How to Style Gingham for Summer

Gingham has been my favorite print this summer. It is cute, casual, and perfect for any item of clothing or accessory. Adding a gingham piece of clothing to your wardrobe is a must for any Fashionista this summer. It is a perfect print to wear out with friends or to a summer BBQ.

The blue and white gingham high-waisted shorts I am wearing are from Express and are one of my favorite items I bought this summer. They’re made from a light cotton and are very comfortable. The fact that they are high-waisted make them super flattering and creates a more defined waistline. My favorite part about these shorts is definitely the tied belt. It gives them a feminine girly feel which I love. I also love that they have pockets. It is such a cute detail that I always appreciate.

I have never been a fan of mixing prints because I think it makes the outfit look too busy. Instead, I usually opted to style a printed piece with something that has texture or a fun detail. For this outfit, I decided to pair gingham shorts with a plain white T-shirt, also from Express. I love the ruffle detail on the sleeve because it added that little something extra to the outfit.

In my opinion, accessories can make or break an outfit. For my shoes, I decided to keep it simple so they didn’t take the focus off of the shorts. I opted for these tan sandals with tassel ties. The tassels give the shoe a little something extra and are super comfortable. For my jewelry, I wore pearl stud earrings, a white banded watch, and a bow ring.

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Your Go-To Guide For Mixing Patterns

If the thought of mixing patterns intimidates you, you’re not alone. It can be hard to envision how crazy stripes and polka dots will look chic in one outfit. However, mixing patterns is so much fun and a fabulous way to make use of your wardrobe, especially pieces you may not wear often. Here are some tips on how to mix patterns to style a creative outfit, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or clash!

1—Choose a Dominant Print and an Accent Print.

I love gingham print, especially for summer, because it reminds me of cookouts and picnics! My gingham print cardigan is the main pattern in this look. I pair it with a lace patterned tank as an accent. The pattern tank does not clash with the gingham because it is subtle and white, making it a perfect accent pattern.

2—Use the Same Pattern in a Different Scale.

Polka dots will always be my favorite pattern because they’re so classic. A good way to mix your favorite pattern is varying the size of the pattern like I did with a large polka dot print top under my small polka dot print button-up. Another fun way to style an outfit with the same pattern is varying the sizes in a skirt and blouse. Changing the size of the pattern avoids monotony and allows you to wear a lot of your favorite pattern without it seeming overwhelming.

3—Invert Color With the Same Pattern.

Another great way to use the same pattern is to invert the colors, which creates a nice visual effect. This way, you can use a pattern in the same size, and still wear all one print! This outfit reminds me of a zebra—is my top white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

4—Pair Two Types of the Same Pattern.

My skirt and scarf mix well together because they are both neutral, floral patterns. There are a lot of floral patterns in stores currently, and they’re a great pattern to mix in outfits. Floral patterns add a soft, sweet look to any outfit, and mixing them creates a pretty vibe.

5—Treat Texture as a Pattern.

If you treat pieces with some texture as patterns, your wardrobe possibilities open up a lot. Leopard print is bold and fierce, so I love pairing it with a girly and classy print like lace. Lace is a texture and pattern, making it a versatile textile that adds great style and interest to an outfit. A similar idea can be used with embroidery!

6—Choose Different Prints with the Same Color.

This final outfit tip is all about the color, and it is my favorite way to mix patterns. You can mix any two patterns if the colors throughout are the same, like in my dress and shirt. This creates a cohesive look so that while there are a lot of patterns, they all match.

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5 Ways This Closet Staple Can Save Your Next Wardrobe Crisis

If you’re like me, you have more silk scarves than matching pairs socks. And even though you have a million and half of them, we usually just toss them around our neck or tie them to a bag and call it day. We often forget their power when styling an outfit.

Scarves are actually a great fix to what I like to call outfit block—that dreaded moment when you have a closet full of clothes but not a clue what to wear.  Here are five easy ways to spunk up a simple outfit using a square silk scarf.

