3 Ways to Wear a Scarf as Your Go-To Accessory

Choosing accessories can be frustrating and overwhelming. But when used correctly, the right accessory can instantly transform your look. Because of the plethora of possibilities, I once completely avoided this extra step. But accessories are like the cherry on top of a perfect outfit and should not be missed. I have found the most simple and effortlessly cool accessory of them all: scarves. Silk, linen, polyester, floral, striped, paisley—this go-to accessory presents itself in a variety of forms and styling possibilities.

1—Headscarves. This may be my favorite form of this versatile accessory. Not only do they cover up a bad hair day and protect your locks from the elements, headscarves can instantly add a classic feel to any outfit that can make you feel like a 1950s Hollywood actress. Who knew you could sport this accessory in so many ways without looking like Little Edie from Grey Gardens! Tie one on your head as a bandana, headband, or turban.

2—Neckerchiefs. Tying a scarf around your neck can transform a boring look into a glamorous outfit. Endless options exist for wearing your scarf around your neck. Let it hang, make a bow, an ascot, or a knot. Adding a patterned scarf can instantly create a look that is out of this world.


3—Belts. The functionality of scarves is never ending. Tie your favorite scarf through your belt loops and instantly cinch your outfit with a pop of color. This usage can be a true outfit saver, both functionally and aesthetically. Remember this for the next time you can’t find a belt that goes just right with your look.

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Neck Scarves—The Best Summer Accessory

You can wear neck scarves a multitude of different ways without a whole lot of effort. However, are they still as popular as they once were? Maybe, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them all the same!

While neck scarves don’t seem to be as big of a trend this summer as they have been in the past, they are still one of the best summer accessories. They are an inexpensive way to step up a summer outfit. You don’t have to add a jacket that will warrant perspiration, or shoes that will break the bank and break your ankle. Who says we can’t have it all while not sweating to death or ending up in the hospital? (I kid, I kid). Don’t miss out on this easy trend that will make any dull summer outfit bright and lively.

Personally, I have just started getting into the trend, and I am loving it! It’s the perfect summer detail, especially if you’re a fan of chokers (which I definitely am). You can rock neck scarves to a casual brunch, or to one of the many music festivals happening this summer. Neck scarves come in various price ranges—from $10 at ASOS to $185 silk Gucci scarfs from Nordstrom. You don’t have to give an arm, a leg, and your firstborn for the perfect summer accessory.

I enjoy a good popped lip. Here, I have combined a nice red lip with a red paisley scarf, gold hoops, and a leather jacket to heat up my simple black dress. With the summer heat, you may want to forego the jacket altogether. Make sure to wear what you are most comfortable in!

What accessories are you using to style your summer outfits? Let me know in the comments below.

The Vintage Trend I Stole From My Mom’s Closet

The best trends are always the ones that make their way back from years past. Adding the right “vintage” accessory is the key to making your outfit stand out. One particular trend I’ve been noticing more and more is neck scarves. Neck scarves were a popular item of the ’50s and have trickled in and out of the style scene ever since. I wanted to try the scarves out and see if I could work them into my own ensembles. So, I thought what better place to look for a vintage accessory than my mom’s closet? This is what I found:

She had a bunch of different silky little neck scarves for me to choose from: a floral scarf, a white scarf, a cheetah print scarf, even a bandana type scarf. For this, I had to give the woman some style points. So now the question was, how do I pull it off? I soon realized, and what I love most about these little scarves, is that they can be worn in so many different ways depending on the type of style you identify with. It all depends on the details. For example, I created a simple, chic look by pairing a little gray scarf tied in a knot with jeans, a long coat, and heels. If you wanted to go for an edgier look, you could try a bandana tied around the neck paired with any kind of leather garment and some hoop earrings.

Next, I tried tying a scarf with one corner hanging down, a way that almost reminded me of an old western movie. I added a hat to the look and felt vacation-ready.

For my last look, I got a little bit of my inspiration from the movie Grease and a little bit from Kendall Jenner. I pulled my hair up, added some red lips, some sunglasses, and tied a sheer, floral scarf around my neck.

It’s so hard to find a trend that works for every single person but this simple little accessory is so versatile, you could fit it in to just about anyone’s wardrobe. So, with that, try taking a peek into your mom’s closet and you might be surprised at what you can find. The best part is, it’s free!

What’s your favorite vintage accessory? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Unique Ways to Turn This Winter Staple into This Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

Tired of wearing the same old crop top that everyone seems to be sporting this season? Want to stand out in the sea of off-the-shoulder shirts? Why not be a little adventurous? Summer is here, honey. Be free. Be bold. Be different. Wear a scarf as a shirt!

That’s right, you can wear a scarf as a shirt. And it looks super cute. Revisit your fall/winter wardrobe and revive those lonely scarves! Here are three ways to wear this winter accessory for the summer that’ll have heads turning and eyes envying.

1—The halterIs it a scarf or a chic bodysuit? Nobody’s the wiser with this style. To get this look, you’ll need a long skinny scarf. Simply drape it on your neck as usual. Then, tuck the ends into some high-waisted bottoms and you are good to go.

