How To Style Off-The-Shoulder Tops With Tulle Skirts

Off-the-shoulder tops are super hot this year! There are several different ways to style this type of top, but this article will focus on how to style them with tulle skirts and cute accessories.

First you will need to choose a top that is not a baby doll, extra boxy, or one that has ruffles at the bottom of the shirt. This is very important if you want to tuck your top into your skirt! Here is a cute off-the-shoulder top that will wear well tucked in.
Secondly, choose a skirt that has a wide waistband. This allows the wearer’s waist to look slim and cinched in. Here is a black tulle skirt with a wide waistband.

Because there is a lot of detail going on with the black lace tulle skirt, I went with a simple black heel. Clean black heels are a staple piece that every woman should have in her closet.
You may add a printed scarf as shown to give your outfit an extra pop. By doing so, your look will be more fun and polished! For an off-the-shoulder top, you should tie the scarf on the side of your neck and drape it over your shoulder. It is perfectly acceptable to wear the scarf wherever you are going, then take it off and tie it around your purse handle. Here is the cutest polka dot scarf.

How do you style your off the shoulder tops? Be sure to show off your looks on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How To Style A Flirty, Business Casual Look

The life of an intern and full-time student is nothing but business casual and urban fun! This look is very professional, yet adds a little bit of flirt, which means fashion success and even maybe a business promotion! Various aspects of this look will introduce a saucier side to your closet and will exude personality wherever you rise.

Business Casual

This business casual look is very preppy and perfect for the spring attitude. What I really love about this jacket is that it adds a professional vibe yet a fun sense of personality to bring the whole look together. This upbeat business look would be perfect for your professional business meeting or even a coffee date with your girlfriends.

This polka dot blazer may look expensive, but it didn’t break the bank! Now this look is what I call a hot deal! Being a penny pincher like me, I cannot help but share my amazing finds such like this business casual blazer.

Pairing this fun jacket, I added a casual yet white tank top with a beautiful black pearl necklace. This top frame brings light up to the upper body which allows people to look at your beautiful face first, which is crucial during an interview, especially when shooting for that dream job of yours! The earrings also add an accent of pink, matching the shorts, to tie your whole outfit together. The chandelier style of drop earrings are a total chic look. With these bright pink chandelier earrings from BeJeweled in Lake Geneva, you are bound to wow your employer or even a fellow Fashionista.

Chandelier Earrings

To add a playful accent to your look, pair a statement handbag! I always love pairing cute boutique finds to my looks just like this beautiful Los Angeles-inspired shoulder bag from Lola’s in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is a total “gotta have it” piece and adds a spark of personality to your already spunky look.

Shoulder Bag

Being 5’4”, I love adding a touch of height with a statement heel or wedge to any look. For this professional springtime look, I added my chunky black heel to add additional height to my already tiny physique. What I love about this heel is not only the comfort of striding through the streets but the high heel that gives the tush a little extra lift.

A fun and fashionable look like this is something that you can either rock during your busy day at work or just a lunch out with your favorite girlfriends. Friendly budget and fashion friendly, the best combination for the bank and closet.

Fashion friendly or a total no go? Would you get the job wearing this look? Let me know your thoughts!


STYLE GURU STYLE: 1950s Nostalgia

If asked to describe my style, I say that it is comparative to a chameleon; it is always changing and evolving. Some days I can be seen in sneakers, jeans, and my beloved Beatles band T-shirt, and others I am wearing my best dress with heels and diamonds. I try not to be too predictable.

However, if there is one look that I am always going back to, it would have to be the feminine, vintage, modern-inspired looks of the 1950s. I have always been nostalgic of this era I never knew. I have cited Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, and Audrey Hepburn to be among my style icons as they were the women who greatly represented this era and the style I have always felt most comfortable emulating.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with polka dots. When I found this polka dot bodysuit that reminded me of an outfit I once saw Marilyn Monroe wearing, I knew I had to have it. Polka dots are a fun print, which can add character to any outfit, especially as the warmer months quickly approach. I personally like that the polka dots in this bodysuit are reminiscent of the 1950s pin-up girls.

Thanks to the recent Beauty and the Beast live-action revival, yellow has become the color of the season. Yellow has always been a color that I was too afraid to experiment with because it is a difficult color to work with. I decided to be brave and take on the challenge when I found these culottes. Now that I have worn yellow, I can easily see why this is the color of the season. Yellow is not an in-between color. When you wear it, you have to go for it. It is a very freeing color.

Of course, a girl is nothing without her accessories. These high-heel backless shoes are a modern design of the classic 1950s kitten heels—bows and all. In the eternal words of Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I couldn’t agree more. These rings are both classic and simple, adding a little extra sparkle to any outfit you wear.

