You Need to Add These 3 Runway Trends to Your Fall Wardrobe

We all know that ready-to-wear can sometimes be far from actually ready to wear, but we can still find plenty of inspiration in the themes we see across several shows. Sometimes, these themes can be a little more out there than others. For example. a full metallic look is definitely not for day and pantsuits to class are a risk. Nevertheless, these outrageous trends can be incorporated into your fall wardrobe with just a few simple tricks.

1—Sci-fi style. Now you don’t want to look like you stepped out of the latest Star Wars movie, but metallics can add some extra shine to your fall style. When you wear that outfit full of maroons, blacks, and olive greens, try to add in one metallic piece. Boots are always an easy option but go outside your comfort zone this season with a metallic top. Just layer it under a chambray shirt and oversize cardigan for a more relaxed daytime look.

2—Out there outerwear. For those of us in colder climates, we know that warm—and fashionable—outerwear is a necessity. It’s normal to want to stick to black, gray, and tan for your outfit toppers, but it’s all about taking fashion risks this season. Try a pastel coat instead of a basic one. Just be sure to keep your bottom half neutral so the look isn’t too overwhelming for that walk to class.

3—Cool corduroy. Don’t play it safe in a corduroy mini this fall. Instead, play up the ’70s influence with a pair of flared pants and an off-the-shoulder blouse. Finish off the look with some platforms. Be sure to keep everything neutral so your look is modern instead of dated.

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These Are the Top 8 Sweet Treats You Can Enjoy at Walt Disney World

Orlando Florida’s Walt Disney World is a magical destination. While you’re exploring the parks, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of scrumptious snacks to choose from. To help your Disney experience be the most magical, here are the top eight treats you can find at the Disney Parks. Let’s count down to the very best treat you can munch and crunch on!

8—Disney Lollipops.

Lollipops with a variety of characters are available at all parks in flavors like cherry, orange, grape, raspberry, watermelon, and original. The multi-color candy inspired my outfit. A pinstriped skirt, a sugar skull Darth Vader shirt, Vans high-top shoes and fluffy pastel earrings are perfect for a trip to the confectionery.

7—Main Street Popcorn.

Popcorn is a classic staple at Walt Disney’s Main Street. You can buy it fresh or prepackaged with a plethora of flavors, such as caramel, kettle corn, cheddar, confetti, sriracha kettle corn, parmesan garlic, red alaea salt kettle corn, truffle, churro, and a new Disney guest’s favorite: maple bacon. If you are staying in a Disney Resort Hotel, you can enjoy Disney popcorn in the comfort of your room with the Pop Down Mainstreet Gift Basket for $40.

6—Mickey Rice Treat.

Rice treats are in the shape of Mickey’s head and measure a whopping 8 inches. They are available plain or with chocolate and decorations depending on the season. The buttery crunch of this treat will satisfy a crowd.

5—The Frozen Night Blossom.

This new nonalcoholic drink only available at Animal Kingdom in the new Avatarland is a mix of limeade combined with apple and desert pear flavors finished off with passionfruit boba. This drink is super refreshing and sour. It tastes like the Unicorn Frappuchino which debuted April 2017 at Starbucks.

4—Frozen Banana.

This is my personal favorite treat for beating the heat. Diced nuts and a chocolate layer over a frozen banana is surprisingly delicious.

3—Anna’s Birthday Cupcake.

This cupcake is sweet, huge, and covered in edible glitter! What’s more magical than that? This birthday cupcake can only be found at Epcot at Norway.

2—Specialty Candy Apples.

Caramel apples can be found at all Disney Parks in a variety of styles. Apples are covered in candy favorites, caramel, chocolate, nuts, rice cereal, marshmallows and cookies. This delicious Minnie Mouse apple is packed with chocolate and caramel goodness. At Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs, you can even create a customized apple. Apples are available at anytime of the year decorated as Disney characters and holiday themes. The flavors are amazing including sour, sweet, salty, and decadent. Biting into one of these will fulfill your sweet tooth cravings.

1—Gaston’s Tavern Cinnamon Rolls.

Gaston’s Tavern at Disney’s Magic Kingdom has, dare I say it, the best cinnamon rolls in the world. With a hint of maple flavoring, these $4 rolls will blow you away. Pro tip: Try the Lefou’s Brew and a chocolate croissant. They really hit the spot!

