3 DIY Face Masks You Can Whip Up in Your Kitchen

Beauty products can be expensive—especially when you’re trying to keep up with the latest masking trends. As someone who’s struggled with breakouts and uneven skin tone for the longest time, I always look for at-home natural DIY alternatives that offer the same benefits as many high-end face masks. Here are just a few:

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

1—Coconut oil. The benefits of adding coconut oil to your beauty routine are widely discussed. I love using it as a natural moisturizer. Simply rub about a teaspoon of coconut oil onto your face, and let the oil sink in for at least 20 minutes. Some people choose to leave the oil on their face until it’s all soaked in, but if it’s too much moisture for you and you have somewhere to go, you can wipe it off with a clean towel to reveal glowing skin.

2—Turmeric. Turmeric is known for being high in antioxidants, which helps with acne, dry skin, and overall texture. Not only is the orange colored mask fun to apply, but it’s also super easy to make. In a small bowl, combine a teaspoon of turmeric, a few drops of honey, two tablespoons of milk (or yogurt), and a tablespoon of flour. Mix all the ingredients together, and then apply the mask for about 20 minutes. You may have some leftovers which you can keep in the fridge to use later that week.

3—Baking soda. Baking soda is great for balancing the PH level of your skin. This allows it to help with blackheads, inflammation, and over time, it can slowly heal acne scars. The mask is really easy to create, just mix a tablespoon of water with 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda, apply and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water, and then apply a moisturizer.

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Additional photos by Cassidy Clark.

6 Items Even Minimalists Should Keep in Their Bathroom

The term “beauty product” probably means something different to all of us. Everyone has their own definition of what counts as a beauty product, and everyone has their own preference for how many they own. For example, I own about 10, but my sister owns at least 100. Whether you’re more like me, or more like my sister, there are a few staple items I think everyone should own, or at least keep in their bathroom “just in case.”


The first is something simple and relaxing—a candle. I’m a candle enthusiast; I always have one in my bathroom, one in my bedroom, one in my kitchen, one on the balcony, etc. Even if you aren’t so into the idea of candles, the bathroom is the perfect place to start! Choose from aromatherapy, citrus, fresh linen, vanilla sugar, and so much more. There is a scent for everyone, and I promise it will make showers, baths, or even just getting ready in the morning better!

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

2—Face Mask

These are a staple item for me. Even though they’re not something I use daily, I always have one lying around. The best part is that there’s a mask for whatever you need—healing, moisturizing, rejuvenating, sleeping, you name it! Not only are they relaxing but they are so good for your skin as well. Your face will thank you.


If I’m being completely transparent, I am not an eyeshadow artist. I know so many people who are really good at it, but unfortunately, I am not one of those people. However, I do think that eyeshadow is fun to experiment with, and can dress up any look in a matter of seconds.


PHOTO: Daisa Harris

4—Facial Spray

This stuff is a game changer. It’s starting to become more and more popular, and I can see why! Whether you choose makeup setting spray, hydrating protection spray, or the ever so popular Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray, you’re bound to feel like a new person after just one use.


I’m sure this one seems like a given, but I still wanted to mention it, as it is a staple item. I also wanted to share a little beauty hack I recently learned! If you rub a tiny amount of Vaseline on your neck before spraying your fragrance, the smell will last longer!

PHOTO: Emily Truong

6—Bath Bomb

Last but not least, the bath bomb. Similar to candles, I am a sucker for these. I didn’t really get into bubble baths until last year when I finally had my own bathroom and decided to try one of these bombs that were all the rave. However, now I’m really into them. They’re perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day, or even just to relax in the afternoon.

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5-Step Routine To Take Care Of Your Skin Before Bed

A basic skin care routine before bed is essential to have good morning skin! Sometimes, we do not realize how important it is to take care of it. We are always outside in the pollution. Therefore, it’s vital to follow the next five tips to have a good caring of your skin before ending your day.

1—Remove your makeup

I know it can be hard, and sometimes we feel lazy after a long day of studying. But, this step is the most important of every night. Besides, using a makeup remover that takes care of your skin is essential. Make sure to choose one specially designed for your skin type. Dry skin does not have the same needs as oily skin.

2—Wash your face with a special soap

It’s a big mistake to use hand soap on your face. Also, be sure to choose the right cleanser for your skin type and remove it with tepid water.

3—Don’t forget the facial toner

This might be a new term for you. Not everyone knows it, so I will explain what it’s all about. The function of a toner is to complete the cleaning of your skin, eliminating dust and impurities that can still remain after washing your face. Also, it rebalances the skin and helps increase the effects of the moisturizer.


Applying a moisturizer daily before going to bed is obligatory. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated, thus preventing it from ageing. It has what your skin needs to rest all night.

