3 Essential Denim Pieces for the Summer

One of the largest trends I’ve noticed recently is the uprising of denim. Thanks to James Dean, denim was a staple piece in every bad boy’s closet, and it soon evolved into the reliable fabric many of us wear today. As fashion trends changed, denim prevailed throughout the years and changed its form, thus opening the doors to its versatility; denim is not only seen as a bad boy’s go-to material, but as a form-fitting, trendy, and even laid-back look. For this month’s feature, this Fashionista styles three different pieces of denim that may be used when dressing up or down!

1—Overalls. These babies have been making a comeback in the last couple of months. They’re popular for their effortless, comfortable style. This Fashionista chose to wear a bold shirt to give the public eye an idea of what a feminist is! To keep it casual and old-school, she wore a pair of Stan Smith Sneakers. Whether they are snug or loose, overalls are a great piece to wear when you need to choose something in a rush.

2—Distressed jeans. It was probably Kim Kardashian who brought back the look of highly-distressed denim into the market. All of a sudden it has become socially acceptable to walk around with large holes in your jeans, and even fashionably cute! This Fashionista keeps it dressed down by pairing her distressed denim with a loose-fitting, pastel, color block shirt. These shirts are comfortable and will definitely help keep you cool during those hot summer days. Slide sandals are also in high demand this summer, causing this particular Fashionista to let her skin breathe through these metallic, open-toe slide sandals. To top off the dressed-down look, she threw on a white cap.

3—Denim skirt, If you’re like me, pants can be a little constricting sometimes, especially when it’s hot out. Denim skirts have recycled themselves through the fashion world and are now coming back into play! Pair them with a cute pair of heels or even with your favorite pair of sneakers. This Fashionista decided to go for the casual look again, sporting a brightly-colored graphic T-shirt to remain unique in a crowd. The denim skirt itself is patterned with silver buttons down the center just to give it extra character. She ties the casual look together with her favorite pair of white Vans.

Whether you dress it up or down by choosing between stilettos and sneakers, denim is a go-to for everybody. It can be used as a top or bottom, causing it to be one of the most versatile pieces in a closet!

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How to Make Floral Patterns Flirty Again

Summer is the perfect season for floral prints, and the wide variety of styles provides an easy go-to style. However, with such a variety of styles, the print can sometimes be hard to style. This Fashionista decided to take staple pieces and combine them with floral prints for a fun, flirty look.

This floral skirt is an ideal piece to wear on those hot summer days when you’re looking for something cute but want to stay cool. This Fashionista got her skirt from The Gap, Inc., and paired it with a simple, white V-neck T-shirt. The basic T-shirt keeps the focus on the floral pattern, helping her ensemble to stay simple and chic. For the cooler summer nights, a cardigan or light sweater is great for layering.

This Fashionista also added fun jewelry to accessorize her look—the nautical-themed necklace gives this outfit a touch of prep and color. It is a perfect go-to piece for this color scheme. She also paired this outfit with a fun flamingo bracelet, giving her look a personal touch and a splash of color.

No outfit is complete without a fun pair of shoes—this Fashionista chose a neutral-colored wedge to pair with this outfit. The white on the shoe brought out the white flowers on the skirt. The neutral tan complements the colors used throughout the outfit. Sandals would make a good alternative for any Fashionista opting for flatter footwear.

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Why Circle Skirts Should Be in Your Summer Wardrobe

For all of my Fashionistas, circle skirts are the best go-to statement items you will need in your closet this summer!

Circle skirts are the perfect items to keep your summer wardrobe stylish and trendy. There are many different ways to style a circle skirt. You can dress it up, keep it casual, or even make it professional for any job environment.

For my Fashionistas who are working in the office this summer, who said office wear had to be boring? Circle skirts are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe while maintaining professionalism. Align your circle skirt to your waist so that the length of the skirt is not too short or inappropriate for any office setting. Then, throw on a camisole, a T-shirt, or even a button-down, and tuck the top into your skirt. Throw on a blazer for a professional but chic look, and tie your outfit together with the cutest flats. You can look presentable and stylish at the same time. Never walk into the office with boring traditional clothing again!

