Five Steps To Identifying Your Personal Style

The term “personal style” has overshadowed “trends” quite recently. Personal style is exclusive to a person’s admirations whether it is clothes or beauty products. Surprisingly, we often notice that people find this topic intimidating. They’ll say, “I don’t really have a personal style.” The truth is, personal style is an irrepressible law. It’s there with you; you just have to define it. It keeps evolving with time, but it’s always there. Knowing your personal style is integral to triumph your fashion game. Here are a few steps to help you recognize your personal style and begin to define it.

 PHOTO: Lex Kelly

1—Understand your body structure

The foremost step to attain a niche with your outfits is to understand your body. Are you skinny or curvy? Are you curvy with a tiny waist? There is a way to dress every silhouette. For instance, horizontal stripes can make you look broad while vertical stripes will make you look comparatively petite. Also, a person with a petite waist should try to accentuate it and not hide it by wearing belted tops.

2—Examine your wardrobe

Your wardrobe speaks your personal style. Try to analyze which pieces you don’t wear from your wardrobe anymore. Figure out the styles and colors that have a majority in your wardrobe. Declutter your wardrobe accordingly and make a list of all the styles you admire for your next shopping spree. Make sure your wardrobe contains all the necessary staples for your style.

3—Follow trends that suit you

Every year, the fashion weeks define trends that will mark a statement in the following seasons. There will be trends that you like and trends that you would defy. You don’t have to follow the trends blindly, though! Always stay true to your personal style. For instance, we have seen Anna Wintour wear the same Manolo Blahnik pumps almost every day since they were designed for her. Many shoe trends come and go every year, but Anna is seen wearing the same style of shoe to fashion shows and red carpet events from the past two decades.

4—Find your signature accessories

Look for accessories that will uniquely define your style. You don’t need to buy bags and shoes excessively. Your signature accessory can be anything from bags, shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc. You have to make sure that this signature accessory will almost become your trademark. The ageless beauty, Angelina Jolie is known for wearing black. On the other hand, Gwen Stefani almost always wears a red lip. This is how these women have owned their personal style.

5—Identify your confidence cult

Always wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Identify the clothes in your wardrobe that would make you feel like they are your A-game. Your confidence will be your best accessory.

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Additional photos taken by Kelly Rogowski and Valerie Cammack.

How to Shop Local and Eat Local

As young professionals, it is important that we not only maintain a healthy lifestyle and give back to the community we live in. We are in the transformative period of our lives when we become independent and are contributing members of the economy. Make a positive influence by shopping and eating locally. I’m extremely passionate about shopping at local farmer’s markets for my food. I’m helping my community and developing a healthier lifestyle because of it. So slip on a pair of your favorite flat mules, throw on a cute kimono, and bring your straw tote because we are taking a trip to the market.

Shopping locally for your food builds community. I know the people that farm my food, and my money is not being lost in the corporate world. There’s nothing I love more than meeting new people and seeing their faces light up because I purchase their products and ask about their family business. It truly warms my heart knowing that I am supporting local families.

As I said previously, it is healthier for you to buy locally. Everything is fresher and has higher nutritional value. The people who you buy from can tell you exactly how it was grown and the process it went through to get to your straw tote. The more steps between you and the source of your food, the higher the risk of contamination.

Personally, one of my favorite benefits of shopping locally is that most of the time it is cheaper. I know this may be shocking to hear considering how expensive it is at the store. The truth of the matter is, it is cheaper (and healthier) to buy foods when they are at the peak of their season. I like to buy in bulk and throw them in the freezer so I have them for future seasons.

What do you love about shopping and eating locally? Leave me a note in the comments below!

5 Secrets to Becoming a Savvy Shopper

Affordable fashion is one of my absolute favorite topics to write about. Seriously guys, don’t you feel so good when you’re strutting down the street like it’s a runway in a $30 coat? I know I do. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes you love for prices that also rock.

As the proud owner of an affordable fashion blog and also a super saver, I will tell you, it can be done. In this article, I am going to give you my top five savvy shopping secrets so you can look sleek and slay all day but not break the bank

1—Go to the sale section first. Trust me, it is very tempting to browse around the store and stare in wonder at the beautifully dressed mannequins… but don’t do it. We’re in college and have to save our money for that emergency midnight coffee sesh! So when I’m shopping I always go straight to the sale section. You would be surprised what you can find in there.