I decided to use a striped scarf that gave off mod ’60s ad agency office vibes. I paired it with some vintage high-waisted striped jeans to play with the pattern-on-pattern trend. Then, I threw on some cat-eye sunglasses and satin slides to complete the ’60s theme.

2—The knotThis style is perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. You could use a square scarf or skinny scarf depending on the length of the knot you want in the front. Wrap the scarf around your back and tie the two longer ends together in the front to form the knot. If the ends are long enough, you could turn this knot into a cute little bow if you please. For a square scarf like I used, fold it in half so that it makes a triangle before tying the knot so you have two long ends to work with.

When styling this scarf, I fast-forwarded a decade from the first look. With the floral print, wide leg jeans, and fringe on the sandals, this ensemble is very ’70s-inspired.

3—The bandana. Is it the fourth of July yet? This is the perfect Americana look for chilling on some grass or sand and watching fireworks. Just take a pick from your plethora of bandanas, fold one into a triangle, tie a knot in the back and voila! You’ve transported yourself back to the ’90s. Everyone was wearing this in those days. Although, if you’re my age you were probably too young in the ’90s to be prancing around in just a scarf for a shirt.

That’s why I had a sense of accomplishment when styling this look. I can finally wear this trend without needing mom’s consent. I paired my rebellious red bandana with a vintage denim skirt and some denim slides to complete the red, white, and blue ensemble. Don’t forget the western style belt for an added touch of country.

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4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Biggest Accessory

If you’re as Pinterest and Instagram-obsessed as I am, then you have probably noticed how ubiquitous the humble scarf has become. Scarves are no longer reserved for the likes of Fred and his Scooby Gang, or air stewardesses; they are everywhere, and I am completely in favor. Continue on for my four favorite ways to wear this retro-inspired look. Each iteration of the scarf has it’s own specific vibe and voice as a fashion statement.

scarf around neck

Around your neck (á la ascot) has been the primary look featured on many prominent fashion icon’s necks, and a key catalyst in the miniature scarf’s revival. Tying a square of fabric around my neck and calling it fashion felt daunting at first, but the longer I wore the paisley patterned piece the more I liked it. There are two different ways to sport this neck warmer: folding the scarf into a single long strip and tying to one side or another; or more neckerchief-style by folding it about half-way through the scarf, passing one end over the other in the back, and tying it in the front. I will warn, however, that the kerchief look requires a longer scarf, and this blue one wasn’t long enough to execute that style.

scarf bracelet

My next look is much more open to interpretation. How you choose to tie your scarf is entirely up to you. For this look, I chose to tie mine similarly to the kerchief style. You could easily change this up, however, and tie it plainly (folded into a triangle) around your upper arm, in a long strip around your wrist or upper arm, or even around your upper thigh. I think of this style as an alternative for a bracelet or anklet. So style it thusly and have fun with it!

scarf purse

By far, the easiest of these looks is simply tying your chosen scarf around whatever bag you are carrying that day. Bonus points for coordinating with your outfit—although a pop of contrast color is always a good choice. Tying your scarf around the handle of your bag is the classic choice, but depending on the thickness. of your scarf, and the structure of your bag, the options are endless. You could replace the zipper pull, tie a nice bow on the hardware of your bag, or even DIY your own bag handles!

Scarf headband

The last look idea I have for you all is the popular headband look. Scarves as headbands are so popular that they make fake ones that allow you to skip the actual knot tying. This look is extremely easy, so I only have a few tips for you. First of all, careful not to tie your hair into the knot! Also, off center is always a better look in my opinion; I tend to position my knot on the side with my part. This tends to balance out the hairstyle better.

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STYLE GURU STYLE: Show Off Your Personality

For me, accessories play a huge role in my outfits. It’s a way for me to a make simple, yet essential white or off-white blouse and a pair of blue jeans a bit more interesting. Accessories are a way to revamp your look by adding your own personal touches and character to your outfits.

In order to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, I like my outfit to show off a bit of my personality. I’m almost always wearing my turquoise ring and my Mati or evil eye bracelet. They both are signature accessories of mine and have sentimental value to me. They aren’t too bold which makes them a subtle way to show off my personality.

Sometimes I like my accessories to all correspond to a certain theme, other times I like to have an organized chaos of a mix accessories with various styles. I’m definitely not a minimalist; however, I don’t know if I would identify as a maximalist. I do follow Coco Chanel’s advice, “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory,” yet I still tend to over accessorize.

I’m a huge fan of any type of jewelry; however, jewelry is not my favorite accessory. Scarves are by far the best accessory. They’re so versatile; you can wear them in an almost infinite amount way around your neck, as a shawl, headband, turban, sometimes even a skirt or a shirt. There is a reason why the French have several names for the word scarf. Scarves can be a very expressive way to show off your personal style.


STYLE ADVICE: The Transition Team

The weather in Toronto is extremely confusing this time of the year; one day it’s warm enough for a light jacket, and the next requires a parka suitable for a trip to the deep freezer. This often leaves me wondering: what pieces are ideal for both spring and winter weather? The answer, of course, is the transition team.