Summer is the perfect time for crop tops. It’s also known as crop top season. For a casual look, you can throw on a basic crop top from Forever 21, or a stylish, trendy one from Victoria’s Secret to pair with your circle skirt. Pairing a crop top with your circle skirt makes you ready to tackle summer. You can pair the outfit up with the sandals, jewelry, and sunglasses to ensure that you have the perfect summer outfit! Stay trendy and cool with this casual look.

Finally, for all of my Fashionistas who like to dress up and party, circle skirts are great for a dinner date or a night out dancing. Pair the skirt with a bralette for the perfect girls’ night out. Pairing the skirt with a bralette will not only give off an alluring vibe but also make you look chic and trendy at the same time. Throw on some cute heels and accessorize your outfit with the perfect jewelry and then you’ll be on your way to having the most stylish outfit for your girls’ night out.

Circle skirts are versatile and can be styled in many different ways. How do you style your circle skirts? Let us know in the comments or show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

Internship Styling Tips From One Fashionista to Another

Well, it is finally summer, and you know what that means: internships on internships. Since most of us Fashionistas are in college, we’ll most likely be filing papers, making copies, and getting coffee for our superiors. But who says a summer internship can’t be fun? There are so many ways to enjoy your summer in the office and look good doing it.

Obviously, for the lucky ones who are interning in the fashion and beauty industry, there are endless meanings to “business casual,” and adding your individual touch is encouraged. But for those (like myself) who are working in a corporate business environment that has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, individuality is something that might be a little harder to express through your attire. There are so many ways all of us stylish gals who are working in a corporate office can shine above the rest and still be respected by the sometimes stuffy coworkers.

Some of my favorite pieces that I have incorporated into my summer internship wardrobe are short sleeve, trendy blouses, midi skirts, and fun flats. Pairing together an outfit with these pieces is something that has made mornings more enjoyable. Being able to individualize myself really helps boost my creativity throughout the day. Something to also keep in mind is that being bold isn’t a bad thing.

Here’s Some Advice: 

To be a little more specific, this white midi skirt screams summer, but also says, “I’m a professional working girl, and I’ve got it going on.” Adding a colored, loose blouse makes this look trendy and keeps you comfortable throughout your long workdays. And finally, shoes are the most important part of your outfit because these lace-up flats are where comfort meets fashion, and that is exactly what you need when walking around an office all day.

There are so many different ways to express your inner Fashionista in an appropriate way, no matter where you work. So stay original, work hard, and look fabulous this summer, ladies.

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The Rival of the Denim Mini Skirt

In fashion, I love how everything comes full circle. Major fashion trends have a tendency to make their way back in our wardrobes. When thinking of the early 00s’, I tend to think of trends like velour tracksuits, denim mini skirts, and tattoo choker necklaces. Denim mini skirts were a huge part of the 00s’. Almost every girl, no matter what age, wore them with brand logo T-shirts (Abercrombie and Hollister—don’t lie you owned a couple), polos and trucker hats. They were widely worn in the early 00s’ and then were not seen much, that is, until now. In 2017, all of these trends are widely popular again. Many girls have dusted off their velour tracksuits, repurchased tattoo chokers and the resurrection of denim skirts has occurred. And I for one, couldn’t be happier.

Almost anything can match nicely with denim, which makes it one of the most wonderful materials. Almost everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe contains denim shorts and pants. Now, another option opened to us—skirts. I love denim skirts because they give an outfit a little more of a unique look than denim shorts or pants would.

How I Styled a Denim Skirt

The denim skirt I picked had a different look to it, compared to what was worn in the 00s’. A denim pencil skirt with rips along it gives the simple look a little edge. This skirt goes well with almost any top, which is a very nice feature. I decided to pair it with a mustard yellow ruffled crop top. However, it would look great with a simple black camisole for a more casual look or, it can be dressed up with a nice blouse. I kept the accessories to a minimal, with a delicate necklace and neutral sandals.  

