The Shoes That Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

A recent trip to China has proven that flatforms are the most popular new shoe trend. Across the country people were wearing all kinds of different styles, heights, and colors. The beauty of flatforms is their ability to be styled in so many different ways. From slip-ons to sandals, there are endless possibilities.

The key to rocking the flatform trend lies in finding the right pieces to complement the shoe. When pairing flatform sneakers or slip-ons with jeans, you are going to want to opt for a shorter hemline. The cropped style of the jeans will allow the shoes to do all the talking, while also creating length in the legs. If you are working with solid color flatforms and plain denim, you can create interest by adding a statement jacket or bold accessories. Or, if you’d rather have the shoes be the star of the show, you can choose bold, patterned flatforms. In this case you’d want to keep the rest of the outfit simple, a chunky sweater or a plain white T-shirt and a leather jacket would do the trick. For the warmer months, flatform sandals are the way to go. They can be paired with shorts, dresses, skirts, rompers, and more. This Fashionista is wearing her flatform sandals with a patterned romper, gold accessories, and a jean jacket for when the sun goes down. Another great thing about styling flatforms is that you don’t have to feel guilty about abusing your feet! Flatforms are super comfortable because the height of the shoe is consistent from front to back. Let’s just say the Fashionistas of China had it right, flatforms are the way to go.

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Guess who’s back, back again… music festival season is back, so let the outfit inspiration begin!

It’s finally festival season again and it has the world inspired with bohemian vibes and subtle retro touches. Whether you’re pinning pictures of Vanessa Hudgens in her iconic Coachella looks, online stalking Free People, or eyeing a crochet crop top, the laid-back gypsy look is at its annual peak.

Even if you’re not attending a festival this year, the fashion of it can play a large role in any spring or summer wardrobe. For this specific look, I’m rocking an outfit perfect for a day on the town, a concert, or even just a trip to a photo-op destination.

Palazzo pants are currently my favorite bottoms. They’re light, cute, versatile, and comfortable. These striped, high-waisted palazzo pants from Forever 21 are my go-tos for a warm, sunny day. Virginia weather is still on the cooler side, so with shorts out of the question, these bottoms are a spring essential. These fun and vibrant bottoms go perfectly with any cropped top, band T-shirt, or bralette!

For my top, I’m wearing a burnt orange bralette. Wearing a bralette as a top is bold, but the lace adds a bit more detail to the outfit. This pop of color gives the outfit a little jazz and complements the simplicity of the pants. The bralette also elaborates on the festival vibe of the look. Crochet bralettes are a festival staple, so I chose a lace bralette to make it feel closer to home.

To accessorize, I decided to mix silver and gold. Though it’s a bold and uncommon move, I think it worked nicely for the outfit. I chose a silver statement necklace that brings a bohemian feel to the ensemble. To complement the necklace, I added two silver statement rings with an opal center. The shoes are a fun platform sandal featuring gold metallic details. These give the outfit a retro touch, which is also a popular trend of modern festival fashion.

To put the outfit together, I’m wearing a pair of plastic cat-eye sunglasses. These shades are a peachy color that aid in bringing in the spring palette while also accenting the burnt orange bralette. Cat-eye sunglasses are very in right now and complete the retro aspect of this look.

You don’t have to go to a festival to dress like it. The recipe for a perfect fauxchella outfit is a dash of retro, a tablespoon of fun, a teaspoon of comfort, and a spoonful of boho. You, too, can bring any festival flavor to your favorite spot.

STYLE ADVICE: The Semester is Over

Aren’t we all happy that the semester is finally almost over? Although the semester is very close to being over and many students have left the campus to start their summer journey,  I was lucky enough to find an international student on my campus who is currently involved in our exchange program. I am very glad I was able to do that because I really enjoy seeing how different cultures interpret fashion and create styles. I wanted to make sure I was able to create a post so that everyone can learn a new way of putting certain clothing pieces together, as well as allowing readers to see some new pieces and styles they have maybe never seen before.

This look was one of my favorite looks seen on campus that day. This Fashionista decided to go with a business-casual look. My personal favorite part of the look was the shoes. Unfortunately, those shoes can only be found in China, but I am pretty sure H&M has something similar. For the top, she went with a light blue button-down shirt that was tucked into a black pair of flowy cropped trousers. To piece her top and bottoms together, she decided to go with a simple brown belt that went around her waist.

To add the outfit together, she wore a black small crossbody bag. This look was a very good pick for a windy, spring day. It allows her to feel the nice spring breeze but still be able to stay warm. I look forward to finding many more Fashionistas during the summer.


This month, I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and show off my own personal style. I enjoy fall fashion as much as the next Fashionista. I love scarves, cardigans, and boots, but this semester, I was stuck in the winter blues and could not wait for warm sunny weather. With that being said, I was especially excited to bring out my spring and summer essentials this year.

For this outfit, I paired an off-the-shoulder top with a pair of super distressed jeans. I completed the look with edgy platform sandals and sunglasses. This outfit was simple, casual, cute, and the epitome of a fun summer outfit. I wore this outfit to a coffee and shopping date with a fellow Fashionista.

