STYLE GURU STYLE: Polished For Public Speaking

After a lovely spring break down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I’d be lying if I said I was happy to be back in the frozen abysmal of Pittsburgh. However, I was feeling much more refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things for classes, which was a good thing considering I was jumping back in with both feet for a class presentation! Though public speaking isn’t something I get incredibly excited about, I don’t absolutely hate it and it’s a great excuse to dress up. So for my presentation I decided to wear one of my charcoal pant suits from Ann Taylor, along with this adorable ruffled collared blouse, some gorgeous shades, this pretty layered pearl necklace, and these adorable black pumps. 

The reason I chose to wear this ensemble for my presentation was not only due to the cold weather, but also because it is a classically chic look. The reason I chose this ruffled collared blouse to pair with this suit is because I liked the little extra detail that it added to the suit’s neckline. And to up my accessory game, I chose this layered pearl necklace because I felt it added just the right amount of shine to complete this polished look.

The other reason I love this working woman look is because it truly gives me confidence. Not only does this suit look chic and professional, I also feel like it looks great on me, which adds a bit of pep to my step for presentation day! 

I don’t know about you, but when I look my best, I feel as though I do my best work. So perhaps dressing to impress isn’t just a cheesy line my mum used to tell me as a kid. 

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business Casual or T-Shirt Glam?

Who else can seal the deal of a major project presentation or ace an interview for a summer internship wearing none other than a T-shirt? This Fashionista broke those stuffy standards confined within the term “business casual” with this stunningly comfy but professional look. The chic but edgy ensemble promotes that crossover from the professional realm with its staple business black and white color tones. However, instead of rocking a basic pantsuit she styled up her attire with unique pieces, owing the outfits success to all of her intricate details.

Check out her staple graphic white T-shirt! The loose top with rounded neckline provides a fashionable twist for your standard T-shirt connoisseur. Topped with a stark knit gray blazer bearing a texture contrast that ultimately illustrates her sense of structure as the strength of the material observed within the jacket balances out the loose whimsical feel of the T-shirt that lies beneath. Now the bottoms, who knew leather could ever look so good? Those leather bottoms once again direct a shift in the conversation, as her personal style is personified through the sleek lines embedded within its stitching and craftsmanship.

To accentuate the look with little pops of color, she opted to wear large dangle fringe earrings that also went well with her red rope necklace. Her accessories were furthermore accentuated with little hints of gold to add some sparkle to her attire. Gold bangle bracelets adorn both of her wrists, allowing her look to continuously give you those well needed elements of fashion forward business casual attire. Not to mention, her lace-up leather flats are absolutely to die for as they come to a perfect point that seems to steer her in the right direction.

All in all, this Fashionista is ready for anything. Whether it may be surviving the tremors of the boardroom or simply strutting across campus ready for any impromptu group presentation, this outfit will surely allow you to feel and look prepared for whatever is thrown your way.

WHAT TO WEAR: Serving (Presentation) Looks

Hey there fellow fashion lovers!

College brings out a lot of dressing up for most, usually for presentations, interviews, internships, etc. At the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising San Francisco, where I go to school, and across other Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising campuses presentations are big part of pretty much every class throughout the quarter. Although dressing up is usually just a requirement for final presentations. It is simply something that can’t be avoided!

Sometimes it is a bit hard to determine exactly how to dress up for a presentation. Especially when there are group projects, there can can be some confusion on how much to dress up. You do not want to be under dressed compared to the rest of the group but at the same time you do not wish to be over dressed in comparison either. In most cases, I think that it is always better to do more than do less.

This Fashionista perfectly showcases a dressed up look for a final presentation.

She wore a cool black pair of skinny trousers which accentuated her tall figure. This Fashionista wore a very on-trend black velvet tank with a furry long cardigan. She paired it with some heeled leather booties. In order to add some sparkle a rhinestone necklace was worn to complete the look. Chokers and collar necklaces are really in right now so this was an awesome way to finish off the look.

There you have it, a quick guide of what to wear for any dressed up event you might have to tackle.


Perched upon a stoop, I surveyed the crowd in front of me, visually combing through each and every person that passed. Examining the stampede of people at my feet, not one subject stood out to me. Hours went by, but the vast swarms of pedestrians sauntering past me appeared soporific and jejune. Was there nobody worthy of a CollegeFashionista post? I was beginning to lose all hope when all of a sudden, I froze. There she was. We locked eyes. Sparks flew. She was the one.

