Top 5 Travel Must-Haves

Summer is finally here which means vacation time! If you are anything like myself, packing is the hardest part of travelling. I never know what to take and I always end up over packing. So, in order to help out my fellow traveling Fashionistas, I have composed a list of my top five travel must-haves for this summer.

1—Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter. I love this lip balm. It has the perfect consistency and texture, and tastes and smells amazing. It instantly makes me feel like a summery, beach goddess with the hints of coconut and acai berry. Wherever you are traveling to, it is important to keep your skin, including your lips, hydrated. Whether it be the beach or the city, soft lips are important! The thing about this lip balm that makes it great for travel is its size. It is bigger than your average lip balm, so you have plenty to use throughout the summer!

2—Sephora Collection Sweet Perspective The Weekender. This makeup case is an absolute must-have for travel. Even If you’re just going to a friend’s house for the weekend, this case is amazing. It is not overly large in size, but can hold just about everything. There are convenient sections for your makeup, toiletries, jewelry, brushes, and everything! There is even a hook to hang it in a hotel or even your own bathroom. The print on the outside is adorable and the case itself is an essential for me. Cute and convenient, a winning combination!

3—Steve Madden Softey Slides. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that slides have been on trend for a while now. Rihanna’s Puma Fenty slides kicked off the craze that other retailers have been quick to pick up. I consider myself a slide connoisseur, and I must say, Steve Madden’s are the best. They’re true to size, adorable, durable, and way more affordable than the Puma Fenty ones. Having to take off your shoes at the airport, or having constricting shoes on in a plane or car is no fun, so these slides would be perfect for being on the go and still being able to look cute.

4—Kipling Art S Handbag. Kipling Bags are extremely durable and useful. They have an easy-to-clean material that makes them perfect for traveling. This particular bag is big enough to hold lots of stuff for a carry on or just a day bag! It comes in various colors, but my favorite has to the be the bright Very Berry!

5—Quay Sunglasses in Cherry Bomb. Honestly, buy any of Quay’s sunglasses. They are fantastic quality, for a reasonable price. All of their designs are incredibly cute, and many retailers carry them, making them easy to find! Remember to protect your eyes and skin this summer!

Now that I’ve shared with you my travel favorites, comment down below some of yours!

The Unexpected Handbag Star of Spring Your Grandma Already Owns

Ask any girl with a slight interest in fashion and she will agree that collecting bags is like collecting artworks. Hear us out. Both have to be unique while coordinating with your other possessions. Both have to serve a certain purpose as well as create a specific vibe around. In fact, a well constructed handbag takes timeless artistry and craftsmanship.

The handbag star of this season proves all of the above as it is actually a style from the past. In fact, your grandma has been rocking it for decades. The top handle handbag has a very ’60s/’90s vibes that we are never bored of. It’s ladylike, retro, and definitely mini works for art that can also carry all your essentials (or hard candies, if you want to go full granny).

While your grandma is the star of your life, you may be surprised to find her favorite accessory is about to be the star of your spring wardrobe. Check out how we suggest you style it below!

Grandma bags are identified by their classic shapes, top handles, quirky textures or prints, and beautiful detailing. (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

They give any modern outfit a totally unexpected twist making you look super stylish and mature. (Photo via @ohmy_sash)

They take your #OOTD pictures onto another level, so make sure to get a granny Instagram update. (Photo via @elizagracehuber)

Grandma bags are chic, yet very functional as they will get you through most of your day activities from coffee dates, work, and shopping. (Photo via @baileyttaylor)

They are perfect for fashionistas who have old sartorial souls of chicness, playfulness and timelessness. (Photo via @couturecrushrei)

STYLE GURU STYLE: Purses and Pumps

One of my favorite seasons has to be spring because of the weather, colors, and outfits, of course. For this article, I chose to shoot one of my favorite outfits in my closet. As a Style Guru, it is ideal to have staple outfit pieces, but it is also important to have unique pieces.

For this outfit, I decided to wear my favorite pair of dark wash skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. I then thought it would be ideal to wear my adorable new off-the-shoulder pink ash top. One of my favorite colors has to be some shade of light pink. The mauve/dusty rose color looks great against my blonde hair and looks good for any occasion. Off-the-shoulder tops have been my favorite style of shirt to shop for. They are fun to accessorize and wear out. For shoes, I went with a pair of white pumps. The pop of white from my heels to my pearl necklace looks great paired with my dark wash skinny jeans. This fun and flirty look is my go-to if I am looking for a quick outfit to throw together.

Every Fashionista needs a favorite tote. No matter if you’re running a couple errands or heading to dinner, a good purse is a must-have for any occasion. My favorite tote so far has to be my dusty rose Michael Kors handbag. This bag is the perfect size and structure. Fashionistas, spoil yourself. You deserve it! 

As spring is creeping around the corner, be ready to break out the pastels and spring styles. Be sure to channel your inner Fashionista and complete every look with your favorite handbag. Moreover, do not forget to add your own personal touch to every outfit!


