Say Goodbye to Brassy Tones With This Magic Product

Ah, yes. The balayage trend is still in full swing. We strive to achieve the icy blonde tresses taunting us on Pinterest and Instagram as we scroll. Combatting brassy tones in blonde hair is a major problem many of us face once we leave the salon. Proper upkeep can make our beloved stylists’ jobs easier and maybe even save you a little cash in the future. What college student doesn’t love that? But a better question is what’s the best way to beat the brass?

I tried countless methods to keep my “fresh out of the salon” blonde bright without damaging my hair and my bank account. Purple and blue shampoos were suggested to me to try, but they ended up drying out my hair. I found the money and energy I put into upkeep to be a complete waste. Major frizz and breakageas well as hair that was getting brassier each day, were my results. The worst part was this solution so many hair stylists swore by turned out to be no solution at all!

I thought back to when I used colored conditioners by oVertone for my bold, teal hair. These color depositing conditioners are the holy grail of hair care. They kept my hair bright and beautiful between salon visits and were easy to use. After a visit to my stylist, I decided to give both the pastel purple and pastel blue conditioners a try. I hoped to cancel out all brassy tones that would pop up in my hair.

It’s been almost three months since my last hair appointment, and my hair is healthier and brighter than ever. OVertone conditioners are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no dyes, leaving hair refreshed and luscious. To tone your hair with these conditioners, first see which color would best suit your hair. Look at the color wheel— if you have a yellow blonde then purchase the pastel purple. If you have a more orange shade opt for the pastel blue. I like my hair on the icy, almost silver side, so I mix the two together. Just shampoo as you normally would and then completely saturate your hair with a diluted amount of the colored conditioner. Let it sit for a minute, and then rinse! It’s that simple to say goodbye to those stubborn brassy tones!

Do you have any special tips on up keeping your salon hair? Let me know in the comments below!

2 Rejuvenating Summer Retreats Every Student Should Go On

School is over, and you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer weather. It’s time to get yourself outside of the urban city, disconnect yourself from the daily grind, and rejuvenate your soul from the stressful yet rewarding school year by going on a summer retreat. Here are two ways to get you in touch with nature that are also Instagram-friendly.

1—Stroll through a lavender fieldOntario, Canada, is home to many beautiful nature spots, especially lavender farms. Visiting a lavender farm such as Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, located 45 minutes from Toronto in Milton, during their blooming season for your summer retreat will bring you on a magical adventure that calms your soul in the sea of purple flowers.

At this farm, there are eight varieties of lavenders in colors ranging from light pink to dark purple. As a Fashionista, I recommend wearing a comfortable outfit for photo shoots at lavender fields, such as a denim shirt and a simple white top, and finish your outfit with a pair of black distressed jeans and my favorite clean white sneakers from Wills Vegan Shoes. A black leather backpack is also the perfect bag to carry your camera. As you stroll along the endless rows of flowers, the infamous yellow door is also a go-to spot where you can take the perfect travel candid shot.

As you finish exploring the different lavender fields, don’t forget to enjoy their lavender-flavored ice cream that tastes floral and creamy. Also, be sure to shop around at their gift shop for products that are amazing for your skin, your cravings, and your sleep.

2—Fish on a lakeIf land adventures don’t excite you, then why not try something on water? Hastings, Ontario, is just two hours from Toronto and has been named Canada’s ultimate fishing town.

Whether you are renting a canoe, a speedboat, or a pontoon, you will surely enjoy the breathtaking view surrounded by the calming white noise of the waves. Some of the common fish species that I came across are freshwater bass, catfish, perch, and sunfish.

Sometimes water splatters when you reel in a fish. To prevent my phone from getting any water damage, I carried a waterproof phone case from Catalyst Case that has a rubber bumper and silicone seals to keep my phone watertight. The transparent, slim, and strong material ensures the phone case protects while still being fashionable.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch any fish in the end—enjoying the sun and the cool breeze in the middle of a calm lake are also a great way to relax and contemplate about life during your summer retreat.

What is your ideal summer retreat? Let me know in the comments below!

