5 College Girls Get Real About Apartment Roommates

College is all about making lifelong friendships, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate the social scene once the days of orientation and residence halls are over with. As a disclaimer, I do still live in on-campus housing. If it means trading total freedom for loosely enforced quiet hours and the occasional floor meeting, I am putting off paying actual rent for as long as possible. I live with three roommates in an apartment with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two double bedrooms. It is also a ‘wet’ building, so it might as well be a full-fledged apartment without dealing with the hassle of a New York City landlord.

Living with roommates is difficult as you progress through college.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

As we progress through college, whether living on-campus or off, it becomes a major challenge to meet new people and adjust to living with new roommates. Although you might think having an RA who makes you fill out roommate agreement contracts is a pain, it really is comforting to know there is someone to go to if problems arise. Getting older though, the disagreements are no longer just minor annoyances about alarm clocks and unmade beds, but instead, they are often about washing pots and pans and keeping the bathroom tidy. To combat anxieties about getting along with roommates in an apartment, I’ve gathered some advice from some of my most trusted friends on their best tips and tricks for a successful year.

PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

1—Communication is key.

“My best advice is being open and honest right off the bat. Don’t let anything that’s bothering you fester, just have open communication with everything upfront.” -Lauren, ’18

2—Make cleaning a habit.

“Clean a little each day so that you’re not left with a huge mess at any given time. This way, there are never marathon cleaning sessions being done by any one roommate.” -Katherine, ’18

PHOTO: Anna Coke

3—Always be considerate.

“I think the most important part of sharing an apartment is being considerate. In the kitchen, for example, being aware of what you use and making sure you’re keeping things clean is a great way to avoid conflict between roommates.” -Annie, ’18


4—Take advantage of the extra space.

“If you’re going to be up late doing homework, go into the common room to do it that way you don’t disturb your roommate who can sleep. Also, everyone has pet peeves about kitchen, bathroom, and how they like things kept, so before living together, make a list of this so everyone is aware of them.”  -Gabriella, ’18

PHOTO: Daisa Harris

5—Ask before you host.

“One of my biggest pet peeves is roommates assuming every hour is social hour. I think a great rule of thumb is to always ask before inviting friends over, as you never know who might be studying or heading to bed.” -Antonia ’18


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10 Ways to Cope with the New Semester Blues

We’ve all felt it: that anxious pit in our stomachs as we transition from the carefree days of summer into the jam-packed school days of a new semester. How will I manage to finish all my schoolwork while also planning for post-grad life and maintaining a social life and keeping up with my extracurricular activities? Even if I can do all of that, how will I keep my sanity?

So, I’ve compiled a list of 10 great ways to deal with the new semester blues that’ll help you de-stress whether it’s your first semester of college or your last!

1—Perfect your bedroom décor

First, whether you live in a dorm or commute from home, make your bedroom a calming space by taking the time to add décor that inspires you, whether it’s twinkling lights, fluffy pillows, or pictures of your friends and family!




PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

2—Organize a super cute planner

Planners don’t have to make you feel super stressed out! Check out a store that you like and see if they have any planners that motivate you, or choose a plain notebook and totally customize it!

3—Go on adventures in your city

Before classes pick up, take the time to go on a few spontaneous adventures in your city. It’ll be a fun way to kick off the semester, and it’ll be perfect bonding time with new roomies or friends you haven’t seen over break.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

4—Link up schedules with your friends

Compare schedules with your pals, so you can figure out the perfect time to grab lunch or hit Starbucks together.

5—Set goals

Make this semester your semester by writing down a few #goals you hope to accomplish. Then, go out and make them happen!


PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

6—Make time to journal

While your mind is on overload, you should take time to unleash your thoughts into a journal, or paint or draw if that’s more your style.

7—Unwind with music/movies

If the stress of imminent classes sets in, then plan a movie night with your girls or simply pop in your headphones and unwind to your favorite songs.

8—Update your wardrobe

Go on a back-to-school shopping trip or simply re-purpose some clothes you already have; a fresh wardrobe will have you feeling ready to take on the new semester in style.

9—Cleanse your life of negative vibes

Negative friends? A toxic relationship? A major or extra-curricular activity that totally stresses you out? Then leave those behind! Start off this year on your terms, leaving anything that weighs you down in the past.

10—Take care of yourself

Finally, put yourself first! Schedule time to eat right, get enough sleep, and be active. Most importantly, have fun, because you have your whole life ahead of you to work; college is a time to enjoy yourself, find out who you are, learn, and grow.

