Wipe Away Those Summer Blues

Summer is sadly coming to an end. Soon it will be time to go back to school and break out the sweaters and boots. Luckily, we still have most of August to enjoy before we officially have to kiss summer good bye. Don’t let those summer blues get you down!

I have spent my summer doing tons of fun things, such as swimming, reading, and finding new places around my town to take great pictures for Instagram. One of my favorite spots to snap a few shots is outside of my local library. They have such pretty flowers that make any picture a million times nicer.

In this picture, I am wearing one of my favorite outfit combinations of the summer. A baby blue peplum shirt and these floral shorts that I was able to get on sale. The shirt is a T-shirt material making it very comfortable for everyday wear. Shades of blue are some of my favorite colors to wear all year round. I especially love to wear lighter blues for summer. The shorts are more of a nicer material with embroidery detail giving the outfit more of a put together vibe.

As for accessories, I have been really into sunglasses. Every time I take a trip to the mall, I always seem to be leaving with a new pair of sunglasses. Not only are they perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun, they also really can pull together an outfit. I really like the ones that I am wearing here. They are a club master style with a clear frame and gold details. I’m also wearing my favorite gold watch that I got at Michael Kors.

Finally for the shoes that I am currently obsessed with: they are sneakers that are totally the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever put on my feet. They are also so easy to slide on. I prefer sneakers over sandals because sneakers are more practical to walk around in during the summer.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear this summer? Leave a comment below!

Easy Breezy Beach Outfit

This easy breezy beach outfit is perfect for hitting the beach with friends and exploring those joyful little beach towns. Having an outfit that’s fashionable to wear over your bikini and go exploring after the beach is key for summer, especially when you’re a beach bum like me.

When shopping for summer clothes I like to look for pieces that are quick and easy and will look good on and off the beach. This summer I made sure to get a pair of white denim shorts because they are always an essential in my wardrobe. White denim shorts are easy to dress up and down with the right top and accessories. Also, white shorts help show off your new sun-kissed legs after spending a day at the beach.

I like to buy tops that are easy and breezy to keep the casual feel of summer in my outfit and also to not restrict what I wear underneath them. This top is perfect for wearing a bikini underneath because it won’t cling and create an unwanted outline. I also really love the detail of the tie on this top because it adds a nice rope texture to fit the beachy vibes.

As far as accessories I matched my belt and sandals to complement one another and bring out the brown in this outfit. You can’t go to the beach without a pair of great sunglasses! For jewelry, I prefer simple jewelry that makes a statement such as this double chain silver necklace that reminds me of sand dollars. I love my Pura Vida bracelets and wear them every day because they’re the perfect summer bracelet.

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My Go-To Look for a Casual Summer Day

Am I the only one who finds it hard to look put together and cute while not being completely overdressed? For me, there is nothing worse than showing up and being very obviously under or overdressed, so I try to find outfits that are perfect for when I’m not quite sure what everyone else will be wearing. This has been my go-to look lately for those summer days when I want to look put together and chic but still casual.

I recently picked up this top and it has quickly become one of my most worn items in my closet. I’ve been constantly finding myself reaching for it because it’s so versatile. I love styling plain white shirts different ways, and I think the embroidered detail on this one is so cute because it adds the tiniest pop of sass.

These shorts have been one of my favorite purchases this summer.  I always struggle to find denim shorts that are cute but are also not too short. I’m 5’8″, so most shorts that I try on end up looking like daisy dukes. I also love the distressing on these! My Gucci belt might be the best fashion investment I have ever made. I am absolutely in love with it, and  I wear it all the time. It instantly makes any outfit better, and I always feel good when I wear it. It also makes a casual T-shirt and shorts seem fancier. If you can, definitely get your hands on one now!

