3 Must-Have Sunglasses Styles for an Oval Face

We often find ourselves buying a pair of sunglasses that we think will look nice, then later come to find out they don’t. It’s always good to know what face shape you have before buying a pair of sunglasses. If you are like me, oval face and all, then here are three sunglasses styles that work for oval faces.

Having an oval-shaped face it means a narrower forehead, high cheekbones, and narrower chin. It also means hitting the jackpot when it comes to pulling off just about any pair of sunglasses. Then, there are times where the sunglasses are too big or too small, making our faces not so attractive.

1—Slight cat eye style. With a slight cat eye style, not only will your face look slimmer but it also helps raise attention to your eyes instead of your chin. Due to our narrower cheekbones, a slight cat eye, or even a retro cat eye style, becomes a new favorite.

2—Half-moon round style. A half-moon round style is neither all the way round nor all the way square, it’s an in between. This sunglasses style is one of my favorites because it enhances all the right features. With a half-moon round style, not only will you focus more on the sunglasses, but also on the appealing features of your face.

3—Bring it around town round style. For a bring it around town round style, as I call them, these sunglasses are as round as they get. They often have a line across the unibrow area making the style edgier. This style of sunglasses goes with about any hairstyle as well as clothes. With its edgy style, there is no going wrong!

Next time you buy a pair of sunglasses make sure you know your face shape. If you are an oval shape, make sure to give these three sunglasses style a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Let me know if you give these sunglasses style a try in the comments below, as well as other styles you think I must try!

Beat the Heat With That Trendy Denim Skirt

We’re into some of the hottest months of the year with summer quickly going by. Before we know it, it’ll be time to head back to school… but we don’t want to rush that. I’m sure we’re all still in summer mode and so are our wardrobes. Considering that the temperatures continue to rise, we need to keep cool while also looking cool and of course, fashionable!

Have you noticed any ongoing trends this summer? I sure have… a ton of denim miniskirts and I’m actually a huge fan of this trend. Plus, denim is a staple piece in my wardrobe no matter what time of the year it is.

I’ve seen these skirts paired with many different pieces as everyone makes this trend look their own. I chose to pair my miniskirt with a lightweight, off-the-shoulder top, some retro looking sunglasses, and chunky heels. This outfit gives off a total throwback vibe and I was loving it! This outfit can be worn for many different occasions. I wore mine to a spontaneous concert in the city with some friends and got plenty of compliments on it.

This outfit can be worn for many different occasions. I wore mine to a spontaneous concert in the city with some friends and got plenty of compliments on it. Dress it up or dress it down; either way, this essential summer piece will have you looking like a pro-Fashionista all summer long. Not only is it a classic summer piece, but keep it in your closet throughout the fall as well and pair it with some boots or a sweater. Don’t have a denim skirt in your wardrobe yet…what are you waiting for? Go get one to keep the trend alive and look stylish while feeling like a real Fashionista.

Not only is the denim skirt a classic summer piece, but you can keep it in your closet throughout the fall as well and pair it with some boots or a sweater. Don’t have a denim skirt in your wardrobe yet? What are you waiting for? Go get one to keep the trend alive and look stylish while feeling like a real Fashionista.

How do you style a denim skirt? Share your photos on social media and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista! 

How to Curate the Perfect Vinyl Collection

Over the past few years, vinyl records have been making a huge comeback. Now, even Urban Outfitters sells them alongside various types of record players. If you too want to start a vinyl collection, but don’t know where to start, follow these simple steps to curate the perfect vinyl collection for you.

First thing’s first, what genres of music do you like and when do you find yourself listening to music? If you can narrow your search down to what you like, you will have an easier time sifting through the hundreds of records once you get to the shop. For me, I found that I typically go for the alternative rock and new folk genres. Also, I tend to listen to music when I am relaxing (in which case I listen to more calming music) or when I am getting ready for my day (which then I would listen to albums to help me wake up in the morning).

Once you know what you like to listen to, you can now begin searching for a local record store. By simply searching for “record stores in the area” on the Internet, you can find different stores nearby and spend a day exploring them to see if they have the records you are looking for. And trust me, you’ll want to spend all day looking through those records.