I bought these jeans at Topshop for $16 while trolling through the sale section. I did rip them a little extra for personal flare.

2—Make a list of things you need. Then, don’t diverge from your list! If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, go and do just that. Don’t get tempted by the sea of BOGOs you’re going to have to swim through. Always keep your end goal in mind so you can save for a shopping spree later!

I bought theses sunnies at Urban Outfitters for $17.

3—Sign up for store emails. Yes, I totally get that an email a day from every retailer under the sun gets super annoying. However, every once in a while, getting word of a super sale that is coming up is so worth the full email box. I save a lot of my pretty pennies checking for that email, it just takes time.

4—Shop around the holidays. Labor Day sales are real! I definitely carve out a way to shop during that prime holiday deals weekend. Yes, the store may be crowded, but I promise you, if you bring a snack and a water, you can sit through any checkout line!

5—Do some DIY. So I bought my favorite pair of black jeans on sale for $25 at Gap. I ripped holes in the knee myself because every other pre-ripped pair I found was too expensive. Sure, you should practice a bit to get confident with scissors but as long as you take your time, DIYing is easier than it looks. P.S. I am the clumsiest person I know so if I can cut rips in my jeans, you can too.

These are the Gap jeans I was talking about.

How do you save when shopping? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Thrifting

If you are like me, fellow Fashionistas, you are someone who is always keeping an eye out for the latest trends. One major fad that you may have noticed, especially on Instagram, is the resurgence of the ’90s vibe and vintage clothes. This trend is high-waisted bottoms, vibrant colors, graphic T-shirts, brand names, and more. Because this style is from a slightly older era, I figured that thrifting would be a fun way to find trendy clothes for less!

I shopped at three different thrift stores during a period of seven days. I only ended up finding good stuff on five out of the seven days and at only two of the three stores that I went to (Plato’s Closet and Goodwill), but what I did find ended up being pretty rad. Here are some of my tips for first-time thrifters!

1—Take your time. Look through everything in the sections since things often aren’t always placed back in the right section. I wanted to find something to add to an all-black outfit for an upcoming concert. After about 45 minutes, I found an oversize red, black, and white flannel, completing my outfit!

2—Look everywhere. Clothes do not fit everyone the same so you can definitely make things work for you no matter what area they’re from! Also, clothes in thrift stores are often not in their correct sections. I ended up finding two of my favorite pieces of the week in the pants section! A red skort and a black and white flannel.

3—Try everything. Okay, not everything, but definitely try the things that catch your eye. You would be surprised how different types of styles and clothes fit you!

I looked in the Men’s section and found a ’90s flame graphic bowling shirt! I probably would not have picked this up on a usual shopping trip but it ended up being one of my favorite thrifted items!

4—Come back soon. Don’t be afraid to come back to the store the next day or a couple of days after because people do drop off new clothes every day. On my final day (after going 3 days in a row) I found an amazing item: the Adidas tear-away tracksuit bottoms that a lot of celebs have been rocking.

5—Wash your stuff. Clothes may be washed when they’re put on the racks but people do come and try things on and those items are just placed back on the racks. So wash your clothes as soon as you get home just to be safe!

How do you feel about thrifting? Can you see yourself incorporating thrifted threads into your style? Let me know in the comments below!

Vintage Isn’t a Thing of the Past

We have all noticed how trends come and go pretty quickly. But, they also have a tendency to be recycled and come back into style. This can be seen by the growing popularity of vintage stores, while styles from the ’60s and ’70s are becoming the styles of now. However, achieving these styles in an authentic manner can be a bit of a challenge. After many attempts, I’ve finally learned how to tackle those vintage stores to achieve the look of my dreams! Here are some of my do’s and don’ts of the vintage world.

1—Do research. When vintage shopping for the first time, this is the first step. You don’t want to go to a store looking for types of denim to discover it is only an antique item shop. Take some time to research vintage stores in your area to see which places are worth your time.

