About Arnelle

Hey there, Fashionistas! My name is Arnelle Sullivan. I am super excited to join the College Fashionista team and take you guys on my journey with fashion! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and I could not imagine myself permanently living anywhere else. I definitely feel like Brooklyn has had a huge influence in the way that I dress and the way I see many trends. I am currently a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park where I am studying communications and public relations. While I am a student athlete on the tennis team, I adore fashion and take up any opportunity to dress up and experiment with my look.

I have always loved everything involving fashion and beauty. Ever since I was very young, I enjoyed playing with dolls. From Barbie to American Girl, I would mix up the dolls’ outfits and have small fashion shows with them. Then dressing up dolls soon evolved to me actually trying out different combinations on myself. At the age of 13, I would look through Seventeen Magazine, see the different looks featured then try to recreate them.

I don’t really have a specific style that I fall under. One day I’ll be dressed very sporty, the next more girly or even edgier. The biggest thing for me is being comfortable. I have always believed that you can follow trends while being comfortable and expressing your individuality. You should never force yourself to be something that you are not or try to fit into someone else’s mold. This is definitely one of my most comfortable outfits and can be worn for a nice day in the city.

I am obsessed with Hawaiian shirts so I decided to incorporate one into my look. I am wearing this Tommy Hilfiger Hawaiian style shirt with high-waisted shorts. I wanted to add a little pop, so I paired it with a platform silver sneaker. These shoes are from a collaboration done by Kswiss x JustFab. I also love having multiple earrings in my ears, so I decided to wear silver jewelry to conclude the look.

Tell me about your personal style and how your location has influenced it in the comments below!

Glitter, Sparkles, and Shiny Things 101

School is done for the semester, and regardless if you’re taking summer classes or not, the summer is the perfect time to learn and refine those skills that serve a more personal interest. The topic for today’s lesson is beauty on anything that twinkles or shines. When the concept of face highlighter first started popping up, it didn’t take much convincing for me to get on board. As someone who has been saying her favorite color is silver since she was three years old, I’ll take any excuse to add extra shimmer wherever I can. This is how I became a highlighter connoisseur and self-proclaimed expert. However, while most people were complaining about certain products containing glitter that was too chunky, I was scoping out the market because I couldn’t find one whose glitter was chunky enough.

Highlighter is great because most people love to glow. My approach to it is to go big or go home. I love all things sparkly, glittery, metallic, etc, so as I was testing out tens of different highlighters, I kept thinking that there had to be some way to step it up. My coworker used to always wear gold star stickers on her face, and that’s when I started to realize all that cosmetic glitter I had for my eyes could easily work as very sparkly highlighter on my face. All I needed was a glitter glue to adhere it, and bam, I was in business. After a while basic glitter became blasé, and I did a big glitter haul at the craft store, which is where I got the jar of these fabulous little stars.

I want to always make a statement with my appearance. Sometimes my clothes get plain (as I love basic striped shirts and these girlfriend jeans so much) and I need some other catharsis to brighten up my day. Some people give me weird looks, but tons of people compliment me while I’m at work. I mainly do it for myself, though, because glitter is very nostalgic to me. It reminds me of happiness and purity and that everything just might be okay if you sprinkle a few more sparkles on it.

Are you rocking the glitter look this summer? Share your take on social media and tag @cfashionista!


While abroad during the Easter holiday, I came across this Fashionista. Her outfit immediately caught my eye for its fabulous mixing of trends and monochromatic color scheme. For this Fashionista, shades of gray were the way to go. She perfectly added metallic pieces to play up and complement her outfit’s tone.

Velvet has been a coveted trend in recent seasons as have skirts in general. Velvet is an ideal material to add a bit of texture to any outfit. It looks great whether the skirt be long or short, or even as an accessory like a choker. This Fashionista wore a flowing velvet skater skirt that was soft to the touch and gave off the prettiest shimmering effect.

She continued the texturized feel with a fur tank top. Fur is also one of those trending elements that have been making their way into all sorts of pieces. In this case, her fur tank top will keep her cooler during the warmer months that are thankfully approaching. My personal favorite fur clothing item is actually an accessory. I have been obsessed with slides, but even more so with fur slides. I’ve been eyeing a few pairs and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! I love the playful vibe that fur slides give off, but I’m even more excited for the comfort that comes along with it.