1—Head bandana. Think Kylie Jenner in her Glosses commercial and Niykee Heaton in her “Bad Intentions” music video. Great for bad hair days and convertible cruisin’. All you have to do is fold the scarf into a triangle and secure it behind your head.

2—Shirt. Don’t have a top to wear? Fold a square scarf in half and tie in the back. You can secure it with safety pins to a strapless bra if you’re worried about it falling! This is a great festival and spring/summer party look and looks best when paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts.

3—Headband. Fold the scarf three to four times so that it becomes a long strip, then tie at the nape of the neck.  This look actually works great with your hair both up or down! Gives off boho ’70s vibes. Extra points if you pair it with bell bottoms.

4—Bag accessory. If the above looks are a little too much for your taste, or if you get tired of wearing a scarf on your head, this look is for you.  Simply tie it around your backpack or purse and let it do all the work. Chic and effortless.

5—Bandana. Finally, we have the bandana. You know what to do: fold in half and tie around your neck. Voila!

Shop the look:

I personally think that for this look, vintage is the way to go. It guarantees originality, supports sustainable practices, and is typically reasonably priced. The scarf used in the images above was purchased from The Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points for under $10!  However, if vintage isn’t your thing, here are some high and low price-pointed scarves you can purchase from the comfort of your bed.

Comment below what your favorite look is, and let me know if you have any other creative styling tips down below! (because your girl is always on the lookout.)

Jumpsuit Flare

Summer is practically upon us, and what better time to get glamorous and have a tan? With events coming up, it is important to buy pieces that you will get the most out of your dollar with. Jumpsuits can vary from black-tie affair to lounging by the pool. Getting one that can do both casual and formal is a key component to saving your money during the summer, but could also act as life hack when shopping for upcoming pieces in your wardrobe. You might even surprise yourself with what pieces you already own that could act super versatile for day and night.

This jumpsuit from ASOS is printed with several multicolored stripes all across the silhouette, making it a truly unique piece for your wardrobe. It has thicker spaghetti straps, so if you were to dress this piece up, you would not have to worry about it coming off throughout the duration of the event, day or night.

Pairing this jumpsuit with a pair of sneakers from Adidas gives the jumpsuit a relaxed vibe for an event during the day, like a brunch, shopping spree, or trip to the park. It is also not restricting on your bottom half. The flared bottom does not hug your legs. It is not a situation where you sacrifice comfort for style.

In adding the hat, this Fashionista added the touch of glam. As an avid Audrey Hepburn fan, this hat especially reminded her of the Hollywood classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Another versatile piece in this ensemble is the bar necklace. It is a great addition to your everyday outfits, but would also complement more of the dressier side of jewels. This bar necklace in particular contains points of longitude and latitude of her favorite place in the world. Others have initials or a full name.

Now the only thing missing is a tan! What’s your go-to summer style? Let us know in the comments below or by sharing a picture on Instagram with @Cfashionista!

How I Style Bold Acid Wash Prints

Creating a new look using an acid wash print may seem challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to wearing bold prints and colors. In reality, acid wash prints can be styled into a variety of looks ranging from day to night and casual to dressy. Incorporating acid wash prints is an easy way to add a bit of edge into your personal style and update your wardrobe.

Look #1: Fun and Flirty

Every girl has used the phrase “jeans and a nice top” to describe their planned outfit for the night to their friends. But an easy way to stand out from the crowd is exchanging your basic, dark blue skinny jeans for a pair of low-rise acid wash jeans. Combined with a crop top, lacy bustier, or bralette and a pair of chunky-heeled boots or wedges, these jeans are perfect for a girls’ night out and are sure to be comfortable all night.

Each acid wash print is unique, so some pieces may look better than others. Try swapping out different kinds of crop tops, and experiment with different types of jeans (bootcut, high-rise, boyfriend, etc.) to find the ideal looks for your acid wash denim.

Look #2: Cute and Casual

Even though the acid wash print is most commonly associated with jeans, combining an acid wash jacket with a casual sun dress and throwing on a pair of classic black Converse sneakers is a quick and easy way to add a bit of edge to your cute and casual look. The jacket doesn’t even have to be denim. In fact, the jacket pictured is made of regular cotton fabric that is printed to look like denim.

