3 Ways to Reinvent Your Flannel Shirts for the Summer

Levi’s and Dr. Martens were originally crafted to withstand hard labor, and here I am buying pre-ripped jeans for $50 and gallivanting to class in boots that I thought were super cute. Originally a source of practicality for men, flannel shirts were recently brought to the style forefront and became a common thread for each gender and class. Everybody loves a good flannel shirt, but there’s a fine line between lumberjack and Fashionista. Sometimes plaid is redundant and the colors mush together. I have a stack of flannel shirts that remain loyal to me on lazy days. However, I’m always looking for new ways to bring life to these garments.

Flannel shirts aren’t typically worn in the summer, so I compiled three simple ways to style these favorite, but admittedly boring, articles of clothing. These outfits revolve around the top like the solar system, so be imaginative when creating your own.

The recent cropped sweatshirt epidemic inspired my first look. All you do is cut the torso part in half, which instantly turns an arguably boring top into a head-turner. Plus, it’s totally versatile; the excess fabric can even be used as a scarf for your dog. A bralette pairs well with the renovated flannel shirt and prevents you from flashing a crowd on accident. It’s a win-win. Here’s a tip: Find a line in the plaid pattern to follow with your scissors for a straight cut!

The second flannel shirt was completely olive green until I got a hold of it. In order to successfully dip-dye your fabric, start by filling three buckets: half water and half bleach, pure water, and half water and half vinegar, respectively. Dip your flannel shirt in the water-bleach solution first to strip it of its color, which creates an ombré look. Once you achieve your desired color, dunk it in the water bucket to get rid of the bleach. Lastly, dunk your flannel shirt in the water-vinegar solution to stop the bleach from bleeding. After it dries, wash the shirt alone before wearing it so the bleach doesn’t ruin any other clothes or irritate your skin!

The third and final project is the most challenging, but also my favorite. I got inspiration from the trend of mismatched shirts. I used two flannel shirts for this one but cut them both in half. Yes, you heard me—right in half. Take the left side of one and the right side of the other and sew them down the middle of the back panel. What’s even better is that once you have your new flannel, you’re left with the shirts’ other halves. Sew those together, too, and give a fellow Fashionista a rad top of her own!

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How I Created a Retro Throwback Look For Summer

As someone who lives in Seattle, the city known for rainy days and cold weather, I am excited that the sun has finally come out. It is time to bring out those skirts, shorts, and dresses that have been sitting in my closet for ages! Here, I want to show a summer outfit idea for those in need of an inspiration for creating looks for the warmer season.

Recently, I notice that retro fashion pieces are making a comeback, from oversize sunglasses, to tops with bell bottom sleeves. Therefore, I decide to create a retro vibe for this outfit. For me, I am all about small details. I am currently in love with this mesh black top from Brandy Melville. This tee has a ’60s and ’70s feeling and the sheer fabric puts a modern twist on it. The ruffled trimmings on the sleeves and subtle glitter set it apart from other black tops. It is a perfect piece to add to your summer collection. I wore a black crop top underneath the tee to show its cute strap designs. However, a black bralette works too!

Next, I pair the top with this plaid skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, a popular pattern for retro clothing and even for today’s fashion. The thing I love about plaid skirts is how versatile they are. For a casual hangout with friends, you can wear a comfy T-shirt and a pair of converse with this skirt. If you are going for a job interview, then you can style it with a dress shirt and high heels. Both would make cute outfits!

Finally, to complete the look, I choose these oversize sunglasses from Forever 21, an ongoing summer trend that gives a pop to your ensemble. I am more into simple and classic styles but if you are feeling a little more daring, then you can choose crazier shaped sunglasses instead!

I make sure that each of my outfits has a specific color scheme. For this case, I am aiming for black, white, brown and small hints of gold. I tend to lean towards dark tones but feel free to incorporate bright, cheerful colors to these types of looks. After all, it is about personal style at the end.

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How I Styled a Pastel Turtleneck for the Summer

With summer approaching and the weather changing, it can be hard to find something to accommodate the climate. As someone who loves layers and juxtaposition, I thought it would be fun to wear a bright transitional outfit and add some color to my day. I decided to style my outfit around a lightweight pastel yellow turtleneck.

Turtlenecks are always fun and they are great for layering. I knew that in the daytime it would be warm, but as the day declined so would the temperature and I did not want to be a victim of the weather. I decided to think outside of the box and pair my turtleneck with a distressed pair of denim overall shorts. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with denim, and the distressed overalls were edgy enough without being overpowering.

To add an extra pop of color I decided to tie a flannel around my waist. Flannels are classic and also great transitional pieces. This particular pattern had hints of yellow that I feel complemented the turtleneck very well. The primary color scheme was whimsical and really allowed me to stand out from the crowd.

I decided to go very neutral when it came to my shoes. I paired this outfit with a pair of black Dr. Martens and black crew socks. The boots added a hint of grunge which was nice. As far as accessories, I wore pearl bracelets and my signature leather bands, which I think really helped complete the outfit. They were very dainty and minimal, and the pearls and leather were a great way to play with masculine and feminine pieces. The look made me feel great and I really enjoyed the colors. I feel like this outfit was a perfect representation of the day and can be worn from day to night.