5—Beauty sleep

Sleeping is really important to maintaining healthy skin. Getting enough sleep allows cell regeneration, reversing the damage caused to skin during the daytime. It leaves the skin to have the rest necessary to wake up the next day.

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The Skincare Routine I Live By

Skincare is in! As weird as that sounds, it is totally true. Skincare is becoming a top priority in the modern person’s life and it absolutely should be. Our skin works so hard to protect us and our body so we should be giving it the love and protection it needs.

I recently became aware of skin care after someone told me I am at the age where I should be wearing eye cream and moisturizing daily. Before, I just washed my face every morning and night. Later that day, I walked into Sephora and asked a sales associate to set me up with a proper skincare routine. If you are interested in starting a routine, I highly recommend going there and asking for help because it really worked out for me.

I am very particular and proactive with routines and usually don’t ever miss a day. This routine is no different for me and it shouldn’t be any different for you!

Below, I broke my routine down into steps so it is easy to follow and copy.

1—Face wash. Face wash is an absolute must. I have been using Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser for almost four years and it has continuously done the job for me. I prefer the Gentle Skin Cleanser over the others due to how sensitive my skin is, but I always recommend doing whatever is best for your own skin.

2—Eye cream. The concept of eye cream is a new one to me. I apply my eye cream, Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics, morning and night with my ring finger below my eye, up my cheekbone, and onto my brow bone. I naturally am very expressive with my eyes and love the feeling of putting cream on my eyes allowing them to relax

3—Facial serums. Ole Henriksen Truth Serums has become my go-to refresher. One pump makes my skin feel tight and hydrated. Simple anti-aging creams containing vitamin C are extremely important to your skin. Keeping your skin tight and youthful will keep it happy.

4—Facial moisturizer. After I use my serum, I apply my moisturizer. I use the Ole Henriksen Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator because I naturally have very oily skin and tend to break out very easily with certain moisturizers, but have yet to break out with this product once.

What are your favorite skin care items? Comment your own routine down below!

5 Makeup Must-Haves to Save Your Summer Looks

I am in no way, shape, or form a pro at makeup, but what I have become a pro at is finding the right makeup to stay in place all summer long. Summer is one of my favorite seasons, but the heat and humidity haven’t always been a friend of my makeup. Luckily, I have discovered the best products to keep your face intact all day long.

1—Urban Decay Setting Spray. This is a must. I never understood the power of setting spray until I went to college down South. A good setting spray saves your look. There are many different drug store duplicates for this setting spray, but Urban Decay is definitely worth the splurge.

2—Urban Decay Primer Potion. Unfortunately, I have very oily skin, especially on my eyelids. In the summer it was almost impossible for my eyeshadow to stay on my eyes. However, after the discovery of this lifesaver, all of my eyeshadow stays on my lids regardless of the temperature outside.

3—Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner. An everyday eyeliner is essential, and this is the perfect eyeliner. Maybelline’s Define-A-Line has been in my life since the eighth grade, and I have been loyal to it ever since. This drugstore eyeliner never sweats off your eyes, and always stays put.

4—Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte FoundationLike many other people, I struggled with finding a foundation that wouldn’t sweat off my face as soon as I stepped into the sun. I also struggled with finding a good blendable foundation that wouldn’t leave orange marks all over my face. My oily skin never lets my makeup stay on my face without looking like I’m sweating buckets, so the matte finish of this foundation is amazing.

5—Laura Mercier Setting Powder. This powder helps keep my oily face matte throughout the day. Just apply with a large brush whenever your skin starts to feel oily, and you’ll look good as new!

Let me know how these beauty products work out for you in the comments below!

The Only Skincare Routine You’ll Ever Use Again—Dry Skin Edition

Flaky, dry skin can be a challenge. Whether you’re a natural born prune (like me) or you’re on a medication like Accutane that really dries you out (also like me), it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the best routine for your skin. Lucky for you, I’ve been through the driest of dry skin and I’ve got plenty of tips for how to keep it looking its best.

1—Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate some more. When it comes to dry skin, exfoliation is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. It prevents a build up of flaky skin. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to use a gentle exfoliating sponge, such as the EcoTools Facial Mask Sponge or a Konjac sponge daily with your cleanser. Otherwise, you can use another exfoliation product like the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub or the Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator a few times a week.

2—Find the right cleanser. I always go with my trusty Cetaphil, but there are more expensive options such as the Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser. The idea is to find something that cleans your skin without leaving it feeling tight or dry.

3—Toner and serum. This one’s really up to you guys. Just remember that toner should even out the color of your skin (think reducing redness) and serum should even out the texture of your skin. Pai Skincare has a great assortment of toners and serums. Each of their products has a certain focus, so look for their Lotus and Orange Blossom Bioaffinity Tonic (toner) as well as their Rosehip Bioregenrate Oil (serum) for products that specifically target dry skin.