The off-the-shoulder top trend is in full swing this season. I have seen this trend in previous years, however, it is especially prevalent this year. I am not complaining, because an off-the-shoulder top is the perfect feminine touch to a nice spring outfit. I am also noticing a lot of different off-the-shoulder dresses which are super cute as well.

I am completely obsessed with these platform espadrille shoes. These shoes mix two huge trends this season in one: platforms and espadrilles. I bought these shoes about two months ago and have easily worn them twenty times since. They are literally the most versatile shoes ever. The platform espadrilles pair perfectly with jeans, shorts, and even summer dresses. They add the perfect edge to any simple outfit.

These distressed jeans have been my go-to jeans this spring. They are perfectly casual, yet cute. I pair them with cute tops and a nice pair of shoes, and I am good to go. The jeans are also a tad oversize and super comfortable. Also, my light pink glasses with reflective lenses are so in style. I automatically feel more edgy each time I put them on. I wear them every day and with every single outfit.

With summer being right around the corner, I am so excited to amp up my summer wardrobe! I can’t wait to see how all of you express your personal style this summer!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flirty Florals

As most of you all probably know, the most dreaded time of the semester is approaching just before your eyes: finals week. Before all the end of the semester chaos hits, I was able to take a little trip. It’s not too late to take a weekend off from all the madness and go rock a new spring outfit that you’ve been dying to wear.

Recently, I visited the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. I have had this trip planned for quite a long time to visit some friends. While I was there, I met this Fashionista whose chic style inspired me.

If you are looking for a cool new outfit idea to try, you definitely cannot go wrong with this look. I love how chic and bold this outfit is while still being very trendy and glamorous. A bold colored blouse and a jean skirt are two fun staple pieces that you cannot go wrong with and are also perfect for the spring season. Don’t even get me started with the floral print. I cannot stop obsessing over it. The print takes the outfit to a whole new level and is perfect for this time of year. The boldness in the color and the amazing print is what makes this outfit pop.

This outfit could easily be worn during the day or at night. I absolutely love how she jazzed it up with another colored piece, the blue leather jacket. She also paired this outfit with a pair of white platform leather brogues, which are hot for this season!

It’s always fun to get dressed up and try out a new look. If you have the opportunity, don’t be afraid to wear pops of color and try something unique!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Outside the Norm

I would have to say that my style has transitioned to becoming a mix and match, unique Fashionista, and I am really digging it. The cool thing about it is that now-a-days it’s more fun to be freely expressive of our personalities with what we wear. There are still trendsetting factors like the runway and fast fashion, but street style has become a platform of coming up with the weirdest, coolest looking outfit that makes the heads turn. It’s like now you don’t actually have to go with the trend or style of that season, but use it to your advantage and make something “you” out of it. I think it’s great to see something new for a change that allow us to reevaluate our style and ask ourselves “does this honestly reflect me?”

For this outfit, I stepped out of my comfort zone and threw on a white blouse crop top with gray viscose overalls. With the wide leg crop of the overalls, it made me very selective in the footwear department. I added a pair of black, distressed platform ankle boots, with silver buckle accents that allowed the black, white, and gray neutral outfit to give off a sophisticated, yet comfortable ambiance all in one. To go along with the transition of the winter to spring season, I added a black floppy hat to bring the outfit to its entirety. My normal everyday outfit usually consists of garments that accentuate my body silhouette, however, my impression of going away from the norm has truly fascinated me.

So, maybe my outfit wasn’t completely a head turner, but it was definitely something I wasn’t used to and at the end of the day it worked out! I think pushing yourself from your comfort zone is the best way to unravel things you never knew you liked or would be good at doing. I think I like this new transition.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Fashion for the Decades

I remember when I was younger my mom would always mention how funny it was that certain pieces of clothing came back into style. I never actually realized this until I reached high school, and that statement has really has stuck out to me since then. I look at pictures from the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s and find myself wondering if those pictures were taken now. Of course I realize there are differences in the fashion of distinctive decades, but I have learned that particular garments are recycled back into the fashion world.

For example, take the outfit I am wearing in these photos. It is obvious in fact that these photos were taken recently, but if you look at some of the individual pieces of clothing, you could see that they are inspired from earlier decades. The yellow and orange tinted sunglasses with gold frames were a staple back in the day. One of my good friends told me I looked like the famous singer Selena Quintanilla’s dad. He was never seen without glasses like these on, and it was common for people to wear tinted glasses in the ’80s and ’90s. Today you see fashion icons like Nicki Minaj or Bella Hadid rocking the tinted sunglasses look.

High-waisted and mid-waisted jeans were in style in the ’80s and ’90s as well, and have been back in style for a while now. I remember when the trend was just setting back in and I thought, why would I wear high-waisted jeans? Little did I know that they were going to become so essential to my wardrobe. My ripped mid-waisted jeans are from Zara—they have amazing jeans for incredible prices. I practically live in these jeans. I paired it with a great white, off-the-shoulder top, simple jewelry, and platform shoes. Platform shoes were also in style in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Who can forget about the amazing outfits the Spice Girls wore…with platform shoes, of course.