If asked why this is my perfect summer outfit, I would say that there are a number of reasons. Of course, the first is that I love the nostalgia this outfit represents. I love that this outfit is girly while also emphasizing the fact that I am a woman. Finally, I just feel good and happy when I wear this outfit. Fashion is an art form—you use it to express yourself and create something beautiful, and that will forever be my life’s mission when dressing myself.

BEAUTY BAR: Lustrous Locks

Curls, waves, and braids can really add the finishing touch to a flirty and feminine outfit.  However, having silky, luxe locks feels impossible given Atlanta’s humidity in the spring and summertime. This Fashionista decided to brave the heat and put her favorite hair product, Ouai Wave Mist, to the test in order to complete her fun, polka dot ensemble.

Loose curls are the perfect way to make an outfit look more polished for work, date night, or getting weekend brunch with friends. The best part? The look only takes a few minutes to create, but still looks Instagram-ready. In order to get this Fashionista’s locks, spray your hair with the wave mist of your choice, then curl it with an iron in two inch sections. Make sure to focus your big, loose curls at the halfway point of your hair—too close to the roots will add more volume then you would want for this look.  When you are finished styling your hair, make sure to set it with a hairspray to ensure they’ll keep all day long.

If you notice your curls losing volume towards the end of the day, make sure to follow this Fashionista’s pro tip to spruce them up again: Pinch the bottom tip of your curl with two fingers, then use your other hand to glide the curl back up towards your roots.  It’s a similar motion to curling a piece of ribbon with scissors, only you are curling your hair with your fingers. This trick is perfect for remaining fab on the go!

Next time you are looking for some hairspiration, give this Fashionista’s timeless, loose curls a go. Whether you decide to dress them up with a sparkly headband or let the hair speak for itself, they will be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

BEAUTY BAR: Dotted on Campus

It’s finals week on our college campus, and this Fashionista is staying cool in more ways than one with this fresh ensemble, which beautifully meshes together both sporty and sophisticated trends.

Her solid white T-shirt has a unique open back that gives it a lot of charm and individuality. The shirt is tucked into a fun pair of blue shorts with a ribbed elastic waist that are speckled with white polka dots of varying sizes. Small accent pieces (a gold necklace and matching gold earrings) give additional glamour to the outfit without drawing away from the staple pieces. The denim and leather sneakers, which fasten with three sporty Velcro straps, are navy with a white back and bottom and a small gold accent on the back. They are a perfect blend of chic and comfort for this Fashionista!

The student has her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail that drapes over her shoulder, which shows off the stylish pair of retro square glasses she’s sporting and the natural, light makeup look she wears underneath.

I love how this look is so simple yet so stunning! The shorts are definitely my favorite, but the small details of the shoe straps and shirt backing are what really pull the whole ensemble together. Every detail exemplifies her personal style and gives off a light and airy feel that is ideal for the humid heat of a spring in Georgia. Clearly, she is ready to take on her finals with a true Fashionista’s flair!

Until next time, stay RAD!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Black is Always the New Black

Spring is in the air and so is the end of the school year. A time where we start planning our summers, hitting the beach on weekends, and finally getting a break from our seemingly endless schoolwork. But if you’re anything like me, your least favorite part of this season is moving all of your LBDs and basically anything darker colored to the back of your closet. But who says we have to stick to brighter colors in spring? I say let’s embrace those darker shades this season. So go dig up those black dresses and tops because it’s so simple to transition those pieces to spring/summer!

One way to lighten up that all-black look is to incorporate a pattern into the mix. In this outfit I chose a fun polka dot pattern dress, that way I didn’t look weighed down by my velvet black blazer. Throw on some block heel sandals and gold accessories to complete your look. You can even lose the blazer to make your look GNO ready.

Speaking of gold, accessories are another way to make your more wintery outfits fit into spring. Adding a metallic bag or a funky necklace can really make your outfits pop and break up all that black.

In this look I chose to keep the makeup light and natural, to give the outfit a more effortless vibe. Lip gloss and highlighter will add the perfect amount of shine to get you through this transition period of winter to spring.

So don’t pack away those LBDs yet! Remember black is always in season and it’s easier than you think to transform a winter piece into your new go-to outfit this spring.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Justifying Joggers

Lately, I’ve found myself being a huge sucker for joggers. Not only are they my go-to loungewear, but now they are my favorite evening look.

During a recent shopping trip, I scored myself an army-style jogger pant, which featured the same cinched ankle and drawstring waist you would see on those you might wear to bed. However, the piece transitioned into an evening look with the pocket details that gave it a structured look, as well as the fabric which resembled a polyester feel. I took it upon myself to style this urban pant for a night on the town.

I wanted to keep the edgy feel that the pants gave off, so I steered towards a rather overall dark and daring look. For my top, I tucked in a sheer dotted top that would show some skin, but kept it classy by pairing that top with a simple black bodysuit. For a more sultry feel, I would have swapped the bodysuit with a lace bralette. To add some much-needed sparkle to such basic pieces, I added my favorite coin necklace that brings a statement to any look. It’s essential to all of my evening looks to always have a light jacket on hand because I never know where the night might take me. I threw on this copper colored leather jacket to add some color to the outfit. Now, to the shoes to finish off this evening look. I reached for my cutout pointed toe heels to keep the outfit clean and tied together. These shoes have a thick heel which I absolutely adore because comfort is so necessary for any nighttime look.

