but still chilly outside, I decided to throw on neutrals on neutrals with print-mixing as the focal point. I know, first hand, that mixing patterns can be a scary trend to go toward. Just try it!

First off, try to focus on matching the colors, not the prints. When the colors flow well together, the whole outfit will follow in their footsteps. Secondly, the bigger and bolder the prints, the easier it is to mix. Black and white is definitely a go-to if you’re more on the iffy side of things. If you’re still a little wary of print-mixing, try and spread your prints throughout your outfit. You can even choose one print to dominate paired with one print to accent. My turtleneck with stripes and cocoon coat with an abstract print definitely mixed patterns, while my pants and patent leather boots stayed solid. It calmed the outfit down a bit and still finished it off with a crisp, clean look. If you want to use the same print on different pieces of your ensemble, you could pull off inverting the colors of that print. Even changing the size of the print to either larger or smaller would be a perfect addition.

With the sun shining in the rain and the rain glistening through the sunshine, springtime has arrived. Fashion now goes way past florals and pastels for this time of year. Mix it up by adding bold patterns, neutrals, oversized wear, different shapes, different textures or whatever your blossoming heart desires.  Last, but not least, have a glance at NYFW 2017 street style and gain inspiration from all the chic masses flooding the streets. Hint: The neutrals and mixing textures blew me away in Brandon Maxwell’s show. Get inspired by those looks to incorporate in your personal style!