It’s always fun to think outside of the box and take the risk. Often times, people avoid certain pieces or colors due to fear, but where’s the fun in that? Be bold, and try something you have been nervous about or wear a color you have been shying away from and just have fun.

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How to Style a Plaid Shirt

Plaid has been around for a long time. I first started noticing it from the movie Clueless with Cher’s iconic plaid yellow outfit. If you have watched the movie, you know what I’m talking about. Even though some people thought that plaid was going to go out of style, they were wrong because it’s 2017 and it is still very popular. Styling plaid might be a bit tricky because it can be worn as casual or professional, but it just depends on what you pair it with. As I finally finished my last final for the semester, I bumped into a Fashionista with a rad outfit with a hint of plaid.

Her plaid top, ripped jeans, and flats go well with each other. I like how she accessorized with a beautiful belt and watch as well. This Fashionista’s whole outfit reminded me of the ’90s fashion back then. This shows that no matter what, some styles are still going strong. I love how this Fashionista’s outfit was very casual but at the same time it was stylish. The outfit brought back nostalgia.

Now that the weather in the city has become warmer, we can ditch those heavy coats and gloves and trade them in for nice flats and thinner clothes. Something I noticed is that plaid will be a style that will not die; there’s something about it that people love. If you don’t know what to wear one day, just know you can never go wrong with plaid.

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WHAT TO WEAR: From Breezy Days to Freezing Nights

Here at Ohio University, school may be out, but the summer is still around the corner. Breezy spring days can turn into frosty nights with the flip of a switch, and knowing how to dress for that shift is crucial. This Fashionisto does just that, but incorporates his own fashion sense into his look, letting his smooth street style shine through.

Plaid shirts can go one of three ways: it could make you look like a lumberjack, like a Catholic school girl, or complete an outfit. The fabric is not too heavy, but will still keep him warm on summer nights. The colors are perfect for the weather, too. The tan tones make any pants a perfect match and warm the skin tone a bit so those of us who can’t tan—also known as me—can gain inspiration for what will work best. The blue draws out the ocean blue of his eyes, making them pop. The vest adds warmth as well as style. While not too large, it is still just big enough to keep him warm without looking like he’s hiding old school books in the sides. This one by Patagonia is perfect for transitioning season to season.

His pants draw in fashion. The fit is not too baggy, but just enough that they are relaxed while still being classy. For college men, finding pants that fit without being overly tight is hard, but this Fashionisto was able to do exactly that. When shopping, make sure to get a relaxed fit so that they can be comfortably worn lounging during the chilly summer nights.

The shoes are possibly the best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit. They are statement shoes, in the most masculine way possible. The leather is worn the perfect amount, the soles are clean, and the laces are still crisp. Having a pair of shoes such as these makes transitioning from day to night a breeze. A pair of shoes like the ones this Fashionisto has will become the perfect staple to any collegiate wardrobe.

Transitioning from spring to summer can be tricky. Going from daytime heat to nighttime chill can be super tricky, but by drawing inspiration from this Fashionisto, any outfit is sure to slay whatever weather possible.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: More Groundbreaking Than Florals

Want to try something a little groundbreaking for spring? Well, maybe florals won’t be your best bet. If you’re looking for something that has the same spring/summer feel with a little less of a cliché, I have a suggestion for you.

Now, before I continue on, I want to clarify that I am not denouncing florals! They are absolutely a spring and summer staple and will likely never go out of style. Even if they were truly deemed démodé, you would hardly notice. Florals will probably be omnipresent, whether you love them or not. Personally, I will always be a fan of any vintage floral pattern, so this is good news.

Anyway, now that we’ve established that this isn’t really about hating florals. Instead, I’m talking about trying something new and changing up the spring staples. Here it is, plaid and gingham dresses. The new florals. Bright and simplistic, these dresses have a light and airy look to them. The prints are reminiscent of summer picnics and look so carefree on this Fashionista. It’s also great that dresses like this one are available in several styles so you can find one that fits your personal aesthetic. I’ve seen several beautiful dresses that have more of a bohemian style. I love that the details of this look are subdued, but they are what defines this outfit.

You can definitely see a bit of vintage inspiration with the lightly worn denim jacket and the lace-up sandals. Lace-ups are a big trend for this time of year whether it be sandals, espadrilles, or flats. Finally, the necklace is a basic way to customize the look and add your own personal touch.


There is a mastery to the mystery of mixing and matching patterns and textures, a complicated art that I have only begun to dabble in recently. I have found that the best strategy is to stick within a similar color tone (in my case, neutrals) and pair a small print with a large one. In the case of textures, I have found myself reaching towards more feminine pieces, due to the beautiful weather Chicago has been having recently. I don’t usually rock an overly girly sense of style, so I often reach for something more masculine to compliment and dress down the feminine pieces.