I’m obsessed with the versatility that this outfit has. There are so many diverse pieces that come together to create a bold look. I think mixing and matching items from your closet can be so rewarding and you’d be surprised how you can highlight basic pieces like the jogger. The jogger pants were recently know as loungewear, and now known as an evening piece.

WHAT TO WEAR: Chic Bumming It

Some days, you don’t feel like doing anything. Your bed is the safest and warmest place, and you only want to wrap yourself in a cocoon of blankets. Unfortunately, most days don’t allow you to do so. So your next decision is what to wear. You don’t want to look like a homeless person, but want to be comfy at the same time. This may be the largest struggle for any college student.

I saw this Fashionista and thought, “I love her aesthetic and how comfortable she looked.” Sweat pants most likely are your go-to for bumming it. However, wear something as simple as a white polka-dot button-down can spruce up an outfit in no time. Especially when you literally have no time! Of course jeans go with everything, so that solves the issue of bottoms.

I don’t believe this rad chick knew how aesthetically pleasing her outfit was in conjunction to her hair. Her natural red-orange hair made the red dots in her shirt pop. Also, the cut of her hair makes her neck look longer. If you’re looking for a change in style, consider dying your hair red or any other color. Or getting a new dew!

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget essentials you’ll need throughout the day. Quick tip: layout everything you need for the next day the night before. That way you won’t forget your phone, notebook, or keys. What better to put all of it in than a super cool backpack. She is sporting an awesome blue backpack with the most adorable cat head on the back. Another tip: get a backpack that will last you a long time, like all four years of high school or college.

So the next time you feel like bumming it, consider passing on sweat pants and going for a relaxed, chic look with jeans and your favorite shirt.

STYLE ADVICE: Dotting with Fashion

The weather may be heating up just a bit but the winds still like to peek through occasionally. But indecisive weather can’t weigh our fashion down. Never. Adapting to weather changes should be easy and not mess with your style. Everyone is able to throw together something for any weather incorporating their own twist.

Jean material has been all the rage recently. From jean jackets to backpacks to skirts, we are all in love with it. Jean skirts bring back the ’90s fashion and should become a staple in your wardrobe for the time being. It’s quick and easy to throw on while keeping you put together and a tad bit dressed up. Adding patches or pins on the skirt adds extra personalization. Also, it’s a great conversation starter with a fellow Fashionista!

Going along with the jean skirt, you can dress it up or down. Throw on a plain white shirt and Vans for a go-to look, or dress it up with a tucked in polka dot button-down. Having different designs on your blouse adds more of yourself to the look and it’s a great way to show things you are interested it. Love dogs? Pick up a cute blouse at a local store littered with cute puppies on it! Styling your outfit with different materials and prints, it’ll sure be a winner for any occasion.

This Fashionista can’t go anywhere without her brown booties. Not only are they comfortable, they are very practical and go with almost every outfit! It pairs great with this outfit as it ties in with her leather brown belt.

Express yourself through fashion. Bring pieces that you love to light, always.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mismatching Prints

It is safe to say that this abnormally warm February on the East Coast has everyone in the mood for spring and summer. With the early wave of warm weather taking over the atmosphere, you can always expect for the warm weather fashion to follow. Less boring gray clothing, and more fun, funky, and bright fashion. I personally have had enough of seeing the dull, monochromatic winter coats walk the campus, and I am more than ready to finally let spring spree. That being said, I couldn’t help but capture this chic spring-ready outfit that had everything a spring look could need.

I think it is more than necessary to highlight the boldness of the look. Sporting mismatching prints is one trend that could easily be a fashion disaster or creative brilliance. Contrary to the many common fashion mishaps that take place when prints are mismatched, this Fashionista’s bold inspiration turned out to be a flawless collaboration. The various details within this look is truly what brings it together. Between the flow of the burgundy warmth and turquoise blue tones, and the similarity in shape of the prints makes it all clash so seamlessly. Not to mention her polka dot print bomber with black cuffs and neckline trimming tied in her black Gucci loafers! Yes, ladies, I said Gucci. Last but not least, her corresponding gold wrist watch matched perfectly with the gold buckle elements on her shoes.

I truly cannot get enough of how effortless it looked for this original outfit to be thrown together. I think it is outfits like these that inspire Fashionistas to go for bold prints and colors that many are too timid to wear. Therefore, next time your thinking of sporting something out of the box, just go for it! Fashion is all about what you find to be in style. Whether it is the warm weather or the everyday innovative Fashionistas like this that inspire you, be bold and always let your style be free.