Cheetah Is the New Black

Cheetah print is a trend that is hot right now. That’s right, you heard me. Adding this fun pattern into any outfit is the easiest way to revamp your look and closet! Whether it might be in some pumps, jacket, or sunglasses, a girl can conquer the world when she has some cheetah print. I’m here to tell you why this trend is one you need to pounce on this summer and how to get it while it’s hot.

This animal print is not only fashionable and on-trend, but it is chic! Even though you might be a lover of all things black, a pop of cheetah can transform a bland outfit into a striking modern look. Why is this the trend that everyone needs in their life you might ask? I like to stand by the fact that if a women is well dressed and chic, her clothes and style will speak for themselves. Cheetah print is the way to accomplish that this season.

My favorite way to channel the inner cheetah girl in all of us is by these ways. You can never go wrong with a cheetah top or tank. It is the quickest and most effortless way to stay cool and on-trend this summer. All you have to do is throw it on with your favorite boyfriend jeans, some sandals, paired with a messy bun, and you have an instant Insta-worthy outfit. Have a job or internship interview coming up this summer? This cheetah print jacket will be the perfect way to make you look perfectly put together. If you are wanting to kick back with the girls, this bomber jacket is cute, comfy, and chic. But if you are wanting to take baby steps to the wild side some cheetah print sunglasses, clutch, or booties is the perfect way to go.

Although black will always have a special place in one’s hearts, it might be time to make room in the hearts and closets for cheetah print. So, what are you waiting for?

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The 3 Keys to Conquering Summer Layering This Season

One month in and this summer’s weather has been unpredictable, to say the least. Coming to you from the mid-Atlantic coast, we have seen an unruly trend of temperatures swinging from unlikely highs to unseasonably cold lows within the matter of a day. In order to combat the forecast’s uncertainty, I recruited an old friend: layering. In all honesty, layering has never been a favorite of mine. The word alone sends me into vivid flashbacks of my mom forcing a cardigan on me in my middle school years. Whether it is the pure necessity or the undeniable fact that I am turning into my mother with the turn of each day, I somehow put aside the trauma of my layering past and turned to it in this time of need. Guess what? I loved it.

I utilized several different techniques this season to keep my layering from becoming mom-like, but these are my three favorites.

1Monochromatic color schemes. One of the chicest ways to elevate your style while using minimal effort is by keeping the colors as simple as possible. All that’s required is a head to toe look in your color of choice. Not only will this make you effortlessly cohesive, but it also makes it easy to add pops of color or accessories since the rest of your ensemble is bound to match. (Pro-tip: White absolutely counts as a color pop!)

2Pattern mixing. There are multiple mentalities around pattern mixing. It’s truly a tricky styling skill to master, but following the monochromatic tip is an easy hack. Afterall, patterns in the same color will always look cohesive. Another easy tip is using two patterns from opposing groups (i.e., gingham and polka-dots). By sorting patterns into an overall group of either dots or stripes, you can easily cross-match.

3Alter lengths. Especially when it comes to summer outfits, you never want to be too bundled up. I find it easy to avoid getting too stuffy by mixing my tops and bottoms. If I’m wearing a sweater, I’ll likely pair it with a skirt or pair of shorts. This way I can layer without getting too hot and can easily stay seasonally appropriate.

Rainy days and cold fronts are bound to pop up throughout the rest of the summer. While we may not mentally be able to force away these cold fronts, I have a theory that a perfectly paired cable knit and short combo will have the same effect.

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Why I’m Taking Style Advice from Harry Styles

Everyone has that one celebrity whose wardrobe they wish they could steal. For me, it would be Kate Middleton, but recently I stumbled upon a new fashion muse. While gushing over his new album and incessantly scrutinizing new photos, Harry Styles hopped on my radar. Recently he’s been spotted in colorful suit pairings, and I think he may be onto something. After years of fawning over his musical style, I knew I had to test out my own spin on his newly crafted fashion style.

My main outfit inspiration was a Gucci pink silk-satin suit with dragon embroidery that he wore to his first solo concert. I fell in love with his daring pattern choice and scoured my closet for the craziest print I could find. I have had this silk jumpsuit for years but never found the courage or occasion to wear it. This inspired me to finally take it off the hanger and give it the test drive it’s so deserving of. While I am a fan of patterns, I find myself sticking to the classic polka dots, stripes, and florals. I think a trend toward bolder patterns may help people like me break out of our fashion comfort zones. This will give me the confidence to finally rock that statement piece that I could never bring myself to actually wear.

I also wanted to play on the professional and structured style he’s so effortlessly been achieving in his looks. Professional pieces have been slowly popping up in stores with off-the-shoulder and blouse-style tops on trend. I added a blazer to dress up the outfit and break up some of the pattern. This is an easy solution if you want to rock a pattern but don’t want to be too bold about it. Adding a solid colored piece will allow you to have fun with your look while still staying true to your own style. If you’re still feeling iffy on patterns, I would suggest trying out smaller patterned accessories. This could include a variety of things such as neck scarves to test the waters without going all out.