Next, after you’ve acquired the perfect vinyl collection, it is time to find a place to put them. There are many types of shelves, and racks that hold record players, speakers, and vinyl. But, if you don’t want to go that route, storing them in cute, little crates works just as well! Also, they are super easy to find, making it such a simple way to store your new collection.

At last, you can now turn your record player on and experience the new tunes from your collection. Enjoy!

What album is on the top of your vinyl list? Let me know in the comments below!

A Flare for Retro Visonaries

Festival season has arrived and you’re desperately scanning your closet to find the cutest outfit for your favorite slightly over budget music festival. Good news, you won’t have to look any further than your own closet or local thrift store. Take a page out of your mom’s college photo album, grab some vintage flare jeans, and turn it around to make the hottest boho chic throwback outfit. Take that, Vanessa!

Flare jeans have been out on the runway since spring 2015 after a long hiatus. I remember when they first came back in style. I never knew a pair of jeans could be such a taboo topic. People would talk about how they are not ready to put their skinny jeans in the back of the closet just yet. A year later, it became more mainstream. Every fashionable chick on the block was rocking a pair of flared jeans. Well, my friends, I am here to say that flare jeans are not over yet. I love the style so much I decided to bring back the flare for summer 2017. To style this look I am wearing American Eagle Outfitters flare jeans and a handmade crochet halter top from Etsy. It took me a while, but I finally said goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to a different kind of cut; flare jeans. These jeans allow for the breeze to ease the pain of being in the hot sun all day; there’s something your skinny jeans couldn’t do! Pair your flare jeans with a simple halter top keeping the ‘70s theme and you’re good to go! Watch as your retro style turns heads.

Now let’s talk accessories. Every festival look would be incomplete without the perfect accessories to go with it. I chose to pair my retro ‘70s look with a classic decade staple: tan leather. From the southern style double belt to the purse to the Michael Kors shoes, tan leather makes a comeback in my festival look. A gold layered bar pendant necklace, and a variety of Alex and Ani bracelets in gold and silver accentuate my look by adding a bit of contrast to the jeans and my crochet top. My black scrunchie gives me some ‘90s vibes, reminding me what decade I was actually born in. Seriously, ladies, scrunchies have saved my life at outdoor music festivals. Sunglasses are probably the most important fashion statement at a music festival so you want to make sure you’re wearing shades that will stand out in a crowd. These blue mirrored sunglasses cost me a total of $10 at a street stand in California. See, looking this cute can be affordable!

So before you head out and buy some ridiculously overpriced outfit to out beat Vanessa Hudgen’s look at your local Coachella-type fest, make sure you check to see what you have in the depths of your own closet first. You may have a hidden retro look you could pull off!

How do you wear your flare jeans? Sound off in the comments below!

How To Wear Gingham Without Looking Like a Picnic Blanket

Gingham is trending…no way? This is shocking news. It’s not like it hasn’t been taking over our closets, sidewalks, and Instagram feeds. (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

And while, yes, this print is literally everywhere thanks to retailers like Zara and every blogger to ever exist, that doesn’t mean it is always done well. Is it just me or does the sight of the red and white checks suddenly make you think of a picnic (and subsequently crave a sandwich)?

To ward off the ants and be on trend, take some styling tips from these Style Gurus’ latest looks. Not only will you get some major fashion inspo but you’ll learn that gingham can be bought almost everywhere and at any budget!

Gingham from Marshalls

Photo by @lovelyykelly

Gingham from Boohoo

Photo by @lovewiththelms

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @avayvay

Gingham from Topshop

Photo by @thatchiclex

Gingham from Shein

Photo by @emilyguz_

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @biancacanales

Gingham from American Eagle

Photo by @thatchiclex

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @queenhalpal

Gingham from Windsor

Photo by @briannarlowe

Gingham from LF Stores

Photo by @alliesarachene

Gingham from Aerie

Photo by @nicoleakerman

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @alliesarachene

Now that you have a lookbook of gingham inspiration will you be sporting the trend this summer? Let us know how you’d style it in the comments below!