Transitional pieces make it easy to update our wardrobes according to the weather. This Fashionista puts many of these key clothing items to the test.

Scarves are perfect for keeping us warm in the winter, and can add life to a lackluster outfit on a spring day. But, this multipurpose magician of an accessory can also be used in the summer as a bathing suit cover. It’s clear that no matter how you choose to wear your scarf, it all depends on one variable: The weather.

The leather jacket also plays a key role on the transition team. It’s completely unpractical for cold temperatures, and can be too warm for a spring day, allowing it to fall right in the middle of the equation. A leather jacket goes with almost everything, and can give an outfit a bit of added edge. So, it never hurts to add it on top of an ensemble if the temperature outside is questionable.

This Fashionista chose to finish off her outfit with a pair of booties. Hers are incredibly modern, and the see through heels are playful, in a way that’s very… transitional.

Whether the weather is hot, or whether the weather is cold, remember that there are some items that you can wear almost all year long.

WHAT TO WEAR: Looking Ducky As Ever

The transition from winter to spring tends to be one that makes people the most anxious and frustrated, especially when it comes to what to wear. As I was walking across campus, I saw this outfit and thought it was perfectly balanced for our western Pennsylvania weather.

A simple quarter-zip sweatshirt and vest go together like two peas in a pod. The sweatshirt provides you with enough warmth to not have to wear a winter jacket, and a vest not only accents an outfit, but also serves as a windbreaker. To add to these items, a blanket scarf is a trendy cherry to top off your look. They are incredibly warm, but can be easily taken off, so they don’t hinder your focus (too much warmth is a setup for napping mode).

Another part of this outfit that I love, is the school-spirited baseball cap. These are a go-to for those windy mornings, when you have a bad hair day, or just don’t feel like doing your hair. A solid cap like this helps bring out the darker tones that are within the scarf and quarter-zip while helping the overall flow of the look. The last, but definitely not least, asset is the shoes. Duck boots are trending and very popular among college students this year. They are great for rainy days, but some also provide a lining inside which makes them warm enough to wear all winter long.

Whether its windy and raining or snow flurries in March, this look will help you get to class in a warm but fashionable way.

4 Choker Styles for the Modern Day Cher Horowitz

Chokers have been making a comeback for a while now, the popular ’90s trend is seeing a resurgence in both formal and casual wear. Most fast-fashion stores are beginning to carry a variety of styles of this necklace trend, letting you ditch the tattoo choker from your childhood for an upgraded look. With an overwhelming amount of styles to choose from and many DIY options, there a few versions of this trend everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe!

For myself, layering necklaces has become crucial part of my everyday look and chokers are the perfect addition to any assortment of metals and styles. Check out below the newest additions to my collection that have been key to both my day and nighttime looks and get some accessory inspiration! The choker trend is definitely not going anywhere any time soon, so why not try out different styles for spring?


A shift away from tattoo chokers, metal chokers pair well with other necklaces that may already be in your collection—making them great for a layered look. Whether you dress them up or down, having gold and silver pieces are always great additions to any collection of jewelry.


Lace is perfect for a night out if you want a change from your usual velvet chokers. Whether you want to go bold with a larger piece or add a more minimal accessory, these pieces are vampy and elegant at once.


A familiar Instagram favorite, the rhinestone-studded choker is definitely a statement piece to add to your wardrobe. Pairing it on its own with more neutral clothes will let the necklace stand out on its own—its all the glitz and glamour you need for a night out in one choker!


While not chokers per se, the ascot has also been on the rise! This trend is a different take on the same style, and creates a gorgeous look whether for day or night! Fold your scarf on a diagonal and tie it however you wish—it adds from texture and pattern to any everyday look.

What’s your favorite style of choker for spring? Show us on Instagram by tagging @CFashionista!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shades of Gray

It’s getting to the point in Toronto where everyone just throws on as many layers to avoid frostbite, meaning jewelry often gets left on the back burner. This Fashionista’s dainty little rings and adorable baby pink watch is what caught my eye. This was unusual, considering most people are consistently moisturizing their hands and shoving them into gloves at this point in the winter.

The word that came to mind with this Fashionista’s jewelry choices was “fresh.” These delicate rings paired with the super cute baby pink watch give off spring vibes. This Fashionista stacked the gorgeous leaf pattern ring under the stunning gray moonstone birthstone ring to complement one another. The chain of leaves pattern on the lower ring are a nice little reminder of the spring to come, or perhaps even a little piece of fall to hold onto. Reminders of good weather through fashion are the best pick me up on a dreary or chilly day. Any fresh little detail, whether it be spring pastels, florals, or delicate, is an easy fix for a casual winter outfit.

This Fashionista paired her cute accessories with simple black jeans and a bright white turtleneck to keep warm. No winter outfit is complete without a thick, neutral blanket scarf to pull it all together. This cozy gray scarf breaks up the black and white pieces and adds texture to this simple outfit. The scarf particularly complemented the super rad gray tips of this Fashionista’s Rapunzel hair and the earthy gray within the moonstone ring. From head-to-toe the gradients of black, white, and gray work together to make a simple but chic outfit.