Bold patterns and professional pieces are trends I can see blowing up in the fashion world, and Styles just might be the first to rock them. As a preppy-pattern junkie, I am excited to keep experimenting with these upcoming trends!

Who’s your style icon for this summer? Let me know in the comments!

5 Things Every Fashionista Needs at the Beach

I am currently on day five of a seven-day beach vacation in Miramar Beach, Florida. By now, I’ve realized that, as usual, I overpacked. I have realized that I didn’t need to bring three pairs of jeans, my chunky sweaters, and 20 different outfit options. I love to be extra stylish when I’m on vacation, but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice practicality or overpack. I’ve figured out how to vacation like a Fashionista with these five things you really need to bring along to the beach.

1. Sunscreen—A good tan is always in style, but unhealthy skin is so not. Nothing is worse than looking fried in all your vacation pictures on Instagram, plus it’s dangerous for your skin to go without sunscreen. I usually wear SPF 15, but in the intense beach rays I bump it up to SPF 30. I recommend using a lotion sunscreen on your face rather than a sport spray. To add some shimmer, I dust a little highlighter on my nose and cheekbones after the sunscreen dries.

2. Stylish scrunchies—If you’re like me, you want your hair off your shoulders when you hit the beach. Hats can get washed away in the waves, so I like to rock a messy bun. To add some personality and style, try a fun scrunchie. I love these sequin scrunchies because they shine in the summer sun.

3. Bluetooth speaker with a beach playlist—Good music is another thing that’s always in style. A week before I left for the beach, I purchased a bluetooth speaker. Then I took song requests from everyone going on the trip and added them all to a playlist. Our $20 beach chairs feel more like VIP cabanas when we have good tunes playing all the time.

4. Sunnies—A great pair of sunglasses is a must at the beach. I’ve noticed a lot of mirrored lenses this season, and I am in love with this glamorous trend. Sassy pink mirrored lenses are my go-to right now. I definitely recommend splurging on a nice pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses.

5. Colorful swimsuits—I’ve noticed a trend of bold prints and bright-colored swimsuits on the beach. I’ve seen some cool bikinis with a lot of straps, but I would recommend saving those for a pool party and bringing swimsuits with less straps to prevent any crazy tan lines. My go-to is a brightly printed, classic triangle bikini. To add some glam, pair your bikini with some shades with mirrored lenses like I mentioned above.

What are your must-haves at the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

WHAT TO WEAR: Giving Accesories the Limelight

I have been on this Earth for 20 years, and the transition from spring to summer is still so awkward and confusing. You wake up to a nice breeze and slightly cloudy skies so you decide to wear jeans and some platform sandals, but a few hours functioning in the real world and you realize you forgot to check the weather forecast. By lunch, a semi-permanent rain cloud has appeared, and you are questioning your very intelligence and wondering how you have survived all these years.

A safe bet in this kind of moody weather is to wear closed-toe shoes and layer your pretty little heart away. This Fashionista ticked all of those boxes, as well as some others, by creating a functional summer outfit that added character with the accessories. She began by pairing a denim pencil skirt with a textured white shirt, which is a great baselayer for a spring outfit because it looks just as great by itself as when paired with a lightweight bomber jacket. Layering on a light jacket like she did is great because it adds more color to the outfit as well as some functionality. A beautifully patterned scarf is tied onto an embossed, leather saddle bag to add some flavor to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of deep plum booties finishes off the fun outfit.

Draw some inspiration from this Fashionista and add some spice to a spring outfit by paying some attention to the accessories!

Move Over Florals, This Print Actually is Groundbreaking

School is officially out (for most of us, that is) and it’s time to put away the dull and drab colors that we’ve been wearing as a mode to reflect our inner feelings towards final exams. No matter what scores you ended with, there’s a totally different grading system when it comes to summer and it has nothing to do with calculus. The key to success? A fresh summer wardrobe that includes absolutely no grey. I mean it – none.

This summer, it’s all about prints – or dare I say print (singular). Gingham is seriously everywhere and soon it’ll be on you, too. It’s most intriguing quality is it’s ease of implementation into basically any outfit. Unlike florals, which can scare off the less daring, gingham is simple and sophisticated without being boring. Even better, you can find just about anything that you’re looking for in the print—from daytime dresses, to swimwear, to lightweight trousers.

Check out how a couple of your favorite fashionable college students implemented this print into their everyday wardrobe and scroll on for some of our favorite gingham steals.

(Photo via @marybordelon)

(Photo via @sydneyhelphenstine).


Moto Frill Gingham Crop Top, $45.00, Available at Topshop.

Gingham Trousers by Zara, $69.90, Available at Zara.

Gingham Check Shorts by Mango, $45.99, Available at Mango.

Gingham Tie Side Swimsuit in red by Boohoo, $39.00, Available at ASOS.

Belize Dress in Coastline by Reformation, $178.00, Available at Reformation.