This Fashionista topped off her outfit with a silver choker, continuing the metallic pattern and tying the whole look together. I think it’s safe to say that chokers are a trend that are here to stay. I’m totally okay with that because chokers serve dual purposes in my wardrobe. They can supplement an already killer outfit with a touch of jewels or act as a statement piece with bold coloring or fringed texture. I’ve been loving elaborate chokers with beads, feathers, and texture of any sort this season. They have a tendency of instantly making every outfit cooler.

With summer approaching, I dare you Fashionstas and Fashionistos to experiment with some rad, trendy, texturized pieces and make them the statements of this season’s fashion!

The One Thing You Aren’t Considering Before Wearing Jewelry But Should Be

When it comes to clothing, one size or style does not fit all. When shopping for foundation, it would be a disaster to just pick any shade at random and hope it worked. So are we so accustomed to wearing jewelry based on trend rather than personal traits?

If you’re on the prowl for a jewelry piece that looks the same on everyone and requires no personal thought before purchasing, then I’m sorry to say you will be looking literally forever. Choosing jewelry requires you to consider some of the same skills you already do when making other important purchases. So before you click “buy” on that pair of earrings just because your roommate did, here are the things to consider to make sure your jewelry works for you.

Know Your Undertones:

Just like choosing a foundation shade, you have to know your skin tone (sometimes referred to on your foundation label as your undertone). If you don’t already know it or just need a refresher, start by looking at your skin in natural lighting.

If you look at the visible veins on your forearm or wrist, what color do they appear? If you have blue or purple veins, sunburn easily, find it difficult to tan, or your foundation hints at “red” or “pink” undertones, your skin tone is cool. If your veins appear green, your undertone is “warm” (sometimes described as “olive” or “yellow”). If they appear to be a mixture of blue and green, or you can’t quite pinpoint a color at all, your skin tone is “neutral”.

Remember, skin tone/undertones are not the same as your skin color. Not all darker skin colors are warm-toned, and not all paler tones will be cool or neutral!

Choosing Your Metal:

This next part is easy, and requires much less effort than swatching your foundation on your hand (or neck or cheek, or wherever the heck you’re actually supposed to try a new foundation shade)!

Cool tones: These Fashionistas look best in light-colored or white metals. This means platinum, silver, and white gold will shine beautifully against your skin.

Warm tones: You’re golden, literally. Yellow gold, rose gold, copper, and brass jewelry was absolutely made for you!

Neutral tones: Lucky you! You are the Rihanna of undertones— you can get away with wearing anything. Go nuts!

Personal Preference:

Don’t get me wrong, rules are definitely helpful when you want guidance or just can’t decide. But, Fashionistas, remember, it’s still all up to you! Sites like Etsy are my favorite for searching for unique or even personalized jewelry. And at the end of the day, if your favorite earrings “clash with your skin,” or your everyday ring set are made for the opposite end of the undertone spectrum, no worries! 

Take advice and guides with a grain of salt, and feel free to try any trend you’re feeling at the moment. When it comes to fashion, jewelry, beauty…heck life, remember this—you do you!

Skintone images via Shades Daddy

STYLE ADVICE: Off for Spring

Recently I took a trip to New York City for a weekend. While I was there I obviously tried to fit in as much shopping as possible. On my hunt for the perfect outfits I noticed a new trend starting to become popular. Women on the streets were sporting it and the look fit in with the city vibe as well. This trend is perfect and just in time for spring! The trend is wearing off-the-shoulder tops with ruffles on them.

The off-the-shoulder trend has been coming up for awhile now. And spring time is the perfect time to add these items to your wardrobe. This look is a very classy one. These shirts are more loose and have a sense of maturity to them. With spring coming up pastels are always in and most of these shirts are sold in light pink, light blue or white. They go with jeans for a more toned down, casual look. Or you can style it with a skirt for an uptown, chic look.

For this look, I styled the top with jean shorts so it made it a nice casual look for class, but has a twist of style as well. The silver shoes give it that sense of fashion because sliver goes with most items. But remember do not over do it with the amount of silver you put in an outfit. Finally adding the fun cat-shaped bag completes the look. It is perfect to wear with the transitioning of the seasons as well. It is all about the rule of three when it comes to standing out as a Fashionista.


Here in Philadelphia, we are still fighting off the winter blues. But after a recent trip to Europe over spring break, I find my style evolving, even though it might still be only 40 degrees out here. I realized after spending some time in London and Paris that they rarely dress down. Normally here I opt for the casual leggings and a T-shirt, but I now feel inspired to dress up a bit on a week day. It’s typical to see models walking through the streets, either on their way to a shoot or off-duty for the day.

