Spice Up Business Casual and Style Your Silk Square Scarf Like a Pro

It can be intimidating to dive headfirst into the workforce after graduating college. It seems like everything is changing and the world is ready to see the new you! It’s finally that time to transition from interview ready to work week ready. As a fresh grad, this is your opportunity to take things up a notch by curating a few key pieces to enhance your whole wardrobe.

It seemed like just yesterday you were stressing over the perfect interview outfit, but keeping a steady look going week after week can be a whole other ballgame. That’s right, just because we are entering the workforce doesn’t mean we have to leave style behind. Don’t get stuck in a cycle of mundane outfits and find your stride in business casual. Set the tone for a good week and stay polished day after day.

It is key to dress the part and doing so consistently requires accessories! The combinations are endless when you find key pieces that work for you. It may seem scary in the accessories section, but starting simple will keep things versatile and allow you to experiment. Implementing accessories will diversify your closet and open a plethora of possibilities. Use accessories to your advantage by giving a simple pairing some depth or just put the finishing touches on one of your favorites! You can keep it low-key or elevate your outfit that expresses your specific taste. Learn how to create a professional, yet personal, look with just one scarf!

Square silk scarves have been a fashion icon across space and time. A staple for many, the square scarf is one of the most versatile accessories around. Simple, yet so significant, the square scarf can refine any look while still keeping things feminine. The square scarf adds elegance and grace to any look: in the hair, around the neck, or even on your handbag. They are an easy way to incorporate color, pattern, and personality to accessorize your simple outfit without worrying that the trend will fade.

Who said ties are just for men? My favorite way to wear the silk scarf is with a collared button down. This look can be flirty and playful or more boyish; it’s up to you! This fold creates a layered look while showcasing different portions of the pattern that ripple down both sides and is more dynamic than the traditional suit-and-tie.

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Meet the Square Silk Scarf—Your New Favorite Accessory

Have you ever felt like your outfit was missing something? Like you needed just a pop of color but didn’t know where to add it? Look no further, the square silk scarf is your new best friend. There are so many fun ways to incorporate the accessory into your wardrobe, but after plenty of experimenting, I’ve found the three best ones to make your outfit pop!

1—Headband. Simply wrap the scarf into about a two-inch section on the diagonals to make it as long as it can be, then tie it around your head. I like the tie to lie in the back, but for a more fun, casual look keeps the knot in the front and tuck the ends. This look goes great with ponytails, buns, and even braids and adds that extra pop of color your look has been craving!

2—Bag tassel. If you’re tired of using the same old bag, this one’s for you! Tie the scarf around the top handle of your bag, or just tie it on the strap like I did to give new life to your favorite purse. You can also change up the color of the scarf to go with different outfits, totally on trend!

3—Necktie. All you have to do is tie the scarf on the diagonal to get the most length out of it and wrap it around your neck. You can always adjust the knot to make it tighter or looser for a different look every time. The messier the better! Let the ends hang out to make it more like a bandana. Add a few necklaces and layer up, or just rock it on its own like I did. The necktie is the fastest way to add a chic touch to any outfit!

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Brighten Up Basics for Back to School With These Fun Accessories

Small details can make a huge difference in first impressions. They can take an outfit from basic to unique in less than a minute and won’t cost you a fortune. For college students, this is one of the most important things. Whether you’re heading to college for your first or last year, be sure to make the impression you want with a few key accessories.

The basic uniform—an outfit that can be worn on a daily basis with staple pieces as its key components—has become more trendy in the last few years. Although I don’t rock the exact basic uniform every single day, I have curated a few key items over the past few seasons that show up in many of my outfits.

For this outfit, I chose my favorite white T-shirt, high-waisted black jeans, black slides, and an oversize jean jacket. Sounds pretty bland, right? However, this outfit can easily be taken from class one day to a coffee date the next. The trick is to change up the statement accessories. Try to choose trendier accessories like colorful scarves, statement necklaces and earrings, and fun purses to complement the basics in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some wild color into these pieces. If you’re not a fan of color, choose accessories in neutral colors that will contrast the pieces they are closest to.

Don’t forget that the placement of accessories can be extremely important. If you want to accentuate a specific part of your body, choose accessories that draw the eye to that area. Conversely, if you want to distract attention from any part that you are self-conscious of, choose accessories that draw the eye closer to the face. Certain accessories can also create illusions on your body. For my long neck, I chose a short scarf to break up the length between my neck and chest.

