This Color Combo is Perfect for Summer

Now that summer is here, it’s time to put away our dark clothes from past seasons (yes, that means even your favorite maroon sweater), and break out bright and colorful pieces you can rock in the sun! My favorite summer color combo, that seems to never go out of style is pale pink and white.

This pairing has the perfect amount of preppy-ness from the pop of pink in the dress shorts while keeping it classy and sophisticated with a simple, white top.

It’s no wonder that every time I go shopping, I somehow end up with six items all in the same color, yet I can never seem to put one back on the shelf. Do I really need six baby pink items? Probably not, but one thing for sure is this color looks fabulous on any sunny day.

To make this look even more summer-ready, sunglasses and sandals are a must! I added my navy blue sandals to stand out against the lighter colors in the outfit. Currently, I am obsessed with the Kate Spade Carolina sandals, but any navy pair will do! I also threw on my favorite shades from Ray-Ban.

Finally, to top off the look, don’t forget to wear your favorite nail polish for an extra pop of color and a chic outfit of the day!

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Professional Wardrobe Must-Haves

Having the summer off from school, usually means getting a job to relieve the burden of debt from the previous year at college. I know for me, having extra money around is always an excuse to go shopping so why not make practical purchases while doing so? Many of us have already had an internship or are looking for one in the upcoming school year so I asked this Fashionista for her top tips on how she shopped smart when building her professional wardrobe.

1—Invest in a few neutral blouses that can be mixed and matched with many outfits:
Thrift stores are always a good way to find classic blouses for a great price! This one was thrifted from Eddie Bauer. You can always add a cami under any top too, if you are worried about it being see through.

2—Find some well fitting pants that can be worn year round:

These gingham pants are super trendy right now but they will not be going out of style anytime soon. They can be dressed up or down which makes them a great transitional piece for any season.  Loft has a ton of great options and they always have sales going on!

3—Add a watch for some sophistication:

A watch can instantly make any outfit look a lot more put together. Check out Target and Asos for some watches that look a lot more expensive than the actually are. Add some fun bracelets for some personal flair and your jewelry is all set.

4—Find a few pairs of comfortable yet stylish black shoes:

Flats are a great staple because of their comfortable fit and professional look. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, add a pair of mules instead to make your outfit a little bit more trendy. Forever 21 and H&M always have tons of cute shoes for under $25.

Before hitting the stores to shop for these items, always see what brands are having sales at the time. Building your professional wardrobe does not necessarily have to break the bank! Making practical purchases and investing on items that will be around for many seasons is a great way to save yourself a lot of money.

Where have you found some of your professional staple items? Leave a comment below!

Simplistic Summer Style

I love summer! However, what I don’t love is summer heat. Living in the Florida temperatures can be rough, which makes it difficult to put outfits together that are breezy and comfortable. Sometimes simplicity is the best path to comfort. Today I will be sharing with my simplistic summer style that is classy yet comfortable in the heat and humidity.

To date, this is one of my most favorite summer outfits. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also comfortable for the outdoors! To start this outfit off, I love this stylish burgundy crop top. One thing I love about crop tops is how versatile they can be. Yes, it’s easy to wear the top as intended and show a little skin, but I find it fun to discover new ways of utilizing the top. I love how form fitting it is, as well as it’s ability to pair with my skirt.

Next up is the skirt I am wearing: a light blue chambray skater skirt. Not only is this skirt soft as can be, but it poofs out at the waist, reminiscent of the tutus that I practically lived in as a child. The chambray has the comfort of jean fabric without the rough, heaviness of the material it mimics.

Another item on my simplistic summer style list is an amazing thrift store find. These shoes are one of my favorite and most used purchases. I love the look of a ballet flat with the elastic wrapping that goes up the leg. They’re comfortable and sassy: a great addition to this outfit!

Finally, I keep it simple in terms of accessories. A single necklace puts a little flare in every outfit, which is exactly why I have chosen this small bird necklace. This black mini backpack pulls the whole outfit together without being bulky or taking away from the other pieces.

Summer is the best time for cute clothes; however, every Fashionista knows that comfort in the hot summer months is a must. That’s why this outfit is my top pick for simplistic summer style!

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Life Is a Party, Dress Like It

June 21st marks the end of school, the beginning of summer, and National Lily Pulitzer Day. Every year National Lily Day rings in the summer season with Lily’s signature collection in a wide variety of bright, colorful, patterns. In addition to highlighting the fun fashion that has been worn for generations, this day also brings attention to Lily Pulitzer’s admirable entrepreneurial spirit that allowed her to turn her love of resort life into a thriving corporation.

When Lily was just 21 years old, she and her husband Peter Pulitzer traded life in the Big Apple for endless sunshine in Palm Beach, Florida.  Life in Palm Beach brought all the glamour and fabulousness of living on a resort, as well as three children and a citrus grove. Lily liked to keep herself busy, and opened a juice stand using the produce grown in her husband’s orchard. While she loved running her own business and interacting with all her friends who came to buy juice, she always found herself spilling on her clothing. In order to disguise the stains, Lily created dresses in bright colors and intricate patterns. Once people saw her dresses, demand quickly grew. And when Jackie Kennedy, Lily’s schoolmate and First Lady, was photographed in a Lily dress, the Lily Pulitzer brand skyrocketed.

