“Cool”ottes are the Pants of the Summer

If you’re the type of person who searches for the best way to fashionably stand out in a crowd, then read on to find out how you can add that wow factor to your summer look. We all know that the go-to piece for the summer is a nice pair of shorts that allow you to keep semi-cool and show off your legs. However, there are some people who may be looking for an alternative option. Although a pair of high-waisted cut-off shorts or daisy dukes are an automatic choice for many in the hot temperatures, there is another option that I think adds a unique touch to your summer wardrobe. Allow me to introduce culottes to you!

Summer look featuring culottes

What are culottes?

The newest and most on-trend item I have personally fallen in love with in the past year is a pair of trousers called culottes, or as I like to say: “cool”ottes. Even though these are pants, they can still keep your legs nice and cool in the stickiness of the summer. These pants are my favorite piece to wear in the warmer months because of their breeziness and flowing fabric. I don’t feel restricted like I would in a pair of jeans, and the cropped hem allows you to show off part of your legs and really accentuate any shoes you choose to wear.

The best part about these pants is that they literally look good with any and every pair of shoes. I love to wear them with sneakers, but they look equally as great with sandals, mules, booties, you name it. Another perk of this style pant is that they look good on any body type. Wear them with a more form-fitting top to allow the silhouette of the whole look to really focus on the pants. I’d say culottes are truly heaven-sent.

Vans with cropped culottes

Your time to shine!

If you’re looking to grab yourself a nice pair that won’t break the budget, you can find them at almost any fast-fashion retail store. I personally think the best pairs are at Zara because you can really get a nice quality fabric for a good price.

If you do end up finding a good pair of culottes for yourself, feel free to share an OOTD picture on your social media and tag @Cfashionista so we can see your trendy summer look!

3 Reasons Why Wide Leg Pants Are a Must-Have

Finding pants that can both be used in casual, dressy, and professional settings is every girl’s dream. Let’s face it—what girl wants to spend hours trying on different types of pants for different occasions? Wide leg pants have come back in style. Whether it be a night on the town, a lunch date, or even your internship, here’s why I have fallen in love with wide leg pants for any occasion.

1—They’re versatile. Regardless of the event, I can wear this style anywhere. I can dress them up or down by adding my favorite jewelry or a statement purse. This look is increasingly being offered in a high-waisted style, which allows anyone wearing them to pair it with a cute crop top, bodysuit, or business top.

2—They’re loose. It’s summertime in Florida, and the temperature rarely drops below 80 degrees. So who wants to be in tight pants?  This style is great for any season, but especially summer. These pants can fit your body perfectly. They’re fitted enough to stay on without a belt, but also loose enough to not stick to you in the summer heat.

3—The options are endless. My favorite thing about wide leg pants is that the options are endless. It doesn’t just come in your standard black and white, but also different colors and styles. This style adds its own flare with each pair of pants, regardless of whether it’s a straight leg, creased, patterned, or scrunched waist.

Regardless of how you dress wide leg pants, it is a must-have essential in your closet. It’s perfect for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, or professional.

What’s your favorite go-to piece of clothing? Tell me in the comments below.

Party for Palazzo: The Summer’s Hottest Pants

Similar to plaid, stripes, and white after Labor Day, long pants in the summer is something that can lead to a lot of raised eyebrows. Of course, this is because summer’s the time of year when we should wear things that let our skin breathe! A sea of short shorts, miniskirts, and sundresses always tends to drown out the lesser tapped market of summertime pants. However, in 2017, the resurgence of the palazzo pants trend has really allowed the out-of-season model to be contested, causing them to rise up from beneath the shadows and become a go-to pick for a scorching summer day.

What makes palazzo pants different and a more viable option than other long legged counterparts? The it factor lies in its lightweight material that creates a very loose silhouette with an unconstrained fit at the ankles. The result is a look reminiscent of ’70s style which hallmarks the need to rebel against form fitting shapes. To an accustomed skinny jeans wearer like myself, this seemingly baggy fit can be easy to shy away from. Pulling palazzo pants off requires wearing them in a way that won’t overwhelm the figure, despite the loose fit. The solution to remedy that fear can lie in two things:

One,—be selective on what you pair on top. Look for pieces that contrast the modesty. Tops that show skin or are tightly fitted can be apt ways for making Palazzo pants look tailored. Eye those crop top, bralettes, and deep necklines.

