4 Trends Every Fashionista Will Be Rocking on Campus This Fall

We are back in the swing of things at school, and it’s officially fall! That means breaking out the pumpkins, Halloween candy, and our favorite fall sweaters. While a classic sweater and leggings combo is a great fall outfit, there are so many new trends to try this season. Whether you keep it casual for class or dress up to go out, there is a trend for everyone this fall.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Whether it’s a funky denim jacket or a classic pair of Levi’s, denim is one of this season’s staples. Fashionistas can keep it casual with jeans and a T-shirt or experiment with the trend and pair denim on denim. There are so many ways to style denim, so every Fashionista will be wearing it this fall.

PHOTO: Daisa Harris


Red is the color of the fall. From burgundy to cherry red, every shade is in style. For Fashionistas who usually steer clear of bright colors, try sporting a darker shade or a pop of red on your shoes. For any trendsetters out there—do you dare to wear a monochromatic red look?

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Loafers and Mules

Now that we have established a few clothing trends, every Fashionista needs a shoe to complete her outfit. Loafers and mules are the perfect transitional shoe from summer to fall before it gets too cold and you need two pairs of socks layered under your warmest boots. These styles are versatile, so there is a pair out there for every style from preppy to bohemian.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski


Finally, this trend is perfect for Fashionistas who like to keep it comfortable or try to squeeze in a workout between classes. Athleisure is back again for another season, and I am so excited to sport some fun printed leggings everywhere from running errands to the yoga studio. As a result, wearing cute workout clothes might inspire you to come up with a workout routine for the semester.

Denim, red, athleisure, loafers, and mules are just a few of this fall’s biggest trends. Fashionistas can even combine multiple trends in one outfit! I’m thinking a red blouse, your favorite jeans, and a great pair of mules.

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3 Small Ways to Rock Fall’s It Color

We now find ourselves at the start of another season, and with that season comes new trends. While spring and summer were ruled by millennial pink, fall’s It color is red. This hue can sometimes be intimidating to wear head to toe like millennial pink, especially when you’re heading to class. The key to pulling off this shade with ease this season is incorporating it in small ways for your everyday looks. These three tips may be subtle, but you’ll be looking like the street style stars on campus in no time.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

1—Paint your nails

Nail polish is always a great way to incorporate a color into your look. It’s also an easy way to test drive a shade before wearing it in the form of an accessory or a piece of clothing. Just grab your nail file, a base coat, your chosen red—my favorite is a bright, fire engine hue—and a top coat and paint away.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

2—Swipe on a red lip

This is another easy and quick way to add some red to your look. This is by far my favorite way to add some of fall’s It color to my neutral wardrobe. The great thing about this method is that you can tailor the lip product to your liking. I personally enjoy a matte lip, especially for the fall and winter, but reds come in everything from glosses to stains. With so many options, you’ll be able to find the perfect product for you.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly


By far the easiest of the three ways, accessorizing is a 10-second way to add red to your jeans and T-shirt uniform. I’ve been obsessing over a pair of boots from Zara, but jewelry, bags, scarves, and belts can also add a pop of color to your neutral looks.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

The great thing about these three tips is that they can all be combined in one look. Just be sure your shades match so your look doesn’t clash.

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The Color Every It-Girl Will Be Wearing This Fall

As the school year kicks off, it’s time to overhaul the free-spirited summer wardrobe we worked so hard to perfect and transition into something a bit more fall-season refined. But how do you turn heads on the first day without looking like you’re trying too hard?  Don’t worry, a few pops of color are sure to do the trick, and we’ve got a color scheme that’ll put your color-phobic closet to shame.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

After New York Fashion Week it became evident that Power Red was officially the color of the season, thanks to Givenchy, Max Mara, and Fendi’s fall 2017 ready-to-wear collections. And while the undeniably bold hue continues making a comeback both on and off the runway, our confidence is at an all time high because of it.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Incorporating bright primary colors into the mix is a surefire way to scare away the back-to-school blues and keep your look more interesting than ever. Whether you commit to subtle beauty pops, like a red lipstick, or dive deep into cherry bomb monochromes, your hint of rebellion will indefinitely be swoon-worthy.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

While black will always be our ride-or-die, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and rise to the occasion in color. Devote this semester to getting comfortable in the uncomfortable—both in fashion and your personal life, because pushing through fear and challenges is where you’ll find the courage to grow and where you’ll surprise yourself the most.