Contrasting the lightness of the acid wash print with a darker dress elevates your outfit to a new level, while the Converse sneakers maintain the casual vibe of the overall look. You could even wear a bold statement color like bright coral or yellow underneath the jacket, or you could add a piece of statement jewelry to amp it up even further.

The acid wash print is such a versatile texture in that it is not strictly limited to denim and can be used to create a range of looks. You can even find different variations of the print on dresses and leggings too! These are just two looks that express two aspects of my personal style, and I hope you’re inspired to create your own.

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WHAT TO WEAR: Sundays Are for Brunch

With summer dawning upon us, I cannot wait to wear my light colors and fun sandals. The flowy clothes and warm sunshine of the summer months is what it is all about. One of my favorite things to do with my friends and family is go out for brunch—drinking refreshing mimosas and sitting outside while, of course, wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion.

For this look, this Fashionista was spot on with the whole ensemble. She is wearing a strapless, blue and white, pinstripe jumpsuit from Zara. What a nice and comfortable outfit for warm weather and for brunch. Pinstripe has always been my favorite, whether it’s a pair of shorts, a blouse, or a summer dress. It is a great summer pattern for any occasion. This Fashionista decided to pair it with these strappy, nude, lace-up heels, which I think complement the jumpsuit perfectly without taking away from the detail in it. Because this Fashionista wanted to add some pops of color, she chose a simple gold choker with small white and yellow daisies on it. As for her bag, this clutch adds great contrast to the outfit, especially since it’s a bold red. To dress this outfit down a little, you can switch out the heels for a simple pair of sandals or even some casual sneakers.

Brunch can be casual, fancy, or whatever you want it to be. What makes it fun is getting ready and concocting the perfect outfit for it, as well as being in good company of family and friends. So remember when dressing for brunch, chose something cute, comfortable, and totally you!

STYLE ADVICE: The Thrills of Thrifting

Everyone wants to make heads turn when they walk out of the house every morning, but a majority of people cannot always afford the expenses of doing so while being in college. What better way to add a little vintage flair to your attire than checking out your local thrift shops for new finds and donations.

Thrifting is an easy way to add new pieces to your wardrobe and try out new styles without breaking the bank or your budget. The process of thrifting allows for one to use it as a platform for other fashion, there has to be a starting point somewhere, and what better way to jump out of the box than by jumping into racks of great deals.

From browsing for T-shirts as an excuse for an impromptu DIY night to grabbing the best fit of boyfriend jeans, thrift shops have a little bit of everything thrown into one giant mix. Break the barrier and cross over to the other side… of the store to be sure to get the best deal on those oversize men’s crewneck sweaters that everyone seems to love.

I, myself am a serious outfit repeater (Sorry Kate Sanders, I’m with Lizzie McGuire on this one) but with all of the clothes I have I am always looking for ways to make the outfit my own and give it my personal touch. Between classes, working and going out to maintain a social life, thrifting allows a grab and go approach to trying out new trends and styles. Want to try out a blazer but not sure how it will complement you? Head to your local thrift store and get one for $5 first.

Shown above is a forrest green snake pattern jacket found at my local thrift shop for only $5.50 which was used to pull together an entire outfit by adding a splash of color. Pairing something like this jacket with a bold statement chain makes for a simple but flashy look, which is sure to draw a little attention.

If you need any more of a reason to go thrift shopping think of all of the possibilities that you can mix and match for even just $20 and a little creative energy flowing.

Do not break the bank trying to break your boundaries, thrift instead.

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Evolution of Personal Style

As this school year came to a close, a lot of things hit me that made me think about how I’ve gotten to the point I’m at today. From school to work to fashion, a lot in my life has changed and has come together to make me little more myself than I was at the start of my sophomore year.

A lot of what draws me into the fashion industry is the idea that fashion and personal style contribute so much to who a person is. Whether they’re edgy, trendy, feminine, contemporary, minimalist, or any and everything in between, learning your personal style speaks a lot to your confidence and understanding things that make you, you.