2—Don’t have a time limit. Vintage stores are tricky. You aren’t going to the grocery store expecting to find everything on your list. Discovering the right items takes time, and if you feel rushed, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

3—Do think outside the box. When you look at an item, don’t see it for what it is. See it for what it could be! A few DIY projects could turn an everyday item into an outstanding outfit.

4—Don’t get tunnel vision. It’s okay to have certain items you are searching for. But if you get too focused, you might miss out on some of the best pieces of clothing that a store has to offer.

5—Do get to know the store owners.  The more you talk to the owner, the better they will understand your style and help you achieve the look you are going for. Additionally, vintage store owners are a part of a network that includes tons of other store owners across town. They will give insight on stores you never would have found on your own!

Following these tips will turn the potential nightmare of tackling a vintage store into an enjoyable afternoon of finding your style from the past. Comment some of your favorite vintage store finds and then show us your style on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us at @CFashionista!

The Places You Must See in Brooklyn, According To Your Instagram Feed

There’s no denying that New York City is the fashion capital of the U.S.; so naturally, for those of us who dream of working in the industry, it’s the end-all, be-all place to end up post-grad. What no one tells you is how absolutely impossible it is for anyone to live there on an entry-level salary. Not only is rent shockingly pricey, but so is everything else. Basically, every after-work activity that us 20-somethings enjoy doing is outside of our price range. So where do us normal people live and hang out when you work in NYC but don’t have a six figure salary – or a salary at all (shout out to all the unpaid interns out there)? Help us, we’re poor.

Living in Brooklyn is moving its way up the where-to-live totem pole for Millennials and Gen-Zers stationed in New York. Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Fort Greene have all the cute photo-op spots, coffee shops, and under-the-radar vintage boutiques that the city has, all at a fraction of the price. While I’m aware that the occasional trip to Manhattan is a must, there’s plenty to keep you busy on the other side of the East River. Below, I’m spotlighting the best and brightest of Brooklyn, NYC It-Girls approved. 


Not into sifting through racks and racks of junk just to find one or two good finds at Goodwill or Unique? The Break offers a highly-curated collection of vintage pieces ranging from 50s dresses to 90s band tees, all at a reasonable price. Check out their Instagram for updates on sales and special events.

Where: 82 Dobbins St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


This massive restaurant-bar-outdoor escape is located a short walk from the Brooklyn Bridge and can satisfy every single one of your cravings whether you need a Sunday brunch spot, a quick coffee-croissant combo, or an after-work cocktail. Make sure to check out Freehold’s website to stay in the know on their daily deals.

Where: 45 S. 3rd St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


If you’re in need of a new brunch spot, you’ve found the right place. Sit out back in the outdoor patio or inside to enjoy the staff’s impressive music selection. Need another reason to check out Blessings Café? They host a Record Night every Wednesday from 8-10pm.

Where: 663 Flatbush Ave. in Prospect Park, Brooklyn


For those of you who crave the knowledge that you found something first—whether it be a trend, a designer, or even a new store (!!), Swords-Smith is for you. Founders Briana Swords and R Smith moved into Williamsburg long before it was the “it” place to live and wanted to create a space that held onto the Brooklyn they know and love. The inventory is ever-changing, but expect to see a range of designer rags from Samuji to MM6 Maison Margiela. Can’t make it to the store, check out their online website.

Where: 98 S 4th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Greenpoint has its fair share of vintage shops, but Mirth is at the front of the herd. Whether you’re looking for a fitted vintage suit for the office or the perfect pair of vintage jeans, I guarantee that Mirth should be one of your first stops. Coming from Manhattan? Take the ferry – the view is to die for.

Where: 606 Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


After buying way too much (in the best way) vintage from The Break, head around the corner to Dobbin St. Vintage Co-Op for even more. While the store also has vintage clothing, the real finds here are furniture. Say you’re looking to recreate Don and Megan Draper’s mod apartment or live in a Wes Anderson flick, Dobbin St. has something, somewhere that you’ll fall in love with.

Where: 37 Norman Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Not really an IMAX person? Check out Syndicated for a rather unique movie theatre experience. Whether your parents cut you off their HBO account and you need a place to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday or just want to see your favorite old-school flick somewhere other than your couch, Syndicated is the place to go. Keep up with their Instagram for what’s on the agenda.