Two—attain some height with a subtle heel.  As usual, heels work to elongate the figure. The elongation is going to be really noticeable with the palazzo pants which can cause feet to visibly disappear when worn with flat-footed shoes.

I applied these tips by styling my palazzo pants in dynamic stripes with an off-the-shoulder top and block heels. The popularization of palazzo pants in 2017 really goes to show that a lot of times, the answer to fashion lies in deviating from the typical and really thinking counter-intuitively to what one would expect to be appropriate and fitting, which is a very liberating ideology in itself.

We’d love to see how you are styling this trend! Hit us up with our handle @Cfashionista on social media to show off your palazzo pants glam!

Denim Days

Regardless of what your grandparents might think, the holes in your jeans are intentional. No matter what season it is, a pair of jeans will always be a wardrobe staple. Specifically for this summer, ripped jeans are among the top trends. Whether it is going to the mall with your friends or going to a concert at night, this versatile piece is easy to wear.

Ripped jeans can be completely destroyed or just have a few tiny holes along the leg, the choice is completely up to you. For this look, this Fashionista wore a pair of jeans that only have holes in the knees. For the summertime, I think this look is going to be very popular because the knee rips are edgy while also casual enough to wear to hang out with your friends. Since the color of the jeans is a lighter wash, it is perfect to wear when the weather gets warmer! For this casual look, she decided to layer a basic white tank top with a black bralette underneath. Bralettes are still a huge trend we’ll see this summer since they can be added to any outfit as a minimal detail. Since it is summer, a simple two-strap black sandal was added to this outfit. Wearing a sandal opposed to a flip-flop will give your foot more support and look chicer.

To top off this outfit, we decided to add in some layered necklaces. Instead of adding necklaces, you could add in any accessory to complete this outfit depending on the occasion it is worn for. No matter how distressed the pair of jeans you choose is, adding in accessories will always help to complete an outfit and make it look more polished.

How do you wear your ripped jeans? Comment below!

5 Ways to Rock Statement Pants

So you bought those cool new pants with an interesting print, but have no idea how to wear them. Statement bottoms are my favorite underrated trend of the season, and in this article, I’ve put together five easy ways to style them!

1­—Boho Look. Be cool and carefree with this summer look. These pants are made of up-cycled silk from India and are more comfortable than pajama pants. The trick to making pants like these part of a polished look is to use the right accessories. Try some chunky heels, a long necklace, and a wide brim hat.

2—Work Look. Don’t let your work wardrobe dull your sparkle! Instead, stand out from the rest. This look is perfect for your summer job or internship. Wearing something bold, such as these green pants, will spark conversations with co-workers and leave a memorable impression. 

3—Prints on Prints. For an unexpected but chic look, try mixing prints. My advice is to mix two very different prints. For example, try a pair of shorts with a small print and a top with a large print. It might seem overwhelming, but adding a solid colored jacket on top will balance it out. 

4—Vintage Look. This look features a retro style culotte with a simple mock turtleneck top. Try adding some vintage accessories to your look, such as this mother of pearl necklace I found at a local antique shop. Thrifting for vintage pieces is a great way to find something unique and shrink your carbon footprint on the environment.

5—When in Doubt, Keep it Simple. The easiest way to rock a statement pant is to let it shine. Try a plain T-shirt, lightweight chambray shirt, or faux leather jacket. Go with your intuition and wear what makes you feel confident!

How do you wear statement pants? Show us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

The One Thing Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

We all have those days when we wake up late and scramble to find a decent looking outfit for school or work. Or when we look through our closet full of clothes, yet, just don’t feel anything that’s in there. There are even days when we want to look dressed, but don’t want to wear a skirt, dress or pair of heels.