I came back home to Philadelphia so incredibly inspired by the girls I saw overseas. My “off duty” look first started with my thrifted oversize jean shirt. Mixing oversize shirts with skinny jeans is a staple for me, and these high-waisted black jeans should belong in every girl’s closet. Topshop in London seemed five steps above Topshop here in the States, and I think when I walked into the store I legitimately looked like the “heart eyes” emoji. These chunky heels are strait out of Topshop in Piccadilly Circus, although it took me about 15 to squeeze them into my carry-on.

My Forever 21 jacket, nicknamed the “fluff,” was originally for purely warmth purposes. After putting it on I realized that I loved the white contrast, as I am not one to ever wear all black, and it kept me warm as if I was walking through the streets of Paris. Accessories wise, mixing silver and gold makes an outfit seem so effortless, such as my Anthropologie necklace and the buckles on my heels. The Kate Spade bag, curtesy of a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend, tops off the look as an oversize bag always seems to be a favored accessories by models. In all honesty, on a normal day you rarely find me wearing much makeup at all, so I chose a minimal look that is seemingly effortless (even though I definitely spent 20 minutes in front of the mirror perfecting my eyeliner).

I am so excited I am getting to share more of my personal style with you all, especially with an outfit that I feel as though is the epitome of everything I love. Am I Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss yet?

WHAT TO WEAR: Silver Winter

On some days, you will want your outfit to stand out, but on some other days, it will also be interesting to let your accessory shine and speak for itself. Compared to gold, silver is a sophisticated yet humble color. Silver’s shininess can also make it go both ways, from elegant to modern and alluring. In my opinion, silver is also some of the easiest colors to match on any outfits, which easily stands out in the white snow and adds a little sparkle among the dark clothing worn in winter.

This Fashionista says she chose to keep her outfit fairly simple and color neutral today so that the accessories could be the focal point of the look. She wears a white pea coat from American Eagle that looks warm and chic, and she tops it off with a light-colored paisley patterned scarf from Joe Fresh to add some interesting patterns over her coat. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a pair of black Hunter boots, which are the perfect complement to almost any outfit at this time of year because they keep her feet dry from either snow or rain.

Spotting this Fashionista from far away, her shiny silver backpack instantly stood out from all the dark colors worn by other students and caught my attention. She wears a Camille faux leather backpack in silver from Frachella. This versatile backpack is stylish and one of a kind: It is uncommon to find huge leather products that are silver in color, and this backpack gives out a classy yet edgy vibe, perfect to wear from day to night in all occasions. The roomy interior also easily fit a laptop and the magnet closure allows convenient access to your essential items for school. My favorite part of this backpack is the drawstring accessory, because tassels are still taking over the accessory scene this year and these silver tassels add a touch of sophisticated detail to the simple design of the backpack.

To match her backpack, this Fashionista wears a silver customized, hand-stamped cuff bracelet that says Wanderlust. The slim cuff is made of aluminum and is from Locked Box Boutique. You can request to put your own desired customization, such as your favorite life motto or song lyrics. You can also add cute symbols to make a unique jewelry. This simple yet dainty arm candy looks great on its own or stacked with a watch or other jewelry.

This Fashionista was also holding a colorful card holder on her hand, which is a double-sided leather card holder in smokey gray from an Italian brand called Mywalit. There are six credit card slots and a central note section, which can definitely carry all the cards a student needs, especially one who commutes to school. This functional multi-colored card holder made of Nappa leather screams quality and boldness in creativity.

Who says flowers can’t be a thing in winter? Here, she accessorizes her phone with a geometric teal and navy winter flowers case from Case Escape to protect her phone from everyday scratches and bumps while keeping it stylish.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver Touches for Spring

It’s already time for transition season again, Fashionista/os! In New York City, March temperatures can range from the chilling 30s up through beautiful 60s, making it the ultimate month for “weather confused” outfits. If you’re anything like me, part of you wants to cling to your cozy winter sweaters while the other part wants to debut your spring wardrobe and finally show some skin. In either case, dressing for class or a day out during this time of year can prove to be difficult as we make the transition from winter to spring.

