STYLE ADVICE: Printed Pants

Weather is in between cold and warm right now in Boston meaning it’s time to start bringing out the spring clothes! Probably one of the hardest seasons to dress for, it’s always a struggle to incorporate winter and summer looks into one cohesive look. One spring trend that I currently love is printed pants; they will easily become a necessity.

These black and white striped pants are perfect for any occasion and they were styled perfectly for the weather. Since it still is a little chilly, a long sleeve white top was tucked in and a suede vest was added. To add a little color, maroon lace-up shoes are the perfect complement.

The key to wearing printed pants is to make sure the outfit is minimal enough that it doesn’t take away from the pants. That is why neutral colors are a necessity in finishing the outfit.  We used these neutral colors in the shirt and vest.

Also, if the pants are loose, like in this situation, it’s better to wear more form fitting tops. Choosing the right printed pants can be hard since there are so many fits, colors, and styles. However, styling vertical striped pants are so easy because they make anyone’s legs look long and flattering. The best part about these pants is the little bow accent when the belt is done, tying the whole look together. Adding a color to such a busy look can be risky, but these flats are perfect for when it’s too hot for booties and too cold for sandals.


The athleisure world has been taking over the runway and the entire fashion industry. Every brand and store is endorsing this new lifestyle, and we can see that through numerous collections. While athleisure isn’t for everyone, anyone can make an athleisure piece their own. My favorite staple piece this season has been the track pant. The track pant can easily be dressed up with heels or even dressed down with sneakers.

For my look, I paired Who What Wear’s track pant with a one shoulder, ruffle top, Kate Spade backpack, and Adidas Superstar sneakers. The track pant itself is a pretty bold statement piece. For that reason, I decided to add subtler pieces to complete my look. The top itself is simple enough to where it doesn’t compete with the pants, but it complements the relaxed feel that the pants bring to the outfit. The ruffles are a nice touch to add more flare to the entire look but the sneakers are what finishes off everything. By pairing my Adidas kicks with the track pant and ruffle top, the vibe of the outfit comes across as a street style look which would’ve been different if paired with different shoes such as heels, wedges, or boots.

Overall, I love street style, relaxed, yet bold looks. Through my style I was able to style the track pant in a way that represents that. Depending on the look and feel you aim to display with your track pant this season, you can pair sandals, sneakers, booties, or even pumps with them to make it your own. The track pant is dominating this season and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s officially track season.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sophisticated Suit

Spring is here and why not start it in style? Although it’s sometimes nice to dress casually, there are a lot of occasions that call for something a little more formal that require the everyday jean and T-shirt combo, to be swapped for something a little more swanky. This Fashionisto shows us how he dresses for a day that calls for a sophisticated look, and he sure knows what he’s doing!

Inspired by all things dapper, this Fashionisto is rocking a truly great look. He’s sporting a gray Hugo Boss blazer with light beige trousers. Similar trousers can be found here. A nice blazer is a must to any wardrobe and can turn an outfit from casual to formal in an instant. The mismatched blazer and pants add an element of interest and fun that traditional suits sometimes lack. His navy tie he pairs with his light blue shirt is a great combo, combining various shades of blue so the look looks put together and cohesive without looking too matchy. He accessorizes his outfit with an impressive looking watch with a leather band from MVMT. You can find a similar watch here. To really tie the look together he matches his belt to classy brown shoes.

Though on the formal side, this outfit is versatile and can be worn to various occasions from interviews to dates out on the town. This Fashionisto shows that you can have fun with suits and still look just as sophisticated. He shows us that adding accessories like watches, and paying attention to little details like matching your belt to your shoes, really amps up a look. Take note of this Fashionisto’s style because it exudes confidence, class, and success!

STYLE ADVICE: Black, White, and Quirky All Over

As the weather is warming up and spring is just around the corner, it is that time of year again where Fashionistas begin to shed their winter coats and scarves. It is a great time to pull out those sandals and opt for more adventurous outfits. This year, I have been inspired to incorporate more quirky and flashy pieces to my wardrobe. New year new you, and if you have yet to start testing out bold patterns and bright colors, then now is your chance!

This Fashionista is sporting an outfit that can be considered slightly professional but also playful and fun. She paired a pair of black and white checkered pants with a tattered red graphic T-shirt to create the perfect mix of professional and laid back. On top, she threw on a black denim jacket to add a slight bit of professionalism but kept her quirky style showing through with some silver and black beaded bracelets and a silver arrow necklace that perfectly complement her pants! My personal favorite part of this outfit is her wicked cool silver platform sandals. They perfectly tie everything together and are definitely complement magnets!

One major thing that this Fashionista has going for her is letting her true personality shine through with what she wears and how she presents herself. She embodies the ultimate carefree, unique, and fun loving attitude everyone wants to have during springtime! Any quirky girl has got to have the perfect wardrobe to accompany her personal style, and you don’t have to pay loads to express yourself through clothes! This Fashionista is super into thrift shopping. There are so many super fun pieces you can find that you won’t be able to find anywhere else that are good quality and don’t break the bank (especially on a college budget).