How do you deal with the stress of a new semester? Tell us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

4 Easy Ways to Start the Semester Off Right

Summer is over, and classes are back in session. As much as I would love to still be spending hours at the beach or staying in my pajamas all day, I have to change up the pace. Starting the semester off right will better the chances for a productive and a less stressful school year; here are a few tips to help get back into the swing of things!

1—Get organized and stay organized

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

Let’s be real, we have all gotten a planner or calendar and only used it once before finding it again at the end of the semester in the bottom of a drawer. Start this semester off by not only getting a planner to map out your days but organize your space as well. Creating a more relaxing environment can help you take on every task that comes your way.

2—Balanced diet

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

You can’t be great if you don’t feel great! I often use the excuse of being too busy to prepare a proper meal or eat more than once a day, but maintaining a balanced diet will allow you to have more energy and fuel your productivity. Remember to stay hydrated; water is an essential part of your diet.

3—Set a sleep schedule

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

College can get hectic, resulting in some serious sleep scarifies (procrastination can have a lot to do with it). Setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it will keep your body on a routine and ensure that you are well rested. If you stay organized, procrastination won’t win this semester, and you can focus on your beauty rest!

4—Don’t forget to have fun

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

Yes, school can be stressful, but don’t forget to have fun too! Pencil-in fun days with your girls or even some one-on-one time. “Treat yo’ self” to a day out with your friends or a relaxing day of self-care with your favorite skincare products. No matter what mood you’re in, it’s always important to schedule-in some regular time to unwind and enjoy!

What are some additional good habits to practice this semester? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Things College Taught Me About Friendship

We all know how scary college is. One thing that can make the experience less frightening is finding some great friends that will stick by your side through it all. College taught me a lot about friendships. Here are a few of those lessons.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

1—You’ll meet many friends

Throughout your college experience, you are going to meet a lot of people. You will also get the chance to meet a lot of friends. There are so many people on campus for you to meet and become friends with. Between the residence halls and your classes, you are bound to meet at least one person that you want to consider a friend!

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

2—Don’t jump into friendships too quickly

Last spring semester, I met a couple of people who I swore would be my best friends forever and ever. When fall semester rolled around, I was not on speaking terms with those people. It is not like we had a falling out and were angry with each other—it just sort of happened. People get busy, move off campus, or you don’t see them as often. It’s always sad, but it does happen—and that’s okay.

PHOTO: Layne Miller

3—Don’t be scared to talk to new people

Sometimes, you might just be overthinking it. I have had moments where I really wanted to talk to someone, but I was scared to. Then, after talking to them, I realize that they were amazing and wanted to talk to me, too! Whether you mention their cool headphones or their cute backpack (like this one), a compliment is always nice—not to mention a great conversation starter!

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

4—Getting involved is a great way to make friends

This semester I decided to get involved in my school’s welcome week for new students.  I have created a bond with them that I probably would not have had I decided to skip out on this program. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Joining student organizations will help you find people who have the same interests or maybe even major as you.

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

5—Friends come and go

While you may make many new friends that you hope to be friends with forever, sometimes friendships do not last. It is not a bad thing, that is just how life is. So, if you make friends with someone who later ends up disappearing from your life, do not be sad about it. Instead, appreciate the time you got to spend with that person.

Do not be scared about whether or not you’ll make friends in college. Chances are you’ll make many. Just get out there and be the best you!

Featured photo by Kenia Viezcas.

7 Backpack Essentials Every College Student Should Have

Don’t you just hate being unprepared for school? As much as we like to joke that all we need is a pencil and one notebook, there’s something about being unprepared that makes us uncomfortable—we try to avoid it as much as possible. I’ve got you covered with seven backpack essentials that will carry you through the school year.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

1—Chapstick/lip gloss

This one’s a no-brainer. Don’t you just hate it when you don’t have chapstick so you have to lick your lips instead? I know, gross. Make sure you always have some chapstick or lip gloss in your backpack.


This is also a necessity, and lotion gives you soft hands throughout the day. 

3—Hand sanitizer

There are germs everywhere, so hand sanitizer comes in handy all the time especially when eating food.


I didn’t realize the beauty in having earbuds when walking to class until a couple weeks ago. It’s great to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook as a way to get your mind together.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

5—Snack and water

We all love food and get hungry, but with all the schoolwork and extracurricular activities, sometimes we forget to eat. Having a snack handy is always a must, and with this summer heat still in full play, you can’t forget to have water. Water bottles like this can keep your water nice and cold for hours!

6—Small journal

I don’t know about you, but things are always flowing through my head. It might be due dates, reminders, quick poems, or drafts, but I like to have a small journal in my backpack so I can jot down my thoughts. 