4—Moisturize. What’s the opposite of dryness, everyone? Moisture! Moisturizing daily (if not twice daily) is critical to keeping dry skin glowing. If you’re going to splurge on one skin care product, it should be your moisturizer. I recommend the L’Occitane Divine Cream or the Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb to follow your skin care routine. It’s also important for you to moisturize before you apply makeup, and for that, I recommend the Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb.

5—Invest in a mask (or two!) If you’re too in love with your weekly facial masks to give them up, I have a few options for your dry skin. If you’re looking for a clay mask, it’s important to find something that claims to be both moisturizing and detoxifying, such as the Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay or the Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask. For added moisture (which can never hurt), the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is a fantastic option.

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My Ultimate Anti-Sun Summer Skincare Routine

As summer rolls around, I always lessen the amount of makeup that I wear on a daily basis and turn my focus more on skincare. Common, right? But this summer was less spent on the beach, and more spent in my bedroom taking online classes and focusing on my internship. Other than the fact that this officially makes me an adult, it also means that the sun-kissed glow I normally have during the summer is no more. I’m not complaining though, in the long-run my skin will thank me when I’m wrinkle-free!

My Current Favorites

Saving the best for last is definitely no fun, so I have to talk about my favorite first before going on with any other products. Without having the sun to give my skin a glow, I have been searching high and low for the best natural looking tanning lotion. Finally, I found my holy grail product. The Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun lotion is a gradual tanner, so I slather it on every night. Trust me, I wake up looking like I just got back from vacation, so I have absolutely no complaints here.

In all honesty, I was very nervous to shell out the money for a Clarisonic. It has mixed reviews, but for someone who suffers from acne persistently but also wears makeup on a regular basis, I was desperate. I needed something that really took everything off at night, and I am so thankful I took a risk on this one. I especially love this for summer because the light exfoliation really makes you glow. Especially when paired with a moisturizer on top, you can get your glow on without any consequences.

My next essential might seem like something that you would need more in the winter, but trust me, I have given this my summer stamp of approval. The Burt’s Bees Sheer Body Lotion is perfect for a light misting of moisture. You spray it all over, and barely have to rub it in, plus the scent is super fresh and not overwhelming.

The Piper Wai Natural Deodorant actually surprised me, especially in the heat. It really stood the test, and if you’re looking to use more natural products, I really recommend starting with a deodorant. Many people don’t know that they are some of the most toxic products we use on our bodies.

Lastly, I couldn’t just not mention a product from Lush. The Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water is just what my face craves in the summer, but not for toning. I love using this spray if I’m wearing makeup on a hot day because a spritz of this takes away all of the heaviness of your foundation or powder. Perfect, am I right?

Although it’s already August, we still have some heat left in the summer. So, take advantage of it all while still thinking of your skin! What has been your favorite skincare product this summer? Let me know in a comment below! 

The Ultimate Guide to Glowing Summer Skin

I think it’s fair to say that a good summer glow is on trend right now. Everyone craves that sunkissed look for the summer. The best way to get there is to prep your skin so that it’s at its full potential to get that radiant summer glow. Following all of the steps below will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Be sure to follow this guide before your next day out in the sun, or even on a daily basis to get that craved summer glow.

1—Exfoliate. The first step is to exfoliate. Use a sugar-based scrub to remove dead skin cells. Not only is a sugar-based scrub more sensitive for the skin, it also helps treat acne and other skin problems. It is the perfect way to prep your face and body before going out in the sun.

2—Tone and hydrate. Once you’ve exfoliated, you want to make sure your skin is toned and hydrated. A great way to do that is to use a toning and hydrating face mask. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Another great alternative is a mask that will brighten and energize your skin. To get that summer glow, you want to brighten the appearance of dull-looking skin.

3—Apply sunscreen. The most important step before going out in the sun is to apply sunscreen. Hawaiian Tropic’s sheer touch sunscreen protects your skin, and it has a shimmer to give you an automatic glow. It’s perfect for a day at the beach with friends or a summer barbecue. If you have sensitive skin, use a higher SPF sunscreen.

4—Apply coconut oil. The last step that I swear by to get that summer glow is coconut oil. I never understood the hype about coconut oil until I tried it out myself. It’s great to use all over your body, and it even doubles as a hair and lip mask. Use coconut oil all over your body after a shower and after the sun to rehydrate your skin. Scrub your lips with either a toothbrush or an exfoliating lip scrub, then apply coconut oil to instantly hydrate your lips. I promise that coconut oil will be your new best friend.

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3 Tips I Learned From an Esthetician That Changed My Skin

I recently got a facial for the first time in several years. I’ve always been into skincare, but I just never had the money to splurge on a full-blown facial. Luckily, I was gifted a facial by someone. The experience itself was amazing, but the tips I learned from my esthetician were even better.