Lily Pulitzer continues to be a great success today because it brings the happiness and excitement of a summer resort to everyday life. To celebrate National Lily Day, I put together an outfit that captures the liveliness and excitement of summer. My top is a classic Lily Pulitzer, complete with one of her signature patterns in many bright colors.  Since the shirt was the focal point, I kept the rest of my outfit simple and basic. I did this by pairing my shirt with a pair of white jeans, and gold sandals. I accessorized with a Kate Spade bangle and pearl earrings.

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Starting Summer Bold

Summer: the time of year to let loose. A time to let the warmth soak in. While it’s the time for tank tops and shorts, it’s still chilly in Minnesota. Because of this, finding outfits that embody summer becomes more of a challenge. What does summer mean in the fashion world? I see it is a time for experimentation. Try out some new trends, have fun with color! The outfit this Fashionista is wearing does just that.

Starting off with a pop of color, this Fashionista sports a fun and classy fuchsia dress made unique by its drop waist. Drop waist dresses look amazing on any figure. For this slender Fashionista, this style also accentuates her long arms and legs. Another detail that makes this piece stand out is the bright color. Bright colors flatter almost every skin tone, and they scream summer. The long sleeves on this dress make it ideal for Minnesota summers or cool summer days.

Since the dress is the statement piece, this Fashionista keeps her accessories simple. She wears a single stranded pearl necklace similar to this one. The length of this necklace accents the dress’ boat-shaped neckline. As for earrings, she matches these to her necklace by wearing large pearl studs. Her accessories are dainty, elegant, and staple pieces every girl should have in her jewelry box.

To finish off this look, this Fashionista rocks a pair of black and white sandals. The sandals are comfy, cute, and help dress the outfit down. Not only are they comfortable, but they also are a perfect choice because they contrast with the color of the dress!

What trends this summer are you dying to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Is Personal Style Really a Thing Anymore?

One of the hardest questions any fashion-enthusiast is asked is, “So what’s your personal style?” We want to think the answer to this question is impossible to convey. How can you define years of testing and trying trends, making questionable clothing choices, and finding your fashion groove into a single word?

Although you’re individual style is one-of-a-kind, the reality is we all tend to still fall into one fashion niche or another. This doesn’t make you generic—far from it, in fact. Having a definable sense of style shows that you are confident in your fashion choices.

So the question remains, “So what’s your personal style?” We’re breaking down the major style profiles so the next time you are asked the aforementioned question, you can’t confidently (and stylishly) respond accordingly.

(Photo via @maddyhaller)

1—THE CLASSICISTS. Your wardrobe consists of simple staple pieces that never go out of style. You appreciate tradition, and rely on pieces proven to stand the test of time. So here’s to every foolproof white T-shirt, blazer, and trouser that has had your back in every style crisis to date. It’s truly an on-going love story. (Photo via @livingkendralauren)

2—THE BOHEMIANS. Here lies the free-spirited, thrifty style setters with an undoubted affinity for artisanal pieces with authentic details. From earthy, embroidered masterpieces to retro bell bottoms, you embrace every aspect of your modern day flower child mantra with ease. (Photo via @kalynnelizabeth)

3—THE MAVERICKS. New, bold territory is your guilty pleasure. If you’re part of this fearless fashion-forward group you’re not afraid to experiment with new trends and make a statement. You don’t follow the pack, you’re looking for pieces nobody has to start your own trends (and people follow you!) (Photo via @mmoor)

4—THE MINIMALISTS. If sleek, simple shapes and a monochrome, toned-down palette hit home, you’re a minimalist. Here, black is your best friend. You believe the no-frills hue always works, keeping your look smart and sharp for every occasion. (Photo via @gabscherer)

5—THE SPORTY ELITE. Athleisure rules your world and reworking vintage logos and taking cues from the runways has officially become your forte. Opting for sporty separates with old school-meets-new-school appeal keeps you looking chicer than ever both at the gym and on the streets. (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

6—THE WILDCARDS. You can’t fit in when you’re custom made, so classification is not always key. If you’re style is changing by the day, keep surprising us. You keep fashion alive, and (enviously) pull off every style like a pro. Props to you, Fashionista. Keep grindin’.

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WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, one can face a challenge to condense their semester course-load and work schedule into a jam-packed calendar full of social gatherings and springtime festivities. As every New Yorker knows, twenty-four hours simply isn’t enough time to accomplish all desired tasks. One can also agree that one added hour into each day can encompass the greatest difference into one’s daily routine.

Busy Fashionistas are always on the run. Whether they’d be storming through crowds to catch the downtown train to their internship, or jotting down campus to make it to their next class, the “New York Rush” hits them like no other. Therefore, it is important for these Fashionistas to not only stay comfortable throughout their busy day, but to also ensure that their outfits can easily transition from active day schedules to exciting nighttime adventures.