My shoes are one of my favorite parts of this outfit because they are so comfortable and cute. I love the bows on these sandals.  They go with almost everything and are so easy just to throw on and go. I threw on my everyday jewelry: my Tiffany necklace. My best friend always calls me beans, so when I saw this bean necklace, I had to have it. The last essential item to any outfit for me is some good shades. I just feel cooler when I have sunglasses on, and I don’t really think any look is complete without them.

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An Easy Way to Spice up Your Boring Denim

If you’re like me, you probably have quite a few pairs of jean shorts, but they all look similar. Basic light, medium, or dark wash with a few rips. Nothing that stands out. Embroidered pieces are beautiful, but often times expensive. Ever wonder a simple way to add that extra oomph? I will show you an easy way to spice up your denim and make it truly unique without breaking the bank.

Summer is all about staying fashionable with minimal layers. A simple way to make a statement without the intense heat is by using stitching to add designs to otherwise boring denim. This method, known as the sashiko stitch, is not only for adding texture, but also can be used to repair fraying material. An ancient Japanese method, translated to “little stabs”, is extremely easy to learn and adds a simple elegance to any clothing piece.

For this DIY you will need:

  • Shorts or jeans
  • String or embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or chalk

Before you begin to sew, mark with a pencil or chalk the design you’d like to add to your denim and your preferred placement. Doing this ensures that your pattern will look exactly how you want it and that your stitches stay straight.

Next, begin sewing small running stitches along the lines of where you just drew your design. Make sure the stitches aren’t too big if you’re doing a curved design, like a cactus, in order to ensure the lines don’t look choppy. Repeat with more colors if you’re using more than one.

To finish, secure off the thread with a knot, rinse off the pencil marks and viola! Your new Urban Outfitters-inspired shorts are complete! Style these shorts with a crop top and some sunglasses and you’re ready to take on the heat.

What embroidery patterns would you use to spice up your closet? Let me know in the comments below!

Fun Statement Shorts for the Summer

Summer is the time for adventures, love, and the three S’s: shorts, sun, and swim. Now, the first one on the list is very vital, as the summer sun can be very brutal and unforgiving. However, shorts can get boring when sticking to the typical safe, plain denim. There are definitely fun ways to spice up the routine, whether it be embroidery, bright colors, or whimsical patterns. Statement shorts instantly spice up an outfit and keep you looking cool, both figuratively and literally.

The shorts I am wearing here are ones with little lemons dotting the material. My heart is fond of any article of clothing that involves food, especially cute embroidered fruit. Any statement shorts will suffice, including these dotted with lions. The fun thing about cool shorts is how you can accessorize them. Usually, a more plain top is necessary as to not take away from the funkiness of the bottoms.

Jewelry is always a good idea. Lately, I’ve been loving these dangly yellow earrings, as they add a little something special to every outfit. Large statement earrings are making a comeback and I’m fully living for it! Throwing on layered necklaces will add an unexpected and dainty look. They’re not too loud—just the perfect amount of chic and noticeable. It’s even more fun to throw on varying necklaces, as opposed to a set, to mix and match.

Let’s be real, almost everyone is wearing a pair of shorts at least every other day this summer. If your go-to is denim, consider some patches or embroidery. If you prefer cotton shorts, try rocking a bright color or a fun detail, such as tassels. Whatever your preference may be, turn this simple staple into a cool new piece for your wardrobe and you’ll have all heads turning this summer.

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How to Follow the Country Western Aesthetic in a Modern Way

High-waisted denim Levi shorts are probably one of my favorite articles of clothing for the summer—I view them as a multipurpose article of clothing. You can wear them to the beach over your swimsuit or you can wear them to a concert with a crop top and some Converse. You can even wear them to a fancy dinner if you pair them with a nice blouse, some fancy wedges, and some bold jewelry. That is only the beginning—trust me, the list goes on and on.

This Fashionista decided to pair her high-waisted Levis with a gingham long sleeve crop top from Zara. She accessorized with a simple leather belt, some silver bangle bracelets, and some heeled pointed toe booties. I love this look, especially for the summer, because it is not only cute but also comfortable. This look is perfect for a concert or even just for brunch with some friends downtown!

