How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body

Finding the ever-elusive, perfect bikini is one of the summer’s biggest struggles. Avoiding any and all bodies of water is not the answer to this annual problem. There’s more than a few solutions to this decades-old issue.

1—The stomach-conscious girl.This swimsuit season is perfect for you because both one-piece swimsuits and high-waist bikini bottoms are on trend and better than ever. While one-piece swimsuits are flattering on almost any shape, they’re perfect for those of you still working to build your body confidence. Both of these pieces can hide any imperfections and create a definitive waistline. One-piece swimsuits with side cutouts are very popular!

2—The hourglass girlFor those of you hourglass-figured Fashionistas, it’s all about enhancing your assets. Wear statement pieces and bold prints on areas you’d like to showcase and wear solid, less eye-catching pieces on areas you’d like to detract attention. Mixing and matching tops and bottoms is great for this body shape.

3—The curvy beautiesSupport can be a major issue when dealing with a bigger bust. Keep your eye out for retailers like ASOS that carry swimsuits in various cup sizes. Thicker straps and an adjustable band can go a long way in terms of support, which is why halter tops are a good option if you are bustier. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! There are plenty of bikinis out there for the curvy gals—it’s just about finding the right one for you.

4—The boyish and beautifulFor those of us Fashionistas who struggle with a lack of both bust and butt alike, tie-side bottoms and triangle tops are great for giving the appearance of a larger bust. Ruffles along swimsuit bottoms can allude to a curvier figure as well. Lucky enough for you, many swimsuits also come with push-up padding which can help give your figure a little more shape.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many ways to accommodate that while still flaunting your assets. Where have you found your favorite swimsuit? Share with us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

Your Go-To Guide For Mixing Patterns

If the thought of mixing patterns intimidates you, you’re not alone. It can be hard to envision how crazy stripes and polka dots will look chic in one outfit. However, mixing patterns is so much fun and a fabulous way to make use of your wardrobe, especially pieces you may not wear often. Here are some tips on how to mix patterns to style a creative outfit, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or clash!

1—Choose a Dominant Print and an Accent Print.

I love gingham print, especially for summer, because it reminds me of cookouts and picnics! My gingham print cardigan is the main pattern in this look. I pair it with a lace patterned tank as an accent. The pattern tank does not clash with the gingham because it is subtle and white, making it a perfect accent pattern.

2—Use the Same Pattern in a Different Scale.

Polka dots will always be my favorite pattern because they’re so classic. A good way to mix your favorite pattern is varying the size of the pattern like I did with a large polka dot print top under my small polka dot print button-up. Another fun way to style an outfit with the same pattern is varying the sizes in a skirt and blouse. Changing the size of the pattern avoids monotony and allows you to wear a lot of your favorite pattern without it seeming overwhelming.

3—Invert Color With the Same Pattern.

Another great way to use the same pattern is to invert the colors, which creates a nice visual effect. This way, you can use a pattern in the same size, and still wear all one print! This outfit reminds me of a zebra—is my top white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

4—Pair Two Types of the Same Pattern.

My skirt and scarf mix well together because they are both neutral, floral patterns. There are a lot of floral patterns in stores currently, and they’re a great pattern to mix in outfits. Floral patterns add a soft, sweet look to any outfit, and mixing them creates a pretty vibe.

5—Treat Texture as a Pattern.

If you treat pieces with some texture as patterns, your wardrobe possibilities open up a lot. Leopard print is bold and fierce, so I love pairing it with a girly and classy print like lace. Lace is a texture and pattern, making it a versatile textile that adds great style and interest to an outfit. A similar idea can be used with embroidery!

6—Choose Different Prints with the Same Color.

This final outfit tip is all about the color, and it is my favorite way to mix patterns. You can mix any two patterns if the colors throughout are the same, like in my dress and shirt. This creates a cohesive look so that while there are a lot of patterns, they all match.

Pick one of these ways to mix patterns and share your outfit with us on Instagram by tagging @CFashionista.