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Fashion Girls’ Favorite Fall Color Will Surprise You

From color-blocking to graphic embellishments, sidewalks everywhere are overflowing with youthful, brightly colored looks. Industry insiders are putting away their usual all-black ensembles and stepping out in unique denim, accessories, and coats. Although the typical vision of the It girl includes an all-black ensemble and major attitude, it seems as though this same It girl is evolving into someone who won’t allow her style to be limited by traditional expectations set on her by the industry. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

When thinking about this re-imagination of what street style can look like, color is key. Last year we saw the rise—and continued reign—of millennial pink, but this fall, It girls are going to be pushing the boundaries by wearing powerful shades of red. Whether it’s leather, faux fur, or Chanel-style tweed, get ready for your Instagram feed to be flooded with the fiery hue.

This up-and-coming trend follows the large amount of red-centric looks seen in some of last winter’s major runway shows such as Givenchy, Fendi, Max Mara, and Armani. Showing up on boots, coats, and other accessories, the color red got fashion lovers excited for fall. They made such an impact in these shows that industry insiders have even dubbed it the “color of the season.”

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Never fear, Fashionista/os. Embracing the color red is definitely not just reserved for fashion A-listers. Harness the power of red to pack a punch on your campus this fall. Try ditching the sweater and riding boots model and step outside of your comfort zone. Use bold colors to create contrast with solids, wear a bright red lip, or experiment with accessories to join the ranks of fashion girls everywhere trying the hottest trend of the season.

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Earn Your Stripes With This Timeless Design

Stripes first began in Medieval times evoking symbols of darkness and evil. Only those who committed unspoken acts were doomed to wear the design. Criminals, prisoners, clowns, and hangmen were all seen wearing stripes and continued to throughout history.

Fast-forward a few centuries to the Queen Victorian era of the late nineteenth century. Stripes were reborn for the use of the royal family. From the family’s beach obsession and yacht activities, stripes became associated with sailors and have since been a nautical design.

Decades later, Coco Chanel then adopted the navy and white striped look in the early twentieth century. Inspiration struck her from the stripe-usage in the French Rivera. Navy and white stripes were then pretty common in her chic designs.

Post Chanel, ranging from the ’50s to today, stripes have been a classic design. They work well with everything and are appropriate for every occasion. Stripes are timeless and considered the new basic white T-shirt. They are a definite must-have and can be worn various ways.

Is the idea of horizontal stripes appearing to widen your figure true?

In my opinion, the answer is false! While it’s true the eye follows the movement of the design, it, in fact, does not appear to stretch your figure. Call it a mind trick; it is more of a distracting optical illusion than an unflattering design. Waldo wears stripes for a reason.

If you love stripes, own it. In truth, this really goes for anything you want to wear. An outfit works best with confidence!

Stripes are seen on any garment, and range in all different line weights. The design is very versatile and will serve looks in any predicament. Dress stripes up for a professional meeting, or relax in a more laid-back striped shirt and jeans.Stripes can be worn in any season! Rock stripes with denim for the summer and fall.

Mix bold stripes with bold accessories.

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How Your Matching Matters

It’s already mid summer now, what are you waiting for? Take out all your cute tops and shorts and put them on! But wait, before you take out your clothes from the closet, there’s something you need to know: matching matters!

I’m not saying that you should wear the same color for your tops and pants, but to focus on details—that’s what makes your look special. Stripes are an element that will never be outdated, but it doesn’t have to be black and white. White stripes on red color is a good choice. Dark red goes with any color, especially jeans. The bodysuit shown in this Insta is a good example. Since the top is the focus, the bottom should be simple, so it won’t make the whole look jumbled.

Now, the choker is the soul and the matchy-matchy part of the look. The top’s front is very open, which makes it look like something is missing. But a choker can make everything better. It compensates the emptiness of the front part. A black choker would be classic, but a red one can bring a fresh element to the look and also match the top.

Another great matching element of this look is the sunglasses and bracelet. The sunglasses have a frame that is red and green. The bracelet is the color of the Italian flag, which also has red and green elements. It’s a striking match of colors which attracts people’s attention. At the same time, it’s not a big chunk on your wrist that may disrupt the unity of your look.

There are so many different and cute clothes to wear in summer. But to make yourself stand out from the crowd, the right color is essential, as well as the details like matching your color.

What’s your favorite way to match for the perfect statement piece? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Must-Have Makeup Products for Summer

As the days continue to get hotter and hotter, it can be a pain to find a lasting makeup routine that can handle the constant sweat that plagues us all throughout the day. Not only do you want your makeup to stick around for hours, but summer is also a time to have bronzed, glowing skin. Here are four products you need if you want to beat the heat and shine all summer long.