Whether you are bold and quirky or soft and refined, make sure to venture into new territories this spring and try out some new styles you never would have before… You may be surprised by what you discover!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Swinter Wonderland

Weather on the East Coast has been dramatically unpredictable over the past several weeks. From being 70 degrees last Friday afternoon to having a snow day four days later, us Marylanders have no idea what to wear to accommodate these inconsistent weather conditions! But have no fear, another Fashionisto is here to save the day and help you tackle this crazy climate change!

Since we never know what the temperature is going to be outside, layering is going to be crucial for any successful outfit. Our Fashionisto has conquered the layered look by having a stylish deep green and navy button-down underneath a light gray quarter zip with navy accents that complement the button-down.

One clothing item that will never go out of style is a good pair of khakis. This Fashionisto mentioned to me that he gets more use out of his pair of khakis than any other pants in his closet! If you don’t like wearing regular fit khakis because of the loose cut ankles, you could also wear a pair of khaki joggers to complete this outfit. Khaki joggers are a nice switch-up from khakis because they have elastic closings around the ankles, making it easier to tuck into a pair of boots. This outfit can also be mastered by throwing on a dark wash pair of jeans as well.

This University of Maryland Fashionisto slipped on his favorite of shoes, his LL Bean Boots, in order to prepare for any unexpected weather that may begin during his day of walking around campus. For winter, spring, summer, or fall, these boots are the perfect complement to any outfit. They can outlast any other shoe in the rain or snow, all while remaining comfortable on your feet throughout long days of trudging around on campus.

To tie this entire casual look together, our Fashionisto threw on his favorite watch. He likes being a few minutes early to each of his classes, and is also aware that he needs to leave even earlier because you never know what type of weather to expect nowadays! But hey, at least he’s dressed for success against mother nature!

If Annie Hall Was a College Student Today, She’d Totally Wear This

The ’80s definitely aren’t dead, and neither are their favorite sartorial look. Trousers aren’t always a go-to item in everyone’s closet—they can be really specific to style and often are associated with business casual. With recent street style re-emergence of the trouser cut, I think it’s fair to say the style needs to be re-evaluated if you can’t seem to get on board.

Trousers are associated with movie style icons like Diane Keaton’s 1977 take on the look in “Annie Hall” or Meg Ryan’s “Sally Albright” in When Harry Met Sally. Both of their looks play up the fact that trousers are typically seen as professional, and sometimes more masculine, clothing items. As much as they are associated with these constructs, trousers are incredibly versatile and they are definitely a change from denim in the colder months.

Check out how Style Gurus are adding trousers to their campus wardrobes and update your own take on the trend!

1—Khaki-colored trousers are tried-and-true, but adding a crop top and choker updates the look for 2017. (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

2—High-waisted styles always make a statement—this Style Guru’s monochrome look is polished by the front pleating and cinching at the waist. (Photo via @jenvpetrova)

3—Cropped pants have been cropping up everywhere! Pairing it with a pair of high-top boots lets your details be the center of attention. (Photo via @sydneyhelphenstine)

4—While the previous looks have featured more neutral tones, this Style Guru’s bright red pair is eye-catching and updates the colored-pants look with a camel coat and relaxed T-shirt. (Photo via @oohmytash)

5—Texture is always key! Trousers don’t have to just be wool or cotton—try a suede or leather pair to add something different to your wardrobe and spice up your winter and spring closet. (Photo via @cfashionista)

Let us know how you are literally wearing the pants this season in the comments below!


As a college student, it is almost a guarantee that you will experience the greatest amount of stress and workload that life has to offer all a once. It is stressful for multiple reasons—mainly for the fact that it always feels like there is so much to do with so little time. It is this type of daily grind that causes most college students to dress quickly and comfortably. Although your first thought may be sweatpants and a T-shirt, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case if you’re trying to achieve the comfort and the style that comes naturally to you.

This look sported by this Fashionisto may seem simple at first glance, but it serves its purpose for many style lovers that are on the go. This college student caught my eye for the simplicity and practicality of his look.

Some of the pieces that really brought the look together, in my opinion, are his colored sneakers and his DIY safety pin detail on his backpack strap. His gray denim pants make the look casual and served as the balance to bring everything together while his white long sleeve T-shirt brings the look together. The pieces that serve as the true pop of style and color are his sneakers. For many looks that are similar to this kind of style, the outfit almost always has to be simple in order to really bring out the real character of the sneakers. The central theme of comfort and style is all easily achieved when these pieces are collectively put together in the right way. It is safe to say that this Fashionisto is a clear example of how effortless it is to put a great look together while still living the busy college life.