How to Beat the Heat With These Hot Summer Looks

It seems that I switch from one extreme climate to the next. I went from the cold rainy days in Pullman, straight into a California heat wave. When temperatures are shifting between 90 degrees and 110 degrees, sometimes it feels impossible to come up with a cute outfit. With summer temperatures on the rise, here are a few simple, trendy, and fun looks to rock this season, and still stay cool.

Denim skirts are huge this year, they are chic, comfy, and, of course, a closet staple. This first outfit is perfect for summer because it pairs an adorable striped crop top with a high-waisted jean skirt. I love the vintage look of the buttons going all the way up the skirt—little details like this really make an outfit. Plus I love how this Fashionista decided to dress down the outfit with Birkenstocks. They definitely make this outfit more casual, and perfect for an everyday look. Also, these signatures Ray-Ban sunglasses are a classic for any summer style.

Another genius way to stay cool this summer is sun dresses. Dresses are a great way to beat the heat because they are loose, and most often sleeveless so you don’t have to worry about those embarrassing sweat stains. Plus they are super easy! All you have to do is pick your dress, some cute sandals or maybe even booties like this Fashionista, and you have a perfect look for all your summer plans. I love this Fashionista’s dress because it is a unique and bold pattern that will surely catch other’s attention.

What are you wearing to beat this summer heat? Leave a comment below.

Seeing Stars—How to Incorporate the Star Trend into Your Wardrobe

Stars. They’ve been around for a really long time, but they’re still so fascinating to all of us. In the past few months stars have been making a huge appearance in fashion. Everyone is designing items with stars adorning them from handbags to shoes. It may be due to the success of my new favorite movie La La Land (don’t lie, we know you know every word too) or just a realization by society of how cool stars actually are, but either way, I am fully embracing it.


One of my favorite star-covered items is my star pants I bought from ASOS. These pants are such a great staple for a fun summer night adventure. After the hot summer sun has set and the constellations graze the horizon, you can’t go wrong when you throw on a pair of flowy star pants and a cute top.


I’m an impulsive jewelry buyer and this is especially true when stars are involved (it really is a problem). It’s such a fun way to add a little whimsy to any outfit you wear. You can catch me in my mismatched star and moon earrings almost every day. I feel cool, trendy, and cute whenever I wear them! They complete every outfit perfectly.

I wear this night sky-inspired lace-up shirt all the time. It is so versatile! Put it with a pair of black jeans for a sleek work day look and transition it to a weekend getaway with friends by pairing it with shorts or a denim skirt. This can even be worn into winter with a big furry coat. Who doesn’t love a top you can basically wear no matter what event you are going to?

Festival style has become its very own category of fashion in the past few years and stars have definitely found their way into many of these trends, whether it is wearing star glitter on your face to sporting a star-covered swimsuit with cut-off jean shorts. If you went to a festival this year, you probably wore stars at some point. I wore this star-studded fanny pack (a true festival essential) to incorporate the trend. It was a great way to carry my extra sunscreen and money while not having to take away from my outfit each day.

Whatever the reason, stars are big right now. I don’t try and question it and neither should you. Who doesn’t want to add a little whimsical touch to their wardrobe? Stars have an interesting quality of being very sophisticated, but still playful and fun. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit no matter what you are doing. So, what are you waiting for? Star-t using this trend as soon as possible!

How are you incorporating stars into your wardrobe this summer? Tag @CFashionista on Instagram with you star-adorned outfits.

What Stepping out of My Fashion Comfort Zone Did to My Confidence

Being the introverted person that I am, I typically don’t like to draw attention to myself. As much as I love daring looks on other people, I would describe my personal style as simple and muted. I usually avoid bold colors and patterns—opting instead for darker colors, solid patterns, and uncomplicated silhouettes. Dressing in an attention-grabbing outfit, quite frankly, makes me uncomfortable and even self-conscious.

While shopping the discount racks, my eyes grazed upon the most beautiful article of clothing I think I’ve seen: a bright, funky jumpsuit that screamed “bohemian goddess.” Have you ever had a piece of clothing speak to you on another celestial level? Just me? Okay. 