How to Shop Vintage Like a Pro

When shopping for all things vintage, I like to ask myself three questions: Will I actually wear this? Can I turn this into something else? Is it worth the price? If I answer yes to at least two of these questions, I’m sold! It can be a little difficult to find great vintage clothing with all of the fast fashion retailers that dominate our millennial culture. However, there are still many people who enjoy a great hand-me-down for a steal.

Living in New York City gives me a wonderful advantage because of its large variety of vintage stores, many of which can be found in Williamsburg in the lower parts of Manhattan, and for the more upscale piece, the upper west side. A few of my favorites are Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co.

Another great thing about shopping vintage is that you can sell what you no longer wear and use the credit to get new pieces. Granted, you’re not going to get back what you purchased for it, but it’s better than nothing. One of my favorite finds came from Buffalo Exchange. It was a faux, off-gray sheepskin vest, and as soon as I saw it I fell in love, and for $8 I couldn’t say no. I try to make a trip every season to a few of the stores to recycle my old pieces and grab some fresh ones.

Let me impart some of my wisdom for shopping at vintage stores from one Fashionista to another. First, always bring an extra bag. You know—those cute canvas tote bags in the back of your closet. Second, look to see what the market is looking for. If you are going to sell your clothes, see what the store is buying so that you can maximize your profit. Finally, have fun! Look at new styles. You might surprise yourself and find something you love.

This Fashionista is rocking her amazing, pink hair and her outfit is 100 percent vintage. She got all her pieces from different stores around the city. I personally love the denim-on-denim look with pops of color. Pairing a great button-down shirt with a pair of jeans or cut-offs and chunky shoes can be the perfect summer outfit. The best thing about denim is that it can be dressed up or down. Leaving the shirt open gives a more casual, relaxed look. Having it buttoned and tucked can give a more put-together look.

Okay Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I have given you some tips and my favorite stores. Now it’s your turn! What are some of your favorite places to shop vintage? Comment below!

How I Created a Retro Throwback Look For Summer

As someone who lives in Seattle, the city known for rainy days and cold weather, I am excited that the sun has finally come out. It is time to bring out those skirts, shorts, and dresses that have been sitting in my closet for ages! Here, I want to show a summer outfit idea for those in need of an inspiration for creating looks for the warmer season.

Recently, I notice that retro fashion pieces are making a comeback, from oversize sunglasses, to tops with bell bottom sleeves. Therefore, I decide to create a retro vibe for this outfit. For me, I am all about small details. I am currently in love with this mesh black top from Brandy Melville. This tee has a ’60s and ’70s feeling and the sheer fabric puts a modern twist on it. The ruffled trimmings on the sleeves and subtle glitter set it apart from other black tops. It is a perfect piece to add to your summer collection. I wore a black crop top underneath the tee to show its cute strap designs. However, a black bralette works too!

Next, I pair the top with this plaid skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, a popular pattern for retro clothing and even for today’s fashion. The thing I love about plaid skirts is how versatile they are. For a casual hangout with friends, you can wear a comfy T-shirt and a pair of converse with this skirt. If you are going for a job interview, then you can style it with a dress shirt and high heels. Both would make cute outfits!

Finally, to complete the look, I choose these oversize sunglasses from Forever 21, an ongoing summer trend that gives a pop to your ensemble. I am more into simple and classic styles but if you are feeling a little more daring, then you can choose crazier shaped sunglasses instead!

I make sure that each of my outfits has a specific color scheme. For this case, I am aiming for black, white, brown and small hints of gold. I tend to lean towards dark tones but feel free to incorporate bright, cheerful colors to these types of looks. After all, it is about personal style at the end.

What kind of outfit inspirations do you have for the summer? Let me know in the comments below or show me in social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

5 Ways This Closet Staple Can Save Your Next Wardrobe Crisis

If you’re like me, you have more silk scarves than matching pairs socks. And even though you have a million and half of them, we usually just toss them around our neck or tie them to a bag and call it day. We often forget their power when styling an outfit.

Scarves are actually a great fix to what I like to call outfit block—that dreaded moment when you have a closet full of clothes but not a clue what to wear.  Here are five easy ways to spunk up a simple outfit using a square silk scarf.