Finally, don’t forget to include your favorite jewelry. This season, I have been loving large hoop earrings. To keep everything cohesive, I made sure to match my gold earrings to the gold hardware on the purse.

What are your favorite stand out accessories for this fall? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Be sure to keep us inspired for back to school by sharing your favorite looks with @CFashionista on social media.

3 Summer Pieces to Beat the Heat

Spending over two months in Italy for my study abroad has made me quite good at dressing for the heat. On any given day, the temperature in Florence hovers around 95 degrees. And that’s just on average—I’ve experienced highs of 106 in abominable humidity that makes you feel all kinds of nasty.

It’s hard enough just to survive in this heat, let alone stay stylish. When I was still getting used to the weather here, I turned to basic T-shirts, tanks, shorts and even workout gear to stay cool. Those who know me know that I’m not a fan of minimalism, so it was extremely hard to give up my usual colors, accessories, and textures in order not to pass out or be completely soaked in my own sweat. Over time, however, I’ve found ways to bring back the elements I love into outfits that will still keep me cool. Whether it’s through accessories or fabric types or just one really smart piece of clothing, these three pieces are proof that fashion and function can go hand-in-hand.

1—Bandanas and neck scarves. These come off as restrictive but are truly hidden gems. A bold print like the one on my Urban Outfitters UO Steer Skull Bandana ($8) makes a basic outfit instantly vibrant. You can mix up the prints as well as the way you tie them, and each combination will produce a different result. I have three others in red, black, and blue pinstripe (it might be an obsession). Plus, they’re great at catching sweat. Just make sure it’s 100 percent cotton!

2—Printed rompers. This Choie’s Blue Cut-Out Back Bohemian Romper ($15) is pretty much the whole package: it’s colorful and beautifully printed, it’s 100 percent cotton and features an open back, and and it’s just one piece of cloth to put on and take off. The print also allows you to go bra-free (which is truly the best feeling in the world on a scorching hot day).

3—A good graphic T-shirt. When styled correctly, a T-shirt will allow you to stay comfy, cool, and fashionable. I’m a huge fan and collector of street brands, so I always love incorporating streetwear into my outfits. This Stussy 8 Ball Flower Tee ($49) is 100 percent cotton (seeing the pattern yet?) and is super versatile for any style. For an edgier, tomboy look, I paired the T-shirt with crinkled drawstring shorts, striped socks (a staple for every season!), and white Vans Old Skool Canvas Trainers ($55). To soften up the look, swap out the shorts and the sneakers with an embroidered skirt and colorful lace-up espadrille sandals.

These three pieces are just a few of the essentials that help me beat the heat every day and have saved my style this summer. What are some of your beat-the-heat summer pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways to Wear a Scarf as Your Go-To Accessory

Choosing accessories can be frustrating and overwhelming. But when used correctly, the right accessory can instantly transform your look. Because of the plethora of possibilities, I once completely avoided this extra step. But accessories are like the cherry on top of a perfect outfit and should not be missed. I have found the most simple and effortlessly cool accessory of them all: scarves. Silk, linen, polyester, floral, striped, paisley—this go-to accessory presents itself in a variety of forms and styling possibilities.

1—Headscarves. This may be my favorite form of this versatile accessory. Not only do they cover up a bad hair day and protect your locks from the elements, headscarves can instantly add a classic feel to any outfit that can make you feel like a 1950s Hollywood actress. Who knew you could sport this accessory in so many ways without looking like Little Edie from Grey Gardens! Tie one on your head as a bandana, headband, or turban.

2—Neckerchiefs. Tying a scarf around your neck can transform a boring look into a glamorous outfit. Endless options exist for wearing your scarf around your neck. Let it hang, make a bow, an ascot, or a knot. Adding a patterned scarf can instantly create a look that is out of this world.


3—Belts. The functionality of scarves is never ending. Tie your favorite scarf through your belt loops and instantly cinch your outfit with a pop of color. This usage can be a true outfit saver, both functionally and aesthetically. Remember this for the next time you can’t find a belt that goes just right with your look.

