Smell the Roses Because School Is Ending and Florals Are Trending

Hello fashion lovers of all walks of life! Whether you are strutting the runway, walking through the busy streets of New York, or strolling down your local farmer’s market, this summer’s latest fashion trends will surely accommodate you. I was on the lookout for what’s hot this summer (pun intended), and I found so many different trends! With that said, I was forced to narrow the list.

We can’t talk summer fashion trends without first going over beach attire. One-pieces are owning the poolsides and seashores of summer 2017! These stylish one-pieces I’m talking about are not like our childhood one-pieces we cringed to wear every summer as we yearned for the day that we could finally fill out our very own bikini. No, these one-pieces are surely not cringe worthy, but style worthy! They have a low cut on the side and a high hip cut to show off our bodies natural curves. All the while, it gives just the right amount of coverage; I call this the perfect balance.

Let’s talk colors! This season is about all things bright! I am talking pinks of every shade and yellows of every hue. This season’s colors are truly getting their summer vibes on!

Now onto my favorite part: patterns! This summer, patterns have taken center stage. There are stripes galore, polka dots for days, and florals forever! These looks are going to be the scene just about everywhere you go.

Not all of the fashion trends for summer 2017 are for everyday-wear, but if you are daring, I say go for it! After all, fashion is all about taking risks! One risky trend that stood out to me in particular were robes! Yes, robes are a summer 2017 fashion trend. I am serious guys; it’s all over the runways. Gone is the day that you have to spend hours getting ready just to buy your morning caramel macchiato with coconut milk. Now you can just roll out of bed, throw on your cute robe, and head over to Starbucks before the line gets too long. Now to truly pull this look off you need to dress it up with a statement piece necklace and a cute pair of heels. I did my own rendition of the robe look on my friend by incorporating a few of this season’s trends!

I want you all to give this daring look a shot and show me your rendition of the summer 2017 robe trend on social media! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Insta!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Slumber Party Chic

As temperatures drop and snow starts to sprinkle the ground, one thing stays consistent: my love for going out. I live for hitting the town and having a good time, and dressing the part. For a girls night out in the summer, spring and fall, I would usually wear a crop top and a pair of jeans with some cute sandals or booties—so winter is the most difficult season for me to dress for. When choosing an outfit for a night out, I like to be fun and stylish with the right amount of sexy, and for that I tend to take fashion cues from everyone’s favorite bad gal, Rihanna.

Whether it’s wearing sweatpants with heels or a mens dress shirt under a denim mini skirt, Rihanna is a bit of a fashion connoisseur. She is definitely a risk taker when it comes to fashion and you never know what she’s going to wear, but always know that it will be fabulous. 

My favorite fashion statement that Rihanna has rocked lately is the silk robe. It gives off a “slumber party chic” vibe, and I totally dig it.

I put my own twist on Rihanna’s “slumber party chic” and wore my robe with dark wash jeans and a low-cut black top. I took my outfit to the next level by wearing a pair of taupe thigh-high boots and accessorizing with a simple black choker. 

The best thing about this outfit is it can be worn during the day or night. It can be dressed down by substituting the boots with a pair of sneakers and a T-shirt. However you wear your robe, make sure to accessorize with a bit of Rihanna-level confidence, and you will slay all day!