However, this Fashionista wanted to add a little spunk to the simple gingham blouse and booties. Rather than throwing on a pair of un-ripped blue-washed Levi shorts, she decided to throw on her Levis with rips and triangular cut-outs on each side of the leg. Shorts with side cut-outs are a great way to add some flair to the outfit. Another perk of side cut-out shorts is that they typically vibe with all different kinds of body shapes because of the way they accentuate the upper leg.

Now, let’s talk about the title of this article and how it relates to this Fashionista’s specific outfit. Country western attire usually consists of thick belts, denim jeans or shorts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots. Although this look does not follow all of the above components of western attire, it does follow a few but in a modernized way. The pointed booties mirror the typical cowboy boots, the high-waisted ripped denim Levis mirror the denim jeans or shorts, and lastly, the gingham cropped blouse somewhat mirrors cowboy flannels. This look, in my opinion, is the perfect look for summer!

How do you guys feel about this Fashionista’s modern approach to country western attire? Let me know in the comments below!

Why the Size of Your Jeans Shouldn’t Matter

This past summer, I had to do the difficult task of trying on all my shorts from the previous summer and finding that none of them fit. For any young girl in today’s society, this is a huge blow to an already sensitive self-esteem. For me, it really hit deep because I have always struggled with what I see in the mirror.

All my life I have been an athlete so my legs and arms were always more muscular than most girls. Bigger legs equal bigger sizes. This concept did not really hit me until about the end of sophomore year of high school. Society paints a picture of what the perfect girl looks like everywhere we look. Long legs, thigh gap, no acne, and definitely no imperfections what so ever. I always hated the way my bottom half of my body looked. My legs were bigger than most boys in my high school. I knew my love of sports, especially basketball, but there was nothing I could do about it. I remember going shopping for back to school clothes and convincing my mom that the size 4 and 5 jeans were not too tight and that I could sit down without losing the feeling in my legs.

Flash forward, my freshman year of college has ended, and I am not the same girl I was last fall. I did gain weight. Maybe not the dreaded freshman 15, but my clothes were tighter by the time move out time came around. It boggled my mind looking back because I did not eat pizza or greasy food every single day. I ate a ton of salads and fruit and always had my water bottle filled where ever I went. I even went the gym multiple times a week.  So why do none of my clothes fit? Sadly, I do not think I will ever have the answer to that question.

However, what I do have now is more body confidence than ever. A couple weeks ago, I was on the hunt for new shorts and jeans while with my mom. I was trying a pair of black jeans that I have been looking for forever. And to my demise, they were not the size 5 I was used to. I looked into the mirror and actually enjoyed the way I look. It hit me right there, the size of jeans does not matter. I am 19 years old, my body is still changing. What should matter is what kind of ice cream I am going to get with my friends tomorrow night.

I may never have a thigh gap or a size 2, but size should not matter; the confidence you have in yourself is what matters.

What are you most confident about yourself? Leave a comment below!

Delicate Details

First off, congrats to everyone for finishing up another semester. For those of you taking summer classes, we’ll get through this together. Finishing spring semester means that we have also survived the snow and the rain that was bound and determined to hinder our style with heavy coats and waterproof makeup. However, summer comes with its own style challenges, mainly the heat.

Staying Cool

Summer is a tricky season to dress for. You want to dress cute without being uncomfortable. Dressing up your basic pieces is a great way to avoid letting the heat interfere with your style. When the temperature hits over 75 degrees, no one really wants to wear anything besides shorts and a tank top, but that doesn’t mean that the outfit can’t be cute. Take a look at this Fashionista’s outfit, she found the perfect way to dress cool while staying cool.

One of this summer’s major trends is delicate details. Delicate details are small feminine touches to basic clothing items that add texture or interest to the pieces.