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How My College Lifestyle Changed My Style

They say college is the time for exploring; the time in your life where you get to decide what your future will be. There are so many things to do, but so little time. We’re only given four to five years to figure things out. It’s daunting; how do you know that what you’re doing now is good enough for what you’re destined for? This is why for the past three years in college, I’ve frantically grasped any opportunity that came my way. Because of this, my style and outlook in life have changed. Gone was the girl who wore lace leggings in the middle of winter; she was replaced by a woman ready to tackle the day.

My schedule typically consists of work, school, and student organization obligations with allotted times for short naps every now and then. This means comfortable shoes are important (especially considering the size of University of California, Davis). I normally opt for my white Converse because they are versatile and comfortable. Whether I’m wearing jeans, a skirt, or even a dress, my white Converse shoes finish off my look. I’m a bit sentimental about them because I’ve worn them since high school in both my travels and momentous times in my life.

Having to constantly interact with colleagues and professors, there is also a need for professionalism in what I wear. This spaghetti-strap bodysuit is perfect for such events. It can be casual enough for class, but also presentable for meetings. Its lightweight material allows for breathability in the Davis heat. In addition, its bodysuit style keeps it secured without repeatedly needing to be tucked in.

This pink denim skirt is my absolute favorite. Its shape gives me a professional look, while its denim material and high waist make it casual. Since biking is a big part of living in Davis, my bottoms need to allow me to move for an uninterrupted bike ride. This skirt doesn’t give oncoming bikers a show, and I don’t need to pull over every two minutes just to pull it down. In addition, the solid color makes it possible to pair with any colored top; black for a more professional look or blue for a casual outfit.

Although I’ve changed the way I dress based on my new lifestyle, I still try to add my personality to it. In this outfit, you can see it in the colors. The subtlety of the pastel reminds me of my initial shyness; its blue and pink hues shows my fun-loving personality. This combination is perfect—it’s not overwhelming, but just enough to stand out and be remembered. As I’m approaching my final year, it will be interesting to see how my post-graduation life will again change my style. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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How to be Girly With an Edgy Alter Ego

What is one of the best things to do when it comes to finding a great outfit? This does not always work depending on the style, but sometimes mixing styles can make the best outfits. This Fashionista takes her girly, preppy style and adds a little edge to it. What she ends up getting is an outfit perfect for a lunch date or a barbecue.

Looking at her style and the wall behind her, I feel major ’50s vibes. She chose a white blouse that is lightweight and will go with almost every outfit she will wear this summer. She paired it with a multicolored scarf to add a pop of color to her outfit and creates\ a preppy look. In addition, she wears a ring and a pair of stud earrings. They add just a little more color without taking away from the scarf or the rest of the outfit. To make the look more casual, she wore a pair of ripped jeans. The jeans are the part of the outfit that brings the edge with the preppy, girly shirt and scarf. To top off the outfit, she added nude heels. If you do not own nude heels, you should. Every girl needs a pair.

The biggest question of all is where can you wear this outfit? Lunch, dinner, a day adventure with the girls or your special someone, barbecues, and brunches to name just some activities this outfit can be used for. Add some waves to your hair, and you’ll be ready to go to any activity this summer has to offer!

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How to Brighten Your Outfit When It’s Less Than Bright Outside

In Southern California, there is a term called “June gloom,” which basically summarizes the overcast skies prevalent in the late spring and early summer months. With cold temperatures in the morning giving way to blazing heat by the afternoon, it can be difficult to put together an outfit that would accommodate for both ends of the temperature spectrum. This Fashionista shows us how she styles pastels for an overcast summer day.

This Fashionista pairs a gray mock neck top with a baby blue denim button-front skirt. A timeless ’70s trend, this denim A-line skirt adds a slimming, clean shape to the outfit. She matches the skirt with a pair of peach and nude colored cutout oxfords. A play on the classic oxford shoe design, this cutout variation adds to the intricacy and unique quality to the outfit. To bring the outfit together, she is wearing a gray button-down coat. The sleek lines of the coat add a more polished and streamlined silhouette while pulling together the overall look. To accessorize, she adds a peach shoulder bag with a pom pom key chain. The color of the bag ties in with the colors of the shoes, while the pom pom key chain gives a nod to the recent trend made popular by Fendi.