The first product, one that has recently dominated the beauty scene, is highlighter. Highlighter is the stuff that is responsible for radiant, glowing skin. I have tried both powdered and liquid highlighters and have been most impressed with the liquid version. A great, high-end liquid highlighter is Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops but for those of you who are “ballin’ on a budget”, I would recommend Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid. Liquid highlighter can be used by mixing it with normal face foundation to give a subtle, all over glow. This is perfect for the summer because as long as the sun is shining, so is your skin. You can even blend liquid highlighter on top of your foundation in specific “highlighting areas”, such as your cheekbones, for extra glow.

Summer is the time to be bronzed and beautiful. Even if you don’t have the time to lay out by the pool or hit the tanning salon, bronzer is the makeup product that will always be there for you. It’s the one thing that can give you a kissed by the sun look in just seconds. You can even use it to do a little bit of contouring. Bronzer is the best way to achieve the look of effortlessly flawless skin.

Another huge trend for the summer is the color reddish-orange. I had been contemplating how to incorporate it into my wardrobe for quite a while when I came across the most perfect shade of lipstick: Lady Danger by MAC Cosmetics. Reddish-orange lipstick pops against a summertime tan and pairs well with simple makeup. You’ll be sure to turn heads without even trying in this fierce shade of red.

Now to pull the whole look together, it’s incredibly important to use setting spray. Setting spray is what holds your makeup in place throughout the day—keeping it fresh and streak free. You can use it both before you apply your makeup, as a primer, and after you apply your makeup to set the look. It gives your makeup the boost it needs, keeping your face hydrated and luminous even after several hours of wear and tear.

When looking for a great makeup routine that works for you, I find it best to try new things as much as possible so you can get a good idea of what you like and what you don’t like.

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How I Stay On-Trend with a College Budget

While in college, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to save every penny—literally. College is one of the most costly times of your life—it’s hard to shop and look trendy when you have to worry about paying bills for books, groceries, and tuition. I struggled with blogging about new trends and how they looked on my body because I couldn’t afford new clothing on a college budget. The other bloggers were always beating me to the race. However, now that it’s summer, and school’s out, I’ve mapped out five tips on how I’ve learned to master shopping as a student with a college budget. This plan has helped me save money for my upcoming semester while still being able to go shopping when necessary. I hope these tips can do the same for you!

1. Look through magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram

One of the biggest mistakes I often made before shopping was not having a plan. I now know the key to success is to read what my favorite bloggers are wearing and how those specific items fit on different body types. By studying the season’s top trends beforehand, you can save time when you go out. People can spend hours deciding if they like the trend or not and if it will look good on them; those decisions are what make the shopping experience so lengthy. Shopping can become stressful if you don’t know what you are looking for, and sales people can pressure you to buy what you don’t need. If this situation arises, it is helpful to know what trends are in and what trends are an absolute no.

2. Spend some time with your clothes

This is going to be your Carrie Bradshaw moment. Go in your closet and just be with your clothes. Go through what your favorite pieces are and what pieces you really don’t wear anymore. Do you have anything old that you can DIY to work into a current trend? Is there clothing that you never wear that you can sell to regular or virtual consignment stores? (I usually sell clothing to maximize my budget for shopping and use the app Poshmark app—it’s super user-friendly and I have had major success selling through there). Analyze what’s in your closet: do you have pieces that can stay in your closet for a while longer or can you throw them out? Finally, what’s your closet missing? Once you’ve gone through this, you’ll know what items you need to purchase.

3. Write a list

After you find out what pieces are missing in your closet and what pieces are on-trend, figure out what you absolutely have to have. Write out out all the pieces you want and then under the itemized list, write what you can wear that item with and where you’d wear it. Once you see all of the places you would wear the items and what you would wear them with, it is easier to decide if you really need it or not. The list separates the wants and needs for the semester.

4. Make a Budget

Think about what your budget is like for the summer. How much can you spend on new trends? Limit yourself to this number. Start researching what stores have cute-but-affordable versions of the piece(s) you are looking for. On that note, and importantly, hold yourself accountable to your budget—In the long run you’ll be happier with that little bit of extra money for an occasional Starbucks treat.