Where: 40 Bogart St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn


Be “in the know” and go to Carthage Must Be Destroyed, which despite its rather intense nomenclature, is actually very pink and very aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for a place to go on a Saturday for a morning yoga class and post-sweat brunch, this is the place for you. Just downstairs is an equally lovely yoga studio, Like a Prayer Yoga. Basically, this is the place to be.

Where: 222 Bogart St. in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Any other must-sees in Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments below!

Here Are 3 Hacks for Creating a Chic Apartment on a Budget

Summer is swiftly coming to an end (I know, I’m crying too) and that means it’s back to school! In late August I will be moving into my first ever apartment with my four best friends, and I could not be more excited. One of my favorite parts about moving is getting to decorate a new space. This year, I wanted to create a more mature, grown-up space as opposed to my past dorm rooms. The only thing standing in my way was my ever-shrinking budget. Over the summer, I gradually collected things for our apartment. After all the hunting, I found ways to make an Urban Outfitters aesthetic out of a thrift shop price. If you love decorating and want a chic apartment but don’t want to spend a ton of money, look no further.

1—One man’s trash is your treasure. Thrift stores and garage sales are a haven for amazing furniture just begging to be repurposed. I found some adorable place mats, table cloths, and décor items at garage sales. I also found a coffee table that needed some love. With a fresh coat of copper spray paint, it looks like something you would find at West Elm!

2—Be creative. When it came to décor, I knew I wanted to try making things myself instead of buying them online. Using Adobe Photoshop, I made some graphic wall art. I printed six prints out at Office Depot for a whopping $2 and bought a few $2 IKEA frames to hang them on my wall. Additionally, I love using cheap plants that are easy to care for, like succulents and cacti. I finished things off with a DIY neon sign and some throw pillows.

3—Put money aside gradually. There were some items that I just couldn’t find in a good enough condition at a thrift store. These items like my dresser, desk, and bed were pricey and not something I could buy all at once. I put aside 25 percent of each paycheck to get each item gradually. It cost the same as buying it all at once but felt like a lot less since I took my time buying them. Let your space be a true expression of who you are inside. For me, I wanted it to be cozy, aesthetically-pleasing, and clean. What are the attributes of your perfect space?


Did you try any of these ideas? Tag us in your photos @CFashionista!

Thrifty, Nifty… Maybe a Day Over 50

In today’s world, we see that fashion often repeats itself. We strive to have the newest of the new and frantically search for last of its kind. But with thrift shopping, you can have both! Want to step up your wardrobe but don’t know how? Listen up, Fashionistas, because I’m about to share with you the secrets of getting that one-of-a-kind style!

Reduce, reuse, recycle—fashion. Thrift stores are where vintage meets modern. Combinations of decades all collide in one place making it somewhat timeless! What could be more fun than traveling through time, or in this case, traveling through clothing racks?

Unique items appear in thrift stores every day and go unclaimed. Maybe its because we haven’t been looking hard enough. Thrift stores can have a range of items from a cute knick-knack you hang on a wall to a pair of Gucci sunglasses. With thrifting, there is no limit. All sorts of brand name items end up in thrift stores simply because people don’t want them anymore and feel it’s time for a new owner.

One of the best parts about thrift shopping is finding great items at an even greater price. There’s nothing better than seeing that the fur coat you have been dying to have is 75 percent off! Take advantage of the sales and discounts. Thrifting can be the perfect solution to what you’re looking for without hurting your wallet.

The thrift store allows you as a buyer to get creative. Don’t like how that skirt fits? Try wearing it as a top instead. Be bold and show off your funky outfits. Basic is boring, don’t be afraid to pick out a few statement pieces. It’s the little details that make a huge difference. There is no right or wrong way to wearing something, you do what makes you feel good—even if it means getting out the scissors and sewing machine to transform one item into a completely new look!

Thrift stores are the key to hidden treasures. Each store is different, so it’s best to explore them all. Who knows, maybe you will come across your own missing artifact!

Have you found any hidden treasures? Show us your favorites on social media and be sure to tag @CFashionista.