I immediately tried it on and I felt wonderful. It felt as though the jumpsuit was made for me. Even with all of the positive emotions I was feeling, my mind flooded with concerns about what people would think. Would they think it was tacky? Would they snicker to themselves and stare? God forbid they stare!

Noting my uneasiness when asked if I was going to by it, my amazing mother gave me the pep talk of a lifetime––sort of like one a coach would give to his team in a locker room, only this time it was my mother giving one to me in a dressing room.

She proceeded to tell me things along the lines of, “You have to have confidence in yourself… who cares what others think.” Coincidentally, as she was giving her spiel, Harry Winston’s famous words came to mind: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” So, I did.

I wanted the focal point to be the jumpsuit and I wanted to stay true to my simplicity, so I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum––pairing it with a snake arm cuff, a dainty gold choker, small crystal earrings, and beige chunky heels. To let my inner summer goddess glow, I wrapped the look together with glowing makeup and a half up hairdo to showcase my curls. I felt good.

To put my confidence level to the test, I decided to face my fears and do my best to strut myself confidently around my college campus. At first, I felt meek, but as time passed by, I felt more relaxed. People naturally stared; however, not in a way that I expected. Some were intrigued by the outfit while others were ultimately indifferent for it. I quickly realized that I was not bothered by all of this because I was in an outfit I loved and felt great in. I could are less if others didn’t like it––that in itself boosted my confidence tremendously. I realized I was nervous for no real reason but for people’s acceptance of others. Taking this personal risk was a big step towards being care-free, feeling confident in myself, and comfortable in my skin.

What are some steps you take in order to feel more confident? Let me know in the comments below!

Do I Look Like a Picnic Table? How-To Wear Gingham in the Summer

As summer approaches, the need for the next hot trend becomes increasingly prevalent, and alas, it is here. Gingham. Yes, that pattern seen on picnic tables that your mom might say reminds her of Daisy Duke. Gingham has completely transformed from an outdated tablecloth pattern to the trendiest print worn by top celebrities and influencers.

It is nearly impossible to browse Zara, Topshop, or Revolve without being overwhelmed with the myriad of gingham. The task of trying to effortlessly pull off this insanely popular trend can be daunting, but fear no more: here is exactly how to wear the checkered print—without looking like a tablecloth.

The easiest way to make gingham more current is to opt for a black-and-white pattern, as opposed to the traditional blue or red checkered print. Black and white instantly curates an edgy, yet sophisticated look. The overall dress pictured is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe because it is so on trend while also being an easy piece to style. Adding simple white sneakers and a black bodysuit allows the pattern to be the sole focus of the outfit.

Ultimately, the key tip to wearing gingham this summer is to pick a statement piece and keep the rest of the look simple. For example, pair a gingham ruffled skirt with a plain black T-shirt. The busy pattern can easily become wearable by adding basic pieces such as T-shirts and sneakers. Go ahead and splurge on the summer’s hottest trend and buy that gingham dress you’ve been looking at for the past week.

How are you going to wear the gingham print this summer? Tell me in the comments below!


To some of us, Florida is our go-to vacation state. We get lost in the suffocating crowds of tourists and forget that for many walking among us, Florida is home. Waking up to palm trees and 80 degrees everyday sounds like a dream. For this Fashionista, it’s a reality.

Since moving down south from Michigan, she says it’s quite a lifestyle adjustment. “I see that it’s 50 degrees and get excited I don’t need a jacket. Locals will see 50 degrees and run for a winter coat,” she exclaims. The differences in temperature are a huge influence on the difference in style. This Fashionista said that she takes a lot of inspiration from the local women she sees and from the unique southern boutiques and brands that Florida has to offer. Her romper was actually purchased from a local shop on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. With plans to go out to dinner later that night, it was a purchase of perfect timing.

As if rompers weren’t trendy enough, the off-the-shoulder look sure is as well. This fun and flattering romper fits the Fashionista and the occasion perfectly. To offset the navy and white pattern, she slipped on a simple pair of nude heels and silver earrings to complete her date night look.