I have realized that in the midst of these days, there is hope. There is a cure for the days when you are battling between laziness and fashionable and that is a pair of printed bottoms.

I have always been a fan of printed bottoms and a plain top—and that is for any event. This duo can work for comfy/casual days where you just want to throw on a pair of sneakers. It could also go for a night when you want to go out to a party. A pair of floral bottoms along with a plain, black top is always a go-to. Or ever go out on a Friday or Saturday night and have work the next morning? Or are you running a little late for the office so you need to quickly throw something on? Black and white have always been the way to go for professional attire and this can work with your printed bottoms as well. Dark printed bottoms along with a white top are perfect for any day at work and of course, is so easy to pair up and throw on. You can wear simple flats or sandals and if the job requires something more professional, heels can easily be added and upgrade the outfit.

Of course, there are different patterns that best suit different occasions, but overall printed bottoms can save your day, no matter what the situation is. A rule of thumb I would definitely go by is to stick with simple, black and white patterns for work (if your job can be stick on attire) and every other pattern for school, a party or event. But wherever you are going, there is a pair of bottoms for you.

So rack up! Whenever you go to the store, always be up for a pair of printed bottoms because we all know we will encounter a day when outfits just aren’t working out for us. And when our wonderful, printed bottoms save our lives for the day, let our Fashionista/o know in the comments below.

Where were you going? What pattern did your bottoms have? Where did you get them? And how was your life saved for the day? We all want to know!


Guess who’s back, back again… music festival season is back, so let the outfit inspiration begin!

It’s finally festival season again and it has the world inspired with bohemian vibes and subtle retro touches. Whether you’re pinning pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in her iconic Coachella looks, online stalking Free People, or eyeing a crochet crop top, the laid-back gypsy look is at its annual peak.

Even if you’re not attending a festival this year, the fashion of it can play a large role in any spring or summer wardrobe. For this specific look, I’m rocking an outfit perfect for a day on the town, a concert, or even just a trip to a photo-op destination.

Palazzo pants are currently my favorite bottoms. They’re light, cute, versatile, and comfortable. These striped, high-waisted palazzo pants from Forever 21 are my go-tos for a warm, sunny day. Virginia weather is still on the cooler side, so with shorts out of the question, these bottoms are a spring essential. These fun and vibrant bottoms go perfectly with any cropped top, band T-shirt, or bralette!

For my top, I’m wearing a burnt orange bralette. Wearing a bralette as a top is bold, but the lace adds a bit more detail to the outfit. This pop of color gives the outfit a little jazz and complements the simplicity of the pants. The bralette also elaborates on the festival vibe of the look. Crochet bralettes are a festival staple, so I chose a lace bralette to make it feel closer to home.

To accessorize, I decided to mix silver and gold. Though it’s a bold and uncommon move, I think it worked nicely for the outfit. I chose a silver statement necklace that brings a bohemian feel to the ensemble. To complement the necklace, I added two silver statement rings with an opal center. The shoes are a fun platform sandal featuring gold metallic details. These give the outfit a retro touch, which is also a popular trend of modern festival fashion.

To put the outfit together, I’m wearing a pair of plastic cat-eye sunglasses. These shades are a peachy color that aid in bringing in the spring palette while also accenting the burnt orange bralette. Cat-eye sunglasses are very in right now and complete the retro aspect of this look.

You don’t have to go to a festival to dress like it. The recipe for a perfect fauxchella outfit is a dash of retro, a tablespoon of fun, a teaspoon of comfort, and a spoonful of boho. You, too, can bring any festival flavor to your favorite spot.


With summer approaching fast and the need to find inspiration for my changing wardrobe, I decided to turn to the eras to find my summer style. I’ve recently been into the idea of bell-bottoms and crop tops, so I decided to take a modern twist on a ’70s, south western themed summer outfit.