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How to Pull Off Denim on Denim

When styling denim, a question that often comes to mind is “Can I pull off denim on denim?” The answer is absolutely; anyone can sport this trend without resembling Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous red carpet look circa 2001. With the popularity of coordinates in the past seasons, incorporating denim has only added an element of effortlessness and minimalism. Style icons such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have made all of our denim dreams come true. If you ever had the Canadian tuxedo on your list of fashion faux pas, consider proofreading because denim on denim lives on.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

This fabric has an unmatched versatility that gives us Fashionistas the opportunity to pair it with just about anything. Double denim works best when the denim is nearly identical because it gives the impression that the outfit was a set, intended to coordinate. I paired a dark denim button up with a darker washed pair of distressed jeans in order to go for a more deliberate pairing. Tucking in my shirt brings closure to the differing fabrics, bringing the look together. To avoid the look of drowning in denim, accessories are key. Denim on denim thrives when juxtaposed with contrasting tones, so include a printed purse or a statement belt to keep the look alive!

I opted for a printed, silk scarf to add a pop of color and a touch of trendiness. The silk scarf is knotted into a headband, giving the outfit Rosie the Riveter vibes. If you prefer more muted prints, bandanas are a trendy accessory that doubles as a headband and a scarf. Hats, jewelry, and glasses work just as well when making the Canadian tuxedo look less subdued. To finish off this look, I added a taupe pair of suede slip-ons that accentuate the colors in my scarf. This mule inspired shoe adds comfort and ease to this summer ensemble. Denim falls into all of the categories that we are loving this season: athleisure, brunch attire, and beach days. The choice is all yours, Fashionista, but if denim on denim is wrong, I do not want to be right!

Is denim on denim a trend you’ll be rockin’ this summer? Let me know in the comment section below! If you deem your Canadian tuxedo Insta-worthy, don’t forget to tag @cfashionista!

Blast From the Past—How an Old Accessory is Making a Comeback

The latest fashion accessory? It’s not mules. Nope, not mesh. No, it’s not vintage sunglasses either. Belts are back. The great thing about this new trend is that there is not one particular style—buckle belts, skinny belts, high-waisted belts, or your non-traditional belts such as scarves, chains, flannels, and corsets are all great options.

Whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt, or a dress, a belt is a perfect accessory to top and complete your look. I decided to style this girly, polka dot romper with some ’90s-inspired grunge belts. The difference in sizes and styles add variety, but the black, silver, and chains add enough unity that the three pieces complement each other nicely.

Neck scarves don’t have to be only tied to your neck! Why not tie them to your waist? By using a square neck scarf as a belt, you get a unique look that offers a difference in texture and pattern.

For the final belt, I transformed an old flannel into a belt. Often times, I find myself tying flannels around my waist, so why not DIY a flannel shirt only into a belt? Just cut the sleeves portion and use that to tie around the waist. That way you still get the cute look of a flannel, but you don’t get the bulge from the rest of the shirt in the back.

Since belts are an accessory, they are cheap enough to grab a couple! Show off your own look and style an outfit by adding a belt (or two). Make sure to post a photo on Instagram and tag @Cfashionista!

All the Fashionistas Are Replacing Their Chokers With This Accessory

This past year, the most popular trend for accessories has most definitely been chokers. They have been seen everywhere from on the street to on the runway, styled in lots of different ways. But this summer the choker trend is taking a back seat to the bandana.

Many Fashionistas have dropped their staple black velvet choker for the feminine touch of a bandana. The idea of using a choker was to turn a boring outfit into a much more stylish outfit. People are using bandanas in a similar way, taking a basic outfit to a different level. Bandanas add pops of color to outfits, like how this Fashionista used a bandana to liven up a simple outfit composed of a plain shirt and jeans.

While chokers are great, they just do not have the same vintage, summer vibe as the bandana. Bandanas have a feminine feel to them, and you really cannot go wrong with the color choices. Add a yellow one to a white sundress and you are ready for a picnic. Use a red one to make you stand out in your all-black outfit. They hold endless possibilities, like using them as headbands or tying them onto your purse.

Get ahead of the curve and pick up a bandana! Pair them with trendy, retro oval sunglasses this summer and you will be set. Bandanas are the easiest way to make your wardrobe more fun as well as on trend.

If you try accessorizing with a bandana, show us on social media! Make sure to tag us @CFashionista. 

3 Unique Ways to Turn This Winter Staple into This Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

Tired of wearing the same old crop top that everyone seems to be sporting this season? Want to stand out in the sea of off-the-shoulder shirts? Why not be a little adventurous? Summer is here, honey. Be free. Be bold. Be different. Wear a scarf as a shirt!