This Fashionista has nailed the perfect outfit for this month filled with unpredictable weather. This off-the-shoulder sweater is a great top option for March as it keeps you warm while still showing some skin! If you find it too warm for a chunky sweater, try opting for a tight, stretchy cotton off-the-shoulder top to pair with your skirt. The black corduroy skirt adorned with silver buttons is an adorable touch that is a great choice for this time of year. Black suede over-the-knee boots are a classic way to polish off the look. With warm weather on the horizon, this Fashionista is taking advantage of her last chances to rock these boots in the chilly weather.

The many silver touches in this look are sleek and cohesive, serving as a nice complement to the black and gray tones of her outfit. As shown above, this Fashionista chose to rock silver buttons on her skirt, alongside an array of silver jewelry including a watch, rings, bracelets, and a simple necklace. Because all of these pieces are of the same shade of silver, they do not clash and look sophisticated paired together. She completes her look with a crossbody bag in this spring’s hottest shade: blush pink.

Despite the unpredictable NYC weather lately, this Fashionista has paired the perfect pieces with silver details to create an adorable spring transition look. Her outfit full of cool tones has an ultra-chic vibe, and dainty touches of silver are tastefully stacked alongside a pop of color with her bag. Though you may find it difficult to dress during in between seasons, just remember that combining unique silhouettes, such as the miniskirt and off-the-shoulder top above, with cohesive accessories will always make for a stylish look!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Two Trends Are Better Than One

Even though there’s still snow on the ground, I’m obviously beyond excited for spring! To get ready for the season’s change, I’ve pulled together a few transitional pieces that are fresh, but don’t seem out of place with the current weather. For me, this outfit is entirely about the little details. From far away, it comes off as neutral and classic, but up close, it offers a few little surprises in texture and décor, and brings together a few fun trends for spring!

Embroidery is all the rage this season, and adding small details of embroidery can really add depth to your look. I chose a plain button-up with minimal embroidery to keep it casual while still wearing something a little more unique. I paired my top with a black faux-leather mini skirt which isn’t over bearing, and doesn’t distract from my top, but still provides texture, and keeps this very black and white outfit from being too boring. Because I wasn’t messing with much color, I paired this outfit with my silver ankle boots, to add a little pop of metallic, without drawing too much attention from the other details and textures of my look. Lastly, I accessorized with simple cat-eyed sunglasses to maintain the classic theme of my outfit, and a simple round black bag.

While I still like to experiment with my style, and try out more unique pieces, I find it super important to keep my color pallet, and overall look cohesive. I find it super important to keep my outfit balanced when I’m styling some riskier pieces, which is why I’ve stuck to such a minimal color pallet overall. All in all, it’s always fun to combine a few fun trends at the same time, and finally get to dress for warmer weather!

STYLE ADVICE: Versatility is the Key

Mix metals! If you cannot decide between silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, etc, just add them all. This is no faux pas, as you can see with this Fashionista. She has a mix of silver and gold between the zippers, choker, and Rebecca Minkoff bag. The metals make for a contrasting aspect between their color palettes and the opposite texture of the velvet jacket. There is also no such thing as wearing too much black. A lot of our closets nowadays are black, black, black, gray, and more black. But no fear, that does not entail a boring aesthetic.

Although this look does have a dark color palette, the differing black tones end up completing the look. The cotton dress with detailed stripe is a much lighter shade than the shimmering velvet naturally laying jacket. This ensemble then contrasts against the sheer tights.You can also try adding sheer tights with a little detailing. These sheer tights for Saks have fun polka dots added.

Versatility is key as you can easily interchange items to go from one time of day to another, or one event to another. Taking this look from a casual encounter to a more sophisticated venue would entail switching out the cotton lace-up tie dress with a more strappy, or off-the-shoulder dress. As for the shoes, this is the area of each and every outfit that confidence should beam from! From a bootie to a wedge or a heel, your shoes are where you can show your personal style easily, and a versatile spot to show some color. Immediately my eyes were drawn to this Fashionista’s velvet boots, as they were such a unique shade. Who What Wear has a fabulous assortment of boots online. It kills that half of them would consist of at least 10 paychecks. But hey, a Fashionista can always dream up some inspiration right? Some great boots to add to your current collection include silver, python, and suede.

Advice from this Fashionista would be to pick clothing items that are very versatile. When you are building your wardrobe, you then can style these pieces multiple ways and create many different outfits. This gives the illusion that you have a larger wardrobe than you might have in reality. It’s a great way to use all of the clothes in your closet! Because we all know that we buy way too many things and end up wearing them only once.