Fluctuating summer temperatures are frustrating to deal with because you have to be dressed for both potentially hot and cold weather all in the same day. Pastels work as a great compromise for a fresh summer look while keeping colors muted during overcast weather. Pastels can be toned down but add freshness to any summer look.

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How I Mix Fabrics with Color Schemes

Hey there, Fashionistas! I hope everyone is enjoying their first few weeks off from school and loving the warm weather. My favorite part of starting summer is getting a new wardrobe and getting new styles for the season. Lately, I’ve noticed that satin, suede, and pastels are really popular, so I thought I’ld share with you what I found when shopping for some new clothes for summer 2017!

When I went shopping, I made sure to stop in at Forever 21 because their stock is always up on the latest incoming looks. What I also love about shopping there is that it has so many different styles that can work for pretty much anyone! Not to mention the fact that there are different sections of styles that correspond to what different people like—I really love that. For my outfit, though I found the top and the skirt in the same area, I didn’t think they’d work until I tried them on, and voila! Both of the fabrics for these are Contemporary Satin.

The shoes are also from my Forever 21 trip (just a different section than the skirt and top). The shoes are suede, which I liked for contrast. I also fell in love with the pastel perriwinkle color—it really screams summer!

For other accessories, I wore a long necklace (from Francesca’s a few years ago), but you can choose anything that fits your style and make it your own! I hope this helped you shop for some new summer styles this year!

What will you style this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Keep It (Minty) Fresh

Bring on the sun, the outdoor gatherings, and the good vibes, am I right? In anticipation of all of this upcoming hubbub, we need to start thinking about how we can take our summer wardrobes to the next level. Yup, it’s time to crawl out of fashion hibernation, and what better way to wake up your style than to pop a little pastel into your look?

If you know me, you know that I’m notorious for neutrals, especially black…the antithesis of pastel, as some might say. So why am I, of all people, sitting here writing about why you should wear some color? I must be out of my mind, right? (Don’t actually answer that.) Fashion trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has predicted that black will start to decline in popularity sometime in the near future and that there will be a revival of color. I may or may not have wallowed in sadness for a few days after hearing this, but with a few tissues and a brief reevaluation of my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that color isn’t all that bad! I’ll admit that I do feel a little extra bubbly when I’m wearing a bright color. I’ve also noticed that people tend to throw more compliments to those wearing a standout color—and we could all use a good boost to the ego here and there.

Adding a hint of pastel into your outfit is a fantastic way to ensure that you’ll be looking fresh, whether it’s a light cardigan, a tank, or even a piece of jewelry. Pastel pants, however, are a whole other ball game. In my opinion, you have to have some serious cahunas to pull them off, and this Fashionisto rocks them like no other! As he wisely advises, “One outrageous piece in your outfit is daring, two is ridiculous,” aka don’t let yourself look like an Easter egg! That’s why his mint pants were tastefully paired with a solid navy blue short sleeve button-down shirt as well as a classic silver watch.

So as for the style advice? Follow this Fashionisto’s lead and don’t underestimate the power of pastels this summer while you keep it (minty) fresh.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty in Pastel

In my opinion, May is one of the best months of the year! The weather is warm, the semester has concluded, and college students are enjoying the time off before summer internships and jobs begin. Spring is alive with vibrant colors, and it is the perfect time to bring some of that color into our wardrobes. When I think of spring, I immediately think of pastel. Perhaps it is because I love pastel colors, lavender in particular, and spring provides me with a reason to wear an array of pastels day after day.

In this look, I chose to wear a lavender top, white pants, and nude wedges. The pastel colors and lightweight materials create the perfect springtime ensemble. When the temperatures are not quite warm enough to wear a dress, white pants are a classy alternative. I keep the accessories minimal by layering two gold necklaces, both of which are different lengths and nicely complement each other. They are thin and subtle but add just the right amount of detail.