The sun was setting and this Fashionista was trend-setting. I snapped my last couple of photos before her and her man walked off into the sunset … I mean, into the hibachi house.

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Brunch

Summer is officially here! What better way to celebrate a semester of hard work than brunch dates to catch up with friends and family? Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the perfect excuse to get some extra sleep and get dressed up. As a brunch lover myself, I know that half the fun of a brunch date is choosing the perfect outfit and taking Insta-worthy pictures with your food. Summer brunch outfits are all about being eye-catching and effortlessly stylish while still being comfortable. Take a few tips from this Fashionista for the perfect brunch outfit!

The key to a chic yet casual brunch look is the mixing and matching of casual and dressy pieces. You can never go wrong with stripes, floral, bold patterns, or bright colors for a killer brunch look. I love how she paired her lemon-patterned navy and white pants with her yellow bag for a pop of color that ties the summer theme of the whole outfit together. The white ruffle blouse adds a touch of femininity and movement to the look. She accessorized the outfit with a straw floppy hat that gives off summer vibes and silver jewelry like her necklace, her Folli Follie watch, and her Swarovski ring. A straw hat or sunglasses are perfect for blocking out that summer sun while still being stylish. She finished off the look with comfy brown sandals that are perfecting for walking off those calories post-brunch.

This summer brunch outfit can easily be transitioned from casual to formal by adding heels and a dressy blazer to elevate the look. This outfit is a great example of a carefree and chic summer brunch look that will be the envy of all your fellow brunch-goers; just be sure to wear loose clothing that will leave space for all that food! Brunch on, Fashionistas!

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort is Key

The end of second semester never fails to present itself as a hectic time. With finals, packing, saying goodbye to friends, and finalizing summer plans, the idea of rolling out of bed and rushing out the door becomes the ideal morning routine.

While the days of waking up hours early to pick out the perfect outfit may be retired until the return to school in the fall, that does not mean that it’s impossible to find the perfect outfit which balances comfort and style. This Fashionista did just that, appearing casual but still dressed up. She does this by creating the perfect harmony of combining relaxed, loose-fitting clothing with bohemian patterns and pretty little details.

The Fashionista is wearing a patterned T-shirt dress, which is arguably more comfortable than wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She layers her dress with an oversized knit cardigan and paired the look with simple brown wedges. She then adds her own personal style to the outfit through the accessories. She is wearing a dainty gold and pearl choker necklace, gold leaf earrings, and a couple of silver statement rings.

Together, all of these pieces join together to create the perfect effortlessly chic outfit to get her through one of the last few days of college without fail.

So, Fashionistas/os, even though the ending of college can be daunting and bleak, don’t allow it to affect your look! Instead, take tips from this stylish student to discover your own perfect balance between comfy and chic.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One of the best things about summer style is adding a little bit of color to simple outfits. This Fashionista did exactly that. From far away, her look is pretty simple, but the pops of color and accessories really made me notice her. With the warm weather in full swing here in New Orleans, it is imperative to stay cool while still being stylish. The details of her daytime look elevate her to summertime status, channeling some seriously fun and funky vibes.

The first thing that caught my attention about this Fashionista’s look was her shoes. Her simple white Vans with rainbows on the side were so unique and made her outfit that much more visually interesting. This pop of detail adds a fun and different element to the outfit that sets it apart from the rest. She also sported some high socks which added to the ’90s-inspired aesthetic of her look.

She paired her awesome shoes with a staple, dark wash denim skirt and a simple tank top. This boxy tank top is the perfect silhouette with the skirt, and the patterned lines of color incorporate the same cool, summertime feel as her sneakers. This Fashionista topped off her look with delicate layered necklaces that looked effortlessly cool. Layering jewelry is a super fun and easy way to enhance any look, and the subtle colors in these necklaces tied together all of the colors in this outfit. She added some classic sunglasses and a shoulder bag and was able to go out on campus looking like a true star.