Menswear Is for the Girls

Summer—the season of weddings, graduation celebrations, and internships. Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for these events. No matter the occasion, a button-down shirt, sleek pair of pants and a matching belt can always keep the men in our lives looking sharp. So this had me thinking, should we be taking more fashion tips from our fathers? The answer is yes!

One of my favorite pieces of menswear for the summer season is a crisp white button-down shirt. This is a staple summer item for any man’s wardrobe as it can be casually styled or dressed up with a tie for a formal occasion. Wearing a clean, white shirt leaves room to explore fun and interesting colors for pants and accessories, such as this striped ribbon belt.

To put my own spin on this classic summer look for men, I used an oversize dress shirt from my father’s closet and turned it into a dress. To make the look more interesting I kept the top buttons unbuttoned and created an off-the-shoulder silhouette, which is popular in women’s fashion this season. I added a pop of color with some high-waisted purple shorts underneath and cinched my waist with a ribbon belt from F.H. Wadsworth. The kitten heels and floral necklace added the perfect dose of femininity to the outfit.

What I loved most about this outfit was not only the power and confidence it gave me but also how the feminine aspects perfectly coincided with the masculinity of the look. It is fun to find creative ways to wear/transform simple garments into something else. This was a great outfit for that challenge. You could wear this look out to lunch with friends, to your internship, or even out on a date! The possibilities are endless with such a classic outfit.

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How to Look Celeb Status Streetwear Savvy

This year is the year of streetwear. Our favorite celebrities, from the Kardashian clan to Rihanna to Cara Delevingne, are all rocking some seriously cool streetwear styles. Despite what your parents may think, the more holes and rips in your clothes, the better. Who would have ever thought the time would come when wearing an oversize sweatshirt and some thigh-high boots could be stylish? Well, it has, and it is chicer than ever! We have our favorite high-end brands to thank for this. Gucci and Louis Vuitton pairing with Supreme and even Adidas have all inspired us to become streetwear savvy this summer.

The best part about this style is it can be extremely versatile. This look can pass as a day-to-day outfit as well as a going out look. The streetwear style has become extremely popular, and finding pieces to achieve similar looks can be found almost everywhere. One of the key aspects to this look is the oversize top. As shown in this look, I am wearing an oversize graphic T-shirt dress. I have paired this oversize shirt with red velvet thigh-high boots to add a pop of color. A thigh-high boot or a sneaker is a great footwear option to pair with streetwear.

When it comes to streetwear, don’t be afraid to play with fabrics. Denim, leather, satin, velvet, sheer, and lace can take your look to the next level. Your favorite celebs have utilized any and all fabrics to take their look to the next level. That being said, I have also added a leather jacket to my look.

As far as accessories go, streetwear should make a statement. I paired this look with a black leather backpack to match with the jacket. The patches placed all over this backpack make it super unique. Patches and embroidery have been extremely popular lately and add flair to any outfit. To finish the look, I added red flash oversize sunglasses to match the boots and a simple black and gold choker.

My best piece of advice to achieve street-style cred is to try on something you normally wouldn’t. You never know how much you may fall in love with it, so dare to be different. Remember some key elements: rips, oversize elements, boots, fabrics, and accessories! Soon enough, you too will be strutting the streets looking like a Kardashian.

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STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Is Not Boring

Recently, I’ve struggled with differentiating simple from boring. Looking around me, I see so many fully accessorized and stunning outfits that make me wonder if I am just unexciting. For one of my finals where I had to research a designer, I found that I am always drawn to minimalist collections. There is a difference between boring and simple, and I am now embracing the the latter.