By this time of year, we are usually facing pretty frigid temperatures. However, this year some regions are experiencing fluctuating weather at unusual rates. While this may be beneficial for those who hate the freezing winter, it may be hard for those who are still attempting to show off their winter or early spring garments, but haven’t been able to yet because of the weather. Even though this season has been a bit warmer than anyone expected, there are still numerous ways to sport individual winter pieces.

Personally, I love starting with basic pieces and building my look with accessories. For an evening out in the city, I decided to wear an oversize button-up with my white Vans. By pairing the button-up with sneakers, I added a bit of length to my top which could’ve appeared very short otherwise. From that point on, I focused on adding little touches that would take my outfit to the next level.

One statement piece of 2016 was the bomber. In my opinion, the bomber can complete almost any look because it adds a street flare that’s suitable for almost all occasions. In addition to the bomber jacket, I decided to carry my novelty Kate Spade bunny purse. Everything sparkly is going to be a big trend in 2017, and every outfit could benefit from a little shine. Although the bag enhanced my outfit, it had to be tied in with something else. That is why I decided to wear my black and pink lace socks. These socks coordinate with my purse and also help play into the novelty of it.

At this point, the basics are complete. The last step to finishing my look is to add jewelry. I usually keep it pretty basic with the jewelry I wear just so that the individual pieces don’t overpower the look itself when they all come together. Therefore, I settled on a rose-gold Michael Kors watch, a black and gold choker, and stud earrings. After my accessories, my look is complete. My look consisted of a black, pink, and gold color palette and is perfect for the warm winter or cool spring.

WHAT TO WEAR: Downtown Coffee Shops

In downtown Minneapolis you can find a coffee shop on almost every block. Each coffee shop holds it’s own unique vibe, whether that mean it’s dark or light, old or modern, loud or quiet. Within each coffee shop you will find people doing homework or work tasks, meeting with an old friend for a social experience or someone just there to enjoy their coffee.

I asked a friend to get coffee with me about a week ago at a coffee shop named Spyhouse Coffee. This coffee shop includes dark lighting, rustic decorations, and a very social environment. Before heading there I didn’t put much thought into my outfit since I would be heading to yoga from there. I showed up to the coffee shop and thought my friend had the perfect outfit for this occasion.

The dark items of this outfit were set off by the white tank top worn under her black fur coat. Black fur coats are an essential item for a Fashionista’s outfit in the winter. You can pair it with many different items to dress it up or down. The black velour sneakers with the white platform ties in both the black from the coat and the white from the tank top. She wears dark jeans with this outfit that dresses down the outfit a tad to make it fit in at a coffee shop. Her purse is her only accessory, which works perfectly since a coffee shop look should be more simple and doesn’t require a lot of jewelry.

This outfit could easily be dressed up with more jewelry and different shoes for a night out. For a coffee shop look this outfit is simple enough to make it perfect for the occasion.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chanel and Gucci

I found this fabulous Fashionista walking out of the main building on campus as I was walking in to go to the cafe for some lunch. I spotted her incredible Gucci handbag and her lavish Chanel booties. She paired the two items with her favorite pair of GRLFRND Denim, which are boyfriend style, and cuffed them at the bottom giving her enough room to show off her famous shoes. She is also wearing a super cute cream, velvet tank top, and a navy neck scarf. The last item that this Fashionista slipped into was her black teddy coat, which has been an incredible trend this season.

The details in this look are stunning. Her teddy coat has a small collar, and every piece of fabric is feathered on the outside. It is subtle enough to where the style doesn’t take too much away from the rest of her outfit, but extravagant enough to not be ignored. The neck scarf she is modeling has a beautiful white design splashed on certain sections of the fabric, adding just hint of elegance. Her chosen velvet shirt and jeans are perfect for this outfit, especially in this cold weather. Her Chanel ankle boots are half black and half cream colored, and there is the small, but anticipated, Chanel symbol placed in gold at the edge of her heal. The last item on this Fashionista’s checklist is her Gucci handbag. It has a silver chain for holding onto, or sliding over her shoulder, an alligator print, and two red interlocking snakes at the snap.

All these colors and important little details work perfectly together, and would be perfect for a day out in the city, or certainly walking into a new class. This outfit is a great statement look for any college campus.

STYLE ADVICE: Comfortably Cute

Ahhh, my first morning back in my dorm sweet dorm. Winter break has been awesome, but it’s time to get back in the groove of my everyday college life which goes something like this: sleep, coffee, study, have fun, repeat. This morning was unlike any typical morning in the sunny state of Florida. I rolled over on my small twin bed, checked my weather app on my iPhone and was taken back when I saw the cruel, cold weather. Gross.

As a Floridian, I cringe at the thought of any temperature that drops less than 70 degrees. Why else would any Floridian live here? We love to lounge back at the beach in our bikini and sip on our ice cold lemonade. Today was different. My weather app told me that the high of today was 48 degrees, yikes. I and many others were not prepared for this frigid weather that forces us to wear layers of clothes. My only thought was, “How can I create a fashionable, yet warm and comfortable outfit today?” While I struggled with this dilemma, I spotted some Fashionistas that totally nailed the look. From past experiences of being stiff and restricted all day, my style advice of the week is to keep comfort in mind when choosing an outfit.