PHOTO: Anna Coke

7—Pen and pencil

Don’t be that kid who forgets to bring a pencil and pen to class. My rule of thumb is this: make sure you have enough pencils and pens for yourself and one other person. Not only will you be prepared for class, but you’ll also be helping someone else out.

What do you absolutely have to have in your backpack? Let us know what your backpack essentials are in the comments below! 

Four Backpack Essentials to Keep You Going This Fall

As I pencil in the last available spot in my planner, it is evident that the school year is in full swing. Packing my schedule with classes, assignments, club meetings, work, and yoga classes leaves me perpetually on the go. Having a perfectly packed bag with all the right essentials is necessary to survive a day that starts at 5:30 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. Here are my top backpack essentials to make it through the semester.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

The Perfect Pair of Headphones

Headphones are essential for tuning out the multitude of different sounds and maintaining focus while studying in your dorm, at your favorite local coffee shop, or at the student union. While living in a college town is great for going out, the distractions make it nearly impossible to stay on track when work needs to be done. Always keeping a pair of headphones makes it easier to get work done no matter where you are, even if it is just 15 extra minutes toward that chapter assigned for your American government class.

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

Colored Pens

This may seem like a silly tactic, but I always carry a variety of different colored pens. Why? Researchers think that color-coded notes can increase efficiency in learning. Furthermore, color-coding notes during class requires greater attention to detail. Forcing yourself to focus on what color pen to use for different materials requires further analysis instantly, as well as a greater level of focus. Get more out of your class time by utilizing colored pens.

PHOTO: Jordan Wissert


A Planner 

Always, always, always keep your planner with you. Professors often make last minute announcements as class is getting out with a change to the original date for assignments, study session times, and department events. Ensuring that you always have your planner increases your ability to remember those announcements. After all, you are proven to remember something better if you just write it down.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski


Healthy Snacks

Y’all, the freshman 15 is real. Staying healthy on a college campus is not always easy when your meal plan options include Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and Steak ‘n Shake. Not only does keeping snacks provide you with well-rounded, healthy options, but it also allows you to skip those long lines in the cafeteria. Keeping snacks handy will keep you ahead of your busy schedule and fueled for class all day long.


What are your backpack essentials? Share with us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood This Semester

A new year means new trends, new friends, and a fresh start for most people. But let’s not kid ourselves, by October you can find students weeping over a burrito bowl wearing the same sweatshirt they’ve worn for the last two days and a to-do list that’s a mile long. Trying to keep up with academic, financial, and social responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed and undervalued. Over the years, I’ve established some go-to tactics to shake off the stress.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Sweat It Out!

We just established that you have a million things to do, so how will you have time to hit the gym? Relax. Going for a slow jog around the block, doing some yoga on your porch, or even going on a bike ride with a friend will release endorphins to boost your mood.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Treat Yo’ Self

Tom Haverford had it right. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Once a week, take the time to do something just for yourself. It could be ordering in your favorite takeout, making yourself an utterly enchanting bubble bath, or buying the pair of cute booties you’ve been eyeballing since July. Even taking just a little time to focus on something other than your projects will make you feel much better.

3—Say Goodnight.

Getting enough sleep during the school year is a challenge all on its own. But going to bed at a reasonable hour is a major key. Have you ever had a day filled with brain farts where you could never focus on a task or struggle finding the right words when you’re having conversations? Just like your MacBook when you have 1,987 tabs open, your brain gets overworked. And when it does, you’re more irritable, less focused, and in turn more stressed. Have some warm tea, listen to your favorite John Mayer song, and hit the lights.

PHOTO: Anna Coke

4—Reprioritize and Organize.

I used to hate that my mother made me organize my room and my schedule religiously, but because of that I did well in school and was able to tackle a heavy schedule. Taking the time to organize your private space really does wonders for your stress. An open, easy-to-navigate environment (with maybe a nice candle or two) is proven to boost your mood. Figure out what tasks are most important and what things you can wait to accomplish so you can allocate your time more wisely.

PHOTO: Emily Truong

5—Tune it out.

Music is such a great way to lighten the mood and boost productivity. Spotify has loads of great playlists perfect for any occasion. I could listen to John Legend and no matter how moody I am, I’ll feel a million times better. Build a playlist for your study sessions or even just to listen to around campus. Listen to new artists and don’t be afraid to experience new genres.

What are your favorite mood-boosting tips? Share with us in the comments below or on social media by tagging @CFashionista.

5 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Back-to-School Routine

The phrase “back-to-school” either excites you or fills you with dread. Personally, I enjoy the shopping and organizing, but not the shove back into reality of hitting snooze at 7 a.m., scrambling to prepare a lunch, and rushing out the door with socks that don’t match. From the night before to the morning of and throughout the day, the following five tips and tricks will help you adjust to and master the first few weeks back.