This outfit is one of my new favorites for casual occasions. It was excellent for my road trip home for summer. I am not drawn to a lot of accessories, so I think that a high neck can add interest and layering makes a more rounded look. I found this slouchy turtleneck top recently, and I am very excited to try different ways to layer it. In this outfit, I am layering it with an oversize button-down that I thrifted. I love these together because of the monochromatic nature. These one-color looks are very popular lately, and I could not be more supportive! This is a meek application of the trend, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I am wearing my go-to piece: black skinny jeans, which I admittedly wear a little too often. I think they are casual but a little more sophisticated than a regular indigo denim wash. Finally, I included this pair of olive booties that have worn in nicely. These are another accessory that’s easy to throw in. They are also a very neutral color, so they do not distract, but they are comfortable and go well with almost anything.

Sometimes, the outfit does not have to be over the top ridiculous to look high fashion. Some simple essentials paired together can still be interesting. I am excited to build looks that are minimal but with interest as I go forward from here, understanding that boring is not the same as simple.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Spring is finally here to stay and I am pulling out all my warm weather favorites faster than the flowers are blooming. Trading in my monochromatic winter wear for airy pastels is the seasonal turning point I have been looking forward to for months! The best part of this season is all the trends I have been eagerly awaiting to participate in ever since they first took to the runway at the beginning of the year. Taking a little inspiration from one of my favorite looks from the Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2017 show, I put together something sweet and simple.

This look is made up of some of my springtime staples. This white tennis skirt will forever be a classic, one that every Fashionista should have in her wardrobe. Not only is it a timeless piece that brings a fresh, fun quality to any ensemble, but it can be dressed up or down. Instead of pairing this with a plain T-shirt you could opt for a cute sleeveless top, or alternatively, punk it up a bit with a graphic T-shirt and some statement jewelry! My choice for today was to keep it minimal with a pale pink and white ringer T-shirt that complemented the crisp white skirt. For my outer layer I opted for my all time favorite oversize denim jacket. This is a great piece that I have gotten so many compliments on—the perfect shade of blue, the ideal distressed quality, and the very best oversize fit. It’s great for almost any season as a lightweight layering element, as well! To finish off this look I put on my go-to pair of white canvas sneakers, and my newest eyewear obsession. Seen on stars like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, I knew I had to have some translucent colored lens glasses. While it is true that they don’t necessarily offer any UV protection like your typical sunglasses, just look at them! All kinds of shades of cool, I can’t get enough.

Transitioning into spring is simply the best time of the year in my opinion. Getting the chance to break out all your seasonal favorites and mix and match them to the current trends of your choosing is a fun and exciting challenge that any Fashionista can appreciate!

BEAUTY BAR: Light and Loose

This Fashionista’s embroidered denim jacket was snagged directly from her mother’s closet, helping her to craft a unique look straight from the vault.

Her natural waves sit right beneath her shoulders, confirming her laid-back style and loose aura. With her brownish-red tinted hair, dark eyebrows, and natural lip color, her features are showcased in the most raw way possible.

The denim jacket, with colorful flowers embroidered on it, provides a genuinely vintage look, as she recalls her mother buying it from Chico’s in the 1990s. Each flower is embellished with tiny rhinestones, artfully redefining the vintage trend with a genuine piece from a floor set released two decades prior.

The silver rings on both of her hands further identify her ability to incorporate unique pieces into her everyday looks. Including a dainty miniature bent teaspoon wrapped around her middle finger and a brown stone accentuating her pointer, this Fashionista’s artful hands hold the seams of both creativity and innovation among today’s most popular trends.

With a genuine vintage piece and her light makeup look, this Fashionista nails a beauty look that truly defines her personal style and personality. Intricately designed and put together, layer by layer, she redefines both ’90s fashion and constant trend cycling with her own personal flair.

Her American Apparel jeans are cuffed at her ankle, showcasing her black booties. Draped over them sits a black, long sleeve mock neck dress, further defining her light and loose look. She layers these garments expertly, confirming both her laid-back persona and personal style.

This Fashionista nails a cool and classic look with both her natural beauty and her raw denim garments. With every detail, her personal style defines unique craft and trend redefining in the coolest way possible.

Stay RAD as usual. Catch you guys when it gets warmer out!