1—Head bandana. Think Kylie Jenner in her Glosses commercial and Niykee Heaton in her “Bad Intentions” music video. Great for bad hair days and convertible cruisin’. All you have to do is fold the scarf into a triangle and secure it behind your head.

2—Shirt. Don’t have a top to wear? Fold a square scarf in half and tie in the back. You can secure it with safety pins to a strapless bra if you’re worried about it falling! This is a great festival and spring/summer party look and looks best when paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts.

3—Headband. Fold the scarf three to four times so that it becomes a long strip, then tie at the nape of the neck.  This look actually works great with your hair both up or down! Gives off boho ’70s vibes. Extra points if you pair it with bell bottoms.

4—Bag accessory. If the above looks are a little too much for your taste, or if you get tired of wearing a scarf on your head, this look is for you.  Simply tie it around your backpack or purse and let it do all the work. Chic and effortless.

5—Bandana. Finally, we have the bandana. You know what to do: fold in half and tie around your neck. Voila!

Shop the look:

I personally think that for this look, vintage is the way to go. It guarantees originality, supports sustainable practices, and is typically reasonably priced. The scarf used in the images above was purchased from The Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points for under $10!  However, if vintage isn’t your thing, here are some high and low price-pointed scarves you can purchase from the comfort of your bed.

Comment below what your favorite look is, and let me know if you have any other creative styling tips down below! (because your girl is always on the lookout.)

Your Summer Wardrobe Must-Have

Turn up the heat this summer in bold stripes! Ditch your plain white T-shirts for some bold stripes this summer! Solid colors are out this season and vibrant stripes are making a comeback. The trend is everywhere from clothes, handbags, and even shoes. From the runway to the streets of New York City and beyond, fashion lovers are bringing out the retro ’70s vibes this season and I couldn’t be more excited!

Stripes can transform your wardrobe and become that staple piece for you this season. The print comes in many shades and versatile styles. It can come in tons of forms from thin to thick lines, vertical or horizontal, and they are being made in almost any silhouette and fabric imaginable. When styling your striped pieces, think of where you are going. Stripes can be worn anywhere when styled for the right occasion. Wear a nautical striped pair of culottes for a stroll down the boardwalk or try out a satin striped maxi dress for a weekend brunch with your best friends.

If bright colors are not your thing, but you want to pull of this trend, then go and layer your pieces to tone down the vibrancy or go for bold lined stripes with muted shades. The possibilities are endless and what I love about this print is that you can wear it anywhere and look chic without having to spend hours trying to pair it with something in your closet. I used a striped tank top as a base for my denim overalls and it added the perfect hint of color to my outfit. Also, there’s no need to over accessorize, the print offers the right amount of flare to any outfit. Just grab your go-to handbag, sunnies, and mules!

What are you waiting for? Let us know how you’re going bold this summer in the comments below!

Through the Looking Glasses

Glasses were known for being nerdy and unpleasant, but times have changed, seems like glasses are now the new fashion trend. Therefore, to all my friends with astigmatism or 20/50 vision, we’re the cool kids. There are many unique styles of glasses that are currently in trend, let’s take a look through the looking glasses:


These clear frames are the latest frame in 2017! They easily go with any complexion and outfit due to the absence of color. As a result, it is important to wear light make up to not draw away from the frames when wearing this style of glasses. The glasses featured above are called Morning from EyeBuyDirect. They come in a size small with a fitted nose bridge and rounded lens.


Our next trend is well-known as the Harry Potter glasses. These spectacles are called “Small Chillax”. Black, rounded frames give a vintage and hipster look to outfits. These rounded lenses suit smaller faces and are a great accessory to professional clothes or that cute coffee date outfit. It has an adjustable metal nose bridge, which adds more comfort and uniqueness. Rounded lenses are an all-time favorite.

The final style are brow-line glasses. This style is the most famous style of glasses known for the square lenses and brow-line frame. Most noteworthy, these square frames are perfect for round faces to provide contrast to the face. This is a bold and retro look due to its frames and nostalgic look from the 50’s and 60’s. These glasses serve for an everyday look which is why many can say these are the iconic hipster glasses of 2017.

What style of glasses are you rocking? Share your favorites in the comments below!