A trend for this summer is scalloped edges. Scalloped edges, such as the ones on the Fashionista’s shorts, are the perfect feminine touch to any summer ensemble. Instead of putting on a plain tank top, add some more detail by choosing one with elegant knife pleats and a button-down closure.

When the weather starts to get chilly, one solution is to reach for a fun colored summer cardigan. A thin cardigan is the best way to add warmth to an outfit without adding bulk.

Post a picture showing everyone how you dress to beat the heat and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!

How to Dress for Adventure This Summer

I’m going to be honest with you, the most adventurous I’ve been this summer is getting out of bed and spontaneously whipping up a snack in the middle of the night. However, summer’s just begun, and ‘tis the season of travel and adventure. When you live in Jersey, frequent trips to the beach or boardwalk are common. The problem I’ve always had with making these trips is wanting to be comfortable, but at the same time wanting to look cute for all the pictures you might take along the way and there. You know it’s going to be hot all day, especially in a cramped car with all your friends. Although a dress would be easy and cute, you’re not going to get the freedom of movement that you would in a pair of shorts.

adventure shorts

My favorite summer staple this year is this pair of mom shorts. What makes mom shorts different from regular shorts? They’re slightly roomier all around, high-waisted, and look great when paired with practically anything. I paired these shorts with a jade green ribbed halter bodysuit. The bodysuit adds a pop of color to the black ensemble—for those of us who love black too much to give it up in the summer.

Complete adventure outfit

Of course, every Fashionista needs a cute purse, even on an adventure. This compact crossbody has a snakeskin design along the sides and is the perfect size for travel. I paired the outfit with these simple black block heel sandals that are super comfortable and extremely versatile.

Adventure crossbody bag

I kept it fairly simple with any other accessorizing. Although the basic tattoo chokers are still cute, they’re starting to get a little tired. Trade it in for a dainty chain choker like the one I’m wearing. It’s simple and you won’t be fidgeting with it all day. All you need to finish it off is your favorite pair of shades and you’re good to go!

What are you wearing on an adventure this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

A College Girl’s Guide to Shopping on a Budget

Being plagued with expensive taste in fabric and having little money to spend on things other than tuition can be extremely difficult to cope with. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than desperately wanting the new pair of Ray-Bans that everyone is talking about, but also needing to be able to feed yourself and pay your rent on time. After finishing up my freshman year at Indiana University, I have developed a foolproof list of tips and tricks to shop big on a budget.

Make T.J.Maxx, ASOS, Nordstrom Rack, and Amazon your best friends.

Having a minuscule budget for clothing while wanting to keep up with the latest trends is hard, but these stores make it easier to obtain top shelf brands for great prices. Look for stores that resell a wide variety of brands at a discounted price.

Find out what the markup percentage is.

After working in retail for two years, I learned a lot about how much it costs to purchase a piece at full price versus how much it is to actually make the piece. Most stores have to mark up clothing a substantial amount in order to make a profit on it. Figure out the markup percentage before purchasing something in order to avoid buying something for way more than it is made for.

Use the “Three Month Rule.”

In order to avoid making hasty decisions in terms of clothing, I utilize the “Three Month Rule.” If you find something that you feel you absolutely need to splurge on but do not want to spend the money, wait three months. If you still want it badly after three months, go ahead and treat yourself.

Compare prices from other stores.

When purchasing a piece, it is always important to look at the prices from other stores that carry similar products. Online stores such as Amazon often offer the same products for less, as well as two-day free shipping with an Amazon Prime account.

Utilize student discounts.

Many stores offer student discounts so that you can shop and save smart! Amazon, ASOS, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Levi’s, Topshop, and Banana Republic are a few stores that offer student discounts with a valid student ID.

By using these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your wallet and your closet happy!

All of the clothing pictured above was purchased at a discounted price. Want to shop this look? Check out the links below.

Free People Mint Julep Ruffle Tee in Red

Free People Soft & Relaxed Cut-Off Shorts

Forever 21 Lace-Up Faux Suede Heels

Jenelle Layered Necklace

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