This particular Fashionista is always catching people’s eye around campus. After chatting with her for awhile about her style, she let me know that she always makes sure she is comfortable when she leaves the house so she is not miserable all day. What is worse than being cold? Being uncomfortable and cold.

Now that class is back in session, I have the ongoing struggle of not wanting to wear pants. Luckily, you can easily throw on a pair of cotton leggings with booties to avoid that uncomfortable feeling in class. I am big on snug material, too, so when I talked to this Fashionista about her peacoat, I was totally obsessed when I felt the stretchy material! The next time you are struggling trying to look cute in a winter outfit, take my style advice and keep comfort in mind!


Finding an outfit for a night out can be a challenge for the winter, especially in the Pacific Northwest when it’s only 30 degrees outside. This Fashionista put together a moody and chic outfit, perfect for going out for a night with the girls. My absolute favorite part of her outfit is the embroidered patch purse. Embroidery is an emerging trend you can find on denim, jackets, and accessories. I love this trend because it can turn any clothing into a one of a kind item.

All the pieces in this outfit look simple at a glance, but it’s the details that really bring the outfit together. I love the subtle texture of the velvet bodysuit under a leather jacket. Although both tops are black, layering textures gives the look just the right amount of “mix-match”. The slight flare on her pants adds a twist to the staple skinny. Paired with strappy heels to show some skin, this is a fun and flirty outfit.

Want to recreate your own rocker chic outfit? My first style tip is to focus on the texture of your clothing. Luxe looks come from subtlety and quality. Try mixing kits, suede, leather, denim, fringe, etc. to turn any outfit from simple to trendy. The next tip is to personalize through your accessories. This Fashionista showed off her bright personality with the embroidered-patch purse that adds a pop of color to her outfit. My last tip is to choose your shoes wisely. Shoes have the power to tie together an entire ensemble. Pick a pair that complements your outfit’s color scheme and accentuates your silhouette.

STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Kate Flock

Hello all of my fellow Fashionistas/os! I hope that you had a totally #RAD winter break as well as a fall semester. I am so excited to be returning to CollegeFashionsita for my third semester as a Style Guru, CF has truly been such an amazing experience and I am so honored to be a part of it. This semester I cannot wait to share the latest trends from New York City’s campuses with all of you!

So a little bit about me first. I am originally from a small town in New Jersey, but I am attending college in the greatest city in the world, New York, where I attend Fordham University. I am currently studying marketing and fashion studies which will hopefully help me in my pursuit for a career in the fashion industry. On the Fordham campus, I am a member of the school’s only all-female a capella group, The Satin Dolls. In addition to my participation on campus this upcoming semester, I am also overjoyed to say that I will be interning for Vera Wang.

As I always say, my style completely reflects my mood for the day. Last semester I followed the athleisure trend quite a bit (especially during finals week) as well as the ever so popular choker trend. I definitely will be continuing to sport my chokers in 2017, even if the trend dies I will remain loyal to that accessory. I also will continue to sport my black booties this semester. They are a piece that I have gotten so much use out of this past year because they honestly dress up even my most casual of outfits–whether it be for class, a night out with friends, or interning at Vera Wang, these shoes do the trick. I also have really been loving the French braids look, and it’s something that I will continue to rock until the summer. They really do wonders for keeping long hair in place. Lastly, my new Kate Spade bag has been my signature piece since Christmas. It is a bag that I will be using pretty much every single day this upcoming semester.

Being a student in the city as well as a fashion intern has truly exposed me to some of the best dressed and chic individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I cannot wait to see what the Fashionistas/os roaming the Fordham campus have in store for all of you this semester. Time to get ready for (hopefully) the most #RAD semester I’ve seen yet!

STYLE GURU BIO: Brittany Walton

Hey y’all! The names Brittany, Brit, B… the possibilities are just about endless! I am a huge sucker for stripes, sunflowers, pugs, and all things gold and glitter. I grew up on the east side of Michigan with my big happy family, but am currently a junior at Western Michigan University. Though my major is advertising and promotion, I have always had a niche for fashion and beauty! I love that I have the opportunity to piece together articles of clothing or accessories in a way that shows who I am as a person, and hopefully I can teach you to do the same!

In the pictures above, I paired my black distressed jeans with a cozy gray off-the-shoulder sweater. This is my go-to outfit when I want to dress a little edgy, but still be comfortable! An outfit like this describes my everyday wardrobe perfectly. I am constantly trying to stay as comfortable as possible, while still being fashionable, especially going from classroom to classroom all day!

Another one of favorite staple pieces is my black Coach purse. Black goes with almost everything, and this specific bag allows me to use it as a crossbody or carry it by the smaller straps. The gold detail allows me to match my other accessories to my purse! I am always wearing gold rings and jewelry, so this is perfect for my everyday life.

To pair with my black purse, I decided to wear my Steve Madden sunglasses, which are my absolute favorite accessory. These are my go-to glasses that are perfect for any occasion!

I am constantly trying to live my life to the fullest and love as much as I can. If I can teach you anything from my posts, it is to be a confident person with a loving heart and a badass wardrobe.