Someone who rocked this trend was this Fashionista who I spotted at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. At FIT, it is common for students to take on a full class schedule alongside a part-time job, internship and extracurricular activity. Considering this, it is important for these students to strategically plan their daily look so that they can easily transition from their class, to their job, and to any other activity in-between. I enjoyed seeing how this Fashionista put thought and effort into her outfit. Her professional attire is appropriate for different atmospheres and can seamlessly be taken elsewhere.

Asymmetrical hemlines are a fashionable and fun feature to any outfit. This Fashionista’s dress adds definition to her shape and acts as a versatile piece for any occasion. She layers her dress with a classic black blazer to make her look appropriate for her internship.

After work, she can easily remove the blazer, taking her outfit from day to night. She accessorizes her look with a light-blue statement necklace to add color, a small cross-body bag to carry her daily necessities, and black lace-up block sandals. Block sandals are not only comfortable and easy to walk in, but are also very versatile and can be worn with almost anything. The lace-up style is still a prominent trend that this Fashionista loves to incorporate into her look.

Does the forecast call for rain or wind? Instead of heels, wear flats! Not only will they will cover your feet and keep them dry, but will also look just as cute for a busy day around the city.

The Accessory Every Guy Should Own

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is finally out. As the end of the school year approaches, there are tons of fun outdoor activities to participate in. Whether it’s a barbecue, passing around the football, or just chilling outside, you’re going to be in out and about and will want to show off your style.  What better way to do that than with an accessory that’s absolutely eye-catching and unique in the best ways possible? This Fashionisto shows us how to look cool, fresh, and nicely put-together. His accessory of choice: a belt. And the choice of belt couldn’t be better.

The ribbon belt, from a super trendy and up-and-coming store in New York called FH Wadsworth, is the perfect spring color. The bright white and green in the belt add an element of sophisticated fun to the classic polo and always-in-fashion navy pants. The bright belt also acts as a nice color transition that divides the darker top and bottoms. The buckle of the belt is nontraditional and super playful, and we couldn’t be more obsessed!

It’s obvious that his Fashionisto is super detail-oriented, matching the band of his watch to his Sperry’s, and making sure the color of his polo complemented his pants. His look is super versatile for anything activity that may come his way. You might even say it’s the perfect amount of preppy.

So as the school year comes to a close and more fun activities are headed your way, keep in mind this Fashionisto’s cool, preppy look! And keep an eye out for fun, colorful belts to add some pop and style to your summer outfits.

Would you wear this look? Why or why not?

STYLE ADVICE: Spring Style for Dudes

Spring has finally sprung, putting extra pep, or prep, into everyone’s step. My college campus is known for its iconic preppy style, and it’s finally warm enough to wear it! For girls it’s easy: throw on some chinos, Jack Roger sandals, and a cute tank, and you’re all set. It’s a little more complicated for guys so I was impressed when I saw this well dressed Fashionisto master the struggle of spring men’s wear.

This Fashionisto rocks the preppy style with his blue color coordinated patterned button down and shorts. Button downs are typically worn in winter, so he rolls his sleeves to give it a spring update. However, he didn’t take a winter button down and just roll it; his button down is specifically made for spring with it’s pretty blue pattern and light material. His shorts are a deep blue that match perfectly with his button down and are off set by the rich brown leather of his belt, keeping the outfit from being too matching. His shorts were longer than what most guys are wearing these days, and I found it refreshing (nobody wants to see pasty hairy thighs guys). The shorts were definitely not booty shorts, but also not too conservative.

As my marketing professors like to remind me all the time, technology is the future. Technology integrating with garments is not too far off as it has already meshed with accessories. The Fashionisto’s Apple watch is a prime example of technology and a traditional accessory pairing up. The watch added a sleekness to his outfit, and his black chain mesh watch strap paired perfectly with his black loafers.


Despite the fact that I was raised in the south in the heart of the Bible belt, among debutantes and Lilly Pulitzer fanatics, I have never been one for preppy styles. The bright overbearing prints and crazy colors never seemed to do the trick for me. Recently, however, I have found myself gravitating towards the new trend of pom-poms. Why? I myself am still trying to figure this one out, but I must admit the brighter and bolder, the more eye-catching I find them to be. While I still seem to be dragging my feet about hopping on this bandwagon, I applaud my fellow Fashionistas for rocking the trend.

From earrings and necklaces, to shoes and handbags, colorful pom-poms have made their grand debut in department stores and boutiques for the spring season. While accessories seem to be the most common form, this Fashionista decided to choose a top with the pom-poms incorporated directly into the design of her top. Coupled with the tiered bell sleeve design, the top takes on a Spanish inspired aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye of those around. She chose to further emphasize the color and design of the top by pairing it with crisp white denim. She finished her look with a strappy wedge for an overall resort type feel.

Adding colored pom-poms is an easy way to add a little fun and flavor to your outfit. Whether you are going for preppy or tropical, these pops of color do the trick.