Lavender Locks, Beads and Bedazzle

The cold weather is here and so are exams, but nothing makes you feel better than a massive refresh to your look! We all have those bold cosmetic choices that we’ve secretly wanted to make, but never had the guts. Never fear ladies and gents because this month’s Fashionista is going to show you how to own those fierce looks.

Coloured hair seems to be a major trend right now, particularly adding a little dash of purple or lavender to your do’! We’ve seen this trend popping in the magazine spreads and the Instagram feeds of our most beloved celebrities and fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner, Zayn Malik and Ariana Grande. After watching Ariana’s Focus video about a thousand times, I think it’s safe to say our Fashionista/o dreams are full of mermaid lavender locks. The trouble is bleaching and dying your hair to such an extreme colour can not only be expensive but it’s harmful to your hair! If you are a dark haired dame like myself, achieving a colour as light as this turns our mermaid lavender dreams into algae green nightmares. Our Fashionista this month shows us how to embrace our dark roots, and incorporate the purple into our natural look, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video.  By adding a darker purple to just the tips or bottom half of your hair, you can create a sleek, whimsical ombre that will give Ariana a run for her money.

If you’re feeling extra fierce this month, take a lesson from this Fashionista and get yourself that piercing you have always wanted. The perfect time to experiment with looks is when you are young and there is no time like the present! So grab your best hand holding pal and bedazzle yourself, a piercing can add a whole new dimension to your look. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little squeamish head out to an accessories shop and grab yourself a falsie. For my Toronto readers check out my favourite costume jewelry stop Bling Bling on Queen, if you aren’t from the area, you can pick up great false septum and nose rings at Claire’s.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combating Snow During Spring

Just when we thought we were done with winter, snow starts falling from the sky. However, in Minnesota, you should be expecting this until April at least. Oh the struggle to brighten your closet with the arrival of spring clothes only to dig through for a heavy jacket and a pair of snow boots. However, there are still ways to bring in subtle spring vibes while staying warm and cozy in winter threads.

To combat this snowy week before spring break, this Fashionista opted for a sweater that provides warmth and a little show of skin to keep the hopes of spring alive. Underneath, she chose to peak her halter lace bralette out to add a tinge of lavender to this outfit. She then chose a pair of black leggings that would tuck in perfectly to a pair of taupe riding boots. Although riding boots are a more fall staple, this taupe color is light enough to be incorporated into a colder spring day or until the snow melts.

For her makeup, this Fashionista chose to add a light lavender eyeliner on top, matching her bralette. Then she swiped on a few coats of mascara and a pair of stud diamond earrings. She had a simple, natural look that still leaves a pop with the lavender eyeliner.

This simple look is perfect to look adorable and comfortable midweek as the snow continues to fall. Add a coffee mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows for a perfect accessory worth rocking.

Be sure to check in with me next month, where hopefully the has snow melted and spring is in full bloom.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pastels for Spring

We all have certain style staples which we find a way to work into nearly every look we put together. For some, it’s leather, a choker, or detailed rings. For others, it might be a bold lip color or a popping highlight. For me, it’s pastels. I absolutely adore pastels with my whole heart. It sounds dramatic, I know, but they are one of my favorite style staples found in my wardrobe. I’m in love with pastel hues of pink and violet especially. They have a certain elegance that I can’t help but admire. To say the least, pastels are in abundance in my wardrobe.

For this month’s look, I decided to make pastels the focal point of my outfit. It’s springtime, after all, so why not make a statement with some bright cheery colors? I layered a black turtleneck under a drop waist black dress and added one of this past year’s major shoe obsessions—Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers in a pastel pink—and a pastel purple hat from Urban Outfitters. I added detail to the look with a simple pearl necklace and my everyday rings.

While still springy, pastels are a nice change of pace from the usually seasonal favorite of florals. Pastel accessories or shoes can go with just about anything, which is an added bonus to their mood-boosting hues. My look was perfect for a day of adventuring in Philadelphia’s hip neighborhood of Fishtown. The Vans are comfortable enough for a day full of walking while still being stylish. The airy feel of the dress wasn’t too heavy for the moderately warm weather, and the hat was functional yet trendy.