In my case, I started off my outfit with a simple black and white striped dress (mine is actually from Walmart!) with a knot tied at the waist to add definition to my waist. I layered a light wash denim jacket over the top. This jacket has an interesting play of feminine and masculine in itself, as there are lace panels on the shoulder portion, a typically dainty material, directly paired with a denim, which is more structured. I threw on a pair of Birkenstock type sandals in a neutral leather, as they are perfect to slide on and go. I wore my everyday accessories, which include a silver necklace, rose gold ring, and stud earrings, as well as this plaid clutch. This clutch is home to my most important necessities, including my Ventra card, school I.D., apartment key, a pack of gum, and headphones. The large plaid pattern pairs nicely against the small stripes of my dress and the lace and denim jacket, especially because the plaid serves as a nice pop of color to the otherwise very neutral outfit.

I consider myself a very simple person stylistically, so this outfit has very few separate elements, but works together as a whole and can be recreated with different pieces. The mixture of different patterns and textures really help to elevate the look and keep it from appearing sloppy.

BEAUTY BAR: Wrapping Up Winter

I’ll always be the first to admit that I’m no professional makeup artist, but I like to think that I can pick out an extraordinary job when I see one. This Fashionista sat across from me in class, and I knew I had to share some of her knowledge with everyone.

I’ve always been super into makeup and very specific about the products used on my face. However, I’ve never quite grasped the concept of matching my makeup to my outfit like this Fashionista does. That, paired with her ability to perfectly balance out her soft eye look and her coordinating scarf and lipstick, made for a perfect model.

To get this look, all you need is a few staple supplies and the attitude and confidence of the beauty you are. Start off with a primer—my personal favorite is the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer—but most primers will do the trick. Then, blend in your favorite foundation and concealer pair. This is where I like to contour and highlight, but that is up to personal preference. Top it off with some setting powder for a more matte look, and then it’s on to the eyes.

This soft and feminine eye look can be achieved with a warm-toned palette, such as Smashbox Covershots in Ablaze or the Tartelette in Bloom palette; both have soft warm colors that can be dressed up or down for any look. Her sharp eyebrows can be achieved with an eyebrow pomade like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow and an angle brush. A nice natural mascara will help to keep the eyes soft and the focus on the lips for this look.

Speaking of the lips, the most important detail of this look is this Fashionista matching her lip color to her scarf. This can always be done if you aren’t wearing a scarf by matching your lip color to another accessory such as a necklace or a headband. I particularly love the formulas of the Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick for a comfortable, long-wearing experience, and Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick collection for their vast range of color and finishes. Many even have a perfectly paired lip pencil! I would be hard-pressed to not find a perfect match to any accessory with all of this variety.

Through all my years, I’ve learned one thing better than any other—you should only wear as much makeup as you want to; forget the haters.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Into Spring

Tired of all those bright spring colors that come out every year? Then this outfit is perfect for you! With this outfit, this Fashionista is transitioning a fall look into a spring look and it fits perfectly. Most plaids are only seen in the fall season, but the plaid print on this dress adds a lighter feel to it, along with the amazing addition of the teal color. With the start of spring still being chilly, a dress can be a little risky. So pair your dress with a medium weight jacket with minimal detail to force the plaid to stand out more.

Finally, and usually most important, the shoes. Depending on where you want to wear the outfit or how dressy you want to be, your shoes can change it all! This Fashionista paired her look with leather heel combat boot and scrunched gray socks, bringing out the gray in the dress. These boots give it the perfect mix of dressy and casual, making it awesome for any day of class. You can easily change the shoes to all black converse, totally changing the feel of the outfit to a complete casual look perfect for any occasion.

With this look you’ll want to finish it with more natural make up, focusing on the gold tones such as this Fashionista did, as it ties the whole look together.

Now, when it’s spring you don’t have to feel the pressure to put on those bright colors that you don’t feel comfortable in. Just transform your fall clothes!


If you’re anything like me, you love plaid. Like love. If that’s you, it’s my pleasure to share this Fashionista’s outfit of the day. Even if you’re not a plaid lover, you can still stick around.

As you can see, this Fashionista is rocking the plaid flannel with a simple black tank top underneath. Her distressed jeans most definitely make the cut—get it? They’re the perfect touch to this rather classy outfit. Her black ballet flats are absolutely adorable and perfect for a beautiful spring day. She finishes off the outfit with some pretty gold accessories, including a bold necklace and a pretty charm bracelet.

This Fashionista’s outfit is very laid back and chill, and that’s one of the main things I like about it. Sometimes I find it difficult to look nice on Fridays (make that weekends) spent at school. There are no classes, and really, not much to do. So why dress up?

The thing is, you don’t have to dress up super fancy to look nice. You can do what this Fashionista does! She uses basic pieces to create a classy Friday look, which I love! Think about it: you can wear a plaid flannel, which most of us probably own; a tank, a pair of jeans (you can DIY distress them, if you’d like), a pair of flats, and some gold jewelry to make the outfit come together. When you think about it, the jewelry is what makes the whole outfit pop. Imagine that—it’s all in the details, baby!

I hope you enjoyed this Fashionista’s Friday style. It definitely inspired me and made me appreciate the power of basic pieces, as well as staple jewelry, and what they can both do for an outfit.