1—Preplan your outfit

This is my tried and true back-to-school hack. Checking the weather and laying out your ensemble before bed can save you anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour in the morning. Too many times have we fallen victim to trying on an outfit and then changing countless times because “something doesn’t look right.” Try on different options the night before, and then fly out the door in record time the next morning. In need of fashion inspiration? Click here to see back-to-school looks for days (after you’re done reading, of course).

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Start waking up earlier

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a morning person? For some, going cold turkey—by suddenly waking up early after a summer of sleeping in—might work, but for me, a more natural progression is key. When back-to-school commercials start popping up, I know it’s time to start turning back the alarm clock. Begin by trying to wake up 15 minutes earlier every day for a couple of weeks. By doing so, you can go from a 10:30 a.m. wakeup time to 7 a.m. with ease. (Just make sure to also adjust your bedtime accordingly.)

PHOTO: Anna Coke

3—Pack your own lunch

This tip is a three-in-one. By packing your own lunch or snacks, you can save time, money, and eat healthier. Standing in line on campus can eat up (no pun intended) valuable study time. Opting for that cream cheese bagel might be delicious, but it shouldn’t cost five dollars and leave you hungry a half hour later. Take the time to research recipes and ideas, then head to the grocery store. Preparing your own food for the day becomes an invaluable asset as workloads get heavier.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

4—Get organized

Personally, I prefer to keep my to-do’s on my digital calendar and notepad. However, I completely understand the preference of physically making lists and crossing off finished tasks. (Plus, those day planners sure are pretty.) Whatever your preference, what matters most is that you get organized from day one. Recording all deadlines and exams as soon as they’re on your radar will make your back-to-school transition a breeze. Being ahead of schedule has yet to fail me.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

5—Give yourself a break

Last but not least, take breaks. When on-campus, I like to treat myself to the occasional coffee. Whether alone or with friends, somehow a warm cup of liquid seems to make everything okay (even if only for a few minutes). When at home, face masks and bubble baths work wonders to de-stress and put the focus back on you.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

How do you make your back-to-school transition a breeze? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below, and connect with @Cfashionista on social media!

Are Our Best Friends Our Soulmates?

The people who know me well know that I’ve watched all six seasons of Sex and the City too many times. Throughout high school, as a way of compensating for my nonexistent love life, I lived vicariously through Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. At times, I felt like I was part of the lives of the four best friends, and I learned more about relationships by watching the show than what was taught to me in my ninth grade health class.

PHOTO: Kenia Viezcas

One famous line that Charlotte York said has always stayed with me, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with?” However, I can’t help but wonder if this could go either way; are our best friends our soulmates or is our soulmate our best friend?

I recently found myself on a mediocre date which left me extremely pensive in the days following it. As much as I wanted it to go smoothly, I felt like I was with someone who wanted to be anywhere else but with me. I met my best friends in fifth grade, and in the 10 years since the start of our friendship, we’re constantly making each other laugh, and everything always feels so effortless.

I’ve yet to find a male soulmate, so at this point in my life, my best gals pals definitely fill that role. Of course as we get older we’ll get busier, fall in love, have children, start working, aging, and worrying. Unfortunately this will mean we’ll have less time for our friends, but the love we have for them will always remain the same.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your best friends? Let me know in the comments below! 

3 Back to School Looks Inspired by the ’90s

One of the things I love about fashion is that it is always evolving as trends are recycled and modernized. The ’90s are definitely one of my favorite fashion eras because a lot of my favorite shows and fashion trends were made during that time. I decided to create three outfits inspired by the ’90s that can be worn around campus!

1—Stripes and shortsThis first outfit is inspired by the crop top and stripes trend back in the ’90s. I wore a black and white striped crop top with a pair of vintage high-waisted denim shorts to cover up some belly. I finished this outfit by adding some black sandals that are not too high for walking around campus.

2—Plaid to meet youIn this next outfit, I wore a red plaid skirt with a white button-down. I added a large choker and fishnet stockings for a bold grunge feel. Finally, I wore chunky black boots that are easy to stomp around in on campus. The ’90s were all about the plaid and grunge look, so this outfit was definitely inspired by those trends.

3—Primary colorsWe all have those days where we are running late, so dressing up is definitely not on our check list. Being comfortable is number one on that list, so for this last outfit, I paired a red tank top with mom jeans to run around campus in. Then, I added an old watch so I can see the time during class. If you are feeling chilly, make sure to grab a plaid button-down or a jacket to cover up! Fashion is what you make of it because it is expressive to you personally and represents who you are. So, why not have fun with it?

Let me know in the comments what your fashion style is and what you are planning to wear this back to school season!