STYLE GURU STYLE: How to Wear Exaggerated Sleeves

Lately in the fashion world, it seems as if the words oversize and statement have become synonymous. The bigger, the better. Big flares on wide leg jeans, big sunglasses, big shoulders, and following the trend, sleeves. With this being said, one of my favorite trends for spring is exaggerated sleeves.

As intimidating as they may look to some, you wear them like normal sleeves. Since statement sleeves add a stylish flare to any shirt, they are easy to pair with a variety of simple bottoms since they ultimately steal the show. This is the main difference between statement sleeves and normal sleeves—exaggerated sleeves are statement piece so opt to pair them with basics. Feeling extra bold? Have fun and mix them with funky items and rock a sophisticated outfit—think slightly Victorian-inspired with a hint of the ’70s.

This is exactly what I did in the look shown. I saw this off-the-shoulder top and fell in love. The exaggerated puffed sleeves added some drama to an otherwise classic style. I also loved that it was a crisp, bold white, perfect for spring days ahead.

To keep the look light and casual, I paired my shirt with floral embroidered jeans. The reds and greens from the rose embroidery added that pop of color needed to amp up an otherwise basic jean. Pulling out colors from the embroidery, my red minimalist heels put a sophisticated twist on this outfit. Minimalist heels are the perfect way to finish off outfits that include statement pieces in spring—you can even add a lightweight ruffle sock for more detail.

Exaggerated sleeves are a stylish statement. Pick your statement piece, and rock it this spring.

WHAT TO WEAR: Hopping Into Spring

Lovely spring is finally here! There have been so many cool looks and outfits going down the streets of New York City lately. With so many people out and a plethora of inspiration, it’s been so amazing to be out and be a part of it!

I spotted this amazing outfit on this adorable Fashionista this past month! What caught my eye about her outfit right away was the oversize, comfy looking T-shirt dress that she rocked so well. Her long blonde hair flowed beautifully through the wind making her a definite head-turner!

I asked this Fashionista what her inspiration was behind the look, “I love St. Tropez,” she began, “and I’m a big thrifter for sustainability reasons. So when I saw this Wildfox T-shirt I was so excited. And, I looked it up… It retailed for like $400 or something!” she told me. Amazing! I love hearing thrift stories! It’s like clothes are getting a chance at a second life.

This Fashionista also went for a bold statement with some beautiful accessories that I’m still obsessed with! She went for a necktie which are so in right now! Neckties have been a huge trend, as they should be. They’re so simple and easy to style, as well as cute! The necktie is my favorite part of this outfit. I love the color blocking she’s creating, with such a simple accessory piece. The maroon and yellow overlays nicely with the blue dress that creates a vibrant look for spring!

Another accessory piece that is making a statement are her cat-eye sunglasses. They give such attitude to the look and really makes one look sassy and sweet at the same time! Cat-eye styled sunglasses are personally my favorite, so I was able to connect to the accessory piece in a great way. It’s another great element to style up this look that includes unique accessory pieces. It’s silly, but I also include beautiful long, golden hair as an accessory! It’s so beautiful, especially on her, because she’s so tall and it flows with the necktie and T-shirt dress so well. For shoes, she’s wearing white sneakers, which looks best with T-shirt dresses in her opinion. “It’s just so comfy, you know?” she told me. I do–It looks comfy!

This Fashionista achieved the goal of using just two simple accessory pieces, the neck scarf and sunglasses, to dress up a simple graphic T-shirt dress with sneakers. It caught my eye and that of many others I’m assuming!

I hope to be seeing this Fashionista around campus a lot more to totally obsess over more outfits!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Mad for Metallics

Glitz, glam, and glitter are best known to make their debut during the holiday season. It’s the one time of the year when dressing up like a human disco ball is accepted, even encouraged. We take this time to indulge and adorn ourselves in only the most glamorous garments that are later stuffed back into our closets to make their next appearance the following yearor never again. But what if we stopped thinking of metallics as exclusively for special occasions and wore the trend anytime of the year?