I wasted no time asking her to be my subject, and she accepted vehemently, stating it would be “one for the gram.” Striking a reserved and defensive pose, I was able to see the phrase “UNSKINNY” printed on her oversized terry sweatshirt. As this word does not exist according to Merriam–Webster, I simply attributed it to the fact that this cozy piece could easily fit someone with larger proportions.

Her Alexander McQueen band, a sophisticated double–wrap buckle bracelet made of leather and a golden brass, was truly a sight to behold. Simultaneously both beautiful and petrifying, the dorsal side was adorned with a compact cranium. Halloween has just passed and it appears that the terrifying themes of the holiday are still lingering.

This woman’s handbag, a 100 percent Italian made calfskin Saint Laurent classic, emitted an air of grandeur as it swung from her shoulder. As she sealed the bag’s inner zip compartment and closed the accordion–like structure, the smooth black surface seemed animated, as if the leather was of high enough quality to still be alive and kicking.

An existence of luxury and comfort; that’s what this outfit is. Would you like to plunge into a journey of opulence and tranquility? Wear this.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Somehow September is already coming to an end, and that means that the school year is already back in full swing. Unfortunately, this means that homework is too. One of the most stressful types of homework projects that we all have to do is class presentations. Public speaking is a fear for most people and finding ways to feel more confident in front of an audience is difficult. So, we might as well start with feeling confident in what we’re wearing!

This Fashionista shows a perfect example of a classy and put together look that would be impressive for any class presentation. She started off with a floral, pastel-colored strapless dress from Urban Outfitters. It has a beautiful crisscross detailing at the top, and the neckline is perfect for pairing with a statement necklace like the one she’s wearing from Francesca’s. She also paired this outfit with a pair of nude flats that can quickly dress up any ensemble. Lastly, she wrapped up the look (literally!) with a chic twisted hair-do.

Though wearing a nice dress might seem fancy, it’s actually sometimes the easiest and quickest way to go when picking out your outfit. Especially if you don’t want to waste time the morning of your presentation picking out clothes! Of course this is not the only way to look/feel cool and collected in front of an audience, but wearing something a little fancier than usual makes the presentation feel more professional.

Currently this look is giving us summer vibes due to the lighter color scheme. However, this whole look can go from day to night and summer to fall with one simple change. Add a leather (or faux leather) jacket over the dress and voila! The leather jacket not only makes it more casual, but the colors become more toned down with a darker piece–making it more wearable for the autumn. The different material also give the outfit another texture to mix in which keeps the outfit feeling new and different throughout the changing seasons.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Before we can embrace summer vacation, we have to endure espresso-filled late nights and early mornings spent cramming for finals. On top of finals, this Fashionista had to prepare for a class presentation.

Class presentations are a common occurrence for students toward the end of the year, where everything they learned over the year comes together. They require practice, notecards and a killer outfit that boosts confidence. For this Fashionista, that outfit includes colorful jeans, a textured sweater, a bold necklace and ballet flats.

One thing to keep in mind when dressing for a presentation is comfort and mobility. Having to adjust a top or pull down a skirt can be distracting to the audience and disrupts your focus. The ability to reach out an arm or walk around is crucial when picking out your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to add bold accessories. Just because there’s a dress code doesn’t mean you have to avoid adding personal style or character. Places like Kendra Scott or Baublebar are my go-to online destinations for jewelry.

There’s something about dressing up and looking nice that enhances my performance and boosts my confidence. Why dress to impress others when you can dress for your own well being?

One Simple Change: Finished with your presentation and want to celebrate? Switch the ballet flats for strappy heels and wear a black tank top instead of the sweater for a perfect night on the town look! You’ve earned it after all those hours spent flipping through your presentation.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Getting Business Done in Style

Hey, Fashionistas. Being a fashion design major, there comes a lot of times where we have to do many presentations. In this specific occasion, my class took a trip downtown to the Kohl’s Corporate building to share our spring/summer collections we designed for one of their private brands. So it’s best to be dressed appropriately and look presentable. One of my pieces of advice to feel confident in a presentation is to of course look and feel your best. You want people to take you seriously and in this outfit I was totally channeling some European vibes.

For this look, I took inspiration from Chanel fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Chanel is famously known for her little black dress, but also for her classic tweed fabrics in boxy silhouettes. This dress is a great example of Chanel’s classics mixed with modern elements like the leather trims. The tweed fabric gives off a very expensive and mature look, but the big pockets in the front add a playful element. This style is great for class presentations because of the professionalism and is sure to give any Fashionista a boost of confidence to wow the class.