Another great aspect of this outfit is that it is versatile and can easily be tailored to whatever your day has in store. Going out to brunch with friends? Wedges, as I chose in this look, effortlessly dress up your ensemble in a simple way. Or if you prefer shoes that are more suitable for walking longer distances, opt for a pair of flat sandals. This look can easily be taken from day to night with the addition of a denim jacket. I decide to carry this light wash jacket with me so that I am prepared for the evening when the temperature gets chilly. It also adds a nice contrast to the ensemble because it breaks up the lightweight pieces with a darker, heavier texture.

If you are in need of spring fashion inspiration, just take a look around. Outside is abundant with colors, so why not translate a portion of this colorful season into your fashion sense? There isn’t a better time to play around with our style than in May when our schedules are a little less hectic. For now, let’s enjoy the fact that the semester is over and take the upcoming three months as a time to relax, try new things, and set goals for the next semester.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels and Punk in the Pretty Weather

Spring is here and in full bloom. Due to the spring season, your Instagram feed is probably full with pictures of Fashionistas in florals and pastels.  I love both the pattern and the color palette and like to add a bit of edge to both. My ideal spring outfit is a mix of light pieces, girlie staples, and rocker chic essentials all in one. This outfit I wore on a beautiful, May day perfectly embodies that mix. My pastel pink accessories bring the lightness of spring. While the black foundation pieces of my outfit bring in that edge I love in my clothing. This look is tough and soft all at the same time, showing that spring can call for a surprising balance of contrasting trends.

Starting with the sleeker, cooler tones in the outfit, I used black pieces as the main color palette to bring the different elements in the look together. I turned a black slip, silk dress into a maxi skirt, by pairing it underneath a graphic T-shirt. I then added a black, Western inspired, silver-tipped, belt to cinch and define my waist. My favorite part of the look would be the pastel pink and black, graphic T-shirt. This T-shirt was quite a steal for I got it at a bargain price from Forever 21 in the Men’s section. The detailing on the crew neck shirt depicts  two automobiles racing in fast motion with cool lettering stating, “Charged Up”. I topped the outfit with a pair of simple, beige Puma sneakers to add comfort and style.

The lighter tones in the outfit came from the pink color palette in my accessories, beauty, and the graphic T-shirt. The main statement accessory was my pastel pink, mirrored cat-eye sunglasses. These sunglasses tied in the pink in the graphic T-shirt I wore with the black, silk skirt. I painted on a light pink lipstick to draw in more of the precious color into my look.

This look is great for any Fashionista, like myself, that wants the best of both worlds with their trends. The outfit had darker pieces like the silk, slip dress and the Western inspired belt to add edge. While the pastel pinks in the graphic T-shirt and the mirrored cat-eye sunglasses brought sweetness into the look. Pastels and punk can always be perfect together with the right accessories and clothing, especially in the warmer weather!


As the days are getting nicer, I know most of you are pulling out those colorful pieces you own in the back of your closet. Pastels are a great choice if you want to add a little color to an outfit. The best part is pastels can be worn whenever, wherever. From preppy to edgy, chalky colors can be incorporated in any kind of outfit and can be worn by anyone as a fashion statement. What’s also great about pastels is that they can also be worn in almost any setting.

Spring is here which means it’s time to learn how to wear pastels. It is best worn during the day since they replicate the sunlight, but this doesn’t keep you from wearing them in the evening, too. There are a number of ways you can incorporate pastels into your look. They go great with other pastels and there is no doubt about that. Wearing multiple chalky colors at the same time will result in a warm and relaxed look. But be careful, as you can run a serious risk of looking like salt-water taffy. Also, if you find yourself wearing an all-neutral outfit, you can break it up by changing one of the pieces with a pastel one.

This Fashionisto is wearing neutral blue jeans cuffed at the bottom with a button-down pastel T-shirt that adds just enough color to brighten up the look. Cuffing the jeans just enough to get a sneak at his colored socks also gives this look a touch of detail. As for accessories, he is wearing white Vans along with a pair of round black sunglasses. This casual look works great for 60 degree weather on a spring day.

As summer is all about embracing the rainbow, spring is about easing your way into colors with softer shades. For something that makes a pretty serious statement, pastels can be easy to wear. Hopefully these couple of tips guide you in making the right choices when it comes to wearing colors for the spring.