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The Staple Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

With summer slowly approaching, there’s no better time to upgrade your wardrobe with new fashion pieces. It’s out with the old, and in with the new. Let’s all agree on one thing: the weather is hot in the summer. The last thing any Fashionista or Fashionisto on-the-go needs is their outfit to slow them down or heat them up. This upcoming seasons trends include, hats, mini backpacks, light clothing, and comfortable shoes. Get ready summer, we’re coming in hot!

Like many of you out there, this summer I plan to be doing a lot of traveling, working, exploring, adventuring, and relaxing. As someone who is constantly on the go, I make sure that my outfit never slows me down in any situation. Being prepared and dressing for the occasion allows me to successfully tackle the day. This summer, I decided to update my wardrobe with staple fashion pieces that are absolutely essential for me. Those staple fashion items include colorful shoes, a distressed jean skirt, mini backpack, and baseball cap.

Summer Fashion Staples

While I adore wearing my favorite high heels, shoes are essential this summer since I plan to do a ton of walking and need something fashionable and comfortable. My favorite shoes are my pink Converse shoes because they match with the ball cap. They also add a pop of color to my usually neutral wardrobe colors. Distressed jeans skirts are my new favorite piece of clothing because of how comfortable and versatile they are. Whether I’m spending the night out in Manhattan or taking a stroll through Central Park, this skirt is perfect for any occasion. Ball caps are great accessories to protect your face from the hot summer sun or keep you covered on a less than perfect hair day. Although I got my cap from Victoria’s Secret PINK, you can find a similar ball cap here.

Lastly, my favorite staple absolute fashion piece is a mini backpack. Mini backpacks are  special because they’re just the right size for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a heavy backpack. They also provide a bit more space than a purse would. Did I mention how cute they are?

This summer, spruce up your wardrobe with pieces that are fashionable, functional, comfortable and perfect for warmer weather. Go bold in your fashion choices and have fun while doing it! It’s important to find pieces that will not slow down your summer adventures or leave you searching for the nearest fan and popsicle stand.

What are your summer wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below or show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

WHAT TO WEAR: Giving Accesories the Limelight

I have been on this Earth for 20 years, and the transition from spring to summer is still so awkward and confusing. You wake up to a nice breeze and slightly cloudy skies so you decide to wear jeans and some platform sandals, but a few hours functioning in the real world and you realize you forgot to check the weather forecast. By lunch, a semi-permanent rain cloud has appeared, and you are questioning your very intelligence and wondering how you have survived all these years.

A safe bet in this kind of moody weather is to wear closed-toe shoes and layer your pretty little heart away. This Fashionista ticked all of those boxes, as well as some others, by creating a functional summer outfit that added character with the accessories. She began by pairing a denim pencil skirt with a textured white shirt, which is a great baselayer for a spring outfit because it looks just as great by itself as when paired with a lightweight bomber jacket. Layering on a light jacket like she did is great because it adds more color to the outfit as well as some functionality. A beautifully patterned scarf is tied onto an embossed, leather saddle bag to add some flavor to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of deep plum booties finishes off the fun outfit.

Draw some inspiration from this Fashionista and add some spice to a spring outfit by paying some attention to the accessories!

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Skirts

The wind is blowing and the trees are all in bloom, it’s springtime again! This year we have seen some really fun trends hitting campus, including the bodysuit and the off-the-shoulder top. In a world full of jeans and leggings, it can be easy to discount the skirt as too much effort or too fancy for class, however that is totally not the case! Often pairing tops and skirts can be tricky with getting the right volume ratio right, but have no fear, the A-line is here.

The A-line is a great skirt for anyone who fears the skirts are too flowy and hide your figure. The slim cut and sleek styles can make them a great alternative to jeans or a dress. Pair with a loose top or a tighter one for the desired look and you are golden. This Fashionista perfectly balances proportions by mixing her army green skirt with a pale pink sweater. The sweater is just loose enough to tuck in but also does not overwhelm her small frame. The colors are also uber chic, almost verging on neutral, making them great for a sunny spring day.