1—Watch out for chemical exfoliators. When we were trying to figure out the cause of my breakouts, my esthetician discovered I was using chemical exfoliators on my face morning and night. This was news to me—I had no idea to even check for these things in my facial cleanser. Because my cleanser contained several acids, I was stripping my face and breaking down the protective layer of skin. This was the cause of my recent breakouts that just didn’t seem to go away. Regardless of what skin type you have, it’s important to watch out for ingredients like tartaric acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid because they exfoliate the skin. Instead, grab a gentle cleanser that gets the job done without stripping your skin.

2—You don’t need to wash your face in the morning. If you wash your face at night, you can skip a morning cleanse unless you feel like you absolutely need it. My esthetician said I could simply rinse my face with water and follow up with the rest of my skincare routine. This includes a water-based toner, a serum or two, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Be sure to apply your sunscreen after your moisturizer so it doesn’t clog your pores.

3—Start a regimen. Getting regular facials is important to maintaining great skin. She suggested getting a facial every three-four weeks, but this can sometimes be hard on a college budget. Find out if there’s a membership program that gives discounts on basic facials. These are really all you need as long as you’re taking care of your skin at home. If you still can’t make it work, do your own facial at home. Start with cleansing your skin. Follow with a detoxifying mask for 20 minutes and then a soothing mask for another 20 minutes. Finish with serums and a moisturizer or face oil for brand new skin from the comfort of your bathroom.

While it’s only been a few weeks since my facial, following these few simple tips have changed my skin. I’m already seeing improvement in my breakouts and pore size, both huge problems for my oily, acne-prone skin. These tips were not hard to incorporate into my routine, but they’ve made a huge difference.

What other tips have you learned that have changed your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Bad Beauty Habits And Exactly How To Break Them

No one intentionally wants to mess up their hair, skin, or nails. But we’re all guilty of having bad habits, especially when it comes to our beauty routine. You may be doing things unknowingly to your skin that are causing breakouts, fragile nails, and an unnatural look.

It’s hard enough to pinpoint the bad beauty habits that may be causing negative effects, but it is even harder to find how to break those pesky habits that you do without even thinking. However, don’t fear! These problems are relatively easy to solve with a little thought and effort. We’re breaking down some common bad beauty habits that you may have picked up and what you can do about them once and for all.

Sigma Beauty Baking + Strobing Brush Set, $84, Available at Urban Outfitters

There are two reasons this is a bad habit. First, you are putting saliva on your brush and then putting it on your face. Second, it may effect the way the product is applied to the face; if a powder gets moist, it causes a patch application.

How to break it:

Rather than blowing on your brush to remove excess powder, tap on side of container or swirl in your hand. Be sure to clean your brushes on a regular basis to avoid passing on dirt, germs, and natural skin oils, which are likely to cause breakouts and cause your application to appear muddy.

Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil, $5, Available at Soko Glam

Filling in every inch of your brow appears harsh and unnatural. There’s also a good chance your brow product is too dark a shade. Overfilling your brows to completely transform the shape is a terrible habit to get into, and will cause makeup artists everywhere to cringe!

How to break it:

Take a look and find the sparse spots of your brow. This is where you need to apply the product. Use short, feather-like strokes, this will help mimic your brow hair for a more natural look. Try to follow the natural shape of your brow. It is also important that you constantly brush through the brow when applying product to avoid buildup.

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder, $12, Available at Urban Outfitters

Trying to pop a pimple in hopes that it will speed up the healing process? Well you’re out of luck; you’re just making it worse. By doing this you break the skin, making the affected spot more irritated. While doing this, you are also spreading germs and bacteria from your hands that are hurting not helping your pimple.

How to break it:

Let it be! You’re just making it more irritated, with the potential of spreading the bacteria and forming a new breakout! Use a spot treatment to help reduce redness and will eventually vanish your pimple.

HOMEI Weekly Gel Top Coat Nail Polish, $10, Available at Urban Outfitters

Peeling your gel mani is the absolute worst, it peels off the top layer of your nail making it weak and more prone to breakage.

How to break it:

Don’t pick at your nails! If you need to sit on them to prevent you from messing with that,  then be it! If you know you’re the type to pick at chipped polish, do yourself a favor and get the gel professionally removed . Most nail salons will remove it for free, so you really have no excuse.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant, $55, Available at Anthropologie

You may think you’re doing good for your skin by using a face scrub daily. However, you may be doing more harm than good. Over exfoliating can cause your skin to become red and can create small whiteheads beneath the skin.

How to break it:

Focus on only exfoliating your face 2-3 times a week. Use a gentle exfoliator, strong enough to remove your dead skin cells, but not too strong to where you are removing cells that aren’t ready, causing unnecessary breakouts.

What are your worst beauty habits? Comment below and we’ll help you break them in an upcoming feature!