I found these soft, chambray gauchos a few weeks back when I was on the hunt for a pair of pants that I could throw on when I was in a hurry. For starters, they are extremely comfortable. I can pair them with many different tops, which makes them versatile. Also, being petite, it’s hard to find cropped pants that work well with my body type. Yet, these pants hit me at the right spot and allow for me to show off a pair of cute shoes which, knowing me, is a must!

Next, I took the opportunity to browse my sister’s closet for the perfect top to complement these pants. I came across this southwestern crop top that immediately caught my eye. The soft blue color woven into the top matched perfectly with my pants. The hemline also worked because my pants were high-waisted. The flowy sleeves and pattern played into my ’70s theme. Lastly, the button detail and low V-neck allowed for me to pair it with simple jewelry.

As for the accessories, I found these light blue circle sunglasses and instantly fell in love. The round shape screamed ’70s, yet the color and detail of them gave them a modern twist. They paired nicely with the color scheme I was working with too.

I went with a pair of straw espadrilles because those are my go-to shoes in the summer time. These ones in particular fit with my south western theme and matched well with the tan color of my top. Need I mention that they are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I own, which is a must with the amount of walking I do in the summertime.

What I really love about each piece in this outfit is how I can easily take each item and pair it with so many other things to make it its own. The overall bohemian feel makes this style the perfect summer outfit to take from the city sidewalks, to the festivals, and finally to the rooftops!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pleat ‘Em and Weep

If you caught me walking by, you may think this is a pleated skirt, but they’re actually wide-leg pants. I’ve never been one for skirts, so this duo of pants and tucked in T-shirt is a perfect illusion.

Taking inspiration from disco pants, I styled my H&M pleated pants with a more casual flair. I went all black in a leather jacket with my favorite pins and a T-shirt from Haim’s merch collection. The floral logo is eye-catching against an all-black outfit—and just in time for spring, too.

Instead of going for a bright lip, I wore a berry plum shade from Urban Decay and complemented it with a sparkly eyeshadow. To complete my look, I wore my go-to heeled Chelsea boots and a black bag to carry all of my essentials such as lip balm, a notebook, pencil case, and a pair of sunglasses just in case.

As the semester draws to an end, so does my time interning for CollegeFashionista and studying at Ryerson. CF is not just a media company; it’s an evolving community that I value. I feel very grateful to have gained experience, made lasting friendships and become confident in my writing.

Editing and writing for CollegeFashionista was an awe-inspiring experience. I’m so proud to have been a part of such a diverse, girl power-focused website, and I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future.

Thank you to Amy, Melissa, Anna, Kali, and Katie, as well to my first editor when I joined CF back in May 2015, Sarah. I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication the CF team in New York puts in in order to continuously give Style Gurus more opportunities to improve their skills and bond with fellow #RAD Style Gurus.

CollegeFashionista helped me find my voice. The past two years have been not only a learning curve but a wild ride of joy that pushed me to stay motivated in pursuing fashion journalism.

The Pant Style You Are Already Wearing Is Major For Spring

If you are hoping to hear the words “skinny” and “jeans” when talking about the most on trend pant style for spring, you may just be surprised. The pants of the moment are the exact opposite. No longer are these skintight suction cup pants ruling the fashion world. Instead, the culotte is staying strong and our circulation could not be happier.

If hearing that word scares you, you might not be doing the trend right. Culottes can be a little scary at first. In theory, these oversized wide-leg pants seem unflattering and, dare I say, frumpy.

However, there’s a secret to their success. It all comes down to the length. Finding the perfect length can be difficult, but you’ll know it’s right when it hits directly above the ankle.

Check out how these fashionable college students are staying “cul” and fashionable.

Photo by @mmoor

Photo by @devynnediaz

Photo by @marybordelon

Photo by @lovelyykelly

Photo by @fracturedaesthetic

Photo by @elizagracehuber

As you can see, the trend can be done with just about everything. Pair it with sneakers, heels, T-shirts, blouses, or whatever you can get your hands on. Although skinny jeans may be foolproof… culottes are what’s cool.

Will you be rocking them this season? Sound off in the comments below! And if you want to take on another controversial spring trend, check this out.