That’s exactly what I did with this outfit. I’m sporting my favorite metallic oversize sweater in blue, a pair of light indigo wash distressed jeans, and loafer boots inspired by the phenomenally popular fashion insider shoe of choice, the Gucci leather loafer. When styling shimmering threads for a regular day I cap the shine factor at one garment and pair it with casual styles like jeans or more classic styles like trousers.

I’m a big fan of over-the-top garments and although mine can more often be seen inside my closet than on me, I think it’s important to give garments a second chance, no matter how extravagant. A metallic garment bought one year might not be in style the following year, so it’s worth a try to get wear out of it throughout the year.

But it’s not only the idea of promoting sustainability in fashion, it’s about deterring from popular notions and ideas that dictate the appropriateness of a garment or style based on the season or occasion. Remember, the only rules in fashion are the ones in your handbook. It’s about owning your style even when others don’t agree with you or understand why you’re wearing shimmering threads on a Monday morning in the office. It’s #RAD to be yourself, even if that self is low-key an over-the-top Fashionista.


For me personally, staple pieces are timeless and should be owned by every woman. Staple pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe and are the easiest things to dress up or down when in a rush. Being a college student, I have so many pieces that I can layer, accessorize, and create new outfits with.

One of my favorite staple pieces is my oversize jean jacket. Owning this jean jacket gives me the perfect way to add texture and layer to any of my outfits. This jacket in particular is light blue with distressed rips through out the sleeves and back. I paired this jacket with my favorite basic white V-neck T-shirt to allow me to add length under the jacket. I love pairing my favorite jackets with a longer length undershirt or sweater to add dimension to my outfit.

To add some darkness and edge to my outfit, I wore my short black jeans and black quilted Steve Madden slip on sneakers. These shoes have been one of my favorites since coming to college. They are the perfect shoes to just throw on and run out the door while being so cute at the same time! Since this is a more basic outfit, I kept the accessories to a minimum and just wore my favorite rings and black sunnies to top it off.

Using my favorite staple pieces to put together new and fun outfits is something I love doing. When I come across a new piece to add to the collection, I know that I have hit the jackpot! My best advice to you to be the best Fashionista possible is to collect your staple pieces and never be afraid to do or wear something a little different.

This Jewelry Trend is Perfect for Everyone Who Hates Statement Necklaces

Trends is jewelry, even more so than fashion, seem to be ubiquitous then become stale very quickly. Personally, if I never see another over-the-top embellished necklace in my life I would totally be fine that.

Earrings, however, have withstood the test of time and taste. They’ve survived every era from the pastel clip-ons of the 1950s to the bold tassels of the 1970s to the way, way, way too big of fake pearls from Claire’s that I’ll shamefully admit to wearing every single day of my freshman year of high school. The endless array of options makes them the perfect accessory to add just the right amount of something to every styled look to make it just right. Looking to be classic and very parent-approved? Go with a pair of mid-sized diamond (let’s be real, they’re probably CZs—but I won’t tell if you don’t) studs. If you want to be a little more daring, choose a set of hoops (be careful not to go too big – and absolutely no colored options).

With so many different pairs to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint an earring style for this particular era. Sure those dreadful oversized pearls might have dominated the late 2000s, but those days have dawned, right?

Luckily earrings are having a major moment right now, which is literal music to my ears. While the best of each style decade are still viable options, there’s a new trending style in the earring department. To be honest, there’s no real name for the style—but it combines art, architecture, and perhaps a bit of science (like how can your earlobe possibly support all that glory?).

Here are some of the earrings that will make your ears gorgeous and your heart happy that you don’t have to wear another statement necklace for the rest of your life (or at least this season).

Otte, Large Stud ($35)

Madewell, Chunky Oversized Hoops ($28)

Topshop, Tassel Statement Earrings ($28)

Kate Spade New York, Pretty Poms Tassel Statement Earrings ($98)

Madewell, Flatform Statement Earrings ($34)