This Shopping App Will Make You Forget Retail and Go Resale

Thanks to online shopping, I’ve become a self-proclaimed shopaholic (as if my overflowing walk-in closet wasn’t saying it loud enough). One of the top shopping apps I’ve grown very fond of is Depop, which is a community of sellers equipped with some of the best vintage and used clothing around. Think of it as an amazing online Goodwill. Mixing unique Depop purchases with retail pieces you already own gives you an enviable style completely your own.

This shirt from Depop won over my little art-loving heart. The shorts I’m wearing are cut from Eddie Bauer mom jeans. When wearing any bold article of clothing with bright colors, I like to take the color used least and utilize that color most when accessorizing. Consequently, this yellow alligator belt also purchased from Depop blends seamlessly with the yellow label of Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup can. The boldness of the outfit led me to finish off this look with some simple white cleated sandals.

When “shorteralls” (also known as short overalls) became a trend, I knew I didn’t want the same old bib overalls everyone else is wearing. I searched for “shorteralls” on Depop knowing I would more than likely come across what I was looking for. Although these overalls scream the ’80s with a promise that I’ll be turned into a modern day Kelly Kapowski, I managed to give these overalls more of a ’70s vibe. Aviator glasses, thin black turtleneck, long straight hair: I’ve reached full flower power mode.

Thanks to my Adidas obsession, when I saw this long sleeve Adidas shirt on Depop in perfect condition for just $12, I had to buy it. To achieve a better fit, I cut this XL shirt into a crop top. My general rule of thumb is to never be afraid to cut a shirt into a crop top. I paired this shirt with a trendy patchwork denim skirt for an athleisure look. For those breezy summer nights, I topped off this look with a pink denim jacket from Depop. I altered this myself, cutting off the hem of the jacket in order to create an exact replica of a sold-out jacket I had seen at H&M. Another rule of thumb I live by is that if you can’t afford it, make it yourself.

I think it’s important for people to keep in mind that brand names aren’t what make a look, it’s how you choose to style the pieces you have. This is why shopping apps like Depop are so great; people can shop rare vintage and used pieces that others won’t have and make them their own. You can keep history alive through clothing, and also keep tons of fabric from becoming dumped into landfills all over the world. We should all start shopping smarter not harder.

Let me know what some of your favorite vintage or thrifted pieces are in the comments below!

How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip With Your Girl Gang

The last month of summer is here, meaning it’s time to start ticking items off you and your girl gang’s summer bucket list before you part ways to your separate campuses. There’s no better way to spend these last few precious days than taking a day trip. Find a cool destination close to home, scout out fun things to do, pile in the car, and make a day out of it to ensure some of the best memories!

1—Choose a location and start Instagram stalking. The best day trip destinations are places that are only an hour or two away so you can jam-pack the day with as many fun activities as possible. Once the location and logistics are set, turn to the handy-dandy search page on Instagram and type in your destination. Insta-stalking allows you to find the cutest shops, restaurants, and photo ops you may otherwise miss. For me and my BFF’s day trip to Ann Arbor, MI, I turned to Instagram to find the most adorable café.

2—Consult the group message for the perfect #OOTD. The second any plans start to form, the first thought in every Fashionista’s mind is, “What am I going to wear?” I don’t know about you, but my group message blows up the night before a big day with pictures of possible outfits. For this outing, I paired a purple off-the-shoulder top with white pants. One of my friends wore an on-trend, DIY denim skirt, and the other paired a white T-shirt with pink linen pants.

3—When in doubt, brunch it out. My go-to day trip activity is always brunch. There’s nothing like a delicious brunch spread to fuel your big day. Plus, it’s nice to take a break and sit and chat with your girls before your busy day trip itinerary picks up.

4—Explore the area for hidden gems. While you’ve already got your list of destinations mapped out, sometimes the best spots are found when you step off the beaten path. If you pass something that catches your eye, go for it! Some of my favorite day trip memories are spots found while exploring, like this sweet little book store.

5—Start Snapping Away. One of my favorite things to do to commemorate a successful day trip is have a mini photoshoot. My girl gang and I love to find fun walls to pose in front of and take silly pictures. After all, pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?

How will you and your girl gang be spending your next day trip together? Let us know in the comments below.