Skirts are a great way to overcome the constant struggle with what jeans to rotate again during the week, and they are so versatile. Accessories can also jazz up any skirt/top outfit such as the way this Fashionista threw on a brown belt and some long necklaces. She also added brown boots for a laid-back daytime vibe which can easily change by putting on lace-up wedges and changing into a flirty halter top.


As we near the end of the semester, many find that their favorite season is right around the corner: summer. While we admire the wonderful spring weather in New York, students like myself have been itching to shed our layers and finally let some skin see the light of day!

For this look, I created a simple aesthetic that is as sweet as summer itself. I started with a straightforward outfit with a bold sense of style: a white Brandy Melville T-shirt and a black skirt. While the coord is simple with its black and white color scheme, the beautiful embroidery on the T-shirt and the cute suspenders on the skirt give off a playful vibe.

Meanwhile, the black and white base allows me to pair the outfit with almost any other article of clothing. While summer is great for showing off those shoulders, one may grow chilly when running through rain showers or splashing around at the beach. For both convenience and style, I added a graphic windbreaker. The windbreaker I advise is something lightweight, well ventilated, and just a little oversize to add more style. The base outfit looks modern with its color blocking, but the white windbreaker nods to a retro look while adding a splash of color to the outfit with its decals. As the base shirt and skirt are form fitting, the windbreaker is flexible and moves with you as you walk around the city or the suburbs.

Next, I focused on the accessories that complement the outfit. Note that I kept jewelry on the down low and used accessories that were easy to adorn or remove. For example, I paired a casual pink baseball cap with the pink lining of the graphic windbreaker and wore white Converse to keep the coord’s bright white coherency.

Lastly, I turned to my makeup to complete the outfit. I personally love this portion of my routine—putting on my own style of makeup further personalizes my outfit. Make getting ready for the day just as fun and exciting as the day itself. Show your true colors! Are you as bright as the summer sky? Add blue eyeshadow! Or maybe you’re as graceful as a sunset—add pink! I showed off my inner sweetness by adding a couple hearts to line my cheekbones by using heart stickers as a template to on dab eyeshadow and blush. Don’t forget to add highlighter for an instant glow up!

Regardless of what you’re wearing this summer, remember that you are what makes your outfit stunning. The accessories that you select, the makeup that you come up with, and the way you carry yourself is key to creating a traffic-stopping look. The clothes, makeup, and accessories only serve the bring out the beauty that you naturally have, and one should never feel obligated to stick to conservative or trending fashions because they are in style; a Fashionista selects her clothes based on what she loves about herself.

WHAT TO WEAR: Springtime in Lilly

Spring has finally sprung in Ohio, which means it is time to break out the cute spring clothing and put away our sweaters and winter coats. There is nothing better than putting away your winter coat and being able to walk to class in sandals and cute spring clothes! My favorite part about spring is that it is finally time to wear bright colors and fun floral prints. There is no better time to make a bold statement than in the spring!

Lilly Pulitzer is a great go-to brand for spring, and it is very popular brand for preppy Fashionistas! It is perfect if you want to wear bright and fun clothing! I spotted this Fashionista on campus, rocking a Lilly Pulitzer skirt. Her skirt is perfect for the springtime because it can be warn so many different ways. She paired the skirt with a denim tank top with a cardigan layered over top just in case it gets a little chilly. Cardigans should be a go-to piece in any wardrobe because they can be worn with any outfit when it gets a little chilly. Sometimes styling a bold printed skirt can be a little tricky but if it’s done right, it can look perfect! The best way to style a bold pattern is to pick one color out and style it with a solid color. This Fashionista’s blue tank top pairs perfectly with the skirt and really brings out the blue in the skirt. The weather is finally warm, so that means it is also finally time to wear sandals. She paired her outfit with a cute pair of Michael Kors black sandals. These are great because they would match pretty much any outfit this season. She finished off her look with a few simple necklaces. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect because she made it very casual but it can also be easily dressed up. It would be simple to pair it with a nice blouse and a cute pair of nude heels.