STYLE GURU STYLE: From Gym to Class

Have you ever gotten done at the gym right before you need to get to class? You and me both. I have started planning ahead in order to minimize my time spent in front of a mirror. Now I don’t have to worry about if I look decent enough to be seen in public.

I started with buying some basic, long T-shirts from Lucy Activewear, but you can get them from anywhere that sells activewear. They are the softest and most comfortable T-shirts that I have ever purchased for myself. I personally enjoy T-shirts that cover my backside while I workout and just in general. This shirt is also a casual shirt to wear to class.

I wear leggings nearly every day. That’s partly why I like longer shirts. Black leggings go with everything, and they can be worn from the gym straight to class. I enjoy thicker leggings because I know they won’t show anything that I don’t want to be seen. Target sells the best athletic leggings, in my opinion.

I paired my outfit with some Brinley Co. booties that I got from Amazon. I have worn them almost every day since I’ve gotten them. I decided on the color “stone” because I can pair them with black or brown and not feel mismatched. I have no idea why I have a problem with those two colors together. My sunglasses are also from Amazon, and I absolutely love how spunky they are.

Lastly, let’s talk about my hair. I desperately need to get a trim, so it has been going up every day. But, I have found a new favorite “do.” I take a section of the back and braid it, separate the braid a little to make it appear larger, and then pull it all into a low bun, except for my bangs. Let me tell you, clear elastics are a girl’s best friend. They are cheap, yet one of the greatest investments. This hair-do is easy to wear to the gym and to sport for class. It does not take a lot of time, but it looks like I put effort into it!

BEAUTY BAR: Lovely Lilac

I’ve never been one to make a drastic change to my look, no matter how intrigued I am with how it could look. I’ve had my fair share of beauty obsessions, ranging from piercings to daring haircuts, but I’ve never been able to actually take the plunge. Pastel-colored hair has been one of these obsessions for a long time now, but again, I haven’t been able to take the plunge. Seeing this Fashionista’s hair felt like a religious experience, and it almost has given me the guts and inspiration I need to do something fun with my hair.

Colored hair isn’t for everyone. I can’t even bring myself to get highlights. However, something about pastel-colored hair just speaks to me. Clearly, this Fashionista agrees. It’s more exciting than just dyeing your hair a “normal” color, but it’s not as offensive to the eye as a bright color. I’m really into silver-y blue pastel hair, but lilac, like this Fashionista is rocking, is a close second fave. I’m even becoming obsessed with light, rosy, pastel pink hair now, too. I kid you not when I say this Fashionista has inspired me more than she’d ever know.

On top of her rockin’ hair color, this Fashionista happens to be wearing an ultra-stylish and cool outfit. It’s only fitting though, right? You wouldn’t expect to see someone with beautiful lilac hair walking down the street in a bland outfit. Double denim can often be a risky look (early 2000s Britney and Justin, anyone?), but this Fashionista’s tan sweater keeps things low-key. Anything too out there would definitely be reminiscent of early 2000s fashion. The denim jacket and jeans are in a more modern wash, which detracts from a Britney look.The short black Dr. Martens keep with the edgy, casual theme, and no accessories make sense given the statement making hair. All-in-all, I want this Fashionista to take me to her hairdresser ASAP, and I wouldn’t mind stealing her shoes, either.

STYLE ADVICE: Must-Have Mesh

In the transition from winter to spring, a versatile layering piece and savvy styling are musts. The weather is changing throughout the day, rain is a constant, and fashion is caught in a limbo land between the trends of each season. To keep up and remain fashionable during this time of the year, one needs an item in their closet that can adapt to all climate conditions and outfit changes.

This Fashionista chose the perfect piece in her long sleeve, black, mesh bodysuit. This not-so-basic item functions like the standard long sleeve cotton T-shirt, but with more stylish results. Here, it serves as another layer while adding a slight edge to this feminine look; it covers a dark purple bralette underneath while providing extra coverage to the lavender romper on top, slowly working in the pastel shades of spring just as the sun is slowly emerging behind the clouds and fresh buds appear on the flowering trees. She completes the look with a dainty green and gold necklace.

Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps (in her buckled gray flats) and invest in a long sleeve black mesh bodysuit. The comfortable piece will quickly become a wardrobe favorite with its ability to be worn as a basic layering piece, as shown in this look, or as a statement focus of an ensemble.

I give the long sleeve, black, mesh bodysuit my personal recommendation, as it has seamlessly worked its way into my own collection of basics, right next to my leather jacket, leggings, and favorite pair of jeans.

BEAUTY BAR: Purple Hair Glam

This outfit brings out that edgy side with the purple spunky hair, tattoos, and killer make up. This Fashionista has a pixie haircut hairstyle with blonde and purple in it. It is fun and edgy and a great style for anyone who is tired of having long hair. Especially when it becomes warmer out, short hair keeps the heat off you. The way this Fashionista does her makeup is beautiful and easy to master with the products she uses.

Her eye makeup is perfectly winged with the Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen. The eye shadow she uses is from her Morphe palette that blends smoothly and is perfectly pigmented. Those eyebrows that are angled to perfection were created with a little help of Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Zings Tame & Shape Set. Her septum nose ring also adds to her edgy, fun, and unique style. If you ever want to accessorize with nose rings or septum rings they are the perfect completion to any wardrobe. The tattoo of a sunflower on her shoulder adds that spring feeling that we are all excited for.

Distressed jeans in the knees are the latest fashion in the market of denim. They are cute and stylish and can be found almost anywhere. This Fashionista found these gorgeous jeans at American Eagle. Along with her classic black top that hangs off the shoulders is perfect for the springtime as it gets warmer. Currently, you can find these shirts that hang off the shoulder at almost any retail store because they are in high demand from all of us who love to be trendy.

This Fashionista has shoes to die for. Her black and silver studded flats are perfect for any occasion. These flats dress the outfit up by adding the chic look of flats that are super comfy to wear when dressing up. You can find these shoes at many shoe retail shops or like my Fashionista you can find them at Old Navy for a great price.

Overall, she is rocking her edgy and fun style with her purple hair, make up that slays and by knowing how to put together a glamorous outfit. The thing I love about this look is the fact that it matches her personality of being fun and edgy. It is great to have the aesthetic of matching your own unique style with your own unique personality.

BEAUTY BAR: Pucker Up Spring

Let’s call it like it is. Makeup is a skill and a beautiful skill at that. Between the tools and techniques and the dos and don’ts, there’s a reason they are called makeup artists. Speaking as someone who’s at a beginner to intermediate level, eyelash curlers look like torture devices and blending eyeshadow tints is a mystifying feat. Thank goodness I stopped this Fashionista who is clearly a pro.

Of the tips I’ve picked up along the way, I’ve learned that makeup is just as paramount to styling as the outfit itself. The two should complement each other and above all, reflect your personal style. With spring just around the corner, this Fashionista took to her cosmetics counter to create a fresh look, complimented by wardrobe basics, and let her lips do the talking – pun intended.

This Fashionista’s beauty headliners are threefold (and all doable!). First, to create her sun-kissed glow make sure you properly blend your base foundations and then apply a highlighter to your upper cheekbones for subtle shimmer using a tapered brush, along with a touch of blush. Second, mix in her winged eyeliner to your routine, preferably using a liquid product. Lastly, for the wow-factor, add a colored lip with a vibrant shade like her flirtatious violet lipstick.

With an already established focus, this style queen opted for classic shapes and neutral staples for the rest of the look. As another nod to springtime, this Fashionista is sporting one of this seasons biggest trends: floral embroidery. Her detailed top paired perfectly with black distressed denims and ivory sneakers and is accompanied by tortoise shell shades and gold jewelry.

Between the smart, effortlessly casual outfit and masterfully fun makeup the look contains balance that exudes this Boilermaker’s youthful flair.