Mon Univers Jumpsuit, $88.00, Available at Article&.

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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Vintage


Spring has officially sprung, and it has been a gorgeous spring here at Kent State so far! All over campus I have seen some totally cute outfits inspired by the amazing weather we’ve been having.

This specific Fashionista caught my eye, and I just can’t stop thinking about her adorable ‘50s-inspired look. It’s perfect for the sunny spring weather, and the pastel colors are one of this springs top trends. It’s such an easy look, too; the basis of the whole outfit is a short sleeve top and a circle skirt. I’ve seen a lot of people attempt outfits based like hers, but never has one stood out to me as much as this!

Her top is totally incredible. The pink and white checkered pattern makes a subtle statement without being too overpowering, and the pearl detail at the top is killer. It adds such a nice feminine touch that gives the look something soft and classy. The sleeves remind me of something that a Disney princess might wear, and that sweetheart neckline completes the top and really shows off the ’50s inspiration. Pair it with a bold patterned skirt, and the outfit gives off an edgier vibe that shows off this Fashionista’s personality. The simple cut of the circle skirt keeps the pattern from becoming too complicated and helps tie together the easy and breezy look that the ‘50s usually has.

Her shoes, while simple, are so stylish. The sleek color and shine of the gray shoe is extremely fun and the strap gives it a kind of Mary Jane look. Her hair is super adorable and super simple to do, and the loose curls make the outfit look mature and collected, am I right? I am forever taking style inspiration from the ’50s, and I know this Fashionista has nailed it, too!


ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playin’ in Paisley

Paisley is a classic print that was extremely popular throughout the ’60s for its psychedelic flair. It was worn by tons of fashion icons and celebrities such as The Beatles and Mick Jagger. This Fashionista put her own feminine twist on this funky print, taking it from a vintage staple to a modern muse.

What I found to be the most striking element in this look was the rich, deep shades of the paisley print contrasting against the stark white tint of her overalls. She purchased this blouse at the local thrift shop in town, which she said she visits frequently. This groovy shirt has brassy, gold buttons that complement her pearly earrings; this Fashionista claims they are the one accessory she cannot leave the house without.

Her overalls overflowed with tiny details that brought this outfit up a notch, like the crisscross of the straps in the back. This was a neat detail she added to her look when she styled the outfit, and I found it to be rather innovative. These overalls also had slight distressing around the knee and a very subtle floral design that she coordinated with the paisley motif. This Fashionista also paired her suede booties seamlessly with her shirt, creating harmony within her outfit.

The next time you Fashionistas head to the thrift shop to scour the racks for treasures, keep your eyes peeled for some paisley. There are endless ways to transcend this antiquated pattern and give it a chic, modern look, just like this Fashionista did.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and Flares

Today was a surprisingly cold and gloomy day in New York City. Just when I thought summer was here, I step outside and the sun is not shining like it has been. For work I decide to throw on an outfit that will keep me warm and comfortable.

Adding to this horrible weather day, the humidity has not been a good friend to my hair! I decided to put it up in a sock bun with a headband to keep my frizzy hair under control. I always think, when in doubt, wear a bun! A bun can be cute, professional, dressy, and casual, there’s no going wrong.

Lately. I have been digging to find some cute funky pants to wear with a solid top. These striped pants are perfect because they can be paired with a lot of different tops, and are a great way to spice up any outfit. I also love that they are high-waisted because most of the tops that I have are cropped.

Speaking of cropped, the next thing I added to this outfit is a cropped hoodie. I personally could live in hoodies for the rest of my life and be satisfied! I love this hoodie because of it’s interesting color and the flare sleeves. These sleeves have been really big lately, but I usually only see them on shirts. Adding some extra room in your hoodie sleeves only adds to the comfort level!

Lastly, I went with some simple black shoes to complete the outfit. I figured my pants were making enough of a statement and wore some basic black Converse. Gloomy day outfit success!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black for Spring

It is common knowledge that details can make or break a wardrobe. This applies to detaiils such as patterns, fabrics, colors, and appliqué. However, when the right elements are incorporated together, they can truly create a cohesive and trendy look. As for colors, black is a staple for most and carries from winter to spring, all the way through summer. It is a classic color that works in basically every outfit no matter what!

This month’s Fashionisto incorporated black into his entire outfit, with a pop of detail in his top. His patterned black top that is accented with gold is truly the focus of the entire outfit. It catches the eye and stands out against his all-black attire. He also added texture to the look by incorporating black jeans with rips at the knee and all-black Adidas sneakers. It makes the look cohesive and also a super easy go-to look for class.

And for the best part of the look, this Fashionisto is sporting a Y-3 backpack that displays an effortless and cool vibe. It is also extremely practicable for students as they go back and forth from their dorm to class or the library, since it is made of super high quality nylon and polyester. 

Overall, his look is effortless, but shows that pairing a detailed article of clothing with all black makes for the perfect go-to outfit. Whether it be a busy day running errands or finishing up finals week, this look is certainly one to keep in mind this spring.