Fashionistas Will Basically Only Be Wearing These 5 Things This Spring

Have you ever noticed how no matter how many pieces of clothing you have in your closet, you literally wear the same five or so things? It seems like the only thing that forces us to switch up our self-imposed uniforms so to speak is a change in the season.

Oddly enough, a new season is upon us. (Like what I did there with the totally natural transition there?) Happy first day of spring, Fashionistas! Sure it might still be cold out, there is slush where I am pretty sure sidewalk used to be, and there’s a 100 percent chance if you stepped outside in a tank top you would get hypothermia, but pish-posh. Forget those minor details for a moment because the calendar doesn’t lie.

So while, yes, you still may currently be forced to wear your winter staples, here’s hoping that you can finally swap it out for your spring favorites any day now! And in case you were wondering what we predict will be Fashionistas’ spring uniform, check out the five closet essentials you need to own to not think this season!

1—Architectural flats. No we’re not talking housing here. Fashionistas are all about simple, leather flats with unique cut work. (Photo via @kaycaden)

2—Palazzo trousers. Ditch the skirts—this spring is all about pants. We’re obsessed with this silhouette because it seems to harness all the beauty and general awesomeness of palazzo, trousers, and culottes in one. (Photo via @fracturedaesthetic)

3—Denim skirts. So remember when we just said to ditch the skirt? Well, we didn’t mean all of them. (It’s called a hyperbole people.) Definitely keep your denim midi skirt. Or just ask your mom for hers because she was totally ahead of the trend on this one. Mother knows best. (Photo via @mmoor)

4—Printed button-downs. What’s the saying again? Give a Fashionista a white button-down and she will love you forever (and probably wear it until it is stained and then some). While this silhouette is admittedly our go-to year round, we suggest doing a little spring cleaning and upgrade the style with a fresh, playful print. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

5—Lady bags. Close your eyes. Imagine a handbag that your grandma would have worn in the ’60s, that your cool babysitter worn in the ’90s, and that Parisian women have been wearing forever. Okay perfect, now go get yourself one of those. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)

What are you most excited to wear over and over again this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Friday

So it’s that point in every college student’s junior or senior year where internships and new jobs are starting up, and the question is: what does one wear on casual Friday? Thoughts such as avoiding looking too casual or too dressy race through your mind. In this article we figure out the perfect balance between the two.

This Fashionista has to wear business professional clothing to work everyday but has casual Friday. She works in Boston for a small marketing firm, and for some period of time she had a hard time deciding what to wear on casual Fridays. The thing I love about her outfit is how simple and chic it is—everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with black. However, note how the black jeans are not ripped—distressed denim is not the most appropriate for work, so think of making outfits more simplistic before wearing them to work.

I really loved the collar of her shirt. It dresses the outfit up with such simplicity. Turtlenecks can also make an outfit look more professional. To add some depth into the outfit she added a cute taupe cardigan. This small touch of color makes the outfit look more casual, since black is known to be a business color.

Remember next time you are faced with the decision of what to wear on causal Fridays: keep it simple. It is better to play it safe in the beginning and get more comfortable and experiment with outfits as time goes on.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple, Sassy, and Slaying

When you think of bohemian, what do you think of? Floral patterns, vibrant colors, stones, and nature are all adjectives that we think of when we hear bohemian. We often think that mastering the boho goddess look is layering and having extravagant outfits. Well, that is not the case here. You can certainty master a bohemian look with a few simple staples, and you will be sure to slay the party you are going to or the lunch date you are attending.

A black crop top is going to be a huge help when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. No matter what kind of personal style you have a black crop top will always come in handy for basically any outfit! The black crop top balances the outfit since it has pattern in the pants. These pants are probably the most comfortable pants you could own that are not pajamas! Soft pants or bohemian pants are essential for any lazy girl, comfy girl, or boho girl! Taking on the world with these bold patterned pants will make you feel like you can also conquer it! Patterned soft pants are an easy way to edge out of your simple side and channel your inner bold girl. Nothing too extravagant, but still a small step to sassy. This is a nice way to add a little fun and freeness to your wardrobe.

Since there is a black crop top incorporated into the outfit, adding black shoes to the look is crucial for balancing the color story. This Fashionista is obsessed with her combat boots and does not go a day without wearing them! If you want to be a bit less edgy of a girl, you can add a fringe sandal, depending on what you wanted to do with the look.

For accessories, layering is super important. Stack-able chokers and necklaces are the way to go, and even if you add different variations it does not look like it is too much. Two dainty chokers are stacked, as well as a moon phase necklace. When we talk bohemian jewelry we talk about a lot of bracelets and a lot of metals. Alex and Ani have the best layer-able bracelets. This Fashionista is also sporting a Fitbit. Athleisure accessories are definitely making a huge impact on the world of fashion so be sure to get your hands on them.

No matter what style you are, you are important, loved, and fabulous! Remember to always embrace who you are through you wardrobe, and you will shine so bright people are going to ask you where your sunglasses are from. Thanks for reading, and stay fabulous.