5. Go shopping!

This is my favorite step! Shopping shouldn’t be stressful. Grab some friends and enjoy it. If you love fashion then shopping should be one of your favorite activities. These steps will help you enjoy your experience more. I followed these few steps before shopping and never had such a successful, enjoyable shopping trip. In the pictures featured below are some of the pieces that I found necessary when shopping: embroidered jeans, a mini Coach purse, and a statement body suit. You may find something different, but these were the trends that fit best for my petite body shape. Remember if a certain item doesn’t fit right, do not settle! You can always go back for another trip and get the right fit for the right price.

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The New Red-Orange Hue Taking Over Summer

As temperatures rise with summer approaching, so has the temperature of the trending summer colors. One of the “it” colors of this season is a bright poppy red infused with just a hint of orange. The good news is that this color is easy to come by—not only in clothing and accessories, but also in everyday items that will only serve to spice up your life with this fiery color. Below are just a few ways to incorporate the color of red-orange into your summer aesthetic.

1—Shoes. As one of the easiest ways to incorporate this shade, shoes can make any color pop. What’s more, in suede, this shade is deepened and adds a level of luxury to a bright color.

2—Jewelry. Always serving as a simple way to add flair to any outfit, both red enamel or red thread in jewelry add a level of intrigue not always found with just metal tones.

3—Nail Polish, A great way to try this trendy red is with a nail polish. It can be a temporary way to try out a color before making a more permanent choice or investment.

4—Lipstick. Reds have always been a lipstick staple, but not so much with an orange twist. Try out this shade using NARS cult-classic shade: Red Square.

5—Fruits and Veggies. A healthy and fun way to embrace this trend is by changing the color of what’s on your plate. To find ethically sourced and fresh variety, check out your local farmer’s market selections!

6—(Virgin) Cocktails. Try a Bloody Mary, a raspberry lemonade, or a beat and carrot juice. There are so many unique drink and juice selections to enjoy. Next time you find a comprehensive list, try being adventurous by making your decision based on the color.

7—Glasses. From cat-eye red readers to glossy red sunnies, glasses are a perfect way to express your individuality while debuting the latest trends.

8—Flowers. Chrysanthemums, marigolds, poppies, oh my! You can even try branching out from the typical varieties and look at succulents as well.

9—Artwork. Covering such a vast subject, there are a million and one ways to incorporate this trendy red into artwork. Whether you buy it, go see it, or make it yourself, this hue of red is inescapable.

10—Sunsets. In the spirit of summer, make sure to find this hue in its most natural form one summer evening—preferably at the beach!

How do you plan on incorporating this hue into your summer? Make sure to tag @Cfashionista and show us on social media!

BEAUTY BAR: Built-In Beauty Products

Warm weather is finally here, and the semester is finally over. For my final article, I decided to write about this Fashionista whose look is chic, effortless, and perfect for the summer.

Lately, I haven’t been wearing makeup, mostly because the end of the school year is always crazy, and I cherish every moment of sleep I can get in the mornings. Now that summer is here, I’m even less likely to get dolled up because nothing is worse than foundation and mascara,sliding down your face in the heat. For this reason, I’ve been inspired by girls on campus rocking cute outfits and little-to-no-makeup looks.

This Fashionista’s outfit is comprised of four simple pieces. Her shorts are flowy and light (perfect for summer) with a lively red floral print. In order to tone down and ground the outfit, she matched the shorts with a simple black top with thin straps and scalloped neck and hemlines. Both of these are ideal for comfort in the heat and when paired, create a cheery, but relaxed vibe.

The shoes this Fashionista selected are a shiny pair of flats, a few shades darker than the red of her shorts. This serves as a nice contrast in color and adds some boldness to the look. The outfit is topped off with a delicate gold chain with a small blue gemstone. Chunky jewelry is uncomfortable for the summer, but simple pieces are an effortless final touch.

This Fashionista chose not to wear makeup. She instead focused on skincare—washing her face well in the morning and using a lightweight moisturizer. This gave her a fresh, glowy face and protected her skin from the sun rays. She used an SPF balm on her lips as well to counter the sun’s rays. Her hair is styled in a chic pixie cut, a style that can be hard to pull off, but that this Fashionista easily rocks. She let her slight curls be free, knowing that hair products, too, can be a hassle, and lead to inevitably deteriorating messes in the summertime.

Makeup is tons of fun to experiment with and to perfect, but, for myself and many other girls, the heat of summer acts as too much of a deterrent. So, my plan is to follow the lead of this Fashionista and rock two great style pieces this summer: confidence and a smile.