I chose to highlight this fun, flirty, printed tunic paired with classic peep-toed espadrille wedges because it exhibits how my style has evolved throughout the past few years. The tunic is extremely easy to dress up or down and pair with minimal jewelry if you’re going for a more casual look, or pair with chunky accessories to tie together the boho-feminine vibe it exudes.

The touch of pink adds the perfect amount of girly feel to the black and gray tones, making it so the tunic is flirty and sophisticated all in one. I love that the lighter gray of the wedges stands out against some of the other tones in the tunic so the entire look wasn’t matchy-matchy. Pairing it with classic silver hoops is a go-to staple of mine that you simply can’t go wrong with. They add the right amount of metallic pop and let the tunic be the stand out piece of the look.

As my own love for fashion has evolved, so has my personal style. This look exemplifies the feminine and structured minimalist looks I’ve come to learn I love. One of the best parts of fashion is experimenting with so many new styles and trends and not limiting yourself to what you can wear, but another fantastic aspect of it is when it comes together to help you find out what you love. For me, that’s prints, pink, feminine dresses, minimalist pieces, and so much more.

So, as time moves forward and as every Fashionista gets older, don’t hold back when learning about what your personal style is and be sure to try so many different looks in order to figure it out. Fashion is supposed to make everyone feel special, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful in the clothes they put on; don’t let that feeling get lost in an effort to try and dress how you think fashion is “supposed to look.”

STYLE ADVICE: Gingham Love

If you are looking for an easy way to update your outfit this spring, look no further than incorporating a dash of gingham into your outfit. Everything from tops, pants, skirts, and jackets can currently be found in gingham, and the print’s surprising neutrality makes it easy to mix and match with other pieces of clothing you already own. With the endless amounts of options available this season, an option that fits your own style is sure to be found!

This Fashionista’s chic winter to spring transitional outfit is the perfect style inspiration for how to rock this season’s “it-print.” She made sure that her cropped gingham print top was the center of attention by making the rest of the look all black. To keep this look geared toward the spring weather that is finally emerging, she paired her top with a black button-down denim skirt with a high-waist fit.

One of my favorite aspects of this Fashionista’s outfit is her tights. From afar, they look like basic black tights, but up close you can see how they have little heart details going down the front of the leg. Though one might think that the hearts would clash with the gingham, the two prints, in reality, pair well together. With mixing prints, make sure to stay within the same color scheme and to keep each print a different size. To finish the look, she kept it simple with a pair of comfortable black booties that will keep her moving throughout her day.

Remember that although gingham is having a serious style moment right now, personal style never has to be sacrificed for the sake of following trends. There are limitless ways to personalize trends to fit your own personal style. That is part of what makes fashion all the more fun!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Ripped

Spring is in the air on college campuses and we can finally step outside without instantly freezing. This much needed rise in the temperature gives us an opportunity to break out all of our spring attire and say “goodbye” to our heavy, winter coats. There is nothing more difficult than carrying around book bags, purses, and textbooks while wearing layer upon layer of clothing just to keep warm. The pleasant spring air makes walking to class a little bit easier for everyone. Now that the days are warmer, we are able to expand our outfit selection so much more. Since we can ditch the big coats that cover up our whole outfit, we can spend more time accessorizing as well as showing off small details that make the look complete.

This Fashionista is taking full advantage of the sunshine and spring weather in her stylish outfit. She is wearing a cold shoulder top that is super cute and definitely shows a little bit of skin. It is slightly cropped and is the perfect choice for the spring. It allows you to keep cool in the sun, yet stay warm if a breeze rolls by. This Fashionista pairs the top with some ripped skinny jeans, with holes all down the legs, which make this outfit really pop. My favorite part of this look is her leopard print booties! I love how well they complement her outfit. She accessorizes with a simple watch and bracelet and holds onto a Michael Kors handbag. Just in case the spring weather decides to take a turn, she is prepared to throw on a lightweight jacket if needed. The small details in this outfit like the rips in the jeans, the cutout shoulders, and the tiny print on the shoes bring this outfit together into one awesome look!