I paired off the tweed dress with a feminine sheer white button-up shirt, leggings and lace-up black booties. You could definitely do without the leggings, but where I’m from it’s still a bit chilly. This outfit definitely made me feel a little more confident, and I actually got lots of compliments on my dress.

Get My Look: 1. Tweed dress. 2. Classic long sleeve button-up. 3. Black booties.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentations

No matter what area of academics you are studying in, presentations are a part of many college student’s academic life. Although the idea of public speaking may seem like a daunting idea to many students, there is one helpful fashion hint that may help with your presentation. Studies have shown that how one dresses can affect the way they feel. When you are dressed up in a more polished manner, it can lead to a higher boost of confidence, which can leader to a better performance.

Dressing in a put together manner is not the only issue, comfort is key as well. Being comfortable in your outfit will allow you to be less nervous and relax while giving your presentation. By combining a look of refinement and comfort, you will be more confident and overcome any anxiety you may have about talking in front of a group of people.

This Fashionista has perfected this combination! The dark blue, low cut sweater allows for the collar of the blouse to come out, while the slight pop of color from the striped pink blouse brings a touch of sophistication to the outfit. The slight heels of the gray booties adds height, which can further boost one’s confidence while speaking in front of an entire class. Subtle details such as the Alex and Ani bangles and the gold crystal necklace help complete the look.

One Simple Change: Switch out the booties for a pair of fun heels to make this the perfect outfit for a night out with the girls!

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Being able to speak in front of a crowd is one of the most valuable skills college students learn during their years of studies. Being a business major, presentations have become a key component of my business classes and have helped me branch out of my comfort zone. While we all can get nervous with public speaking, a well done presentation starts with self confidence. Dressing in a comfortable and professional outfit that makes you feel confident will help get rid of those uneasy feelings, knowing that you look your best!

This Fashionista is ready to show off her personal style and presentation skills with this put together outfit. This cropped white blazer adds something unique to this outfit, unlike a traditional black blazer. She kept it simple on the bottom with black jeans and black ankle booties featuring gold detailing. The heel of the booties gives the Fashionista height, but is still professional and comfortable enough for a presentation. The baby blue peplum top adds a refreshing pop of color to the look and adds interesting shape to the outfit. She paired a classic black and gold statement necklace with a delicate black and gold bracelet to complement the gold detailing in the ankle booties. To keep the white color scheme going, her white purse is essential for carrying her presentation day supplies. This Fashionista’s look is polished and professional to give her the confidence to speak in front of a crowd.

One Simple Change: After that presentation you worked so hard on, treat yourself with some fun times with your friends! To make this a nighttime look, switch the ankle booties for some black pumps and the white purse for a sparkly clutch to create a perfect outfit for girl’s night out!


It’s February. For most people that means getting Valentines together, the start of a new, successful semester and planning spring break trips. For the fashion majors at Kent State University, it means scrambling to find an internship for the summer. Between Interviews, Meet and Greets and resume building workshops, there’s a lot of emphasis on clothing. For many of us, that calls for business casual (cringe-worthy, I know). I’ve got some tips from the most stylish students to keep your outfits fresh and fashionable from head to toe without ever coming near the dreaded pant suits. From now on, focus on business fabulous!

There are a ton of ways to look professional without being too matchy. Playing with colors, accessorizing and always focusing on comfort are superb ways to dress for success. This Fashionista accomplished all of the above by starting off with a basic pair of black pants that taper out a bit at the ankle. They make her legs look long and lean and offer a ton of versatility. Well cut and flattering basics in neutral colors are perfect for anyone on a budget, they offer so many ways to mix up your wardrobe.

She chose a simple white drapey tank top on top and finished it all off with a gorgeous navy blazer. Many people shy away from mixing blue and black, but I think they look beautiful together, especially in this outfit. The black lining on the cuffed sleeves brings everything together and the slim silhouette of the blazer is universally flattering. When in doubt, add a well-cut blazer. It makes anything look instantly professional, or at least super stylish. Also, how gorgeous does it look in contrast to her hair color? It’s perfection.

I think the accessories here are my favorite part of the outfit. Flats are always a good option, but a fun pair of pointy pumps look great here, and elongate the legs even more. Another plus? Heels are an instant perk to your posture and exude confidence, so long as you can walk in them!

Some simple bangles are a classy and easy finish to a very lovely outfit. The only thing better than this Fashionista’s interview style is her view about dressing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress as if you already have the job! The better and more fitting your outfit is, the more likely you will be to show everyone how amazing you truly are!”