All in all, mixing and matching styles from different decades can get you one fun, cohesive look. So here’s to discovering your inner chic!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Doin’ it in Denim

With spring here, finding your staple pieces are key to killing it this season. Personally, spring is one of my favorite seasons because the weather is getting warmer and you can finally break out those tank tops that have been hiding away all winter! One thing I know I’ll be rocking all spring is my denim jacket.

Denim jackets are perfect for any occasion whether it’s going to class or going out. Just throw it on over a cute T-shirt and your outfit is set. Another awesome thing about denim jackets is that they are timeless. You can wear it all through summer, into fall, and then again the following year! They never go out of style.

For this outfit I paired my denim jacket with a white spaghetti strap bodysuit and high-waisted cropped black jeans. Then to spice things up, I added a couple of different gold layered necklaces to add a little something to the outfit. Necklaces are another one of my favorite pieces because they can make an outfit go from basic to chic just by adding a choker or chunky necklace. My favorite thing about this outfit is my black suede platform shoes. These shoes are not only casual, but add a little trendiness to the look. I also added my fishnet socks with the shoes for that fun and expressive element.

This season has endless opportunities when it comes to arising trends, but I know for a fact that denim jackets will be at the top of the list, so go get your hands on one! Just about every store has them, so you won’t have trouble trying to find one. So if you’re looking to add an extra layer, or add a little something to your outfit, remember denim jackets are the way to go!


Spring is here and ready to stay. Well actually, not really in Oklahoma. The weather here has ranged from hot to pretty chilly, but we have been having a few days with the perfect spring weather. I need to take advantage of these days though because soon it will be super hot and humid to the point where I won’t want to step outside!

During this transition into warmer weather, one of my favorite things to do is pair a dress with a light jacket on top. This Fashionista executed this style so well. The black A-line dress fits like a dream and adds a fun mod vibe to the outfit. It’s suede, which makes it interesting, but you can still breathe in the dress. The zipper adds a flirty flare to the outfit too. Both the jacket and dress contrast quite a bit, but I think they compliment each other. The green utility jacket is yet another closet essential I think everyone should own. This jacket works great for the fickle weather because it’s light, but it is great to throw on if you get cold.

Okay, these shoes scream fun. They add to the mod style of the outfit, but they do so with a more current fashion. Platforms are huge right now, and I feel like these shoes could add the perfect pizzaz to a simple outfit. The earrings add some fun to the outfit without overpowering the whole ensemble. Statement earrings are some of my favorites, and this pair is awesome because it adds a subtle statement.

This outfit fits perfect for the transition into warmer weather. Mod styles make a unique statement because it tends not to be the trendiest style at the moment. This outfit is one of my favorites I’ve shot so far, and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwback to Move Forward

If you know me, then you know that I prefer colder weather and closed toe shoes over flip flops and blooming flowers. Instead of indulging in the season of new beginnings, I revert to the iconic parts of the past. I favor the old-school inspirations of spring fever heard in the melodies of bands like Sugar Ray and spurred on in teen movies like Dazed and Confused.

Basically, in the spring I take a trip down memory lane, and so does my wardrobe. If you Fashionistas and Fashionistos will join me on this trip, we’ll start our journey with the basics. First and foremost, I need vintage denim that makes my butt look just as good as Bruce Springsteen’s. Graphic T-shirts and band T-shirts are my essentials for spring because they aren’t as heavy in material; they can be layered, and they can be dressed up or down. Retro T-shirts are prime because they are the ultimate relapse to a bygone era. But for me, I only find it hip if you know who you’re sporting on your chest.

A spring motif I indulge heavily in is pastel. Pastel colors are a classic indicator of a more fun, vibrant season. Pastels also add a sense of playfulness and youth to your outfits, whether it’s a hint of mint green or head-to-toe orange creamsicle. Plus, the brightness of pastels ease you into the richer, deeper colors that paint the landscape of summer.

Like I said before, I’m not a big flip flop person. I’ll wear the occasional sandal, but I like to add flair to my outfits via shoes. So, in spring and summer I gravitate toward platforms. To put it simply, if the Spice Girls wouldn’t wear them, then I don’t want to wear them. Platforms remind me of what wearing roller skates looks like, and I appreciate the look and the lift.

Speaking of socks, a new trend to be on the lookout for is wearing socks with sandals, which is why I paired my platforms with these tropical pink socks. If I enjoy anything about style right now more than style from the past is that we millennials can make anything look cool.

One thing you can’t forget about in the spring is accessorizing. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory because they have no rules and they instantly make you look cooler. Sunglasses can emphasize your eye makeup too, which is fun to play around with and adds depth to your look.

My spring wardrobe has definitely become one big throwback. What I’ve learned is that no matter what era it comes from, if it is something I like now then I probably liked it before and I’ll like it again. If there’s one thing you learn from my style, I hope it’s that you find what you like, know what inspires you, and hold onto it for as long as possible.