That’s right, you can wear a scarf as a shirt. And it looks super cute. Revisit your fall/winter wardrobe and revive those lonely scarves! Here are three ways to wear this winter accessory for the summer that’ll have heads turning and eyes envying.

1—The halterIs it a scarf or a chic bodysuit? Nobody’s the wiser with this style. To get this look, you’ll need a long skinny scarf. Simply drape it on your neck as usual. Then, tuck the ends into some high-waisted bottoms and you are good to go.

I decided to use a striped scarf that gave off mod ’60s ad agency office vibes. I paired it with some vintage high-waisted striped jeans to play with the pattern-on-pattern trend. Then, I threw on some cat-eye sunglasses and satin slides to complete the ’60s theme.

2—The knotThis style is perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. You could use a square scarf or skinny scarf depending on the length of the knot you want in the front. Wrap the scarf around your back and tie the two longer ends together in the front to form the knot. If the ends are long enough, you could turn this knot into a cute little bow if you please. For a square scarf like I used, fold it in half so that it makes a triangle before tying the knot so you have two long ends to work with.

When styling this scarf, I fast-forwarded a decade from the first look. With the floral print, wide leg jeans, and fringe on the sandals, this ensemble is very ’70s-inspired.

3—The bandana. Is it the fourth of July yet? This is the perfect Americana look for chilling on some grass or sand and watching fireworks. Just take a pick from your plethora of bandanas, fold one into a triangle, tie a knot in the back and voila! You’ve transported yourself back to the ’90s. Everyone was wearing this in those days. Although, if you’re my age you were probably too young in the ’90s to be prancing around in just a scarf for a shirt.

That’s why I had a sense of accomplishment when styling this look. I can finally wear this trend without needing mom’s consent. I paired my rebellious red bandana with a vintage denim skirt and some denim slides to complete the red, white, and blue ensemble. Don’t forget the western style belt for an added touch of country.

How would you break the mold? Show us how you styled your scarves on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista

4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Biggest Accessory

If you’re as Pinterest and Instagram-obsessed as I am, then you have probably noticed how ubiquitous the humble scarf has become. Scarves are no longer reserved for the likes of Fred and his Scooby Gang, or air stewardesses; they are everywhere, and I am completely in favor. Continue on for my four favorite ways to wear this retro-inspired look. Each iteration of the scarf has it’s own specific vibe and voice as a fashion statement.

scarf around neck

Around your neck (á la ascot) has been the primary look featured on many prominent fashion icon’s necks, and a key catalyst in the miniature scarf’s revival. Tying a square of fabric around my neck and calling it fashion felt daunting at first, but the longer I wore the paisley patterned piece the more I liked it. There are two different ways to sport this neck warmer: folding the scarf into a single long strip and tying to one side or another; or more neckerchief-style by folding it about half-way through the scarf, passing one end over the other in the back, and tying it in the front. I will warn, however, that the kerchief look requires a longer scarf, and this blue one wasn’t long enough to execute that style.

scarf bracelet

My next look is much more open to interpretation. How you choose to tie your scarf is entirely up to you. For this look, I chose to tie mine similarly to the kerchief style. You could easily change this up, however, and tie it plainly (folded into a triangle) around your upper arm, in a long strip around your wrist or upper arm, or even around your upper thigh. I think of this style as an alternative for a bracelet or anklet. So style it thusly and have fun with it!

scarf purse

By far, the easiest of these looks is simply tying your chosen scarf around whatever bag you are carrying that day. Bonus points for coordinating with your outfit—although a pop of contrast color is always a good choice. Tying your scarf around the handle of your bag is the classic choice, but depending on the thickness. of your scarf, and the structure of your bag, the options are endless. You could replace the zipper pull, tie a nice bow on the hardware of your bag, or even DIY your own bag handles!

Scarf headband

The last look idea I have for you all is the popular headband look. Scarves as headbands are so popular that they make fake ones that allow you to skip the actual knot tying. This look is extremely easy, so I only have a few tips for you. First of all, careful not to tie your hair into the knot! Also, off center is always a better look in my opinion; I tend to position my knot on the side with my part. This tends to balance out the hairstyle better.

I would love to see any looks inspired by this article, and I’m sure everyone else at CollegeFashionista would too! Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.